For Josi

This site is dedicated to Josi Jean Eve, a brave and caring soul off on a new adventure. She left sooner than we expected, but then again, her clock never seemed to keep the same time as that of anyone else. We are thankful for the time she was kind enough to share with us, and for her beaming smiles, which could easily light the darkest of rooms. We are forever blessed for knowing you, Jos.

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10-10-2016 12:12:53 PM
Just stopped in on this cold day. Can't seem to not be thinking about you today. Not sure why but it is all good. Missing you so much, every day. Your nieces know who you are and for that I am grateful. You would love our dogs. Love forever my heart my girl.
12-18-2015 2:41:36 PM
Hello my girl, almost another there and me here. I never forget and always dream of you. I think it is a place where we are still together and I cherish those times. Kids are here, plus their kids, time marches on, my heart still has a big hole in it. Miss you so very much. Forever my heart
04-01-2014 10:29:27 AM
Missing you tons my girl. I listen to your last phone message I have saved to hear your voice, try not to wake up when I am dreaming of you... miss you forever my heart my love.
02-25-2014 9:23:21 AM
You are on my mind a lot these days. Maybe because the weather is so cold and I haven't had any reminders from you that you are "around". Kinda need those to keep moving forward. Sure do miss you, every day, all day, forever and ever. Love you forever and ever my heart - mom
10-29-2013 3:12:39 PM
I bet you enjoyed your sister's wedding! I could see your smile in the faces of your brother and sisters and their children. I so miss you, especially when we have a big hug mug festival of love...the times you so loved. I miss you so much my girl. Forever my heart - mom
08-27-2013 5:35:46 AM
The date says it has been three years since your body left us... still feel you around my love. Maybe that is just hope, which I never lost. Sure miss you my girl and hope, hope, hope that I when I go you will be there waiting for me. Love you forever and ever, forever my heart - mom
08-21-2013 9:47:42 AM
Missing you as always. Grant turned the big 30. Charlotte is growing like a weed, Mikah too (although I call her Munchie). I hope you hear me when I talk with you at night on the deck. Seems like that is best, under the stars and moon, early morning. I am sending Biz to you soon I think. Take care of all til we are together too. Forever my heart - mom
04-02-2013 1:17:39 PM
Spring is coming and I remember how much you used to like that. You were the best at gardening. I can still see you, headphones on jamming while weeding the garden and helping me plant all the flowers we picked out. I think Biz will be heading your way soon. My old man is getting pretty tired. Makes me sad but I know you will be there for him. Love you so much and miss you so so much, forever my heart - mom
02-20-2013 1:15:13 PM
Hi sweetheart. Been awhile since I checked in here but not a day since I haven't thought about you! I bet you loved watching Theresa turn round with that new love Charlotte. I know you had to help her out yesterday, thank you. I know you heard me yesterday . Love you so much and miss you with every breath - forever my heart mom
12-22-2012 9:58:44 PM
Happy birthday baby girl. Where ever you are I hope it is extra special. You are always in our hearts and forever with us. This year you you have a few more to keep you company until we are together again. Forever my heart and always my love
08-13-2012 11:22:10 AM
Time passes but missing you with every breath never changes. I hate waking up and knowing you are not here. I miss you so much. Forever my heart - mom
Aunt Janice
06-11-2012 12:34:26 PM
Was good that your Popps got to drive with you on his way up to where you are...since we know you knew the route ...I think he felt safer being with you and not alone. Miss you very much and will miss Phil as he was the best Brother in Law I could have ever had...Both of you take care of each other ...
and by the way ...sent us all some the feathers as you "drive" around.
HUGS to you always ...FOREVER YOUNG
Aunt Janice
05-31-2012 7:02:48 AM
Hi Josi,
What you been doing up there? Must take time to keep those Angel wings clean...
Love you very much Sweet one..forever Young.
05-15-2012 2:38:18 PM
So many days to be missing you.. every day with every breath my girl. forever and always my heart
12-29-2011 2:01:27 PM
P.S.. what the heck are you doing up there? Gambling, speaking Spanish, and Sexing it up? Haha why do all these RANDOM things keep popping up on YOUR page missy? Oh well, live it up :)
12-29-2011 1:57:51 PM
Hello Beautiful :) There isn't a day that goes by in which I don't see your handiwork in my life in some way. I know that when the sun shines and the night sky is so clear that every star shines like a beacon of love, that you are surrounding us all with your light, your spirit, and your living memory.
I used to be so selfish in my yearnings for you to somehow come back. I always thought I had so much more to learn, so much more to experience, and so much more help with my life. Right now, in this very moment, I just want to say good morning to you. I want to wake up, brush my teeth of course, and then walk upstairs to give you eskimo kisses and to stare in your lovely hazel eyes; to see the perfect smile on your lovely face, that is what I want.
I miss your physical presence, but I am learning to appreciate and bask in your ethereal everywhere-ness.
Love you, angel of the stars :)
Aunt Janice
12-25-2011 1:20:25 PM
Merry Christmas Josi
On the dark nights
by the star light
I see your face
before my eyes.

Memories still there
Of the days spent
The times we shared
How the days went.

From the shadows
through the bright lights
from the dark nights
through the sun light.

You Shine ....
Forever Young Josi Jean
(some words from song (Lady Rose)
12-23-2011 8:40:37 AM
Happy Birthday My Sweet Friend. I miss you so very very much. Not a day goes by that I dont think about you and miss you like crazy. You would get a kick out of watching Koley...and how terrified he is of Kati. I am constantly telling her that it must have been your idea of a sick joke to bond her and I, now I'm stuck with her :). But I am so lucky to have "inherited" your family, things would be so different without them. I love you so very much and I hope you are celebrating your birthday somehow...Shake that ass!
12-19-2011 10:00:49 AM
Every morning I wake up and think of you, and you are my last thought before sleep. Miss you my heart, but the dreams are changing so I am hoping that is because of you and where you are. Forever my heart and know you will be with us all the day of your birth and family time with it. Forever and ever Josi, love mom

ps AL graduated! I guess you know that.
12-03-2011 8:03:24 PM
Thank you Josi. I always know I can count on you :)
Aunt Janice
11-23-2011 4:43:18 PM
Hi Josi,
It's night now and the fog has blocked out all the can't find where you are shining but know you are shining somewhere with a smile… as not everywhere is this crazy tule fog. Your big sister’s birthday is tomorrow and always reminds me the birthday she celebrated with the family here in CA. All of you were dancing away and that visit was the first time...(day before you left for MT) you finally gave me a kiss at the top of the stairs…. think you weren’t sure if we were strangers at first (even though we help you as a baby) were just about two at the time.
Shine on Brightly Josi, as you are missed and loved always by both Steve and me.
Happy Thanksgiving Little Forever Young Sweetheart
11-19-2011 11:35:25 PM
Thinking of you. I am really hoping that all this snow is not caused by some random onslaught of dandruff on your scalp- that would be kind of gross ;).
On a serious note, I miss you. I don't know where you are on this lovely evening, but I am here, sitting in my cramped dorm room listening to Dixie Chicks, as well as trying to think of something to write to you. It's hard though, you know, to think of things to say; not from lack of inspiration, but rather too much inspiration that has put a cramp on what I am thinking and what I want to be typing. So, let's boil (reduce) these thoughts down, shall we? To the right of this little text box in which I am rambling, there is a little quote that says, "We are forever blessed for knowing you, Jos." This, undoubtedly, is a pretty good summation of what I want to write, however, I feel that it is not enough. We ARE forever blessed for knowing you.
We ARE forever inspired by knowing you.
We ARE forever touched by knowing you.
We ARE forever changed by knowing you, Jos.
I miss you. I love you.
P.S. Please watch over this special little dog that I have recently met and fallen in love with. He deserves happiness and I can think of no one better to watch over a misjudged, yet wonderful, animal.
10-28-2011 10:21:50 PM
Above the clouds, there is only sunshine. I imagine your tan is kicking all of mine combined in the ass.
I miss you, our tanning competitions, and the way you put sunshine into the heart of everyone who knew you. You still have the ability to put sunshine in my life and make me thankful for every day I am given.
Love you, little angel :)
Aunt Janice
10-18-2011 9:58:39 PM
well heard you going to be an Aunt? Well that will make your mom ...grandma which sounds old he he he Love you forever young Sweetheart.
Hugs being send up please catch em.
10-18-2011 12:59:22 PM
Just thinking of you. Wish you were here in Zoo Town with me! I love you and miss you everyday.
10-17-2011 10:06:24 PM
Hey Jos, I know we weren't the closest of the siblings, but it sucks having you gone. I wish we would've been closer to each other. It's so weird being with 'all the siblings' with out you around, it's just not right. You were always so happy and always fighting through the tough times. I miss and love you! Please watch over us all. I love you! (: love, lace.
09-13-2011 11:24:27 AM
Just thinking of you

Little angel, you are like the stars.
In the daylight of our lives we cannot see you, we cannot feel you, but we know you are there. It is the nighttime of our lives that we feel your presence, we see your light, and we know that your love surrounds us like a blanket from the heavens.

Love you Jos
08-28-2011 12:03:25 AM
The days are never as bright without you in them; the stars above though, always seem to glow more brightly.Looking up at the stars on the darkest of nights and finding the brightest star is just something I do now, often, cuz I know it is you - that is something that still gives me hope. Someday we will be stars together again!
And although today was worse than most in many ways, just thinking it has been a year since I saw your smile, felt your hug and could hold your hand. was almost more than I could bear was easier with the company you sent my way, in person and in thought. forever my heart my love, my angel
08-27-2011 11:33:22 AM
Your cousin Cass is such a wonderful writer just like your Mom. All I can say in addition to her words is that many are missing you today and everyday. Thanks for putting up such a fight to get well and reminding all of us what is really important in this life. Until we meet again...all my love to you and yours
08-20-2011 2:46:46 PM
To say you left before your time would be a selfish statement indeed, considering you gave us so much of YOUR time. You did, however, leave before any of us were ready to let you go. We were all greedily hoping that we could stare into your lovely hazel eyes and listen to your cute, little giggles for years and years, but, to our dismay, you left us a year ago. Your departure from this world is comparable to the great Mona Lisa being taken from the Louvre, and even that is a gross understatement.
We don't blame you. There is no one to blame. There is only grief to be felt for the loss of such an amazing cousin, daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter and friend. We all loved you immensely and none of us will ever regret the selfishness and greed we possessed when it came to being in your presence and light; you were THAT captivating of a person. We will never forget the selfless and loving way you lived your life, the way you welcomed all sorts into your heart, and the many lessons you taught us of the precarious and precious value of life.
You are missed but not gone; forever in our hearts.
Love you Jos
08-05-2011 7:58:45 PM
You taught me so much and yet I still feel like I had so much more to learn from you, before and after the accident. I hope that, wherever you are tonight, you are happy and peaceful.
I can't accept the number 5, so in my heart there are STILL 6 of us.
Love you and miss you bunches,
07-31-2011 5:40:42 PM
Hey Sweet Josi,
Please watch for Burton as he "crossed over the Bridge" on Friday. Please look for him as know he would love to see one of his human friends along with his cat buddies.
Love you very much
07-11-2011 7:06:33 PM
Been thinking of you a lot Jos, and I know you hear my thoughts towards you all the time, but sometimes it is just nice to write them out.
Hope all is well up there missy poo, you're welcome in my dreams, anytime you like :)I love you and I miss you insanely.
07-02-2011 11:01:59 PM
I miss you in so many ways little angel. I miss giving you hugs and eskimo kisses.
I miss staring into your beautiful eyes and hearing your cute little laughs.
So many little moments I took for granted are now the things to which I hold onto dearly.
Please, watch over me, as well as with me, for I love knowing that we are together, where ever I go.
07-02-2011 4:53:45 AM
Today Cass turns 18,,remember last year and the surprise party with silly string? You laughed.. not looking forward to the 4th this year, we always watched the fireworks together..I know you liked the green ones best..not really looking forward to anyday now that you aren't in them with us, miss you so very very much..every day in so many ways.forever my heart - mom

ps i bet you were smiling yesterday..tater was in fine form, a true lioness in the tall grass stalking her prey miss youxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooo to the moon and back love
Aunt Janice
06-01-2011 10:15:46 PM
Never a day goes by without thinking of you. Love you "Forever Young Josi"
You always be a shining light in my life.
Aunt cindy
05-12-2011 7:37:39 AM
Thinking of you on this glorious sunny day. I miss the twinkle in your eye and that bright smile. The sun was brighter when you were here with us. I miss you, Josi, and love you always and forever.
05-07-2011 6:06:58 PM
Mother's day without you hurts my heart very ,very much. I miss you so much my love. Think of you all the time and sure hope you are keeping track of me , forever my heart
04-21-2011 4:16:09 PM
I am not sure how I happened upon this but my heart goes out to all of you...I am glad our paths crossed and not really sure why. Lots of love to all of you and I sincerely mean that.

Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
04-18-2011 3:03:37 PM
You left a "mark" on our lives and never a day goes by that you are not remembered with good thoughts and Love.
Sweet love forever Josi shining angel
03-13-2011 9:14:31 PM
Not wanting to go to sleep cuz I don't want to wake up on my birthday and not have you there, smiling at me, with a big hug and soft breathy kiss, and eyes that told me so very very much. Love you with all my heart my girl and miss you every day. Nothing is as good as it was without you... Forever my heart angel
02-28-2011 8:54:35 AM
Miss and love you josi
02-19-2011 9:17:42 PM
I miss you everyday Jos. I still have that gut reflex when i hear something funny and think 'i need to tell Jos, she will find that hilarious.' I have dreams about you weekly, we are always laughing, talking, dancing, are perfect in those dreams Jos. keep bringing me those dreams, i wake up with happy tears :). forever in my heart Josi Jean
02-14-2011 3:30:11 PM
Hey my girlsure am missing you today. Hope this Valentines day is better than any you have EVER EVER had, and each one is better until we celebrate them together again! Love you much, miss you forever, forever my heart angel - mom
God Parents
02-14-2011 11:03:33 AM
Forever Valentine=Josi

Know you shine brightly as you
Look over us.
Love you much Valentine.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
02-06-2011 5:11:28 AM
It's Superbowl Sunday,cant remember the last time we didn't watch it together. Neither of us are going anywhere, just like we used to, watch it together In the same instant, seems like you were just here and gone so very very long. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you a thousand times, I pick up the phone to call and check on you, and look for you in the stars. I love you so much and miss you more every day, in every way. Forever my heart my angel, forever ...see you in the moment before dawn breaks on the horizon and after sunset <3
01-20-2011 8:53:29 AM
I miss the young josi
I miss the teenage josi
I miss the adult josi
I miss the strong josi
The smiling josi
The amazing josi
The smart josi
The loving josi
I miss you josi
Angel of the skies
My Girl
12-31-2010 9:02:17 PM
Josi, here we are coming up on the New Year. It just isn't the same brining it in without you here. I miss you with every breath I take. You not only touched my life, but my heart and soul. You mean the world to me. There is not a day that goes by, that I don't think about you and miss your smiles and your laugh. I hope your up there having a good time, and bringing the New Year in Josi style! Cheers baby girl, heres to a better year. I miss you my love more than you will ever know. You are forever in my heart. B.
Hope & Faith
12-25-2010 5:29:55 AM
Hi Josi,
Well figure you know how busy Christmas Day is but you are with us in spirit no matter how busy> Merry Christmas Angel
Hope those wings you have will give you "full flying distance" to watch over all of us.
Big Hug for you Sweetie
Pete's cousin
12-24-2010 4:43:21 PM
Hi, Josi's Mom --

I am a cousin of one of your best friends, "Pete." I have also been a university teacher of several of your children.

When Grant was in my graduate class in 2007, my mom suddenly became ill (and a few days later passed away) you and Grant sent me a very sweet and thoughtful package of items to her hospital room, with encouraging words. Your kindness has never been forgotten.

You gave me this blog address and I have followed it since. I am so sorry for your loss, and cannot express it adequately. I am amazed and encouraged by your strength and faith. I'm not sure what else to say except your family has been in my prayers. I know Josi's birthday was yesterday -- if I could somehow get your mailing address, there is a small gift I'd like to send to you. It has brought me comfort since my mom's passing, and if there's any way it could bring you one tiny additional measure of peace, I would be so pleased to give it to you.

God bless you -- you are an inspiration to all and you are the true epitome of a Mom's love...
12-23-2010 9:35:08 PM
Josi Jean, have to agree with the aunts and uncle - the world seemed to be a better place with your smile, hugs and laugh. I think you made us all want to be better people. Missed you so very much, always do and always will but pretty sure you are enjoying those wings, and hoping you will send me a feather soon... forever my heart and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooo...see you in my dreams pooh...
Aunt Ronnie
12-23-2010 1:22:01 PM
Happy Birthday Josi Jean. I do miss you, and you are forever in my heart and thoughts.
Auntie Ronnie
Godmother & Godfather
12-23-2010 12:13:24 PM
Forever young on your birthday today ... but you are missed and remain in our thoughts and hearts always. Sending lots of love to you and your family on this special day.
Love you and MISS YOU
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
Aunt Cindy
12-23-2010 9:19:24 AM
Missing and loving you, Josi. Happy birthday. The world was a better place when you were here with us. Love you always and forever.
12-07-2010 9:39:45 PM
Don't Tell Me
Please don't tell me you know how I feel,
Unless you have lost your child too,
Please don't tell me my broken heart will heal,
Because that is just not true,
Please don't tell me my daughter is in a better place,
Though it is true, I want her here with me,
Don't tell me someday I'll hear her voice, see her face,
Beyond today I cannot see,
Don’t tell me it is time to move on,
Because I cannot,
Don’t tell me to face the fact she is gone,
Because denial is something I can't stop,
Don't tell me to be thankful for the time I had,
Because I wanted more,
Don't tell me when I am my old self you will be glad,
I'll never be as I was before,
What you can tell me is you will be here for me,
That you will listen when I talk of my child,
You can share with me those precious memories,
You can even cry with me for a while,
And please don't hesitate to say her name,
Because it is something I long to hear everyday,
Friend and family please realize that I can never be the same,
But if you stand by me, you may like the new person I become someday.

I found this, changed it and had to say it. I miss you so very very much, forever and ever my heart.
one who misses you
12-05-2010 9:30:29 AM
Whispers From Heaven
When I left this world without you
I know it made you blue.
Your tears fell so freely,
I watched; I know this is true.
While you were weeping,
Days after I passed away
While all was silent within me,
I saw you kneel to pray.
From this wonderful place called heaven
Where all my pain is gone,
I send a gentle breeze to whisper,
"My loved ones, please go on."

11-27-2010 6:23:13 PM
Was with your sisters this holiday, and you were there, spotted little reminders here and there. Missing you so much, ache never dulls but know forever my heart my love... and know you are forever young...and free....Getting through this next holiday and your "23rd" b-day on the 23 is gonna be a you, see you,in my dreams until we meet again.
never a day goes by
11-18-2010 3:17:13 PM
Friends and Family of Josi's
Guess this is the best place to know that so many of us keep Josi close to our hearts with so many memories that she really will never "go away"
Loving you
11-16-2010 1:16:22 PM
I miss you and your crazy sense of humor. I keep waiting for you to come blowing through the door, telling me this is all a crazy joke. Love you and your spirit that lives on.
Missing You
10-26-2010 5:39:26 PM
If you called me, I would come. Miss you so very, very much.
Melissa Schroeder
09-08-2010 11:46:21 PM
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you as you sort through your thoughts in the weeks, months, years ahead. Please know you need not walk this part of your journey alone. We are here to support you, and more importantly, to remember Josie. Theresa spoke so affectionately about her sister. May you all treasure those memories.
08-31-2010 2:24:35 AM
Josi's family & friends, I am so sorry for your loss. Although I never met her, she changed my life. I thought about her often & she made me realize, in so many ways, how valuable every single day is. She made the sun shine brighter & flowers smell sweeter. There is no doubt that everybody she encountered she touched in a positive way. Josi will continue living on in her family & friends & for that I am grateful.
Hope & Faith
08-30-2010 6:58:54 PM
From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

It's the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life
(song from the Lion King and thinking of you you Josi Jean
Amanda Schultz
08-29-2010 11:15:18 PM
Josi is a beautiful girl and will be missed by many but more importantly remebered in our hearts forever. My condolences to you all who knew her.
08-29-2010 2:12:35 PM
My condolences to all of the people who loved Josi. "the Stranger, Sharon" who wrote comments frequently followed Josi one day behind her. Although they never met, they are together now with our Father in Heaven. We will miss them both!
08-28-2010 1:16:05 PM
Always remember her beautiful smile, wonderful laugh, and love for life. Be at peace. If there is anything I can do Deb please let me know. Love to you and your family.
08-28-2010 3:07:05 AM
RIP Josie Jean~ You were so LOVED and will never be forgotten. You are free and at peace. God Bless all of those who helped you during this long journey and most of all may your family, Brandy, Bob and Mom be comforted by the memories of your smile and your beloved puppies!
just me
08-28-2010 2:45:59 AM
08-28-2010 2:16:27 AM
josi you have left a forever stamp on my my brothers best friend i couldn't have asked for anyone better. loved by so many, you will never be forgotten.
08-28-2010 1:42:10 AM
i have been struggling for days with what i want to say. goodbye? no. hello? no. appologies? no. nothing seemed right. And then it hit me. I love you josi, simply and honestly. You told me once that people are built to let one another down, and i must say, you have proven your theory wrong. You've never let me down. You've beaten so many odds, you've fought one hell of a battle, and even though you may have been a bit under the weather, you have maintained the status 'one of my favorites' in everyones' minds. You weasled your way into the hearts of so many, and you are so incredibly loved. I love you jos, and wherever it is that you are going, i wish you all the best, and i know i'll be seeing you again someday. So there it is josi. I love you, and i miss you something terrible, and i will NEVER forget you. As an individual, you've had the largest impact on my life thus far, in so many ways.
until we meet again,
08-28-2010 12:33:32 AM
Thinking of you and your family, my prayers are with you all.
08-27-2010 10:10:07 PM
Godspeed Josi. I am thinking of you all during this time. You have touched everyones heart through this blog. A sweet teenage girl that was in my home only once and yet I feel that I knew her so well. You are in my prayers.
Taylor and Kris
08-27-2010 9:36:20 PM
RIP my friend! Safe travels and we will see you again someday! If for only one thing we will always have our joke! I will never forget you!
all of us
08-27-2010 7:58:26 PM
Be at peace angel.
08-27-2010 7:05:56 PM
God has Blessed you and your Family in many ways. Be at Peace and continue to Smile for us.
Ours Prayers are with you.
a fan
08-27-2010 6:15:36 PM
Godspeed, Josi Jean.
There are so many lives you have touched, in so many ways. We all will miss you but are better people for having known and loved you.

08-27-2010 6:01:50 PM
never forget you always
Thinking of You
08-27-2010 10:51:56 AM
God will be gaining a very special Angel when the time comes to take Josi up into the Kingdom of Heaven. You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily.
all of us
08-26-2010 5:35:35 PM
You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Theresa and Kati
08-26-2010 4:26:00 AM
Josi made her final trip to the hospital and back home on Tuesday. The staph infection that Josi has been battling for the last 3 years has finally taken over her poor, tired, little body. Her family and puppies are here with her giving her all the love and support we can during her final moments on Earth. Josi is as comfortable as possible while we wait for her Uncle Mike to come take her hand, and guide her into Heaven. We will post notification of the ceremony in the Tribune. Much love and thank you for everyone's support.
Hill-Poythress Family
08-25-2010 9:06:36 PM
We haven't commented on here for quite some time, but stay updated through Lacey. As always, you are and will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you all, and we love you.
08-25-2010 7:55:09 PM
Thinking of you and your family...
Will always treasure the memory of your smile while holding sleeping Eli! Glad you got to meet both my girls & their babies. Love you...
08-25-2010 2:59:23 PM
Love you josi jean
I care
08-25-2010 1:57:26 PM
Please send a new update. I'm praying the rumors aren't true.. God Bless all of you.
Chris Skovron
08-24-2010 1:31:20 PM
Love you Josi
08-24-2010 5:13:21 AM
Guardian Angel from heaven so bright,
Watching beside you to lead you aright,
Fold thy wings round you, and guard you with love,
Softly sing songs to you of heaven above. Amen.
With Love as you go with your angel to your new home

What is up Josi
08-11-2010 8:30:39 PM
Hi to you and thinking of you ...what's up with you? Wish people would write more when they visit you so the rest of us can read what you doing.
07-20-2010 7:39:45 AM
Hi Sweetie,
Sounds like you quite busy these days, as they say "Hot times Summer in the City" and days long to have fun.
OH, think you won't know that song, too young. LOL
Aunt Jancie & Uncle Steve
07-17-2010 8:04:53 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
You sure did have a smile in the picture of you swimming. Must be great way to relax and also get exercise. Good to hear of all the improvements and weight gain...don't want you to get one of the cat's names (Skinny Minni") But hey that cat was a pencil and now she gained too. Too hot here ...trying to keep the house cool in over 100 degree heat is not easy ...and this room seems too warm for me. (Steve keeps reminding me how I used to like it hot...duh NOT anymore not like this heat.
Love, Hugs, Kisses
07-14-2010 5:26:52 AM
Oh boy Josi, I've neglected this page for far too long... I suppose you're dyin' for the down low (low down, NO DOUBT!) since I never open my mouth when I'm at the house. Anyway where to begin? Well the apprenticeship is looking somewhat good, I've been jumping through their hoops for over a year now trying to get this thing going, and on top of that this is the 3rd outfit I've tried for. First was HVAC which I couldn't care for really but it paid good and there was an opening, so I filled out the applications, got a copy of my transcripts and took a placement test only to be disqualified for an entire year because I didn't include a copy of my drivers license. Assholes. The second place I applied for was more of the same, except this time I was accepted but they weren't taking new hires for the 2009-10 year because of the economy. So then I applied for the electrician apprenticeship, made sure to jump real high when they asked, and bent over every kind of backwards. Now according to a very official pre-formatted letter, I am number one in their pool of new hire candidates. I'm not holding my breath. The good news is I've managed to stay afloat long enough that if the electrician deal doesn't pan out, I should be number one on the Operating Engineers hire list that I didn't make last year. I don't know though, I'm about ready to give up on careers all together and sell whats left of my soul to the fast food industry. In between all the apprenticeship BS I've had a few interviews here and in Missoula... I'm either out qualified by someone else, or my Formula 1 driving record comes back to haunt me. I could stay at home and help my mom with the 900 million things she needs done around the house now that Tony is working again. She got rid of all the cows but 3 that she is fattening up to give to her families, so once those stinky bastards are gone thats one less thing to worry about. She asks how you're doing all the time, she said she used to see you once in a while at the clinic or the hospital or one of those places. Speaking of the fam, Jerrod... that little shit, get this, not only did he manage to find himself someone that can stand him for more than 2 seconds, he managed to knock her up as well! Scary thought I know. The kid can't even take care of himself let alone raise a child... But whatever maybe this will straighten him out. Angel is doing pretty good, I don't think my mom adopted her yet when you were around. She LOVES bubbles, like, goes ape shit for them, so one of these days I will have to bring her over and show her the bubble machine.

We've got 4 dogs now too, the boxer that we've had forever, two shitzu's and the latest addition some kind of poodle-doxie mix. They all piss me off pretty much 100% of the time, except the dumb poodle, it's always harassing the cats which I suppose is alright with me. Oh yeah and the cats, not big fans of the water hose. My car after taking its life back in March (I think?), finally will hit the road again soon. Just waiting on some more overnight parts from Japan. It's still a huge pile of shit, and a wagon, a gay, no options, never going to get ladies like the mustang did wagon, but it was free so I can only hate it so much. Lets hope I don't hit another deer with it like the last time I got it running, trying to drive it into Great Falls at night with no glasses. Still. By the way, your mom gave me a pair of your old glasses, and our left eyes are pretty close, so I popped out the right lens and just wear them like that. I look like a total retard when I do so I only wear them if I have to drive at night.

Lets see what else, Matt's selling his condo, or trying to at least. It's not a bad place, has a pool, rec room, had ac, endless hot water, we've thrown some small ragers here but nothing VIP status like at the old apartment. Too many old fuckers here. Get this, I was rocking out with my laptop, just my laptop speakers, and the old hag that lives below Matt shuffled her old ass all the way up the stairs just to bang on the door and tell me it was TOO LOUD and it was giving her a migraine. Whatever lady, I know how bad your hearing is, because I CAN HEAR YOUR GOD DAMN TV AT 5 AM EVERY MORNING! I didn't say that but I was thinking it for sure. Speaking of Matt, he recently had most of his guitar stuff stolen from his car, so he is more or less quiting his band. Which isn't a totally bad thing I suppose since they sucked worse than anything ever, but at least it got him out of the house. I made the mistake of bringing the second satellite setup from home and installing it here, now he's a total couch potato! But whatever I pretty much live on the couch so what does that make me, couch parasite? And yes it's still the old, stinky, had every fluid spilled, nefarious action done on couch that we had at the old place. It's not very comfortable anymore, the arm cushions are all flat and suck, the back part is all super uncomfortable and makes you feel like a busted old senior citizen if you're on the thing for more than 1 second.

I don't see or hear from anyone else that used to hang out back in the day, Ruggs moved back to phoenix and last I heard was going to enlist in the air force. The Guy moved to Seattle to get his band going proper, last I heard from him he couldn't make rent and was going to try living in his van. My cousin Willie was in the hospital recently for some dumb shit, he wrecked stuntin' his fiddy and tore a hole in his bowel, went septic and almost died, among other problems they found out he had. When I was visiting him he asked what I was doing for work these days and I told him I was working for your mom, and he was like, “Is that-that one hippie chick that annoyed the hell out of me that was always at your place?” yeah he totally remembered you, it was awesome. He said to say hello by the way.

No plans for Wednesday so I think I'm going to stay home and geek it out on the computers. Since Matt and I have gone full blown Linux it's 10 billion times worse than you probably remember. I know what you're thinking, as if it could get any worse you losers! (yeah yeah whatever good burn) Matt did have a good argument recently, he said we spend so much time screwing around on computers that we don't have time to screw around with women, which is a good thing since he hates everyone and neither of us can afford women anyway. Not that I don't want kids, or the next best thing, std's, or to work overtime so I can take her shopping and pretend I give a damn about how her ass looks in these jeans with these shoes, or how about these shoes and this top, or any of that other evil shite you women make us do when you escape the electric fence around the kitchen... but it's kinda hard to spin game when I'm jobless, homeless, car-less, living with my mom in the middle of no where most of the time, and living on my friends couch the rest of the time. I can see it now -

Hey semi-good lookin', wana come back to my friends place whose couch I'm currently surfing and check out the computer we hooked to the TV so we can watch incredibly boring lectures on physics IN STEREO?!?!

If that doesn't get you hot and bothered how about how we use SSL tunneling over the Internet to a remote server to do incremental backups of data that isn't worth saving in the first place ?!!??!

Yeah right, if I find a woman that can even google what SSL is I'm going to marry her.

Anyway I'm hella tired meow, so I'm going to peace out. See you Thirsty Thursday! ~ alvs
07-12-2010 11:21:55 PM
Sorry I missed seeing you this time but hopefully I can sneak away for a minute during the wedding trip...Saw a photo of your swim time and you did look so happy!
Keep on keeping on!
06-15-2010 3:34:21 PM
Thinking of you Miss Josi!
the stranger Sharon
06-03-2010 10:13:36 AM
Hey Sweet Josi,

So glad to hear that you are enjoying some real food, and having fun with the "tongue language." Also happy to know that you have a bit of a tan line already. Soak up that Montana sun -- it's so good for you. You are very blessed, Josi, to have your parents and the many people who love and support you. God has placed some wonderful people in your life, hasn't he? A pretty good indicator of just how much He loves you. Keep believing, Josi, keep fighting. Keep that beautiful smile of yours going. I am sure it lights up the neighborhoos!

God oves you and so do I.

The stranger Sharon
06-01-2010 8:35:40 AM
Good morning Josi!
Did you survive the wet Memorial weekend! Smells of hotdogs, ah wait, Bob is way to much of a gourmet to serve a simple dish like that! Perhaps ribs or ?
We did have a steak dinner with our shrinking son. He is working so many hours his calorie intake has dropped rapidly so feel we need to feed him right.
So glad that you are holding steady without any of those setbacks and free of infections. Slow & steady is the way to make progress. Eating real food has to be better too. Perhaps a blended stew of Bob’s ribs for you someday?
Poodles are always amusing aren’t they? Ours are always a laugh and add in the golden Retriever and it is hilarious at times. This weekend Dixie brought a prize to the door. A baby bird that had fallen out of the tree. Dixie was just so proud of herself and disappointed that I didn’t have the same reaction that Bud does when she fetches them up. She is always so thrilled to see the boy too. She just clings to his side, disappointed if he leaves without her staring out the window for hours, but once he takes his bags with him when he leaves, she is fine.
Well keep on keeping on Miss Josi and I’ll see you in August!
05-27-2010 8:46:03 PM
hey crazy. missing you lots. i will be down at some point this summer probably towards the end. just trying to enjoy the AK sun for the 3 months its here. glad to hear you have a tan:) love you my sweet josephine, not a day goes by.
Aunt Janice
05-24-2010 5:42:38 AM
Hi Josi Jean, our wonderful God daughter,
Wow you have made great progress and so glad your mom updated us Finally!!! Sounds like a crackup having a snakie tonque, least you can wiggle it out when needed to say hey you (winking)
Things really are moving and sounds like the “gang” of family and Brandi do a “number” of good exercises with you, which hopefully keeps them in shape too!!!!!!!
Sure hope your friend, Allen, gets a job soon too but is wonderful he gets to visit you.
Not much new here, just feeding the cats and hitting their pilling time at 8:00 a.m. daily as most of them are 16 or older now. Therefore they either have thyroid pills, Baytil for temporary bladder infections, predisolone for IBD and so on which makes it a cat pill house here. But all of them are bobbing around and wanting tons of love and food.

What happened to Cassidy ? as thought she was going to do updates too he he he Well, I am sure she is busy with her school work getting her A’s. Now kalli being back in AK, she can’t drive to GF to visit but I am sure she will when she gets back from Missoula.

Ok don’t want to take up the whole comment space but so good to hear you doing so well.
Aunt Janice and Uncle Steve thinks of you daily
05-23-2010 9:06:29 PM
Thinking about you often Josi. I'm glad to hear that things are going so much more smoothly for you now. You are such a fighter! An inspiration to everybody's lives that you have touched. Stay strong Josi, we are all rooting for you!
Linda Eve
05-19-2010 7:30:25 PM
Hi Josi! I hope you are enjoying these nice sunny spring days and catching a ray or two. God Bless You!!!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-10-2010 7:33:43 PM
Spring is upon us! Today, at least! We've had some cold, snowy, windy days mixed in with the trying-to-be spring days, haven't we. But, for sure we know spring is coming! Can't believe it's almost your Grandpa's birthday already - May 18th!

How are you doing these days? Haven't read an update in awhile. My mom always used to say: "No news is good news", so I hope and pray it is true.

My sister, Bev and I and Debbie (our #5 daughter) got to go to Tacoma for a visit with my sister, Sharon - who is "The stranger Sharon" on your blog here. She has stage 4 cancer, but looks great and acts great and is doing really good. She was asking about you. We sure had a good time there.

You are always in our prayers.

With lots of love - and prayers!

P. S. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom, Debbie!
05-05-2010 2:22:44 PM
Hey Josi,
What's up and betcha you got your laughs at the Utube video your mom (sings? dances?) LMAO
Haven't heard from you all in awhile so hope that things moving forward and that you feeling good.
05-05-2010 6:07:17 AM
Thinking of you and hope all is well.
Linda Eve
05-02-2010 6:10:12 AM
Hi Josi! I am thinking of you this morning and praying for you. You are truly an amazing young lady, and beautiful too! Know that you are loved.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-17-2010 5:01:58 PM
Hi Josi - Sorry I haven't been on here much lately. I haven't been able to come down stairs to get to my computer very often because of foot surgery and the boot and cane and all of that. But now I am on the mend. I'm so happy to read your Mom's report on you. You keep making her happy and laughing at her and your dogs, ok? It's thundering and lightning out there right now. Are you watching it? Awesome!

We pray for you lots! All of you. The words of a song are going through my head right now, and I do believe I'll put them down here - for you guys:

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, Nobody knows, but Jesus." Just know that He does know, and HE is there with you. I am asking Him to help you bear your crosses, and lighten the load. God bless! We love you.
04-17-2010 11:27:31 AM
Hey jos,
thinking about ya. sounds like you've been making progress. i don't see a mention of the infamous chocolate milk and cocoa puffs in your diet, but thats probably for the best. not much is new with me. putzin about as always. love you very much, and as always, keep chuggin along.
04-05-2010 7:46:14 AM
Happy belated Easter Josi and happy SNOW in April too, LOL!
It is dumping outside right now. Rosie did her trip outside doing the high step, just trying to stay dry it was pretty funny, that skinny old poodle can still dance!
I hope you got to have a bit of chocolate for an Easter treat. Your Aunt Janice's idea sounded interesting anyway though chocolate is always better?
Keep working hard Josi and hopefully spring sun will shine to you and your family!
the stranger, Sharon
04-04-2010 6:13:16 PM
Happy, happy Easter, Josi. May our risen Lord watch over you and guide you back to 100% health. Did you have company today? I am sure ou had a fun time. You remain in my thoughts and prayers, sweet Josi. Keep the faith.
Linda Eve
04-01-2010 9:17:49 PM
Happy Easter Josi! I am still praying daily for you and will never give up hope. I do believe God has a special plan for you.
Aunt Jancie & Uncle Steve
03-31-2010 5:46:12 AM
Josi Josi
Eating some good sounding stuff...tell em no pork and beans though OK as no camp fire nearby to toot toot. Wonder what's for Easter Dinner? Maybe Brandy or you mom will think of some new food to try out too like ham and pickles all mushed together with a little mayonise.... he he he ya think?
Love and hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo
Aunt Janice
the stranger Sharon
03-30-2010 8:49:17 PM
So, so happy to read your update and hear you are slowly but steadily moving forward, Josi. One day at a time is all any of us can ask of ourselves. Glad to know you are able to eat (one of my favorite things to do - UFDA!) Is the sun shining out your way? In my neck of the woods it is cold and rainy again - we are back to being in the middle of winter - and just in time for Easter!! Go figure. Stay the course, dear Josi. Keep smiling and laughing. Most importantly KEEP THE FAITH -- alll else will follow. You remain in my prayers.
03-29-2010 5:12:10 PM
I am so happy for an update. I include you in my prayers always. Your mom needs a spine of steel to deal with insurance. Bless you and stay strong.
03-20-2010 2:32:20 PM
Looks like some spam has striked this site again...hopefully this will work?
I am now a Granny Pete!
It is so cool and just a wonderful experience. Any birth of a child is but when it is your own children having a child the circle of life is just amazing! The job of a Grandparents is just so darn much fun!
I hope I can do as good of job as my Mom did and also your Grandma Jean :)
I love you Josi and thinking of you...
Todd & Nancy
03-09-2010 5:03:09 PM
Josi, You are in our prayers. We think of you. All the Best.
the stranger Sharon
03-08-2010 9:41:25 AM
What is oging on with Josi? Is all okay. You remain in our prayers.
03-04-2010 12:35:26 AM
Watching, waiting, hoping, loving..forever my heart little one, forever and ever
02-28-2010 10:00:18 PM
Thinking of you!
the stranger Sharon
02-26-2010 6:41:26 PM
Hi Josi,

This is my second try tonight. I do try to post comments to you, but they never show up! I don't know why. Please know that you are often in my thoughts and I do continue to pray for you. Keep the faith, Miss Josi.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-16-2010 9:31:29 PM
Hi there Josi and all!

Such a good update on you! And we are so thankful for the positive. It truly is a miracle working in you. Keep working and going forward, dear little one! You have such a crowd of "cheer leaders" encouraging you and cheering you on. And every one of us loves you dearly.
Aunt Jancie & Uncle Steve
02-14-2010 10:46:43 AM
Hope you and Cassidy have a wonderful HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.
nicki lepard
02-12-2010 5:32:56 PM
So glad to read an update. I am happy to hear about the increased eye contact. That has to be good! Take care
02-10-2010 2:09:37 PM
Back on and maybe actually posting a post? I have tried several times with no success but since there is a new post I am feeling lucky!
Been busy with house hold projects and trying to get them all done before Baby D#1 comes March 8th. Then just a few months and baby H#2 comes June 26th! I am so excited to finally be a Grandma and perhaps the tons of photo's I'll be sharing with your Mom won't bore you to tears too much?
Glad that your poodle is amusing, Sushi is just an yippy yapper, she would keep you awake.
Spring is coming soon and I am sure I'll be seeing you at least once this summer. Keep stretching your arms & fingers and I'm looking forward to a High Five!
Love to you and your crazy family...
the stranger Sharon
02-08-2010 9:32:40 AM
Ahh, Miss Josi, how wonderful it is to read such a positive report from your Mom. You keep taking all of those little steps -- they add up to giant leaps, don't ya know. Keep laughing - it is the very best medicine of all. Well, almost. Laughter and faith and hope and love make a good concocation (did I spell that right?). Mix the four together and have a tall glass every day. I love you, Miss Josi, and I hold you in my heart and in my prayers.
Aunt Janice
01-13-2010 10:31:23 AM
Love your new look great and beating your mom on the Wii gives that right arm great exercise too. Keeping on there. Bright Eyes, you look really alert and ready to go go go.
Love you much
01-01-2010 8:30:00 PM
been thinking about you and do try to get on this to write you but says posted and then not post and Honestly I did not write dirty words he he he
01-01-2010 4:18:51 PM
JOSI!!!! Happy new year! Hope last night was extra fun. I hope that the adults acted like idiots and made you giggle! Love you jos and I will see you in 2 days!
01-01-2010 4:12:57 PM
Josi Jean, wishing you a healthy happy 2010!
the stranger Sharon
12-31-2009 12:33:29 PM
Hey Josi!

Here we are on the eve of a brand new year. I am praying that 2010 is a year of many advancements for you, Sweet Josi. Let this be the year that Jesus puts you back together the way you were before your accident, only with much wisdom and gained insight. Just think of the insight and knowledge you have guided all those around you into possessing! Quite an accomplishment for such a young lady. Work hard this coming year Josi. Welcome Jesus into your life and into your heart. Keep the Faith!
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-29-2009 4:30:54 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
With 2010 just two days away we want to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Not heard what you have planned to "honk" the new year in but assume with that new home in the open area can make all the noise you all want and maybe even pop a firecracker. From all I hear you sure coming along now as with the fevers leaving you alone ...the smiles come more often. Wondering if you have been able to watch that new TV you got for Christmas being that it needs mounting from what I hear?
Well love you much and may 2010 bring you much in good health, no fevers and lots of laughs.
hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
the stranger sharon
12-26-2009 10:56:49 AM
I hope your Christmass wishes all came true.
12-25-2009 12:15:42 AM
12-23-2009 12:15:34 PM
Happy Birthday Josi!
Enjoy your gave me such a sweet smile when I went and said hello but when I said that Kati & Theresa were coming you lit up the room with that smile!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
12-23-2009 9:06:55 AM
Glad to know the siblings are home for the celebration. Enjoy and thinking of you ...I sent you an email via your mom. Wow good to know you love that singing of your family waking you but hmmm thinking did they stay on key? LMAO
Hugs and much Love have a wonderful Birthday God Daughter. Uncle Steve and Aunt Janice
12-23-2009 7:19:21 AM
Woke to young siblings singing Happy Birthday - smiling. Theresa, Kati, Grant and Mercede all home, just waiting on Daniel. Happy smiles after 22 kisses from mom and Senor. Happy Birthday my love, forever my heart - mom
Aunt Cindy
12-22-2009 2:49:22 PM
Happy birthday to you, Josi! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and Christmas with your mom, Bob and siblings. Make sure one of them gives you a big birthday smooch for me. I will be seeing you soon now that my busy season at the studio is about done for this year. I love you always and forever!
the stranger, Sharon
12-08-2009 5:59:17 PM
How did the "clipping" go? I pray you are healing real fast and that you are feeling well. You are in my prayers, Josi. Keep the Faith.
12-03-2009 7:45:12 AM
So today Josi, your getting your wing clipped so you can stretch out your arm and hopefully be more comfortable. Our prayers are with you, the Doctor and your family during another one of the challenges you keep getting through. Heal well and fast...Love you
the stranger Sharon
11-25-2009 9:16:17 AM
Hey Josi!

So happy to read that you are on the upswing again and that you are enjoying the company of long-time friends. There is nothing quite like the bond between old friends, is there? Unless it be the bond between family members. You are blessed with many friends and family, Josi, and with much love. One of my daughters gave me a plaque that reads "Where there is great love, there are always miracles." Believe in the love, Josi, believe in the miracle. I believe with you.

Happy thanksgiving. May God continue to bless and keep you. You KEEP THE FAITH.
11-24-2009 6:09:07 PM
site not sight...uff da!
11-24-2009 6:08:17 PM
Excellent job Cassidy and glad sight is up and running again and sure hope to see you on Dec. 19th...mucho love to Josi and her crazy family!
11-21-2009 11:42:07 AM
Hey Jos, it was nice to see you last weekend. I'll be sure to stop in sometime soon, seeing as how I have no jeorb now. Oh, well. Life, huh? :P
10-26-2009 2:00:37 PM
Hi Josi,
I understand your still not feeling well and there was no road trip to Missoula. Sure hope that your CAT scan tomorrow can pin point what is going on. You have been feeling sick too long.Your in my prayers & thoughts Josi girl
Chris Skovron
10-22-2009 10:39:49 AM
Good luck with surgery today!!!!!!!! Thinking of you and hope all goes well.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-19-2009 7:23:48 PM
Thanks for the update of Oct 11, Deb! So sorry our Josi got sick. Oct 22nd it is! You will be better and you will have your surgery and have the relief you need! That is our prayer for you. Hang in there all of you! We love you!
10-19-2009 5:36:03 PM
Josi, We are keeping you in our prayers. Hope you can get well enough to have your surgery. Deb you are in our prayersm also.
10-13-2009 3:12:22 PM
Get well Josi so you can make that road trip again...
Victoria Secret window shopping too!
Aunt Janice
10-11-2009 10:55:25 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Well, I be darned you get the flu shot and seems you got the flu but heard that does happen. Bad timing but you sure looked great in the wedding pictures with your last extension so know you will hopefully get the other one done soon too. Glad you did get to see Kalli and I heard you are getting Cassidy to study and get excellent grades!!
Always great to read the comments and the updates your mom writes sooooo now to kick that fever and get back "a rolling again" Dang the snow might be on those roads to Missoula so get better fast ok.
and Say hi to all,
Aunt Janice
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-08-2009 7:36:08 PM
Hi Josi - where are you? Are you waiting for your surgery in the hospital in Missoula, or are you back home? We are waiting with you - and praying for you while we wait. I know you are busy, Deb, but whenever you have a minute we'd sure like to hear what is happening. Just know we are pulling for you - praying for you. You have a very, very large cheerleading squad cheering you along all the way! You take care, too, Deb. We love you.
the stranger Sharon
10-07-2009 11:51:59 AM
The surgery was cancelled because you are ill? Well, that's a good thing as far as being cautious, right? We all hate delays and glitches in the plan. When is your new surgery scheduled? And will they keep you in the hospital until you have the surgery?

I'm stilll praying. Thanking Jesus for keeping you safe. Asking Jesus to heal you quickly.

Love you Josi. KEEP THE FAITH.
10-07-2009 9:57:49 AM
Josie Girl!
So sorry to hear your under the weather and the surgery was canceled!
Start feeling love to you!
the stranger Sharon
10-06-2009 10:15:59 AM
Sweet Josi,

Please know that I am praying for you (along with a throng of others!) and God is hearing our prayers.

Lord Jesus,
Please post a band of angels around Josi and her caretakers (especially her Mom) as she goes through this most recent surgery to keep all of them ssafe and secure. Hold Josi in your arms as she heals. Hold infection at bay so it cannot come anywhere close to invading her body. Josi needs you Jesus. Josi needs you.

Thanking you in advance for what you are doing for Josi. Praise God!!
10-05-2009 6:44:49 PM
Good luck in Missoula Jos! Hope tomorrow is a good day as well as the day after that.. Love you!
10-05-2009 1:41:10 PM
Hi there Josi,
Bet you are in Missoula by now and getting ready to get your wing (your Mom's name for it) straightened out and fixed. You will be in my prayers constantly tomorrow and how about you give your Mom & Senor big smiles when you get out of recovery tomorrow!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-02-2009 7:24:25 PM
Hi Josi - we're still here and praying often for you. God bless you, dear one!
Aunt Val and the Dyl Pickle
09-30-2009 7:07:36 AM
Hi Josi Girl~

You are the strongest person I have ever known (and, of course, your mom too). I admire the eminent courage you both show. The hope and the love from your mom and Bob is what sustains us all. You are all truly amazing. Dyl and I feel very privileged to be a part of your family. A lot of what you taught us through your courage and strength, love and caring got us through Uncle Mike's illness. It is hard to believe that he has been gone now for 8 months. Time passes too quickly. It still feels like yesterday for me when we were given the news that he had a very short life span. I still sometimes think he will just come home from work like always and all will be good in our lives.

I read your mom's updates and my spirits are lifted again. So, thank you, Josi, Deb and Bob, for keeping Dyl and I in high spirits.

I have to tell this story. I truly believe that Mike is still with us in angel form. I can feel that he is with us. Sometimes things happen that can only happen because he is there being an angel. Anywhoo...

Dyl and I went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago to go to some Mariner v. Yankee games. We woke up on Saturday morning and it was raining and cool. We were going to go sailing on Lake Union in the morning before the baseball game. We decided that it might be a bit miserable out on the water so we decided to try our luck at getting some Sounders tickkets (Sounders are Seattle's professional soccer team) The SOunders are hot this year and have a huge fan following. Obtaining tickets to the game is not easy, especially on the day of the game, and even harder two hours before the game. That is us...two hours before the game we are searching for tickets. We come across two different scalpers trying to sell us tickets for high dollar. They told us that the only tickets at the ticket booth are single tickets only and not many of them. They said we wouldn't be able to sit together. We decided to try our luck at the ticket booth. We all know that Uncle Mike would not be happy if we paid high dollar for tickets! I walked up to the ticket booth and asked the gal if there were any tickets together. She said, "you know, just 10 minutes ago these two tickets came up because someone turned them in." She went further to say, "I've never seen this happen before" I of course teared up because I knew that Mike had something to do with that. Dyl and I went to the Sounders game in Qwest Field and had a great time. We thanked Mike and felt good that we knew he was with us. In fact there was a single space next to us because some people shuffled around next to us. I just bet he was sitting there!

We love you Josi, Deb and Bob!

Love, hugs and kisses, Val and Dyl
09-27-2009 2:59:38 PM
Road trip for Josi coming up...I am thinking about you & praying for both you & the surgeon who is trying to help you...God Bless & protect you Josi Jean!
09-25-2009 8:27:28 PM
Hey J Dilly!

It's been far far too long since we've talked, sounds like you've been super busy with the weddings. Those are always fun, massive bar tabs and all that good stuff :)

Not a whole lot is new around here, I'm staying at my mom's place for the time being helping around the house doing what I can. She's doing better but still going rounds with the cancer scare... as of now shes planning to go in around December to have the suspect cancerous stuff removed. Hopefully for good but who knows...

Jerrod had a job for a while (if you can believe that), I don't know where he lives now or what he does but he keeps in contact with mom and she says he is doing alright.

Matt's doing pretty good, his company lost a big customer so it looks like they are going to close their doors soon. On the upside Matt is in negotiations to take over parts of the business so he is pretty excited about that. If I'm lucky maybe he'll hire me on to make coffee and load paper into the fax machine :P

Slightly off topic I killed my truck playin' around in the mud, in the power hills or course, where all my vehicles go to die...(the ranger was #10). I was up there with "Ruggs", he is back in town from Phoenix for a while to make some money before he enlists in the Air Force.

Shane moved back from Missoula recently, he's now living back at his dad's place for a while. He's got a sick old-school conversion van with all the bad ass lights, a fold down bed, and 4 captains's chairs that all swivel. It's a pretty bad ass ride except its got about 9 million miles on it. Hopefully before Xmas he will have enough money to put a new engine and tranny in it so he can head off to Seattle to be a musician. He's pretty damn good now and the drummer from his last band in Missoula (who already made the move to Seattle) is nothing short of amazing.

I ran into Casey not to long ago back when I was in Missoula, we didn't talk much but I think all the hard feelings are now water under the bridge.

I talked to Ceder a few nights ago too and she said she wants to stop by and visit, so I'm going to try and make it down with her, and we'll even get Matt's punk ass to come over!

That's about all the news I can think about right now, I don't really talk to or see anyone anymore, and it doesn't help that my phone gets no service out here so go figure...

Oh one more thing, I heard through the grapevine that Andy P is getting married!

Well it's time for me to fall asleep to some speed tv, ttyl!

-- Alvs
09-25-2009 2:09:30 PM
Hey, I know it's been a long time since I have left a message and I'm so sorry. I miss you Jo and I'm thinking about you... I love you lots...

09-22-2009 12:43:02 PM
Hello Josi,
First day of fall but we are having summer weather here. Going to be up to 90 out tomorrow, I love it!
Hope this finds you doing well, haven't talked to your Mum for a few days. I was camping and now she is probably working. Hope that Senor & Brandi can get you out to enjoy the changing colors and those bees leave you alone!
Keep working on gaining some weight and getting stronger...Love to you!
the stranger, Sharon
09-19-2009 5:21:59 PM
It's been awhile since I have visited you. Please know that I haven't forgotten you and am not ignoring you -- I'm just the world's greatest procrastinator! Sounds like you had a super busy summer. Busy is good.

I pray your upcoming surgeries go much better than expected and your recovery time is quick and complete.

I am sending you a great big hug right through cyber space, Josi. Remember to keep smiling and it's important to laugh out loud three times a day. Most of all, KEEP THE FAITH, dear Josi.
09-16-2009 5:22:24 AM
Good morning sweetie - you woke up before me, smiling and just waiting for me. I heard Senor talking to you, giving you that morning hug. I waited til he left so we could have our own morning. You love the hugs in the mornings! I am off to Helena to listen to a doctor talk about superbugs and antibiotics! Anything for my love! Forever my heart
all of us
09-14-2009 7:56:09 AM
Thank you so much for the update - we are just curious and always hoping all is well. Your family weddings sound like they were wonderful for all. So glad you were able to go and see everyone. A little sad about how your "friends" were to you at your friends wedding, people really need to remember that you are still here and working hard everyday. We all keep you in our thoughts and prayers always and are so glad you have the wonderful help that you have. Have a great week Miss Josi.
09-12-2009 2:39:53 PM
Ah Josi, it was great to see you and also to partake in Bob's famous ribs...I really think they should try to puree some for you what better way to pack on the pounds? I know I gained some I would gladly share with you.
Seemed so quiet back here at home with Nicole, Greg & Bud gone. Mark was out of town too. Walked the girls a lot and enjoyed the taste of fall. 88 today but still can feel the fall once the sun starts going down.
We pulled the trailer into the front. Heading out on Thursday with Jen & Marc meeting us Friday for a few days at Banks and most likely the last camping trip of the year.
I feel so lucky that I got to see you four times this summer. Hopefully winter will be a quick one and Ill get to visit you again before too longBe good, work hard and give your Mum & Senor lots of smilesthey need that occasionally
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
09-10-2009 3:03:33 PM
Love you, Josi!

It really was good to see you at Theresa's wedding. You looked so beautiful with your pretty green dress and bright green toenails! Did you have a good time? It was a beautiful day and it was in such a pretty spot, wasn't it. Lots of family and friends were there, and we all got to say "hi" to you and your Mom. It was good to meet Brandy, too. She sure takes good care of you - well, every one of your caretakers does! And Theresa was beautiful, too. She sure married a handsome and nice guy.

God bless you, dear Josi! We are all praying daily for you. I hope we get a current update soon. It's nice to know what's happening.

09-08-2009 8:11:24 PM
Hey jos,

Just thinking about you... i'm hoping you're doing better since the last update. merp. just thinking. 'praying', i guess it would be termed. love you n mayhem
09-04-2009 7:21:25 PM
Hi Josi! I'm glad you got to go to both weddings and enjoy your family. I know it's not easy to be away from home, but so good for you all. Love you bunches!! God Bless You!!!!!
all of us
09-03-2009 10:38:14 AM
waiting for a current update!
08-25-2009 6:26:43 PM
Hey Josi,
Bet you had another good time at your sister's wedding. Can't wait to see pictures,but did see a couple of them so far. Sooooo looking forward to update on how you are doing and when you are getting the next "wrist" surgery. Sure been busy times for you and hope all is well.
Love you much and having Cassidy there must be fun for you too.
08-24-2009 5:44:13 AM
Hi there Josi,
Was so nice to see you again and what another fun, beautiful wedding.
Your Mom is so proud of all of you!
I got home and was overwhelmed by the girl's greeting. Dixie sobbed for at least 30 minutes. The poodles were happy to see me too but a golden is so sensitive and had felt abandon...funny!
My son is moving home today. Was suppose to come yesterday but trailer got there late. Hopefully he can find a job soon in his field? I will be having a houseful later this week as Nicole, Greg, Jen & Marc are all coming:)
I'll be passing back through the Falls over Labor day so will see you again and for last time through the winter...
Stay well and mucho love to you and yours...
08-19-2009 1:23:36 PM
Hey jos,

... intense stuff dude. you don't need to go scaring your mom like that. its out of line!! i'm glad to hear that you're doing better though... eh, still scary. its been three years and 6 days since the accident... i thought about you all day on the 13th.... i'm so sorry jos. keep on pushin, there is a reason you're here, and keep fighting. i love you,
08-14-2009 9:34:04 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Well, sister Theresa are her way and now that Cassidy is there sounds like busy days ahead and fun times. Your outfit at Both Grant's rehersal dinner and wedding really was sharp ...and heard you were certainly busy with all the people chatting with you. When big Sis gets there tell her to rest lots too as big day for all of you.
Hugs, kisses, love and miss you all.
From us Both
the stranger, Sharon
08-14-2009 2:02:33 PM
Oh, dear Josi, I am so sorry that you have to go through so much. You certainly don't deserve all of these troubles. Keep fighting, you will be glad that you did. Know that many people are pulling for you and loving you and praying for you. Keep smiling, Josi, it makes people wonder what you've been up to. I love you and I cheering you on.
Aunt Cindy
08-13-2009 8:33:46 AM
Hugs and kisses to you Josi Jean, many, many hugs and kisses. Love you always and forever.
08-04-2009 2:41:36 PM
Hi Josi,
Just a little Sushi humor for you!
I couldn't find her this morning. Was heading to front door to see if she had snuck out and there was the little stinker. She had climbed up onto the window ledge behind the curtains enjoying the sunshine and the view...She usually sits on the back of the couch doing the same thing every morning but I have been keeping the morning sun out by closing the blinds, she found a new spot though...Uff Da!
07-24-2009 4:34:33 PM
Josi the wedding was a blast and how nice to see you there and taking everything in. Not too much longer before the next wedding and we know that it will be just as exciting!
Your Mom has such wonderful children and she is so proud of all of you. I am hoping and praying that you stay well and there are no holdups and you can make another road trip and watch Theresa & Daniel make their life long commitment too plus have another fun party!
God Bless and much love to you and yours
the stranger, Sharon
07-21-2009 7:15:58 PM
Hello Miss Josi,

I pray all went well for you in your travels to and from the wedding; and I pray the wedding was a blast. Best wishes to Grant and his new bride. May you live a long and prosperous life together.

How are you doing, Josi? You are in my thoughts and prayers. I just wish there were something that I could do for you, but I'm pretty far away. Remember to keep you eyes on Jesus and to keep smiling and laughing out loud. Most of all KEEP THE FAITH.

You are in my heart and on my mind.
Pat Molloy
07-21-2009 11:13:57 AM
Hey Josi,
I hope you did well at the wedding. I have been waiting to hear how things went. Maybe your mom could put a picture on of Grant or send me one. would love to see.
07-16-2009 4:37:37 AM
We are ALL leaving this AM for Whitefish. Grant is marrying his love, Josi is feeling better and we have friends staying at the house with the beasts. All seems to be good, will update upon my return. Faith, Love and Hope, as always forever my heart
the stranger, Sharon
07-13-2009 2:16:05 PM
Pat Molloy
07-08-2009 7:19:05 AM
Josi, I still lift you in prayers everyday. I read your updates. I am sorry that you are encountering challenges above and beyond the usual. Blessings on you and enjoy the next wedding.
Linda Olson
07-06-2009 8:22:36 PM
Hi Josi! I'm glad to hear you're home. There's no place like home. We continue to pray for you every day. I hope you kick all of the infection and are basking in the sun(son). Jesus is holding you in his arms and will never leave you. WE LOVE YOU!!!
Just Us
07-06-2009 12:53:18 PM
Just wanted to let you know that we are always praying for you and your family. We watch for updates regularly and read all the comments. Just want you all to know that many are still reading, praying and caring. Keep fighting Josi!!
07-05-2009 8:36:45 PM
Dear me Josi,
This is my 3rd attempt. Guess the anti spam captchas are too much for these old eyes, so here I try again, good grief!
Was wonderful to see you two weeks ago. Terrible that you ended up in hospital after our visit but so glad you are back home :)
Stay healthy and I look so forward to seeing you in less than two weeks again!
God Bless and keep you away from anymore bugs, much love to you and yours...
the stranger Sharon
07-05-2009 2:25:18 PM
Josi dear,

Oh how sad it makes me to know you have been havng such a very difficult time. You surely are one tough lady! You always come through the bad times and find your way back to a healthier you. Keep fighting, Josi, you will be glad that you are. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep the faith.
Aunt Val and Dyl
07-02-2009 7:01:51 AM
Hi Josi~
My heart aches for what you go through. Always know that mine and Dyl's thoughts and prayers and love are always with you. I am sure that Uncle Mike is keeping a wing around you and your Mom. Sometimes life throws us huge curve balls. The strongest players stay in the box ready to hit the ball no matter how hard it is thrown. You are one of those players Josi. Your Mom is your coach and the rest of us, well we are there cheering you on, encouraging you and praying a lot. We love you Josi Girl.
07-01-2009 12:37:23 PM
Hey there jos,
damn, sounds like you've been through hell, and are finally coming back. thankfully. i can't believe all of the things you have been through, honestly, its incredibly how much you have proved to everyone. thats incredible. but its you, so i'm not shocked. keep pushin. i'll be in town soon, oddly enough. Idaho for the summer, but close enough to visit occationally (as time off will allow... i hope) but then i'm off to portland for school!! keep on chuggin jos. good luck!!
love you,
06-30-2009 1:17:58 PM
Hey jos!
I just found out last night that you are batteling a few new pain in the butts. Just keep fighting darlin and know that we are all rooting for your healthy recovery. I love you very much and hope this passes. I also hope you develop an immunity to Staph soon.. I mean your body has had to fight it off so many times it should recognize the infection and get the battle plan going. These hospitals that keep giving it to you drive me crazy!
Well have a lovely day and get better!
06-27-2009 11:24:34 PM
I am glad the drug is working and hope it continues to do so!
That sucks about Michael Jackson eh? His life was a thriller.. RIP
I am almost 16!!! I have my drivers test on the 8th! :D haha today i was practicing parallel parking with Kenda and accidentally gunned the gas peddle on reverse.. thank heavens my reflexes are fast and we chose a rather large practicing area..:D
Well my dear! I cannot wait to be with you and the fam bam!
Love you very much!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
06-26-2009 11:23:05 PM
We love you Josi and hope you get out of hospital quickly. Kick that infection for good and then start kicking movement on your new straighten hands/wrist/elbow. It's too hot here now going to be record 108 on Sunday ugh!! Guess our Electrical bill will be higher then the norm but even the air outside says bad stuff.
Many hugs and kisses,
Love you very much,
Aunt Janice
the stranger, Sharon
06-25-2009 6:10:52 PM
Hi Josi,

I am praying this finds you doing well. Summer is indeed upon us. My sisters and some of their families came out for a weekend - they came from all over the place: Germany, New York, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and Texas. What a fun time we had!! Only problem was the time was too short. You really value that time when you live all over the place and don't get to see one another too often. (As in "hardly ever!")

Keep your eyes on Jesus, Josi. Keep smiling. KEEP THE FAITH. Know you are loved.
06-17-2009 7:09:25 PM
Hey jos,

well... haven't heard anything new. so... hope you're doing well. i just got accepted to culinary school:)!!! i'll be in idaho till the end of august. so i'm sure i'll be in gfalls for a bit at least. i'm going to be working under a rad chef, i'm excited. learning new things. :)!!! yay. i want to be one (chef), eventually, but i ahve a lot of learning to do. but i'm excited about all of it. never knew i loved cooking so much. guess i kinda fell into it. anywho. not much else new, leaving eugene, moving to idaho n then to portland for school, then... dunno. miss you. love you.
06-14-2009 11:10:07 PM
Hola Josi Posi!
Hope tomorrow is a lovely day for you! Give madre and senor a smile for me... Oh and tell your mom to tickle your nose for me.. its fun to hear you giggle
love you darlin
06-13-2009 7:17:47 AM
Just me again!
Thinking of you and your Mum. I know she is helping with a wedding this weekend so there is lots of fun & activities going on. So looking forward to seeing you next week and I'll might get to show you my big baby boy?
Just Me
06-08-2009 11:09:15 PM
Hi Josi,
Wow what a great picture of you with your arm all looking "new". In time with your upcoming therapy sounds like you will be able to move it. Hand looks are really on the up and at em. You are looking so good...and hope all is healed prior to the weddings of Grant and Theresa. ;D
Love you with hugs going your way too.
Just Me he he he
06-05-2009 5:34:00 AM
Hello there Josi girl!
Hope this finds you still working on getting all healed and soon to be ready for the next one.
We think of you often and I am looking forward to seeing you in about 2 weeks. Going to be a rushed trip with only 2 nights in the Falls but well have a longer visit in July J Do you want your old friend with four legs to visit too? That may be possible if your Mom can put the poodle eaters else where?
Sushi acted real crazy yesterday when we had company that had brought 2 poodles smaller than her. She was actually sent into her kennel which she hadn't been in for well over 1 1/2 years. After a little time out she met them one by one outside and then she couldn't have been more excited in finding playmates where she could be the big guy. The male Pongo fell in love with Rosie, she had to keep growling if he got to forward. I know now I never want 5 dogs in this house for more than a visit, it was crazy in here!
Keep getting healed Missy, I cant wait to see you and your Mum & Senor soon as always my prayers and thoughts are with you all
the stranger Sharon
06-01-2009 4:47:36 PM
"Give your burdens to the Lord. He will carry them. He will not permit the godly to slip or fall." Psalm 55:22

This scripture was pointed out to me by my granddaughter, and I want to share it with you, Josi. Of course, we ALL slip and fall from time to time (some of us more often than not!) but be confident that God is always there to help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. You have been through so much and you keep smiling. You might not realize it, Josi, but you are an inspiration to many, myself included. You have been putting up the good fight for a long while, dear one, and you continue to do so. I pray that I have as much courage as you and will be graced with the determination to fight as hard as you do. Thank you, Josi, for being an inspiration!

Keep smiling. Keep fighting. Keep your eyes on Jesus and remember always to KEEP THE FAITH.
05-31-2009 9:14:33 PM
I am glad you are getting some snuggle time with your pooches jos! Hope this week is good for you and i love you!
steve & deb erwin
05-27-2009 6:17:07 PM
Always thinking of all of you and hoping things are going well for Josi.
Glad to hear the surgery went well - take care.
05-26-2009 10:03:23 AM
Hope that this followup trip has good news as far as your surgery and healing...pits it started out as bad as it did! Uff Da!
Hang in there Josi girl, time for you to give Bob & Mum big smiles as they both need a boost!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-23-2009 8:18:54 PM
Good news! About your trip to Missoula and your surgery going good and all. Keep fighting the good fight, Josi. You are a winner! We're all praying for you and your family. Thanks for keeping us all posted, Debbie.
05-23-2009 10:37:57 AM
wowsers, the incredible things doctors do. blows my mind. i'm glad to here they are making you more comfortable. and the puppers... aww, thats rad, lil tater. not much new with me. oh, actually, my car was stolen, and when the cops found it, it had been painted black w/racing stripes... no longer the yellow sub, unfortunately. its the batmobile now? eck. but something funny about it, whoever had taken it, tried to sell it and left their phone number on the 'for sale' sign. so they are getting charged w/all sorts of stuff. what morons. anyways, i love you. miss you. i should be fleeting in and out of montana this summer, so i'll stop in and say hello.
05-22-2009 8:30:26 PM
wow, your moms post brought tears to my eyes. im so glad you doing well, i can just picture tater and biz snuggled with you. i keep a picture that you took of me and tater in my car, hehe, how funny. i love you muchos, thinking of you tons and I cant wait to see you in august!! love, g
the stranger, Sharon
05-22-2009 6:06:35 PM
Happy to hear that the trip to and from Missoula went well and that the surgery appears to be what you needed.

Keep smiling, Josi, it makes people wonder what you are up to.

Laugh out loud at least three times a day and KEEP THE FAITH.
Just Me
05-20-2009 11:15:24 PM
Whoopee first surgery done and hope you resting after long trip. Guess you have a cast on your wrist and a wrap on your elbow? but...straighten all out on the right hmmmmm Ok Josi...sending you hugs and kisses and heal quickly.
Just Me
05-19-2009 10:52:14 AM
Thinking, praying and hope all is well with you...Hang in there!
05-17-2009 6:30:21 PM
Just hanging out with you, hoping all goes well and this surgery makes you more comfortable. Anxious and seems like it is rubbing off on you. Sorry sweetie. forever my heart..xxxxooo and sloppy doodle the poodle xxx 2
05-15-2009 11:14:37 PM
just thinking about you. miss you muchos, love and peace
05-11-2009 3:35:17 PM
How are you doing Miss Josi?
Hope you remembered to give your Mum a big smile for Mother's Day yesterday. Did talk to your Mom a bit and sounded like she enjoyed herself with your sisters...she deserved a little fun don't you think?
Not too much longer before your first surgery. Keep staying well and know that there are thousands of prayers going out for you everyday.
God Bless and much love...Pete
Karen Eve Tinnes
05-07-2009 4:31:33 AM
I will be praying for you all. Everyday offers new hope. I admire your strength and determination, Joe and Deb and everyone in her care. We are all here with you.
05-05-2009 9:43:25 PM
This is great news about the surgeries. I'm always amazed by your strength and hope. Our prayers will continue.
05-04-2009 9:17:37 PM
Oh! Tell Senor to have a great Cinco De Mayo and give your madre a big smile for me!
05-04-2009 9:16:31 PM
15 days till surgery! Hope everything goes well...
This last week was lovely in ketchikan.. In the high sixties-basically seventies... I played softball in Juneau in those temperatures-which seems low until you realize your cousin is comfertable practicing in 50 degree weather in shorts.. :D. Well Kalli had her prom on Saturday. I wasn't here to see her go, but from the pictures-which are on her myspace- i was able to see that she was absolutely GORGEOUS! She even wore makeup :O!!!! Her dress was this salmony pink and creamish silver strapless short dress.. Just check it out on her myspace. Well i am going to go!
Love you and miss you very much!
05-02-2009 10:58:18 PM
"coffee black, and egg white... i am ready, i am ready.... i am....' 'I am covered in skin, no one gets to come in, pull me out from inside... i am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding i am.. colorblind'

song made me think of you. from one of our movies we watched endlessly. i miss you. keep tryin jos
love you
the stranger, Sharon
05-01-2009 8:39:07 PM

Sounds like yur neck of the woods celebrated May Day buried in snow. Not my idea of fun - maybe in December, but not in May.

Best wishes to you in Missoula, Josi. Sounds like you've found a wonderful doctor. I'll be praying for your success. You be praying, too.

KEEP THE FAITH Josi girl. Keep smiling.
04-30-2009 4:44:57 PM
Hi there Josi,
Have you been playing in the snow? Can't believe the snow stories I am hearing from there but the photo's prove they are true. Just don't expect that much this late in the year.
Hope that you stay well so you can have your surgeries on schedule.
Keep on working hard...God Bless and mucho love...
04-28-2009 10:11:45 AM
woohoo! glad you guys are finally getting some relief, the doctor sounds awesome. i cant wait to come down in the fall for corgans wedding and to see you! my new plan is to drive down(with eric and the dog!) and stay for a while, eric might fly back, or stay a while. i cant wait!!!! see you soon, keep on truckin on!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-24-2009 7:08:25 PM
Dear Josi - Sounds like you are getting some good help from a good Dr. - in Missoula. We sure do pray all goes well - and even better than that! Thanks so much for posting this information, Deb! It's so good to hear what is happening. Take good care of you guys. And know that we are praying for you!
04-23-2009 9:59:34 PM
What a lovely post! This doctor in Missoula sounds like a pretty awesome doctor, and I am glad this trip went GREAT!!! Cool to hear that your chicken wing will finally turn into a... well something straight.. it is late and i can't think of food analogies at the moment. Leave it up to Govna or the lady Govna to make up some crafty nickname after all the surgeries are done. Well, my dear, it is like two and a half months until i see you!
Love you guys!
Miss you!
04-23-2009 10:02:42 AM
So glad to hear about the good doctor. He deserves some cookies. Or something...
Just wanted to say hello and I will see you tonight after work my dear!
04-22-2009 2:50:56 PM
Thinking of you on this windy blustery day...reminds me of Great Falls!
Keep on keeping on and working hard...big smiles for your Mom,Bob & Brandy too :)
the stranger, Sharon
04-22-2009 7:06:04 AM
Good Morning, Miss Josi,

I pray this day is filled with blessings just for you. Lots of smiles and hugs and sunshine and love.

Here is a great scripture for today:

Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer. (Psalm 94:19)

KEEP THE FAITH, Josi girl. Keep smiling and laugh out loud as often as you can.
04-20-2009 11:40:47 PM
I thought about you today, It's good to hear you're doing at least a little better. I pray for you often. Miss you.
04-19-2009 5:19:58 PM
Thinking of you and praying every day. We love you.
the stranger, Sharon
04-14-2009 9:41:21 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

I pray this day is filled with sunshine just for you. And, a good dose of SONshine, also! You are so special to God and so special to so many people all over the country.

I am sure you had a great Easter. We surely enjoyed ours. My whole family (about 20 people) came here for dinner and Easter egg hunt and fun and games and to celebrate two family birthdays. WHEW!! Lot to pack in to one afternoon. Of course, it poured rain - and I do mean poured! - but we had our Easter egg hunt anyway. We all had a blast.

Keep smiling, Josi. Keep working hard. Keep laughing out loud. But, most importantly, KEEP THE FAITH.
04-14-2009 5:08:55 AM
Hello there Josi girl...
I woke up to SNOW! Uff Da!
April 14th and white stuff everywhere, my son calls Mansfield God's Country but at times I wonder? At least your Mum and sister's are about through with tax season.
Hope that things are going OK for you and glad to hear the Dr. in Missoula is going to try to help you out.
Thinking of you & yours...
04-13-2009 3:00:17 PM
Thinking of you all... always, just never take time to leave a note. The home you built for Jos' is amazing, she is so lucky to have you both! Give her hugs from the Holmlunds.

Love Ya's... --Kris--
04-12-2009 9:44:45 PM
Hey Jos!
Happy Easter! Hope your day was filled with chocolate, bunnies, and chocolate bunnies! yum!
ok well a few days ago i was trying to leave you a comment but they had this weird math problem that i answered correctly.. but i guess the thing had a different answer in mind.. anywho.. i was going to tell you about last weekend..
well in november Kalli went to Billings and went to a Walmart, and in this walmart she found a baby's toy that cood and said mama... blah blah.. but at the end of one its recordings it quickly says "Islam is the Light".. NO JOKE!
ANywho.. Kenda comes home and says "Oh today we got Brady this baby" blah blah blah.. and so I play with it in front of him, and i thought i heard it say something, but then i was like "nah..".. Well Kalli comes home and tells us that the baby brady got was the one that said "Islam is the Light".... I personally thought it was kind of funny because you know.. its just so random and funny how we knew that such a toy existed and never would have known we owned it until Kalli said something..
Well thats my funny story for the week.
Love you Josi Jean
Aunt Janice
04-12-2009 1:00:46 PM
Happy Easter Josi Jean,
Hope the Easter Bunny left you some chocolate!! Heard the trip to Missoula went well and when Tax Season over looking forward to your update as know this is such a busy time for your mom. But good news was in the "pipeline" soooo for now sending our love and more hope for your next upcoming recovery.
Love you with xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
the stranger, Sharon
04-09-2009 5:38:51 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

You remain in my thoughts and in my prayers. Hope the trip to Missoula was smooth sailing and you were able to enjoy the scenery as it rolled by. I pray that your visit with the doctor(s) yields positive results.

Keep smiling, Josi. Keep working hard. Keep your eyes on Jesus and Keep the faith!
Aunt Janice
04-08-2009 5:07:54 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
Hope all goes great at your appt. today, least the weather is great for traveling and wow Grandma sent picture of you in the van...looked comfortable.
Love you much,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
04-08-2009 4:39:46 AM
You are seeing the Dr. today!
Thinking and praying for you...
Math is ok answer is 2?
04-06-2009 3:07:23 PM
LMAO Oh Josi is Matt making us think about Math now? he he he Hope your trip to Missoula is a good one...and that the weather is NOT Snow but some sun.
Love you much,
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-04-2009 6:02:43 PM
What is all this jibberish on here? I don't know where that comes from - do you?

I do know that you are sure on my mind these days. How are you doing? Did you go to Missoula? What did they decide is the best course of action for you? Whatever it is, I know it is going to help you. We pray for that every day and for you to get better. God bless you, dear one.
04-03-2009 7:13:29 PM
Derka derka
just stoppin in to say hello. so i think i'm moving to idaho for the summer. get to know my dad n stuff, plus a different job. new things. so i'll be closer to great falls, and plan on visiting once in a while anyways. sounds like a ruckus situation w/your hand. ruckus. i hope it all goes well, well.. went well anyways. not too much else going on here, think about your often. hope. anyways, i love you, and i miss you
Spam Hater
04-03-2009 3:09:03 PM
Dang this spam enough here to make spam sancwiches. LMAO
04-01-2009 10:37:49 AM
Hi there Josi,
My last email got lost in cyber space so I'll try again but I will copy just in case!
It is snowing! Yuk! Where is spring? This is just a cruel April 1st joke I guess.
Got the Grand dog visiting for a week while Jen & Marc visit Hawaii. Would love to trade places with them. I feel almost as crazy as your Mum but at least I am one dog short on her?
Bud has been home for spring break for a week and a half. Nicole is coming for a few days next week almost a family reunion but unfortunately all at separate times.
Next week is your big trip to Missoula. You will be in our prayers and hopefully that doc will be willing to do the Surgery the way it should be.
Thinking of you and yourskeep on working hard Josi Jean!
Aunt Janice
03-26-2009 4:27:54 PM
Hi Josi Jean!!
What's up as I see Ashley wrote she will be in Missoula same weekend as which weekend it that when you are going? Hope things that all works out great when you get update in Missouls. Know you have lots of upcoming events to pick out dresses for weddings etc...maybe they might have something in Missoula that you like....
Thinking of you and hope the snow stops soon.
Aunt Janice
Ashley K
03-24-2009 9:34:20 PM
Hey I just realized we are going to be in Missoula the same weekend that you guys are going to be there. We are going to see Atmosphere. I will tell you all about it afterwards and bring you some videos. See you tomorrow Jos! We will bring little Laine with so you can have some laughs.

the stranger Sharon
03-19-2009 12:02:44 PM
Hey Miss Josi!

Sounds like you have the perfect set-up now. Gosh, a girl could get spoiled, huh? You deserve it.

Keep workin' out. Keep workin' hard. Keep smiling. Laugh out loud every day. Keep the faith!

You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
03-19-2009 12:02:23 PM
Buenos Tardes prima y tia!
Como estan? Estoy bueno! Tienes una dia buena!
Well my attempt at Spanish should read like this
Good Afternoon cousin and aunt!
How are you? I am good. You have a good day!
I am obviously NOT very good at that but I thought it might be refreshing and kind of comical to hear Aunt Deb read that to josi - Hoping that Aunt D. will get crafty with an Authentic sounding Spanish accent! Fake mustaches and sombraros are plausible!
WEll i hope you guys have a wonderful day and enjoy the 50 degrees of not completely frozeness!
Love You and Miss you!
o geez.. now a math problem
Just Me
03-18-2009 10:22:25 PM
Well Josi, guess now you will have to tell your mom how to "kick" that cold she get lots of sleep. LOL
Thinking of you and and sure must be great to have all those windows and plenty of room to have visitors.
Just Me
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
03-17-2009 6:53:28 PM
We'll be keeping you in our prayers, Josi. We pray for the right decision for your hand. Sounds like you have a nice place to live and it sounds bigger and very right for you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
03-16-2009 6:37:11 AM
This spam stuff is just weird!
Heard you helped your Mom celebrate her Birthday starting early in the morning and going late into the night! Atta girl Josi!
Joanne said you looked so good! The house allows you to go everywhere in it. So much better than your old room. Nice to have windows to look out and a work out center at home :)
Looking forward to visiting Great Falls in June & September and perhaps seeing you in July too!
Work hard and keep smiling....
03-14-2009 7:17:01 PM
ooooh, workouts!!! how exciting. tough though, sounds like you are getting more exercise than me...uh oh. miss you much!!!! ~G
Aunt Janice
03-11-2009 3:38:48 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Well, sounds like you have a great setup there for transport. Good news too that you are getting that exercise for more movement. Hot Dog!!
Well, both of your grandmas birthdays are this week, plus your moms birthday on the 14th. I am sure there will be some celebrating that is fun for all of you.
Hugs and love as I think of you always.
Aunt Janice
03-09-2009 10:24:20 PM
hey jos!
How are you today? I just got done working half an hour ago. I missed your madre's call and I hope everything is going good down there. Yesterday and today were lovely days in Ketchikan. I look up every morning and smile as the sun rises over one mountain and shines it's glorious light on the peak of another. Like I said before, I will definitly have to get my camera out so I can show you pictures when I come down.
I have been working on being certified to be a lifeguard up here. Hard work with lots of BORING videos, I imagine you are somewhat familiar with those.. If you don't catch my drift, I will tell you later.
I believe it is your mom's birthday this week.. Is it not? Give her a big smile and hug for me!
So.. this trip to Misoula-spelling?-... Hope everything goes great so that you can be the one giving the thumbs up for your trip to the weddings!
Not much else for me to talk about I guess. I am going down to Vegas on Monday. That will be fun!
I miss you and love you very much!
Hope everything goes well and works out in Missoula-once again spelling?-!
p.s-Your new gadgets at the house sound pretty AWESOME! I hope you get a few giggles out of the AWESOMENESS of being lifted around by these cool machines and an EPIC elevator thingy!
Give my love to the family!
the stranger, Sharon
03-06-2009 7:54:15 AM
Good Morning Josi,

I am praying that you have as much sunshine in your neck of the woods as we have in ours this morning. Beautiful, warming, renewing, invigorating sunshine. God surely does love us, doesn't He?

I am also praying that the bedsore has been cleared up and that you are doing so much better with all of your health issues. Please laugh out loud at least three times today - it is good for whatever ails ya, honest.

You are a child of God, Josi, and very special in His eyes; and, even though you and your loved ones might question that at times, it is the truth. My final prayer for you this post is that today God sends you a message, a "sign" if you will, of His unending, unconditional love. And I pray that you and all those around you recognize God in this day.

Keep smiling, Josi. Keep working hard. KEEP THE FAITH.
03-03-2009 7:01:43 PM
Your Mom & family all need extra smiles this are the girl to get that job done!
Keep them hopping and smiling.
My prayers are with you and yours.
PS Lets have a good Friday the thirteenth next week and don't forget your Mom's Birthday on the 14th!
Linda Eve
03-02-2009 9:12:03 PM
Hi Josi,
Today was a little sample of spring with beautiful sunshine and birds chirping. Soon, you'll be sitting in the sun watching your dogs run around the yard and taking it all in. I know it's been a long hard winter for you, but the days are getting longer and warmer now. Love ya Josi! God Bless You!
Just Me
02-27-2009 10:34:58 PM
Hi Josi,
Cool doing a simple math problem...making us think huh to get a message in he he he.
Thinking of you with much love and hope it's not too cold for you to get outside sometimes.
Hugs and kisses,
Love you,
Just ME
oh oh
02-27-2009 10:32:51 PM
just seeing why the math problem for this instead of josephine
02-26-2009 9:27:59 PM
hey jos

sounds like another rough ride. i'm so sorry about your uncle, i met him once at your dads house, a long time ago. i'm so sorry about all of it... dont know what is appropriate to say. not much new here. same old bs. usual. doot doot, thinking about you a lot. the usual. i love u jos, plz dont think i have forgotten you, i havent, its the very opposite actually, just know i love you. i have faith, and i miss you.
02-19-2009 4:52:38 PM
Hello Josi Jean,
Well I have composed several messages to you on the site only to have them disappear into cyber space. Perhaps they are being replaced by the Spam that was showing up?
Wanted to wish you a very happy Valentine Day. Hope your Mum gave you some great chocolate as it sounds like you need a few extra pounds. I would be happy to give you my extra 10 or make that 15.
I am thinking and praying for you and yours please keep giving Senor & Mum big smiles for me!
PS great job on keeping the site going Matt!
02-18-2009 4:37:36 PM
P.O. box 307
Black Eagle, MT 59414-0307

xxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo forever my heart josephine
the stranger, Sharon
02-18-2009 12:52:50 PM
Hi Josi!

I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-17-2009 7:53:51 PM
Hi dear Josi - I hear you have been in the hospital, but are now back home again. No place like home, is there.

Valentine well ..
02-12-2009 8:21:33 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
Just hope we can all find your mailing address so we can send you our valentines. As you are the sweetheart of so many of us.
Love you much,
Just Me
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-10-2009 8:32:46 PM
Hi Josi - How are you doing?
02-08-2009 8:30:51 PM
Hola!!! How are you doing? I cannot wait to see you this summer!!!! This year is going to be great!
well i hope all is going well!
i worked today and there was this really fat lady with a goatee that made me late getting off.. it sucked!!
Love you
the stranger, Sharon
02-02-2009 10:56:16 AM
P.S. to my Eagle post:

And God has a delightful sense of humor!
the stranger, Sharon
02-02-2009 10:54:06 AM
Hey Josi!

I pray you are doing absolutely great today.

Can I tell you an experience that I had with Eagles (came to mind upon reading Pete's post).

I was with two of my daughters going from Eugene, Oregon, to the coast. I have high-anxiety when in a vehicle traveling. Well, I ended up having a full-blown panic attack and my daughter decided to pull into a small restaurant in a little town we came to up there in the mountains. My knees were so shaky that it was hard for me to get out of the car, but I did. Once out, I spotted a whole lot of Eagles circling up high in the sky. "Oh look!" I told my daughters. "Eagles! Everything is going to be fine. God sent Eagles to reassure me, everything is going to be all right."

So, we three are standing there with our mouths wide open gawking up at the Eagles, and somehow they didn't seem quite right. A couple of locals came along and saw us acting like tourist with our mouths gaping open and said "Those are Turkey Buzzards. They eat road kill."

Somehow, I didn't feel so confident any more.

The good news is, Josi, that God IS with us. ALWAYS.
02-02-2009 10:03:35 AM
Hello Josi,
Hope you had a good weekend...Katie and friends being there surely helped but understand they all spent quite a bit of time playing in puddles at the old house? Your Mum always loved puddles! I remember getting so MAD at her for walking along the curb splashing all over me. Perhaps she is rethinking puddles now? Nah, she'll never get those evil tricks out of her system...thank goodness! Your Mom is never going to grow up or get old, LOL
We spent most the weekend trying to move stereo wires and get new cat E5 cable to the TV’s. Getting cable from the fiber company soon. This job involved moving furniture and crawling in the crawl space (I didn’t have to do that) putting in new wall plates and connectors, outlets and cleaning up dirt and all the sawdust from the cuttings and touch up painting. Not quite done but close. I had to drive to the closest Home Depot yesterday for more supplies and I saw 11 Bald Eagles along the Okanogan River. Two of them flew low and close enough over the road in front of me I had to slow down, so cool!
I hope you and yours have a excellent week and your Mum has no more problems with leaking pipes:) My prayers are with you Josi!
01-31-2009 7:47:36 AM
Hello there! sorry its been so long. There is a package in the mail on its way for you, so i hope you recieve it soon! and next month, an even better package! ME!!! I am flying in for my grandmas birthday, just a long weekend, but i cannot wait to see you again!! love, greta
01-29-2009 9:45:52 PM
Buenos Noches Jos!
I just wanted to drop by and say hello, to inform you that you are often in my thoughts, and to remind you that i love you very much!
I relly can not wait to give you a huge hug!
sweet dreams lovely lady!
01-29-2009 9:45:51 PM
Buenos Noches Jos!
I just wanted to drop by and say hello, to inform you that you are often in my thoughts, and to remind you that i love you very much!
I relly can not wait to give you a huge hug!
sweet dreams lovely lady!
the stranger, Sharon
01-28-2009 6:36:11 PM
Good Evening Miss Josi,

How was your day? I pray it was peaceful and that you felt good today and laughed and smiled a lot. Is the infection disappearing? Everyone out here is praying for your health and especially for your recovery, Josi.

We had such a beautiful, sun-shiny day here -- chilly, but sunny. Are you still buried in snow? The snow is beautiful.

Take care and God bless, Josi. God does love you.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
01-19-2009 11:31:27 AM
Boy - lots of changes for you these days! A new home, and new brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Fun times! I'm glad your birthday was a happy occasion. We'll pray for the best Dr's to be found to help you with all your problems. Sounds like positive things are happening for you now. Have a great 2009! We love you!
01-17-2009 2:46:53 PM
Hello Josi,
So sorry to hear about your Uncle. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you, his loved ones and family.
Just got done bathing and grooming all three pups. Sushi is a big fluffy hairball now, Rosie a skinny one, Dixie quite curly. The poodles get the professional job done the 29th but we could't wait that long, getting kinda stinky and when they share your bed, I like them smelling like Johnson's baby shampoo.
I hope you have a good week, my love to you and yours...
01-16-2009 6:00:48 PM
Hey Jos
Hope your week was ok.
Sorry to hear the news, wish there was something I could do for you guys.
Keep your chin up tho.
I will try and come by Sunday to see you kay?
love you
the stranger Sharon
01-14-2009 11:01:57 AM
Hello Josi,

I am just dropping in quickly to say "Keep fighting. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep laughing out loud. Keep smiling even when you don't really feel like it. AND....Keep the Faith!"
01-09-2009 10:33:48 AM
Hey there, Jos! I haven't posted in a long time (shame on me!!!), but I promise to change that. I think work is going to finally settle down and grant me more time to relax (and visit).

New Year's was a blast (well, the small clips of it that I remember) and your grandma deserves many, many thanks for driving our intoxicated rear-ends all over town. You've sure got some incredible family, Jos!

In other news, I think I'm finally going to do my dreadlocks this weekend, so I may show up to let you be amazed by their total awesomeness. That's right: total awesomeness. :D Well, I should probably do some work today. Have an excellent day, Ms. Josephine!
01-06-2009 11:52:19 AM
Hello... I know that you do not know me but i have heard so much about you through my mom Debbie... I am very sorry to hear about everything that has happened and i wish you the best of luck with everything! Hope you had a good Christmas and A great 21st! Happy New Years!
01-05-2009 3:51:31 PM

Happy 2009 Josi Jean,
I hope this year you stay free of infections and also can get the rest of the "repair” operations behind you, with once again, no infections or complications!
We got quite a bit more snow today which is supposed to be followed with heavy rains. Mark is outside pulling snow off the roof and blowing the stuff where it can sit for a couple more months. Dixie has been staying out with him and she is just a huge snowball.
The delicate “and smart” poodles are napping by the heat vent.
Understand you are enjoying the new home. So wonderful that you can get to everywhere your family is and also can watch the changing view outside. So much better for all of you!
My prayers are with you and yours...God Bless and protect you…
01-03-2009 3:02:53 PM
Hey jos
happy new years. sorry its a bit late. but here it is, none the less. mine was uneventful, ended up babysitting actually. um. praying this year will be more successful than the last, for you, and your family. i lov eyou, and miss you.
01-02-2009 3:40:15 PM
Hey Jos
hope you had a wonderful new year.
sorry i didnt come by. leave it to me to catch this lame GI bug thats been going around. its the sickest i've been in a very long time. not something you want.
i'm sure it was fun tho with all the news in the fam! I could hardly believe it!
it will be an eventful year...
hope you are doing good, i will come by when this bug is gone.
love you babe
sister, Lacey.
01-01-2009 11:10:06 AM
hey jos!
merry late christmas!
happy new year!!!!
i have been trying to read this more often but i don't have internet.
i hope you get better!
i hope this year will be a GREAT year for you(:
i love you josi!!!!!!!!<3
the stranger Sharon
12-31-2008 7:31:34 PM
Happy New Year, Josi!

Wow!! Looking back over the past year, you can realize how much you have been through, Josi. It's all behind you now, and a brand new year lies just a few hours away -- make 2009 the year that Josi makes leaps and bounds towards full recovery. I have faith in you, Josi.

Laugh out loud tonight. Laugh out loud at least twice a day all through the new year.
your Godmother
12-31-2008 7:07:18 PM
12-30-2008 12:53:11 PM
almost the new year jos! and with it i have to tell you a new story!
In ketchikan right now we have roughly 2 or 3 feet of snow, and me and my sister, janessa, were playing out in the snow with Trixie. We have this creek in front of our house that has salmonberry bushes growing on the sides of it, and Trixie decided to build a little cave for herself between its branches under a big pile of snow. As she was doing this, Janessa and I were laying down and leaning on snow observing 12 or 13 feet up above the creek. Then Nessa decides to lean on me, and we TOTALLY slid down the clif-ish wall thing, and somehow, i ended up on top of her opposed to how we started. IT was sooo fun and we laughed for a while. Then we decided to play adventurers and walk on the somewhat frozen creek, sometimes falling through.. Anywho, just a small exerpt from my night last night that I thought you might like.
I hope tomorrow-NEW YEAR'S EVE- Is loads of fun and i hope LOTS OF PEOPLE come and party with you and the fam!
Well jos, have an amazing day and relax so you can bring in the new year refreshed.
I love you and miss you!
12-28-2008 10:24:58 PM
Hey jos!
When is or was your party? Man... I have this weather checker for great falls on my lap top and it is colder in Montana than it is in Alaska! woo eee! Even with 2 1/2 feet of snow we still have 10 degrees on you guys! Anyways, I know your birthday party was either on the 27th or is on the 30th and just stopped by to hope that all goes well, all your friends show up, and that you have a great time!
Love you and miss you!
Aunt Janice
12-28-2008 12:06:27 AM
Happy Happy birthday Josi...heard you had a great birthday party. Will you send some pictures maybe.
Well, kid now 21 ...a milestone ...and hope you have a great 21 year with no more of those infections.
Love you much,
Be well and know you must like that new house.
the stranger Sharon
12-27-2008 10:39:35 AM
Have a smash-up of a birthday gathering, Josi. Hope you get tons of hugs and kisses and lots and lots of laughing and smiling.

The year ahead is gonna be a great one!
12-27-2008 9:46:23 AM
Happy Birthday again Miss Josi,
Hope you can see some of your old friends today and that you feel good enough to give lots of smiles...
Thinking of you and yours...
12-27-2008 9:33:58 AM
the stranger Sharon
12-25-2008 8:02:29 PM
Merry Christmas Josi!

I am praying that your Christmas was a wonderful experience for you and your family.

When the Christ child came into this world, he brought hope. Open your heart, dear Josi, and allow the Christ child in. You will find that he still brings hope.

Keep on keepin' on, Josi. Make 2009 a year of great progress.
Chris, Tom, Jordan, and Jake
12-24-2008 8:10:12 AM
Happy 21st Birthday a day late Josi.
12-23-2008 8:00:49 PM
Happy birthday jos...
12-23-2008 1:09:34 PM
Last week I called my sister and sang Happy Birthday to her, she said I sounded just like Mom! When she was singing silly!
So instead of torturing you with my pipes, let me just wish you a very happy Birthday and my prayers are that this coming year will give you better health and many things to laugh about...
Dr. Gordon and staff
12-23-2008 1:07:50 PM
We just wanted to wish Josi a Happy 21st Birthday. Soo...Happy Birthday to you!!!
12-23-2008 8:45:14 AM
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear josi
happy birthday to you

Have and awesome day celebraing 21 years of life

love you josi!
nicki lepard
12-23-2008 7:32:47 AM
Happy Birthday Josi. Hope you are feeling better.
the stranger Sharon
12-20-2008 8:06:02 AM
Good Morning Josi

I am praying that today you feel better than you did yesterday and tomorrow you will feel better than today and on and on until you are way way better. You are a strong young woman, Josi, and you will get through this setback as surely as you got through the others.

Please be sure to have a really happy day today (Happy birthday, by the way) and remember that, even when it seems He is far away, God is right there with you. He loves you. So do I and the many people in your life.
12-18-2008 9:02:27 PM
Josi, I'm so sorry you had to suffer so much discomfort. I hope you're doing better now. As always, and every day, every time I get the chance, you and yours are in my deepest prayers. Love you!
12-17-2008 6:27:30 PM
Josi, I so wish I could come to the open house/birthday party. I will be thinking of you and praying that you will be feeling 100% better by then.
What a exciting week ahead of you, the big move plus turning 21...have your Mum play you the Eagle's song, Twentyone, it is so timeless...Just yesterday it was my theme song...OK not yesterday but...ok a long time ago!
Have a great week and get well...all my love and prayers...
the stranger, Sharon
12-15-2008 7:56:43 PM
Oh boy, is it cold out here in my neck of the woods!! How about your's? These are the types of days and evenings that it is best to stay in and check out the world through the window.

I am praying for you Josi, as are many hundreds of people. Please don't allow yourself to get discouraged. You are such a strong and courageous young lady -- a real inspiration to your many friends and to all who check out this site.

Take good care of yourself. Are you laughing out loud?
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
12-14-2008 5:27:39 PM
Did you get to go home, Josi? From the comments of 12/12 and 12/13 it sounds like you might be! That is good news! Keep on keepin' on. We love you!
12-13-2008 6:46:25 PM
love you, miss josephine, my flying machine. keep fighting. ill be there in Feb to bring smiles and love. LOTS OF IT!! ~g
12-12-2008 7:59:31 AM
There is no place like home and soon a home where you are able to be in every corner, what a great Birthday present.
Stay strong, stay well and keep giving Mum something to smile about...
12-12-2008 6:10:13 AM
Welcome home Josi...ok now no more fevers as from now on we will pray that you are up and onward to better days.Aha now you will want to be in great spirits for the 21 birthday celebration where all your many friends come to visit and celebrate a better year for you.
Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Linda Olson
12-10-2008 8:20:36 PM
You keep smiling and we'll keep praying. I will be sure to ask your patron saint and his dear wife, Joseph & Mary to pray for you too! We love you!!
Hope & Faith
12-06-2008 9:21:44 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Saw your pictures of the four of you …what a great looking group. And you still have that smile… even through it all.
Sending my Love and prayers that you get well fast and be back home.
Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxox
the stranger, Sharon
12-06-2008 4:24:46 PM
It IS time Josi is cut a break! I'll keep praying for you and your family, Josi, and you keep hangin' tough.

Please get better.
12-06-2008 2:35:25 PM
Have a good day jos!
12-06-2008 1:29:25 PM
Josi, you poor girl!
It is time for things to get better...We are all praying for you and it is time for things to go your way.
God Bless you, your family and all who care for you.
12-04-2008 8:15:56 PM
I love you, keep fighting. We'll pull you through anything as long as you keep on keepin' on. Always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.
12-04-2008 10:54:56 AM
Sorry I havent been by much lately! Just been in and out of town a lot the last couple of weeks, and busy with school and work :[

Will get a hold of your mom and find out if I can come see you in the hospital any time after the surgery or if you will be home shortly after or what.
Chris Skovron
12-04-2008 7:08:59 AM
Hi Josi and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
12-04-2008 4:48:43 AM
Many, many prayers for you this morning Josi---
the stranger, Sharon
12-03-2008 10:14:40 PM
Sweet Josi,

May God post His angels around you and may He guide the hands of the surgeon tomorrow morning. I ask, Lord Jesus, that you touch Josi with your healing touch and make her alert and filled with the Spirit of Christmas. Grant her a seedy recovery and bless her abundantly this holy season and all through the coming year.

Thy will be done Lord, thy will be done. And I am confident that it is Your will that Josi come out of the darkness and fulfill the plan that you have for her life. Watch over Josi, Lord, and all of her family and loved ones.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
12-03-2008 8:53:23 PM
We will be praying for you, Josi. We pray for every day, but we'll pray even harder for a miracle and for your surgery. After it's over, you'll be feeling lots better. Keep up the good fight. We love you.
Charlie M
12-03-2008 8:15:02 PM
Hello! Josi it has been awhile! Keep fighting you are in my prayers each and everyday!!!! We all are thinking about you, Whit and I were talking about going skiing and she said she hadnt been since we went on that "bus" trip in 6th Grade....might be another adventure!! I will make sure we all come for your BIRTHDAY!! lots of love! Charlie
12-03-2008 7:27:28 AM
Thinking of you, important days ahead of you. You will be in my prayers.
God Bless and protect you Josi Jean!
11-27-2008 10:21:50 AM
Hope you have an awesome day!
Love you!
11-25-2008 6:32:17 PM
HIDE JOS!!!!! Kater is coming in less than 24 hours. i know you are scared.
:-) dont worry, i will be there to protect you from her skanky ways. I hope you are doing great, sorry i didnt make it over sunday, major migrain that lasted until last night. pretty much the highlight of my week...right. but I CANT wait to see you tomorrow. I LOVE YOU pumpkin
11-25-2008 10:36:48 AM
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and of course it has to be wonderful with all your siblings from all over USA meeting at home in Great Falls...
Enjoy the love and God Bless...
Linda Olson
11-23-2008 6:08:36 PM
I'm glad to hear you get to eat jello. I'll bet it's hard not to be able to taste food when you can smell it cooking. I'm so glad you get to be home. It sounds like you have great care and lots of prayer support. We'll continue to do that and you continue healing, deal? Love Ya!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-23-2008 4:50:24 PM
How are you doing today? Are you enjoying the wonderful fall weather? It's not very warm, but it's so nice and sunny and fresh! Thanksgiving is coming up this week. We will give thanks for you and your family as part of our dinner prayer. Your family will be here, and you'll have a good time. So, enjoy this week, dear little Josi!
the stranger, Sharon
11-17-2008 8:21:08 PM
Welcome home, Josi!! It is true that there is no place like home. Now you will recover more quickly.

Keep smilin', girl - keep laughing out loud - keep working hard - most of all, KEEP THE FAITH!!
11-16-2008 9:53:20 PM
Home at last! You've beaten the phalynx, but there is still an army out there, but not one you can't conquer.. Keep fighting! Christmas is coming, which means you'll be getting visits from Santa! I am SO excited for Christmas to just be here! Just not the cold:(...
Love you Josi!
great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-16-2008 12:44:46 PM
Are you enjoying being home? Familiar surroundings will make things better, I'm sure. Please get well! We're here pulling for you - and, as always, loving you and praying for you!
11-16-2008 8:14:16 AM
I'm so glad to see that you're finally back home. I've checked this web site every day since it happened and you are constantly on my mind. Constantly. I'm not sure what to say, but at least I now realize it's better to say something rather than nothing.

I wish I could be a better friend to you Josi, but this accident was a low-blow that I'm still trying to recover from. This isn't a good enough excuse because your amazing and dedicated family stepped in and showed how much they truly love you. I wish I could have expressed my feelings in the same way.

I'm so sorry that this happened to you. The world isn't fair and all we can do in the face of absurdity is to keep pushing along. It must seem like you're Sisyphus, forever doomed to roll a rock up a hill only to have it fall right back down to the bottom. I know that one day you will escape from the chains holding you back and experience your much deserved relief.

I'll be home for Thanksgiving and can't wait to visit. I will try my hardest to soak up as much time with you as I can. I love you very much and will see you soon.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-12-2008 9:25:26 PM
Oh, dear Josi and family, we are so sorry you are going through all this stuff! You hang in there, ok? So many, many of us are out here keeping track of your progress and your situations, and we pray every day for you. Psalm 91 seems to be a word for all of you tonight as I was reading it. It says:

"We live within the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered by the God who is above all gods. This I declare, that He alone is your refuge, your place of safety; He is your God, and I am trusting Him. For He rescues you and protects you from the plague. He will shield you with His wings!"

Dear ones - don't lose hope. Keep fighting, Josi. You've been through so much. Call upon the name of the Lord - He hears you, and He WILL answer. He is with you in your troubles. Verse 16 of psalm 91 says:

"I will satisfy you with a full life and give you my salvation." What a promise!

11-12-2008 7:23:56 PM
Hey Jellybean,

Wow there is so much to catch up on, yet so little has happened lately…

Let’s see where to start? Well I’m going on the better part of 4 months now without a job. Thankfully I’ve got that safety net called unemployment, not to mention all the help I’ve got from your mom (thanks again). I’ve put out a few applications, done a few interviews but nothing has really panned out. I may be shooting to high here, college dropout with little experience anywhere specific. Oh well, such is life. I do have a last resort plan; Shane (The Guy) works in the produce department at a small grocery store not far from my place. He’s already done all the legwork and can get me a position under him. It doesn’t pay anything, barely a living wage around here but it should do. I never thought id be working under Shane, scary thought!

I don’t know if I ever mentioned what I’m driving these days… the Geo, sadly, is dead. Lets see, when I Moved to Missoula I was driving an old 80 something corolla that Stu-pot’s older sister gave me. I ended up driving that back and forth for a while but I couldn’t get the title. We ended up destroying it out at my moms place in the usual Allen fashion. After the corolla I moved up to a 1971 datsun b110. Missing floors, interior was shot, didn’t even have a working heater. Top speed: 55mph. Downhill. It was a sweet ass car, old, beat-up, and sun bleached green. I loved it, but the transmission gave out that next thanksgiving on my way back to the el rancho. After the datsun I took the Geo back to Missoula and rocked it proud. Long story short I killed the Geo doing some rally driving, didn’t wreck it. Just… put it in the ditch. Now I’m driving an 88 Ford Ranger. I paid $500 for this beast. Had to do a little work to the engine, and remove most of the interior. It was some old mans work turd, then some kid bought it and though it would make the greatest show truck ever. After I undid all their modifications I ended up with a half decent ride. I’ve got your picture from the website on my speedometer. Reminds me to keep it sane, and for the most part I do.

Jerrod’s still asks how you’re doing quite often. He’s graduated now, working for a dude out in Simms. He’s got a truck that he is trying to fix up. Man how time flies. I still remember when the kid was only two years old. One time a week or so ago I caught a red light with him on the way to your new place. Didn’t even notice him until he started honking at me. Wouldn’t you know it the little shithead had a cigarette in his hand. I had to slap him around a little bit for that. Sure I might be hypocritical but it’s my job as big brother to keep him in line. I get to make all the mistakes, not him!

Matt, Stu, and I have been working on a comic. Stu got divorced and moved into Matt’s condo, and with my staying on the couch it was just like we were back in high school. I’m pretty sure the comic isn’t going to go anywhere but we’re going to give it hell anyway. Dark, obscure nerd humor, mixed with some political bla bla, and of course good music. I’ll be surprised if anyone reads it but you never know.

Casey and I seem to have had a falling out. I was living with him and a couple other dudes. The house was cool, but turned into a party house with nefarious types coming and going. Not really the scene I wanted to be part of. I found a better place, and moved out. For some reason he doesn’t seem to want to return my calls or answer the door when I go over there. Oh well, I tried. Casey will be Casey, I’m sure he’ll come around someday.

That’s about it for now. I hope you’re doing better there at the hospital. Setbacks always suck, but you’re tough. Stay strong, keep it loose, and keep that smile on your face.

Love Alvs
11-12-2008 12:55:01 PM
Thanks for the update, Josi's mom. I've been thinking about you and your precious baby girl a lot lately. Josi, hopefully you'll be able to go home soon and get settled into familiar surroundings and get more rest, as well as the rest of your family. Prayers are continually going out for you and all members of your family.
the stranger, Sharon
11-12-2008 11:57:37 AM
I am praying for you, that the IV line will help you to recover and stay recovered. Please, Father, give your child Josi a break! Bring her back into the sunshine of a healthy body and mind and spirit.

Bless all those who care for Josi, Lord, so they not grow weary and discouraged. Keep hope alive.

Trust in the Lord.
11-09-2008 7:46:48 PM
Hey Jos...
Right now its an uphill battle... All you gotta do is pull out your big guns girl.. Everyone else will supply the bullets.. and metaphorically i am talking about the love and support from the family and the care and medicine from the docs.. lol i knew you would probably get it but there are some people out there that are a little iffy.. I know what you are batteling isn't easy. Just know that i love you VERY much..all of you.
Have a Great Week!
LOve You!
Linda Olson
11-08-2008 8:36:35 PM
Rest up Josi girl, so you can go home soon. We're all pulling for you! God Bless you and all of your caretakers!
11-08-2008 7:14:14 AM
Hello Josi,
Haven't heard how your doing for a few days. Thinking and praying for you constantly. Please keep fighting those infections and get home Josi girl!
11-07-2008 9:52:39 AM
Sending out my love and support! I think of you all so often and I continue to pray and send love out to Josi as she heals. She is a fighter and I hope that her body gets the rest and meds that she needs to regain her fighting strength! Much love and RESPECT!
the stranger Sharon
11-04-2008 8:44:10 PM
Keep fighting, Josi. You are on the mend. God's angels are watching over you and SO IS GOD.
Me 2 U
11-04-2008 12:55:33 PM
When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and and he will help you through the rough times. With strong powers of all that care about you, He'll teach you how to fly! 'The power of one sentence! God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.
11-04-2008 8:58:55 AM
well i see all my hoping didnt get us anywhere! well it did but its just gotten worse. I just dont get it, i'm so sorry Jos. I wish i had something exciting to tell you...but my life is pretty boring as you know :). I've had numerous people telling me i HAVE to go vote (including my grandparents) so I have decided that I wont. i'm catching all kind of gried for it but I have more important things to worry YOU! I dont want to come up if you will make me sick :) i've already missed enough work, and now my doc is wondering if my gallbladder is the reason for all my problems. GREAT. but I miss you and you better get well soon, my weddding is only 9 months away and you need to weigh more than me by then :) deal? Love you missy, talk to you as soon as possible
great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-03-2008 9:18:32 PM
Love you, Miss Josi! We're praying and hoping for the best for you!
11-03-2008 1:28:38 PM
Oh what the hell Jos?! its just one thing after another huh? and now i cant even come see you. this sucks! hopefully they will get the results and it will just turn out to be something not harmful or contagious :). I am sitting at work boooooored out of my mind, just sitting, waiting for the day to be over. only 2 more hours :). but i've read all the news on the internet that i can access (they block all the good websites) and am wondering what to do now. hopefully I will hear from Mama Deb soon as to what the deal is. love you and miss you tons, see you soon.
11-03-2008 4:13:49 AM
Deb, Josi, and everyone:
I have been praying for you everyday. I am so sorry that I cannot come and see you, but I am getting over strep throat and I don't want to take the chance of exposing you to anything else. You are in my thought everyday, we all love you and know you will pull through this Jos... Adelia sends her love and cannot wait to see you again! All our love and prayers,
Dakota and family.
the stranger, Sharon
11-02-2008 6:21:24 PM
How's it going this evening, Miss Josi? I am praying for you and your family. God loves you and so do I.
11-02-2008 1:57:45 PM
God bless you Josi!
11-01-2008 5:55:35 PM
Hey sweetie pie! Sorry I woke u up yesterday, but I wanted to talk :) you seemed thrilled. i'm glad that your surgery was succesful, i was very much relieved.hopefully i can come tomorrow and see hello. i miss you :) already. sleep well my darling. I LOVE YOU JOJO!!!!! see you soon
11-01-2008 11:02:53 AM
Praying for you Josi Jean...keep being a fighter...we love you and our prayers are with you and your family.
Linda Olson
10-30-2008 9:32:17 PM
Please remember that when you and your family feel tired and discouraged, you are being held up in prayer by so many who love you. Our Father in Heaven, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit, all three in one are with you always. May he hold you in his arms and be your strength. He loves you and will never leave you.
the stranger, Sharon
10-30-2008 10:47:38 AM
Oh, Josi, I just wish with all of my heart that you were feeling better. The latest post brought tears to my eyes. You have worked so hard only to find yourself going in reverse now. But, you know what?? You WILL kick it back up to drive again, and you will fight your way back to an even better place. Keep the faith, Josi.

There is an old song entitled "High Hopes" and I think of you when I hum that song. I know you are a determined, loving, gonna-make-it-happen kind of lady; you are the ant who moved that rubber tree plant!!

Remember, God has sent His angels to watch over you.
10-30-2008 10:23:02 AM
Hey JoJo,
hate the update, I keep wondering when it will end. Its killing me that i have to sit at work instead of being at the hospital with you. Dr. G will be by this afternoon and assured me that everything is fixable. but I have to wonder at what expense for just sucks Jos. Greta and I are texting back and forth constantly, shes wanting to know every little detail i get :). i'm sure she would be right next to you if she could. I will be thinking about u all day Jos, hoping I will make it up there tomorrow to say Happy Halloween. get some rest and I hope you are comfortable. Love you
Pat Molloy
10-30-2008 5:03:39 AM
I had to laugh at your comment,Deb "She is a tough cookie" I wonder where she gets that from!
My prayers are in high gear again and am praying for Josi and all of you.
10-28-2008 9:47:54 PM
Hey jos!!
Hope your day was good! Hope your tomorrow is better!!
I miss you and love you!
Give your mom a big smile for me!
And then just give her a big smile just cuz!
Halloween is coming up. I hope you get a lot of visitors and a few suckers. :D Suckers are good... but they sound weird with a lithp.
Love you!
the stranger Sharon
10-28-2008 7:48:41 AM
Laugh out loud a whole lot today, Josi. It will make people wonder what you think is so funny -- visitors will be checking to make sure they don't have a hunk of spinach hanging off their front tooth, the guys will be making sure their flies are closed, the nurse will double-check to make certain she/he did not give you laughing gas instead of sleepy gas, more people will stop in your room just to see what's so funny. You can create all kinds of fun! And besides, laughing is so good for you.

Take care and God bless, Josi. God loves you and His angels are standing watch over you.
the stranger Sharon
10-28-2008 7:46:59 AM
Laugh out loud a whole lot today, Josi. It will make people wonder what you think is so funny -- visitors will be checking to make sure they don't have a hunk of spinach hanging off their front tooth, the guys will be making sure their flies are closed, the nurse will double-check to make certain she/he did not give you laughing gas instead of sleepy gas, more people will stop in your room just to see what's so funny. You can create all kinds of fun! And besides, laughing is so good for you.

Take care and God bless, Josi. God loves you and His angels are standing watch over you.
Linda Olson
10-27-2008 8:58:34 PM
We are all pulling for you and praying that you fight off that infection. You are amazing!
Pat Harper
10-26-2008 10:48:00 PM
God Bless you all as I know personally how this waiting process is.
God be with Josi & her whole family & give them faith, love & hope. I just went through a different process w/my son & a kidney transplant & 3 mos. later both hips replaced w/in 5 day apart. So much pain. I know how you feel & as a parent you want to help your child but you feel helpless but, God does answer Prayers & you will be in my Prayers daily. Bless you all.
10-26-2008 8:35:04 PM
hey jos,
I would just like to say good night! Hope you have good dreams and rest, and that you will pull through this infection smoothly.. I love you very much and miss you too!
tu eres una muchacha ambiciosa y fantastica. * you are a hard working and fantastic girl* - i am learning really basic spanish...
10-26-2008 11:36:47 AM
Hello Josi girl,
A good weekend for you or as good as it can be staying in a hospital. Was glad to hear that Katie was with you and I understand Grant and as always faithful Senor and your mum.
We hope and pray that this next week goes smoothly so you can be even closer to heading back home. God Bless and much love...
10-26-2008 12:02:00 AM
You are sleeping with your mouth wide open, catching flies, a little (or loud) snore here or there. You look way too much like Dad right now :). So happy to be with you right now Angel. You are so tough, I love you very much. You are always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Good night Josi Jean.
the stranger, Sharon
10-25-2008 10:03:30 AM
Sweet Josi,

Want you to know that I am thinking of you this day and asking our Heavenly Father to bless you in a truly special way today. I pray your entire system will be rendered free of any and all traces of infection and you will be restored to a healthy body; and my your body grow more and more strong with each day.

I pray that by Thanksgiving Day you and your family have MUCH to be thankful for.

Thank you Jesus for what you are about to do for Josi.

Jori Erwin
10-24-2008 7:41:51 PM
I check the site every week, and Josi I think about you all the time. I try not to take anything or anyone for granted, you and your family are always in my thoughts.
Linda O.
10-23-2008 9:06:27 PM
God is the ultimate physician and he is in control of this situation. Keep the faith, hope and love. You are all in our daily prayers. Deb, don't beat yourself up, you are all doing your very best and no one could have foreseen this, it was even hard for the doctors to detect with tests and fancy equipment. We will continue praying for a miracle.
Charlie M
10-23-2008 9:21:27 AM
Josi- Its been so long but i look at this weekly!! Hang in there..your such a strong person keep fighting! you have amazing family and friends that support you....lots of love!!!!
Aunt Stacey
10-22-2008 12:45:30 PM
Trying to be positive, but I don't like being at the hospital... brings back so many of the old feelings and fears, wondering where it hurts and what I can do to make it better. But, it also reminds me how strong you are and how much you have been through in the last couple of years. Sure makes our day-to-day worries seem small and it's so inspiring that you still smile. Lots of Love - TSSS
The stranger, Sharon
10-21-2008 8:29:14 PM
"With God, ALL things are possible."

You are a child of God, Josi. Curl up in his healing arms and rest peacefully there, knowing He IS at work. Lean on His everlasting love. Relax and heal. Feel the love that God generates through the many people who care for and about you.

To Josi's family: God is watching over Josi. Trust Him to know what is best for His special child. I know, that is so very difficult to do in such trying times when you have been through so much and see your precious Josi suffering so. Remember, God sees her, too. Keep the faith. Don't let go of hope. Feel the love. And Trust, trust, trust.
10-21-2008 2:04:08 PM
Just dropping a quick note to let you know you are all in the prayers of many. Keep up the fight. Thanks for the updates.
Brianna Driscoll
10-20-2008 8:38:11 AM
Keep fighting Josi. While things are tough now, I know you are strong and will survive! Hang in there Jos, you have a great support system with you. Your family is truly amazing. Take care and know I am thinking about you and sending positive prayers your way!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-19-2008 9:50:16 PM
God bless you all! Hang in there. We all love you - all of you.
10-19-2008 8:29:20 PM
hell week has surely arrived.. I hate that this is happening to you guys... I dont think admire is a good enough word to describe what i think of your strength... but since i cant think of a better word, i am going to use that one and you'll just have to think of the strongest word that implies that action.. You all are seriously conquerors at heart.. After all the crap that has happened you still see things to be accomplished and get them done. Seriously, admire barely scratches the surface. I love you all soo much.. I miss you soo very much.. Keep me posted and keep fighting!
10-18-2008 5:14:54 PM
It is hard to come up with the words I wish to say. You have all been going through hell this past week.
God bless your Mum, Senor and Brandi for the excellent care they have given you at home. No one could have known what was going on with the pump and gallbladder as you would still give occasional smiles and with the tests not showing anything. I think the love you were surrounded by made you thrive with what would have floored any of us.
We pray that the shunt remains free of staph. That you join Tator as being a medical miracle again. Keep fighting Josi Jean, you have been on a rough trail but as your Mom and I heard from Mark years ago, “We’re almost at the top of the saddle, it is easy right around that next bend.” God Bless and all our love to you and yours
the stranger Sharon
10-18-2008 10:15:03 AM
Good Morning, Miss Josi,

Just wanted to drop in on you for a quick moment to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers; and to remind you to hang tough and keep fighting. You certainly are one tough lady, Josi. I so admire your determination and stamina. (It must be in the genes, eh?)

God is holding you in the palm of His healing hand, Josie. Rest peacefully there. Rest and heal.

This post is sent with much love.
10-17-2008 3:17:17 PM
Had a long talk w/ a great source and he told me you are good to go and on the healing road, which is exactly what i wanted to hear :). i told him you are really good at that part so get your butt in gear missy! you are so...amazing to me JoJo. I will come by and see you tomorrow ok? I cant wait. I love you sweetie pie
10-17-2008 7:42:32 AM
Good morning Josi,
Heard through the grape vine that you do not have staph, YEAH!
That Tator is doing better too! YEAH!
So many people are praying and sending positive thoughts your way, I just know you will be heading home soon. Keep fighting and getting stronger Josi Jean.
God Bless and much Love...
10-16-2008 3:20:49 PM
Whoa Jo-Jo.... I wish the world for you right now more than ever. When life throws a block in your way you can't just hit it, you gotta pummel through it like I know you can. I love you girly and I hope to receive more (and better) news soon! Hugs and kisses
10-16-2008 12:15:06 PM
Oh, how my heart goes out to you!!!! Josi, I'm still thinking of you and sending healing love your way. I'm sorry for the loss of tater, pets are such a large part of a family. I'm praying and thinking of you all . Much love and respect!
the stranger, Sharon
10-16-2008 11:16:01 AM
"With God, all things are possible."

Please watch over and protect Josi and bring her through this crisis with renewwed strength and determination. Watch over her family and fill them with a confident peace.

Thy will be done, Father.
Aunt Stacey
10-15-2008 2:41:01 PM
Gallbladder and pump in the same day. You sure could use a break, Jos. But, you're tough and I know you can handle it. We're praying for you to be more comfortable when all this infection is gone. Love, TSSS
10-15-2008 10:08:06 AM
Hello Josi,
Got the message from your Mom that the problem has been determined and they will be taking out your gallbladder today. I think this is really good news as we want to see the pump be able to keep doing it's job. No surgery is without risk and you know that there are so many of us praying for a complete success and also for your healing and most of all for no more problems!
God Bless you and the surgeons, comfort and calm your family through this difficult time. Faith, love and hope...Pete
10-14-2008 10:43:20 PM
it breaks my heart to see you struggling so much. but youre a fighter josi jean :) stay strong and remember youre always in my thoughts and prayers. <3 jocelyn

10-14-2008 9:35:35 PM
Keep fightin jos! I love you very much!
10-14-2008 8:54:07 PM
keep fighting jos, ill be sending all my positve vibes and love your way. love you so so much.
great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-14-2008 6:12:29 PM
We are so sorry you have to have such a struggle, Josi! Be assured we are praying for you, as are a bunch of other people! And lots of love is with you! Please keep fighting. You are so special to so many!
the stranger, Sharon
10-14-2008 5:29:39 PM
Oh dear, Josi, I am so sorry that you are having these kinds of problems. Hang tough, you will get through this, too.

A prayer was offered up that the reason for your infection would be removed; is this the answer to that prayer? God will carry you during this time Josi, believe that. We will all pray that you will do just fine without that pump - that your body will renew itself and you won't need another pump.

You are loved by many and have the support of many, many people, Josi. This posting is from one of them.
Aunt Stacey
10-14-2008 1:21:23 PM
Hang tough, Jos. You'll feel better once they get that infected pump out of your body. Give your mom some smiles - she's had a tough few days. Love ya tons!
10-14-2008 12:35:29 PM
Everyone say a prayer for our Josi, shes in the hospital. she got an infection in her pump and it swelled up and the doctors say it needs to come out. Since getting her to Craig in time to take out the pump isnt realistic shes having it done here :S. lets hope everything goes well! Knowing Jos she will fight her way through it and come out just fine, but keep her in your thoughts! I will try to post as i get updated, but I dont want to keep calling thier room :) so it may be a little while!
10-13-2008 7:18:00 PM
I miss you. this cold wont leave me alone. wish i could be there with you JoJo. see you soon
10-12-2008 12:57:25 PM
hey you, i have been waiting for a new post. guess i should have just called anyway. your mommy is a busy lady! things have been so crazy since i got back. school and work take up literally all of my time. i have to have coffee pumped into me all day to keep going. oh well, at least i am getting stuff done. ugh, already snowed should have warned your doctor...Alaska winters are COLD. on the bright side, everything is covered with a soft white blanket...very pretty. so glad to hear you are doing well. you are constantly in my thoughts. love you lots josephine. ~G
10-12-2008 12:35:55 PM
Thinking of you and your family today...Prayers & Love to you all...
great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-06-2008 7:58:02 PM
Hi Josi -
Thanks to your mom for posting an update on you. We were wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear you could get out in the beautiful weather some. And even fishing! How fun! Now the leaves are all turning their beautiful fall colors! I love this time of year, don't you?

We pray every day for you, Josi. It is good to hear answers to prayers. We just want to praise God tonight for being there with you and your wonderful family, and for filling you with a joy that brings that beautiful smile you have! Isn't God good? He is an awesome God! And He is blessing you right now. You may not be able to see all that the Lord is doing for you, but He IS blessing you - right now! Praise God!
10-05-2008 9:29:01 AM
Hey Josi!
I love you! Have a great day!
10-02-2008 10:33:52 AM
Hi there Josi,
Finally celebrated your Mom's 50th, she is a hard lady to catch up with but what fun and how silly three old friends can get. Scot enjoyed himself too.
So did you like the little Ruby Rose? Fate had a hand in it so hopefully your Mom didn't get in too much trouble? I know you will have lots of fun with a little young one in the family.
Keep working hard sweetie and hope your Dr. appointment goes well Friday.
God Bless you and yours...
the stranger, Sharon
09-30-2008 2:16:41 PM
So happy to see a new posting from Mama Bear and catch up on how you are doing, Josi. Sounds to me like you need prayer for two big things. #1 - Lord Jesus, I hold Josi up to you and ask that you lay hands on her and clear her entire system of all infection. Remove the reason for the infection so that it cannot return. #2 - Father, we ask that Debbie is able to find a new primary care doctor for Josi that willl treat Josi with wisdom and knowledge and great empathy, and one that will treat her family with patience and love. We pray in Jesus name. Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do.

So happy to know that you are getting outside to enjoy what is left of the beautiful weather.

Take care and God bless you real good.
09-25-2008 7:07:10 AM
Hey Lady, no news for a while so I hope everything is going well with you! School is keeping me busier than busy and working on the side doesn't help lol. I miss you lot and send all my love, keep truckin babe!
Just Me
09-23-2008 7:59:26 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Heard from Kati that you got to celebrate her birthday and…hmm the little cups looked like a scoop of whipping cream as saw a picture of them. Sounds like you had a few laughs … which it’s great you enjoyed the company. Well, soon you will be in that new house, hopefully… where tons more room for you and friends to “chat”. Love you and thinking of you as always,
Just Me.
09-21-2008 1:19:44 PM
Hello Miss Josi,
Quiet house since Bud & Dixie just left so I thought I just drop a line to say, "Hello and how are you?"
Know you guys had lots of fun yesterday with Kati home and a birthday celebration going on. Now it is time for another week of therapy and hard work, you go girl!
Thinking of you and yours, God Bless and much Love...
the stranger, Sharon
09-20-2008 2:18:32 PM
Hey Miss Josi!

I pray this finds your weekend going well with lots of company dropping in on you. Be sure to laugh out loud many many times throughout the weekend.

So, how are things with you, Josi? I pray you are still moving forward, even if it is only a tenth of an inch at a time - that's still progress!

Are you experiencing Fall in Great Falls? We surely are here. Cold and rainy. I love it when the leaves begin to change color, don't you?

Keep smiling, Josi. Keep workin' hard. Keep hanging on to hope and be sure to KEEP THE FAITH.

God's blessings to you.
Aunt Janice
09-15-2008 8:20:46 PM
keep up all your great attitude and glad you have friends that keep your toes polished etc. know all that brings a smile for you.
09-11-2008 3:50:07 PM
Hello Josi,
Hope this finds you feeling better.
Beautiful fall day here. Suppose to be nice this weekend too, hope that your able to get out some and enjoy the sun, though the last time I talked to your Mum it was raining quite a bit in the Falls. We do enjoy the sun even more after some rain.
Bud will be loading up a U-Haul and heading to Spokane tomorrow. We will be taking care of his Dixie at least one more year? He will be coming back here Monday and staying until the 21st school starts for him on the 22nd. He has so many friends dropping by while he is home and Miss Sushi doesn't like it one bit. She has grown to tolerate Bud though I can't say the same for him!
Thinking of you, keep working hard and our prayers & thoughts are with you...God Bless!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
09-08-2008 8:39:08 PM
Hello, Josi -

We haven't written here for awhile, but that does not mean we haven't been praying for you. We think of you almost every day, and every time we say a prayer for you and your family. Keep going, dear one! We're all out here cheering you on!

And loving you, too!
Aunt Val
09-08-2008 9:02:57 AM
Hi Josi ~

Your cousin Dylan had his first tackle football game on Saturday. They won the game 24 - 0! You should see Dylan in his jersey . . . he is very handsome. He had an awesome game and recovered a fumble and tackled the opposing players. We have games every Saturday with our last game on October 11th. Your Uncle Mike is a very proud daddy watching his little Dyl Pickle out there on the field, as am I.

You looked great when we came to visit you. Keep smiling and working hard. We love you to pieces.

Big HUGS, Love Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dylan
the stranger, Sharon
09-05-2008 3:19:33 PM
Hey Josi!

Another weekend is nearly upon us and I am praying your's is filled with visitors and fun and lots and lots and lots and lots of deep-belly laughing. I also pray that you get out into the sunshine and feel its warmth on your cheeks (the ones on your face, of course!) and feel a cool breeze wrap around you in a big, tender hug. God loves you, Josi, and so do I.

Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep working 'til you sweat. Most of all, KEEP THE FAITH.
09-05-2008 1:27:45 PM
Hey Jos!
Have a great weekend darlin!
Love you and miss you lots!
09-04-2008 1:06:54 PM
I just wanted to actually say something this time, as I have been reading your website since the beginning. Please remember even people that you don't know and have never seen you continue to check your website, pray for you and think about you in their everyday lives. Be strong little girl, you have sooooo many supporters that you don't even know.
09-02-2008 7:52:32 AM
Hello Josi!
Brought my son home last night. He has been in Iraq for one year. It was quite the trip home from Wenatchee with deer everywhere. His friend had to pick up his bike that was stored here in town and so I led the way for him to the ranch through the deer maze. Had 4-5 right in town. One whom was a big buck that Bud wants to run into in Oct. As we got back home we had two deer on our block. The seeding of wheat and home apple trees seems to drive them to town.
Keep working and laughing hard Josi girl. My thoughts & prayers are with you and yours...God Bless!
08-31-2008 7:52:09 AM
had a a few visitors this weekend, but the most entertaining was your sister, Kati and Christie. You laughed and laughed, we both went to sleep with a smile on our lips! forever my heart -
Linda Olson
08-27-2008 9:32:45 PM
Hi Josi! It sounds like you have an amazing support system and caretakers. Know that you are loved by so many, especially Jesus who is watching over you every minute and sending the right people into your life to help you. He is the ultimate physician and healer.
Keep the faith!!
08-27-2008 8:51:56 AM
oh my goodness josi, school starts tomorrow! AND your madre informs me that the house is moving right along! THATS AWESOME!!
This new doctor sounds interesting, hopefully he will have an alternative solution to your tendon stuff that doesn't involve exstensive surgery... that stuff stinks!
while i am writing this, i am reflecting back to the aquarium... Those fish were awesome and those sharks were crazy, and then the crazy time we had getting into the room....
So here's a lil update from Alaska...
-i have wavy/curly hair cuz i got a perm...
- School starts tomorrow
- I made JV and Varsity for volleyball
- I also got a job at the pool as a receptionist...but dont worry, just because i don't work at the salon anymore doesn't mean i will forget how to give good head massages!

Well i love and Miss you Josi Jean!
08-27-2008 6:29:58 AM
Hello Josi,
Talked to your Mum a bit last night and got caught up a bit then sent your Mom some puppy photo's she should share with you. Little Sushi had a great time and even went 1/3 up Steamboat Rock with Mark. She is quite the Mtn goat!
Thinking of you and your family, hope you get lots of company over the long weekend. God bless, much Love
Just Me
08-26-2008 4:14:49 AM
Hi Josi Jean
Sounds like you are a busy gal. But can’t beat having friends and family visiting you as in “my readings” it does say that is such an important part of recovery. Wish I could visit too, but taking care of the cats as they getting soooo old now. You keep on the “up road”
Love you much,
Aunt Janice
08-23-2008 9:57:52 PM
Hey! Sorry I have been such a dick all summer, but I hate to drop by unannounced! I don't ever want to intrude on family or interrupt other visitors. I figure I have a bit more time than most others though since I live in GF. I start school in a week and just got a new job but I promise i will call your mom and make a play date so I can stop on by this week!
the stranger, Sharon
08-23-2008 3:55:48 PM
Hey Josi!

Guess it has been a few weeks since I've dropped in on you. I do think of you every day and I do pray for you really often. I pray all is going well for you and your family.

Are you getting lots of company? Company surely does help to pass the time, eh?

Man, we are in another heat wave here. YUCK!! I like it in the low, low 70's, anything after that and I'm whining loudly. To whom, I do not know - 'cause there isn't a darned thing we can do about the weather, other than endure it and enjoy it.

Keep the faith, Josi. Keep smiling and laughing out loud. Most of all, be sure to keep the faith!

Linda Olson
08-17-2008 10:21:49 PM
Welcome back Josi! The pictures of your Denver trip make me feel hopeful that there is a healing going on. You look all lit up and beautiful. I'll come visit you one of these days.
08-13-2008 9:36:37 PM
Just thinking about you, always.

Love Alvs
Godmother & Godfather
08-13-2008 6:22:29 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Think your mom and Pete said it all. Yes, you are strong and getting stronger,being able to bend the leg that isn't suppose to bend. You tell "em" you are just a great "go go" gal who we love and keep eating those chocolates as darl chocolate is good for you.
Love you much,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
08-13-2008 10:28:35 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Thinking of you & your family today and everyday.
What a journey behind you and also left ahead of you, your family is right there beside you every step of the way.
As your Mum has so wisely said, “ Life is precious, don’t take anything for granted.” Josi you have continued to remind us of that.
Keep working hard, you are so loved, God Bless and keep you and your love ones strong and safe for the rest of the journey.
08-13-2008 9:18:20 AM
Hello my angel, it has been two years..alot of time in so many ways and not nearly enough in others. I am so glad you decided to fight, continue to fight to come back to us. We will always help you in whatever we can, i love you so much and you are forever my heart - madre
the stranger, Sharon
08-09-2008 5:20:20 PM
Hello Josi,

So happy to know you enjoy the suckers. Mrs. See's is one of the best!

My sister sent me some photos of you via e-mail, Josi, and I was impressed at how good you look! It looks like there is still muscle tone in you legs and this is a really good thing! You have such a contagious smile, Josi! Keep smiling, keep laughing out loud, keep working 'til you sweat, and KEEP THE FAITH.

God bless you real good!

08-09-2008 2:10:40 PM
wow JOS!!! CHocolate!!! haha have you ever seen the spongebob episode where they are selling chocolate bars? CHOCOLATE!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!
well i hope you have a Wonderful day josi jean!!!!
LOve You!
Just Me
08-05-2008 1:57:33 PM
Are you the new Chocolate queen? Well, that is good news as means as you
are 'a eating something' ...that "melts in your mouth" be careful and don't start on the M&M's as it's not true... they do melt in your hand. LOL Glad you back home must be relief to escape from all the surgerical stuff whew
Love and keep on "trucking"
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
08-03-2008 9:09:02 PM
Welcome back, Josi! Sounds like you are happy to be here. You keep smiling, and getting better and stronger! Enjoy those suckers! And your special milk shake, too! Just know there are an awful lot of us out here pulling for you, and praying you well! We all believe you will be up and about some day. God is so good, and we know "He is working all this out for the good of those who love Him".
08-03-2008 2:19:11 PM
i have kept track of your updates, still check every day to see if something has changed, and i'm happy to hear you're still making progress. not much is new with me, i'm a line cook at a great restaurant, which is fun for the time being... i'm going to be in great falls on the 17th, i'm not sure where you'll be, but maybe in gf... who knows. anyways, i love you. and i miss you everyday. forever.

mayhem and love,
07-28-2008 6:23:30 AM
Hi Josi,
Heard that you made it home and your full of smiles, there really is no place like home.
Big sister coming tomorrow? Enjoy that but keep working real hard at your rehab and smiling.
God Bless,
the stranger, Sharon
07-24-2008 10:00:03 AM
You go girl!!!

Great news all the way around, Josi! This time tommorow you will either be at home or on your way. Won't that feel marvelous! Keep workin hard. Keep your eyes on Jesus. And be sure to KEEP THE FAITH.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
07-21-2008 5:55:53 AM
Hi Josi,
Thinking of you this morning...your in my prayers and thoughts...Hang in there!
Aunt Val
07-18-2008 6:47:25 AM
Hi Josi

Just dropping in to say hi and to let you know that every day we have you in our hearts and on our minds. If we don't write every day or even for a long time please don't think that we are not thinking of you. We love you very much.

Aunt Val, Uncle Mike, and Dylan
the stranger, Sharon
07-15-2008 7:35:58 PM
Hey Miss Josi!!

Things are looking up! What great news to read. But, why wouldn't you be on the mend with such a strong and faithful support group as you have. God is smiling on you, Josi, and He will continue to do so.

Keep workin' hard. Keep smiling. Keep laughing out loud. AND be sure to KEEP THE FAITH.
07-15-2008 5:42:37 PM
Josi I just received the photos of you and your favorites at Craig. You sure do look good. From the news archive it sounds like you are on your way with all positive things happening. Mrs. C and I have been busy here at Santa's Workshop in North Pole New York. We will be home sometime in September and get by to see you. You and your family have stayed in our prayers and will continue to do so.
07-15-2008 3:27:00 PM
It's good to hear that you will be back home soon, you don't want to miss the best weather that Montana has to offer! I love ya girl, keep kickin ass! In the meantime, i'll keep prayin for ya lady, miss you!
Aunt Val
07-15-2008 2:32:10 PM
Hey Josi Girl!

Sounds like you have been getting a medical workout. Get better and get home. Remember we are always thinking of you and holding you in our prayers. We have a little girl schnauzer now and she is darling and waiting to meet you. You will just love her. We all got back from Kauai on Sunday. Your Uncle Mike was surfing and Dylan's new nickname is "Moon Doggie" as his surfing abilities are awesome. I even rode the wave in on a board.

We love you tons. Love, Aunt Val, Uncle Mike, Dylan and Tessa
07-15-2008 7:42:15 AM
I couldn't not smile while reading this entry! It's amazing how many people have opened their hearts to you! Regardless of its amazingness, it is not shocking because you, JOsi Jean, have that amazing affect on people. Well i cannot wait to see you!
Love you!
07-15-2008 7:25:26 AM
One step closer to getting home...
Hang in there Josi and family, its been a long haul but sounds like it has already been worth it.
Deb, don't even think about one of those dogs...Josi has 4 waiting at home for her and Sushi will visit, ah make that Rosie or Dixie as they are the friendly, people lovers.
Deb, hope you have a comfortable bed to sleep in tonight, you deserve a good night sleep.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family...keep getting stronger Josi!
Aunt Stacey
07-14-2008 6:56:56 PM
Hey J-Dawg!
I think it's about time to stop messing around and get home! You're missing the summertime. We haven't gone on any walks or had a water fight yet. We have a lot to do before the weather cools down! Plus, we haven't had a chance to torture Kati lately, and Shelby's been saving up! So, get better and get home! We miss you.
07-14-2008 3:35:21 PM
Hey Josers. i miss you. your mom sent a wonderful picture of you, i cant wait to see you in person! you need to get better little missy. you are the 7th bridesmaid. but you have until sept. 2009. so not too much pressure. but a little :). cant wait till you come home honey! love you
07-14-2008 11:35:24 AM
Hey Jos!
Hope you are having a stupendous day!
Love and Miss you!
07-12-2008 7:11:16 AM
Hello there Josi,
Hope that things are going OK haven't heard from your Mum for a few days, know she was working hard.
Poor Dixie is sick again, I may have to bring her to the Vet again...she isn't holding her food down. Sushi is so bored with out Dixie wearing her out... My prayers are that you get to go back home on Tuesday as planned and infection free and ready to hit up a notch in PT!
the stranger, Sharon
07-11-2008 12:08:25 PM
Miss Josi

So, how's it going this day? I pray you are improving by leaps and bounds each day. I don't have much to say (can you believe it?!?) but I do want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you. God bless all who care for you.
07-10-2008 12:48:34 PM
Hey Jos!
Sorry things aren't going well in Denver but I hope you get better soon so you can come home. We miss you!
Love you!
07-07-2008 9:07:01 AM
Hey there J Dog!

Well I had a pretty good 4th this year, didn't light off one single firework though. Honestly if its not some kind of sparkler bomb or monster artillery shell I just about lose all interest. I went camping near Canyon Ferry with Casey, Kate, ( his better half ) Charley Chuck, Michelle, Tate. We spent the 4th talking smack, drinking choice brews, and laughing at Charley's bad form (broke a lot of stuff, fell off the cooler spilling beer and ice, etc etc). All in all it was a pretty good 4th. Saturday we spent most of the time on the lake trying to wakeboard and getting the shit beat out of us in the innertube with Casey's bro Tyler. On saturday night we moved to a new campsite after Tate took us to some girls lake house... Long story there lets just say we wern't invited and we more or less crashed their dinner. Had some good food on the way back to Missoula, did a lot of sleeping, then more good food and back to bed. Not the greatest but surely not the worst 4th.

I may be looking for a new job here soon, sounds like the doors at JP might be closing. Chalk another one down for high diesel prices... Not sure what I'm going to do now, still thinking about the lineman apprenticeship or maybe an indoor electrician... I can't decide

So far it sounds like we are going to bring a convoy down for the State Fair this year, so you might get to meet a few new additions to the crew.

Keep that smile on your face!


07-06-2008 11:29:03 AM
hey jos, i know you didnt have the best of weekends. ive been sending good throughts your way day and night, hope you've been getting them:) i miss you and love you. ~G
07-04-2008 2:23:37 PM
Hi there Miss Josi,
Thinking of you this Independence Day. Hope that you give your Mum big smiles and that you and your Mum can see some fireworks this evening...keep getting to you and yours...

06-30-2008 10:36:51 PM
Hope all gets better! I love you very very much!
the stranger, Sharon
06-30-2008 7:45:30 PM
Mama Bear,

I can only imagine how very difficult this must be for you, you are lifted up at high tide only to be dashed against the rocks when the tide goes back out. Just always bear in mind that the tide will come back in, and eventually you and Josi and all concerned will learn how to stay afloat and ride the tide back out - things WILL get better. You don't always have to be strong and tough (even though that's how Moms feel). Once in awhile give yourself permission to be weak and cry and let someone else take over temporarily. And don't forget who is in control of the tide.

You all remain in my prayers. I pray you find peace in the midst of the storm.
06-30-2008 1:30:43 PM
Hang in there Josi girl...time to fight those icky germs and lets keep the pump in and go home.
Debbie, your doing this all for your girl, hang in there, it has to get better!
Love and much prayer to you...
06-30-2008 9:12:42 AM
All of my prayers for you today.
06-28-2008 11:23:08 PM
Have a good day tomorrow! Stay strong... I love you!
the stranger, Sharon
06-27-2008 2:46:37 PM
Dear Josi,

Josi and Jesus -- that has a ring to it doesn't it? The two of you make a real good team. Jesus is always with you Josi and he will stick with you through this latest surgery and recovery. No matter what the outcome, Jesus has you by the hand and he will guide you through your journey. Jesus loves you, Josi, and he wants the very best for you -- as we all do.

KEEP THE FAITH. You work real hard and get yourself on home now, ya hear? There is a sweet surprise waiting for you.
06-27-2008 8:19:49 AM
Sweet Josi, you are in my prayers. I think about you and the trials you endure. I pray that all goes even better than anticipated this time so that you and your mom are given a much needed reprieve from the unexpected things that continually crop up. You are continually in my thoughts although day to day happenings prevent me from being there for you physically. So many people who don't know you still continually ask about your progress. Rest well. Love you, Lora
06-26-2008 10:50:32 PM
Be strong Jos.... i love you very much... Good luck tomorrow! Sweet dreams tonight!
LOve you!
06-26-2008 9:15:08 PM
i cant tell you how much i've been thinking about you. be strong for the surgery, keep fighting. i love you so much, i will be sending positive energy your way all day tomorrow. miss you, and love you. ~G
Aunt Val
06-25-2008 10:58:22 AM
Hey there Josi Girl ~

We are praying that you get better so they can get things done to help you. I know there is an angel with you...I think she needs to just wake up and help you along.

Hang in there Mom...if you need anything give a call

We love you both very much...

Love Aunt Val, Uncle Mike, Dylan, Tessa and our angel
06-25-2008 10:09:12 AM
Hey Jos!!! I love you and miss you and hope every thing starts getting better for you down in Denver!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
06-23-2008 9:16:09 PM
Hi Josi and all - I am praying for you! I know you will be okay. How arre things going today? Keep up the fight, Josi. It's been a long hard fight thus far, and you WILL finish the fight and you WILL be okay. Show us, Josi girl!
06-23-2008 8:32:04 PM
Hello Josi,
A trip to the Falls and no visiting you or your Mum, so sad! We did celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday and it went very well and we had a good time.
Saw your new home site that will allow you to join the rest of the family. The day was sunny and warm and we could see that you will have such a nice view out the windows of the city and pretty golf course. You guys will really have a family home you can get around in finally!
Bud left for Seattle today. Flies out to Paris and then Dubai and on to Iraq. Will seem like such a quiet week by myself after the last few busy weeks. Nicole moves to New York on Thursday…such traveling children. I am feeling kinda lonely now.
Hope your Mom got some information today and a updated attack plan for getting you on the road to well again.
You and yours are always in my prayers and thoughts...God Bless and protect you, all my love Pete
06-22-2008 9:06:49 PM
Josi, thinking happy thoughts for you while I go about my busy summer schedule with work school and everything in between. Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy too! Hope all goes well and you can get home soon so I can drag Leslie into great falls so you can meet baby Laine :]
Love you dear!
the stranger, Sharon
06-22-2008 8:10:50 PM
Fight, Josi! You can overcome this setback and you will. Many prayers continue to go Heavenward on your behalf and many people still check on you and love you. You are surrounded by love every minute of every day. God is with you and He will see you through all of these new developments.

06-22-2008 1:17:28 PM
I was thinking of a way to relate this to Happy Gilmore... The only thing i could think of was Tap it in.. just Tap it in.. Send the ball home Happy... His bags are packed.. Take him to the airport.. I donno if you can visualize anything out of that.. lol sorry... Not long until i can see you again!!
06-18-2008 6:14:45 PM
Josi listen to your sister!
I feel so bad about how things are going for you so far. Thank goodness you are where you are and hopefully it won't be long before they get you ready to have that pump put back in.
We head to Idaho tomorrow and on to Great Falls Friday. Will miss seeing you and your Mum & time I hope...God Bless and hang in there...
06-18-2008 3:49:39 PM
Pull it together Josi Jean! You need to stop being so difficult and get these surgeries done with... Love you and miss you!
the stranger, Sharon
06-17-2008 5:32:20 PM
Good golly, Miss Josi!! Sometimes it would appear that if it weren't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all. However, it makes me happy to know that those watching over you are thorough enough and concerned enough to find and fight an infection before proceeding.

Keep smiling. Keep laughing out loud. Keep getting more and more healthy. And, most important, KEEP THE FAITH.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
06-14-2008 9:01:37 PM
Hi Josi,
Well back to the great plane ride
he he he... but the good news is that means you will get more help for recovery after you land. ;)
Love you much and remind your mom to keep us updated when she has time. I just know this time the "pump" is going to be a success.
Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
the stranger, Sharon
06-14-2008 2:43:15 PM
Hay Miss Josi!

I pray you have a smooth and comfortable trip. I pray that everything goes better than expected in Denver. May God be with you every step of the way and may His skilled hand guide the surgeon's. May you come out of surgery with a straight body and may you get no infection at all, not even a hint of it.

Peace to yu Josi. I pray you are filled with peace the entire time you are gone - from your first second in the plane to your return. May your support team get their much-needed rest and feel energized the entire time. We pray in Jesus' name.
06-14-2008 6:27:11 AM
Tomorrow is your day...Have your Mom sing "On the Road Again!" by Willie for you. LOL she loves that county music!
We will all be praying that this trip will acomplish all that the first trip didn't.
Keep fighting, get stronger and stay to you and yours...Pete
06-11-2008 10:58:42 PM
Love you!!! Enjoy the snow... or hate it... lol depends on what mood you wake up with in the morning!! Have a great day jos!
Aunt Val
06-11-2008 8:06:17 AM
Hey there Josi Girl!

It is snowing here in the Flathead Valley...big huge snowflakes at times. I really was hoping we would get more summerlike weather since it is JUNE!

We miss you a ton and think of you each and every day. You are always in our daily prayers at meals and at bedtime and just sometimes during the day.

Your Uncle Mike continues to fight his cancer. He is doing so good on this third "line of defense". He has a bit more energy now and he does not have any rash. Your sister, Kati, took a picture of him this last weekend while she was visiting. You wouldn't believe what appeared in the picture. We think it is an angel. It is a white, kind of smokey colored, round ball just hovering above your Uncle Mike. I think that is why he is doing good and will continue to do so...he has an angel now! So, the Eve Team has increased by one. Now the Eve Team consists of Mike, me, Dylan, Tessa and the Angel. Good thing we have a big king size bed so we all fit! Yes...your Uncle Mike has relinquished hope of keeping Tess off the bed...she sleeps with us every night and cuddles up right next to Mike. One big happy family!

I just wanted to say hi and let you know we love you bunches.

Take care of you!

Love, hugs and kisses, Aunt Val, Uncle Mike, Dylan, Tessa and Angel
06-08-2008 7:57:54 PM
Hey Josi! I JUST GOT BACK from the state softball tournament... our team got 2nd place.... oh well.... Anyways... like 28 days untill i come and see you!! i seriously cant wait!!
well i hope you feel better
Love you
06-08-2008 8:17:40 AM
So your leaving town right before I come, what a bummer! Still hope that your Dr. decides to postpone everything for one week for a golf trip but then again the sooner they get that pump back in and also work on your knees the sooner you'll be able to get moving...
Nicole's friend Megan brought over a bag of toys for Sushi that she said were too big for her dog. What she needed to say is they were too noisy for their ears! Sushi is having a ball though and isn't sharing with the other girls, no surprise there! Megan also gave me a bark collar. She said she could tell by my look I wasn't going to use it I may be tempted though once the window/siding guys get here and start pounding.
Josi our prayers are for everything that was suppose to happen the last trip to Denver, work out the first try this trip. Give you Mum and Senor a big smile and please have a safe and and well plane trip and no infections just success with all the surgeries ahead of you. God Bless and keep you... all my love and best wishes... Pete
the stranger, Sharon
06-04-2008 9:56:53 AM
Love the story of the bird in the house! That's happened to me on a couple of occasions, and it can get pretty whacky! The last time it happened, the poor little bird slammed into the patio door thinking it was a way out and knocked himself out cold! My daughter gently picked it up and carried it outside to the patio table, then watched over him until he stood up on shaky legs, kind of shook his head, then took off like a bat out of hell!

Hey! You keep smiling, Josi. Keep laughing out loud. Keep working hard and, most importantly, KEEP THE FAITH. You are in my prayers, as always.
06-03-2008 9:41:42 PM
A bird in your room? wowzers!!! i see you guys have been having beautiful weather!we were... then it POURED!!! then sun... but anyways.. I AM SO PUMPED TO SEE YOU!!! I miss you soo much! All of you guys!
have a wonderful day tomorrow!
06-02-2008 7:30:26 PM
Hey! Good to hear things are going well! I need to come by soon, now that I am feeling better and no longer contagious! :] Went to see the Helena crew today, and Leslie's new house is pretty awesome, has a good sized yard and room for a garden. I will get a hold of your mom later this week and make some plans to get my butt over to you! It has been way too long!
Miss & love you!
Brianna Molloy
05-30-2008 5:09:26 PM
Josi! Hope you are doing well at home, keep fighting so you can get back to Denver (it is an awesome place).
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-27-2008 9:12:39 PM
How are you doing, Josi? And everyone? I hope all is going well for you.

From Jeremiah chapter 29: verses 11 through 14 we read: "I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future. Then you will call my name. You will come to me and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will search for me, and when you search for me with all your heart, you will find me! I will let you find me", says the Lord. "And I will bring you back from your captivity," Such Good News for you from God's word! He does have a plan for you, Josi! Call His name - search for Him with all your heart - and when you do, He will answer and He will let you find Him! HE is your blessed hope.

We love you, dear one.
05-27-2008 5:44:23 PM
Hello there Miss Josi,
Bet it has been nice to be home for this last week. I am a bit bummed out though that you will be heading back to Denver during my next visit to the Falls:( I am even getting my daughter Jennifer to come with us this time and we will be celebrating my Dad's 80th Birthday. Still waiting to celebrate your Mum's 50th and at this rate I may have to trade in her card for a happy 51st!
My lonely summer has started, Mark is doing his temp job in Seattle for 3 months, Nicole is in San Francisco, Bud in Iraq and Jen is over 2 1/2 hours away. The kids say I am turning into a crazy dog lady...sad!
I actually will be busy taking care of yard, house and work so it will and should go fast.
Keep on staying healthy, lets keep our fingers crossed that your Dr. decides to go on golfing vacation the weekend we're goming and you don't get back to Denver till after the 22nd...ah thats greedy of me and we do want that pump back and working as soon as posible!
As always you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers…all my love Pete
Dakota and Adelia
05-27-2008 5:11:37 PM
Yeah! You are home! We all are so glad that you made it back...I just am buried alive in work, so hopefully we can come by this weekend...Adelia misses you so much! We love you!
05-24-2008 4:18:31 PM
Josi Guess what? It's 76 degrees here in ketchikan.. Super duper hot... How is it to be back in Great Falls? I hope you get lots of visitors and hugs..
Love you
the stranger, Sharon
05-22-2008 7:58:01 PM
"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home"...ain't it the truth! So happy to know that you are well enough to be out of Craig and back home. You will probably have lots of visitors as your friends come home from school, and family comes for summer visits, etc. Now, you keep working hard, and resting as ordered ... and SMILING. And LAUGHING...laughter will always be the very best medicine.
KEEP THE FAITH. God loves you, Josi, and so does this stranger.
05-21-2008 10:56:39 AM
Hey lady friend!! I'm glad to hear you're finally home!! I miss you dearly and I don't know when I'll be through Great Falls again but I shall stop by when I am! Hugs and kisses!
05-21-2008 7:40:08 AM
Hello Josi,
Got a message from your Mom last night that you were home but tired! Glad you made it home and hope that the flight was better than the flight there!
May your stay at home will be free of recurring infections so you can get back to Craig soon and get that pump back in and your legs kicking again...
You and yours are always in my prayers...God Bless!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-20-2008 9:00:27 PM
Hi - did you get to come home today, Josi? How are things going for you? You'll probably have to get used to being back in your own room and in your home. But, it will feel good to be back, and so many will be happy to have you back. Keep on working, Josi! And know that there an awful lot of prayers going up for you. God loves you, and so do we!
05-20-2008 6:05:22 PM
After reading this article... i have come to the conclusion that you would probably not like trixie too much.... When she comes to sleep with me... she just puts her butt in my face and hogs the bed... Not a very fun companion...Now the dogs you got there... I want one of them!
Well i love you very much and hope all works out so you can go home at bless everyone with your smile...
05-19-2008 6:20:50 AM
PS. We can have pets at our new place, Casey is pretty set on having a dog and I think I might get one as well.

I'm pretty set on a terrier just not sure if I'll go Scottish or Welsh.
05-19-2008 5:47:03 AM
Jeez when are you going to catch a break?

Like you Mom said better safe than sorry.

Jerrod graduates soon so I might be in that area shortly afterwards. Hopefully you're back by then so I can give you some loooooong overdue Love. Not a whole lot has changed here in the Zoo town... I'm moving into a house with Casey and a couple other dudes at the end of this month, mayhem will ensue I'm sure. It'll be a nice change from the apartment lifestyle... looking forward to playing loud music and the change of scenery. We were planning on going camping last weekend but the unexpected heatwave and.. brown bottle flu on top of my regular flu limited our adventures quite a bit. We did go on a day hike to check out the flooding. Mother nature is going crazy this year! Speaking of mother nature there is this crazy horror movie coming out soon called The Happening... from what I've heard it's about nature turning on humans for all the harm we've done to the world and it causes everyone to self terminate to put it lightly. Should be a very scary movie indeed! The economy has hit my employer pretty hard this last year or so since I've been here, not so sure if we can stay afloat with the cost of Diesel as high as it is. But, such is life. I'm still planning to do the lineman thing, either try and get on the apprenticeship program here in Montana or go to the lineman college a few hours away in Idaho. Now that I'm pretty close to debt free pulling roots and heading off to the unknown for a few months sounds like it could be fun, then again Missoula is pretty fun too. I talked with Andy P a few days ago online, haven't heard from that kid in ages.. and honestly I really don't hear from much of the old crew anymore. I did see Bridget while she was in town but she fell asleep before we could catch up. I can't blame her though Casey's love seat is pretty awesome.

Back to the camping adventures we might go out this weekend but I'm pretty sure Jerrod's graduation is on Sunday so I may have to postpone yet again. Sure do miss camping with you, hell I just plain miss you period.

I'm at work right now, should probably get back to the grind... Just wanted to say hello. I still think about you every day and check the site often, just have trouble thinking of anything to say :)

Keep you chin up and that smile on your face. I'll come visit as soon as I can!

Love Alfin
05-19-2008 5:07:42 AM
can't spell either an inspiration! sheez
05-19-2008 5:06:30 AM
went for a long walk yesterday. weather was nice, wind blowing, you looked like you enjoyed the day. Tried to get you to blow a dandelion, which you did try to do until i plugged your nose (to help of course). Laughed at my insane attempt to play catch with you using a pinecone. I am hoping we are on the final 36 hour count down but will miss alot of this place and people as will you. Keep plugging away, you are fierce my girl and anspiration to all you encounter.forever my heart - mom
05-18-2008 10:49:16 AM
I had a very good dream about you last night, Josi!! You worked and worked and worked and then you were up and at it, running around again!I am sure that some day not too far off this will be a real experience instead of just a dream. :]
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-17-2008 8:58:44 PM
Thanks for the updates, Deb. I hope you will get to be home Tuesday evening, Josi. Are you excited to get to be home? It was a really hot day today! it got up to 89 degrees! Phil put our air conditioner in the window today. I think we'll need it. It's so good to hear of your progress. Keep working hard! You can do this. And always remember that the Lord is your strength! He is working right along side you, and helping you all along the way! We are praying! Love always!
Aunt Val
05-15-2008 7:24:44 AM
Hey Josi girl ~

We are happy to hear you are coming home. Your sister Theresa has been spending time with us and especially with your Uncle Mike during the day. She has been a big help to us. It is just nice to have her with us so we can talk. Sounds like she will be seeing you on Friday. If we get to come to Great Falls in June when Uncle Jon comes we will come visit you.

We love you tons.
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val, Dylan and Tess
05-14-2008 9:48:51 PM
Hey Josi! I miss and love you soo much...I hope you have a good sleep tonight and a great day tomorrow!
05-14-2008 9:30:50 PM
Home again will be such a treat. As your doggies are waiting for you plus your family and all your friends.
Be sure your mom doesn't barf on the plane ride as heard she almost did except you beat her to it. LOL
Aunt Stacey
05-14-2008 7:37:24 AM
Can't wait to see you!
05-14-2008 5:43:35 AM
We will anxiously waiting for your return to Great Falls, before I have to head to Santa's Workshop in NorthPole N.Y.
the stranger, Sharon
05-13-2008 7:25:46 PM
Miss Josi,

All right - you have rallied again and obviously kicked the infection to the curb. I knew you'd do it, Josi girl -- well, you and Jesus!!

Keep fighting - keep laughing - keep the Faith. You'll be heading home soon - that means you will be seeing your beloved dogs and sleeping in your own bed. Yahoo! Does it get better than that? You will make it better, I know you will!

Peace to you, Josi. Peace to all who love you.
05-13-2008 6:51:12 PM
If all goes well, I hope to see you guys this weekend or sometime next week :]
05-12-2008 7:24:31 PM
Hey there Jos!!!! Looks like things are finally looking up YEA!!!!. I look sooooo forward to you coming home and can not wait to see you and your smiley pretty face and hear those giggles!!! Bet you can't wait to sleep in your own bed again. Thats always the nice part. Love Ya lots.
05-12-2008 10:26:26 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
I feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy your sister’s graduation. Your folks have so much to be proud of and all their children are such hard workers and so smart, a great looking family. We sure did miss you and Bob though.
Trip didn’t go quite as I planned and I came down with a bug and came home early but such is life, at least I didn’t live up to your Mom’s poem for me, “Debbie Lou pooped her pants…” Oh, she is a wicked gal! Had fun in spite of it all and really enjoyed a night out with your Aunt Stacy, Jo, your Mum and your sister’s and brother. Had lots of laughs and got pretty silly, even though I was just sipping water all night I did feel the worst in the AM!
Well Mum is back with you and now I guess the plan is for you to beat those bugs and rest awhile before we try the pump again? I am hoping to get to MT again in June. Hopefully you will be home by then with the pump in and working and with your PT stepped up a notch.
Keep fighting hard, give Mum and Bob a big smile for me, all my love to you and yours, God Bless, Faith, Love & Hope
05-11-2008 9:27:39 PM
I hope you gave Momma lots of love today! I love you and hopefully will get to see you this weekend!
the stranger Sharon
05-08-2008 9:17:58 PM
Hi there Miss Josi,

How are you doing tonight? I pray all is well and you are laughing out loud and wrinkling your nose at those things you do not approve of.

God loves you Josi. Keep the faith.
05-07-2008 8:56:29 PM
I love you Josi Jean!!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-06-2008 4:11:15 PM
Hi Josi - How are things going today?

I hope that ol' infection is on the run - out of your body and out of that hospital! It must be hard for you to do the necessary work you need to do to get better when you have something like that to deal with! We are praying so hard that you are getting well. God bless you, dear one!
05-05-2008 5:01:12 PM
hey jos
i sure do miss you... When i read about you smiling and laughing i can just imagine your little chuckle... i hope you have a speedy recovery... I love you very much!!
Aunt Stacey
05-05-2008 3:32:13 PM
Always the exception because you are exceptional! You have all these painful surgeries and complications, yet you are still smiling and laughing. You're an inspiration! Can't wait for you to get home so we can have some "Josi moments".... we miss them! Loads of Love ~ TSSS
05-05-2008 11:01:48 AM
Hey Josi!!! I read the update from your Mom and I am sorry for the set back but I know that in time everything will work out for you. The big man up stairs knows what he is doing and holding you by his side every step of the way. You have so much strength and courage and for that we are all so proud of you my girl. Keep up the fight darlin we all love you and are praying for the absolute best for you. Love you lots Jos. Brandi

P.S- Keep those smiles and giggles comen!!!! Deb and Bob you guys hang in there and just know you both also have sooo much strength and courage love ya. Also god is standing with you guys as well.
05-05-2008 9:14:44 AM
I love you Jos... as I have been keeping up on all this news of absolute insanity, i have also been trying to think of what to say in a comment. However, as I read these words, I can only imagine how hard this is, but not fully understand. So, I conclude in saying that I love you and that I pray for you everyday. Keep fightin lady, I know you can do it!
the stranger Sharon
05-04-2008 1:38:06 PM
Hey Miss Josi!

I am so sorry to hear of the setbacks you are experiencing and find myself asking WHY? Hasn't this girl had enough! Then I remind myself that God is watching over you, Josi. Please don't forget that! We have no idea why things go as they do, but HE does. He has your circumstances under control.

Let's ask God right now to fill you with peace, and fill all those who love you with a confident peace that the infection will leave your body comletely and you will be back on the road to recovery. In Jesus name we pray.

Keep fighting, Josi, and Keep the Faith! You are loved so very much by so many.
05-04-2008 9:05:14 AM
keep on fighting jos, you're in my thoughts and prayers always.
05-04-2008 5:39:09 AM
Good morning Josi and hello to your posse too...
Glad to read your Mum's update. We will pray for the medicines to kill your bugs and for you to get the pump put back in soon so you can restart therapy with all that Josi determination and with cooperating muscles.
Speaking of muscles, I have many screaming ones this morning. Helped Mark cut down a Siberian elm (weed tree) over 30 feet tall with 5 huge trunks combined into one tree. Loaded up our pickup 3 times to haul and then unload at our friends scab patch. The truck was packed so full, reminded me of a old Head East album cover…your Mom will remember it? I did the same thing as your mom last night and got to bed early. Our Saturday nights aren’t what they used to be are they Deb?
I plan on taking today slow, enjoy the paper, pay bills and spend some time in the sun. I will be thinking of you, knowing your healing and enjoying your comedy team of Mum & Senor! Faith, Love & Hope…
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
05-03-2008 2:30:35 PM
Dear Josi and all -

I just had a chance to check my stuff on the computer, and read your update. I am sorry that you have to go through so much. We love you, and are cheering you on. Mostly we pray you will heal soon and that the infection can't go on! How did the surgery go? I pray all of you are doing okay and are getting your proper rest and strength to keep on keepin' on! You are so very special. God loves you and so do we!
Aunti Janice
05-03-2008 9:44:09 AM
Hi God Daughter,
We all will keep up the faith & with your strength and courage this far ... know you will toss out that staph infection and keep "the shunt safe" so we can see those smiling pictures soon. We love you so much. Good to see the "chain" of prayers people are sending you in this site.
Big hug xoxoxoxoxox
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
Pat Molloy
05-03-2008 9:14:34 AM
Josie, I just read the latest development and I am praying, not only for you but for the family that loves you so deeply. Hang in there and fight the fight some more.
Deb, keep the faith and count on the prayers of those that love you
05-02-2008 6:41:16 PM
Oh, Deb and family. I am so sorry to read this news...I have been praying for her and all of you and my heart goes out to you. I am still updating kids at GFHS about her all the time. I am going to put her on our prayer chain for extra prayers. If you need us to do anything on the Great Falls front, you let us know. Jason and I are at your service. Please kiss her for me
05-02-2008 3:20:07 PM
Hi Josi, Deb and Senor
I just read your post from yesterday, We will be praying harder for Josi's quick recovery. I will be contacting some of the other Jolly old elf's as well. Can never have too many prayers.
I had called to see if all of you would be home Saturday. You gave me the answer to my question already.

Like you folks I wish Josi could catch a break. I have faith that she is tough and will come out of this.

We will be watching for positive news.
May God Bless all of you.

the stranger Sharon
05-02-2008 11:25:51 AM
Dear Josi,

I've not been checking things on my computer all week. I checked out your website today expecting to see altogether different news!I am so very sorry that you are having such a difficult time, Josi. You surely deserve some positive things going on in your life, and you WILL have them. Keep the faith now like never before! Thank God for your Senor who knew things weren't quite right! Thank God you were still in the hospital and not at home where it would have taken longer to get you into a care facility. Thank God your Mother and support group are able to get to you. Thank God for all of the love and all of the prayers.

Most of all, Thank God for YOU, dear Josi, and your determination.

Charlie Murphy
05-02-2008 10:40:03 AM
Josi! Its been awhile since i have wrote on here however i check it often! Hang in there and it will all be ok....i am praying for you everyday! love you!
05-02-2008 9:43:01 AM
Love you Josi, hoping for the best as we speak.
05-02-2008 8:24:09 AM
Got my fingers crossed, hang in there!!
05-02-2008 7:19:19 AM
Many, many prayers today for Josi and her family.
05-02-2008 4:47:25 AM
Come on girl...keep fighting!
Hang in there Deb & Bob!
God Bless...Hope,Faith,LOVE
05-02-2008 4:08:39 AM
I will be praying for you today. Stay strong Josi.
05-02-2008 2:43:58 AM
I love you!!! Be strong my girl, forever my heart mom
04-30-2008 2:57:06 PM

Thinking of you and hope this finds you doing better and gearing up to come home this coming weekend...Faith, Love Hope...
04-29-2008 12:24:22 AM
Can't wait to see you when you get home Josi! I finish school next Thursday and then have about a month off before summer classes start!
04-27-2008 2:24:45 PM
Hey Josi Jean!!
I just got back from a trip to sitka....SOftball... it was ok... some of my team mates are just.. ugh.... but anyways... beautiful weather untill these clouds come in on our last day..:( but anyway... thhat sucks you swelled up so much... but its great that your getting better and will soon be home to GF to see the family and your doggies... I saw a Doberman the other day named Inde (like Inde-pendence) you know? well i love you and miss you and hope all is well... give every one a smile for me!
04-27-2008 12:49:14 PM
Hi josi
I will be looking forward to you coming home. From what your Mom is writting it sounds like you just keep getting better. it will be exciting to come by and visit with you. Will only have about a month before I have to head out to the North Pole though. We will tell you more about that when you get home.
Heres a hug wrapped with Love Hope and Joy.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-27-2008 11:50:05 AM
Katie is graduating from college! My, how the time does fly. I still remember going to Holy Spirit school, and you and Katie would greet us and make us feel so welcome and important. You have a special gift in that area - and so does Katie - to this day. Always happy to see people and always know how to make them feel important and welcomed. A great gift!

I hope you are doing much better. I heard you had an infection and that is what delayed the trip home. Is it gone yet? Sounds like you'll be coming home this week sometime - for a short visit? It is a good time to come now. The weather is beautiful and supposed to stay that way. We had winter up until a couple days ago.

God bless you, dear one. Keep working hard so you can come home to stay. We are always praying for you. And loving you!
Aunt Stacey
04-27-2008 11:49:51 AM
Hi Jos - Hoped to see you yesterday, but I guess we'll have to wait until next Saturday. Happy birthday to Shelby! Not much is new here, just working on making our dog feel like part of the family. He's terrified of our big black cat, Cupcake - can you imagine being scared of something named "Cupcake"! Anyway, he's a pretty good boy and he's fun to have around. Shelby's having her birthday party at the bowling alley next weekend, inviting 12 ten-year-olds. I'm gonna need YOU to pray for ME this time! I'm sure it will be fun... We're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, and your sisters and brother the weekend after. It's great to have everyone together. See ya soon, Love TSSS
04-27-2008 6:36:37 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Talked to your Mum last night until her phone went dead on me, she needs to have a backup one LOL. Your Mom informed me that I won the ugly post card contest not once but three times. Bet that makes you excited to think of visiting me here sometime? I gave your Mom some grief for not updating the website but I guess we need to cut her some slack as she has been busy working and also getting the arrangements made to bring you home next week for a few weeks before you head back for more surgeries.
I got up at 5:30 AM this morning and went out and gathered more boulders for my rock garden. Feeling my age now! Trying to make this place look as pretty as a postcard?
Going to be seeing you and your family during Kati’s upcoming graduation. I am so excited! Road trip with sister Jo and Mother Moss to Bozeman too, gotta love that.
Can’t wait to see you in less than 2 weeks…love, faith and hope
the stranger, Sharon
04-26-2008 11:06:09 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

I pray this finds you doing well and laughing out loud a whole lot. I am really wondering how things are going for you. Doesn't seem to be much activity of your site right now. Hopefully, that means you are on your way home to Great Falls. Better take your winter coat!!!

God bless your every moment, Josi. God bless all those who love you and special blessings on those who take care of you.
the stranger, Sharon
04-23-2008 8:53:19 PM
Hello Josi,

You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I am wondering if you are recovering enough to head for home? Work hard, Josi girl, laugh hard, love much, and rest in the arms of God this night.

You are special in the eyes of Him who created you! Keep the Faith.
04-23-2008 4:57:23 PM
Hi there Josi girl,
Just thinking about you too...
Hope that you are starting to recover from your latest surgery and gearing up and ready to head back to Montana for a while.
Many prayers aand thoughts are with you Josi...God Bless
04-22-2008 5:20:12 PM
Just thinking about you ;)
04-21-2008 8:27:50 PM
hello my love!
I was just telling one of my friends about you tonight...about 5 minutes ago actually.
I hadnt really talked about all the stuff that has happened in a really long time, talking about it made me even more proud of you if that is possible.
You have been through so much Jo, any normal person would have given up already but somehow you get through everyday and kick ass. I admire the hell out of you, i want you to know that.
I could never be as strong as you.
I love you Jos.
I seriously cant wait to see you this weekend, i am giddy about it!
miss you so much!
see you soon
04-21-2008 6:47:29 AM
Good morning! hope all went good on sat. and i love and miss you very much!
04-19-2008 9:19:03 PM
I cant believe i get to see you in about a week! i am so excited. mama deb said the surgery went well today so that was good to hear. said you were awake and smiling not too long afterward and watching cartoons! yay.
My dad is actually in Denver right now...GOLFING. yeah. hes insane what can i say! he wanted me to tell you he has been thinking about you and hopes all is well. I told him you are always kicking major butt and that i wasnt worried. he laughed. I finally might have a place to live when i get home, but i wont be able to get my puppy because they dont want two dogs. breaks my heart to have to give her up. oh well i guess.
but i cant wait to see you in a week, it will improve my mood tremendously to see you.
I've been a bit grouchy lately...imagine that.
Kick butt Jo, talk to you soon. love you
04-19-2008 10:13:10 AM
Aye Josi,
Just stopping by to say hope everything goes as planned. Keep on being a trooper.
04-18-2008 3:59:05 PM
Hello to Miss Josi and also your side kick’s, Mother Moss and Senor,
Another hurtle for you to sail over tomorrow, you go girl! Josi keep on showing us how tough you are and hopefully this will make it a bit easier to get those legs and feet to do what you want, walk and then run! I know your folks are all worried about you so lets just hope this goes smoother than last time and IV’s work great and go in the right way the first time.
Left “your” little Sushi loose and in the house for the first time while at work today! Dixie was given firm orders, no chase, no barking, no chasing, no fighting rough, no chasing, etc… other than the 3 doggy beds being moved to the middle of the room the couch was in one piece, a pillow moved a bit but better than I hoped for. Rosie was trying to tell me how her bed was dragged out from under her though…poor old girl!
My prayers and thoughts will be with you tomorrow sweetie…your so tough!
04-18-2008 10:57:44 AM
I am glad to hear that your family is deciding to go on with the surgery Jos, I think that any step that has a chance of furthering your recovery is a good one, and worth the risks. Since I haven't sent your (finished) card out yet, because I am a bum, I will just hold onto it for the time being and i will bring it to you when you get back. If you guys end up staying there longer I will send it out the first time I hear about it!
Love you girl :]
04-17-2008 6:16:19 PM
Hi there Josi, Deb and Senor
It sounds like good things are happening,as well as some tough decissions to make. I am sure that all the prayers heading up will help in that process. The progress is good to hear about. We are looking forward to your return to GF, even if it is only temporary.
the stranger, Sharon
04-17-2008 9:05:29 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

I just want to remind you this morning how much you are loved by so very many people. Also want to remind you that your Heavenly Father loves you more than we can comprehend, although it must be difficult at times for you to realize His love. He does love you Josi. He will see you through the current repairs and be with you and your dedicated family every step of the way. I am asking you to please keep the faith even when it seems futile to keep it!

God bless your day, Josi. God bless your week. God bless your loving family.
Aunt Stacey
04-15-2008 2:44:41 PM
Hey Jos - We can't wait for you to come home so you can meet our new dog, Jess. We adopted him from the shelter a couple weeks ago (Shelby was having "dog withdrawals" since we haven't been visiting Biz) and he's the sweetest! After having to peel our calico off the top of the upper kitchen cabinets a few times, we're all getting to know him as he settles into our family. He's a red beagle cross and we're just starting to hear his voice (I'm sure we'll be hearing a LOT more of it in the future.) We can definitely understand how dogs can be therapeutic, especially if you're not the one taking them outside at night! Anyway, I'm sure you'll love him:)

We went to Whitefish and spent some time with Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dylan. The girls went skiing for the first time and by the end of the day they looked like pros. Mike set us up in a really nice condo on the lake, but because of the weather we couldn't even see the lake most of the time. The girls and Dylan had a blast swimming and hanging out.

We think about you and pray for healing every day, and we miss our visits but we're glad you are getting the help you need. I know your mom is stressing over every decision and is making those decisions based upon what she thinks is best for you. It seems like a long road, but you've already come such a long way. Your story is truly a lesson in determination and commitment. Sorry I missed the Bon Jovi concert in Denver; it wasn't because I didn't get enough text messages telling me they were there (Kati!).

We love you and miss you, Jos. Keep improving and we'll be here when you get back! TSSS
04-14-2008 8:59:06 PM
Well, today's post from Deb surely does leave one with mixed emotions. Not sure that this stranger understands all of the "pump stuff", but I do understand that Mama Bear will give deep thought and do research and discuss thoroughly before a decision is made regarding you, Josi.

I hold Deb up to you, Father, and ask that you guide her research and be with her every step of the way as she makes this decision for Josi. Josi is your child first, Lord, and we know that you want only the very best for your children. Bless Deb with wisdom and self-assurance in making this decision. I pray in Jesus name. Thank you, Father, for your guidance and peace.

Hey Josi! I just got a picture in my old head of you blowing a big rasberry. Where did that come from???? Do you blow rasberries??


04-14-2008 6:28:05 PM
Hi Josi,
Hope that the trial run went good today. Your Mom is by your side and I know that she will be watching the results closely.
Praying for you and for great success!
Hope,Love and Faith...
04-11-2008 6:50:20 PM
hey Jos,i hope i get to see you soon!I miss you and love you very very much!keep on laughing lol!get better and better...I am praying for you every morning and night.My mom wants me to tell you that she is also praying for you and my grandma (grandma jean) is praying for you to so keep on getting better!!!! :) :) :) we love you Jos!
04-10-2008 4:24:07 PM
aww man josi i bet the zoo was really fun eh? Got to see a bunch of animals.. I am glad you saw them and smiled at them... at least you didnt get monkey poop thrown at you! well all is well here in ketchikan.. did you get my postcards? Love you and miss you
the stranger, Sharon
04-10-2008 7:38:52 AM
Good Morning Ms Josi,

A trip to the zoo and another trip planned!! WOW! You go girl. I am so happy to know you are going on outings -such FUN outings!

So many people are praying for you, Josi. So much love comes your way. Keep working hard and resting often and keep laughing out loud all day long and be sure to KEEP THE FAITH. Jesus is holding your hand and whispering your name. Lean on Him.

Peace to you. Peace to all who care for you.
04-10-2008 5:06:40 AM
Good morning Josi,
Have a good day and fun having therapy in the pool. I think you should splash your Mum a bit or drag her in for awhile!
Thinking of you, keep working hard. We are praying for you, all my love...
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-07-2008 8:54:19 PM
Hi Josi and all - Wow, you got to visit the zoo! How about that? Basketball game last week, and the zoo this week! And next week the zoo again. Your getting to be a regular gad-about, aren't you? Well, that's super! You just keep it up. It's fun to have spring come and the beautiful spring soun ds and smells. I love this time of year, and I bet you do, too. Enjoy as much as you can. And work real hard to get better. And we'll be praying for you - keep the smiles and keep recognizing things going on around you. You'll make us all proud, I know that! God bless you, sweetie. We love you.
04-07-2008 7:19:21 PM
Hey Jos!! heard u were a very busy girl today! very exciting. I cant believe you got to go to the zoo, i am so jealous. hopefully the weather will cooperate so you can go back next week huh? The weather here has been shitty. very cold and rainy, feels like summer will never come. I am headed back to GF in a little over two weeks. not really looking forward to it as i am homeless. i have literally no idea where i am going to stay, my dad told me i could stay there but it would be really crowded so maybe Kurt and I should just try to find a place to live before i come home. nice huh? plus i have my puppy so no one wants me to stay with them with a new puppy. damn dogs, i tell ya. But i am very excited to see you! its been waaaay too long missy. i cant stand it. i told your mom i will be available as much as possibl to come hang out. so she sent me an email of things i CAN NOT do and a bunch of scary things to watch out for. not gonna lie i am pretty freaked out now. you have a lot going on hun! you be good and keep laughing at your mom! makes me happy to hear about it! i will talk to you soon. love you much
04-06-2008 6:18:54 PM
Hey Josi, keep up the good hard work! Sounds like you are making some good progress. We'll keep up the prayers. God Bless You!
the stranger, Sharon
04-05-2008 8:11:39 PM
Well, I am feeling pretty sheepish. After suggesting we all send postcards your way, I mailed one about a week and a half ago. Went to the post office today and found that postcard in my mailbox. They sent it to the return address instead of your address. It is back on its way to you again --- I hope!

God bless you and your family and your caregivers really really good, Josi.
04-03-2008 8:36:19 PM
Hello Busy Bee!
Sounds like the ball is really rolling now, and i wish you the best of luck and lots of love!
04-03-2008 1:58:43 PM
Hi there Jos Deb and Senor.
I had a crash on my computer and lost all of my favorite place to check out.
I got the address again today and want you all to know there a still a bunch of us praying for all of you.

From the looks of your post today it seems they are making some progress. Jos you need to watch out for the guy in the Red Suit you never know where he could show up at, just to see the smile on your face.

We will be excited to hear how the surgery comes out.

Thinking about all of you
Santa & Mrs. Claus
the stranger, Sharon
04-03-2008 11:23:14 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

Keep on keepin' on with the belly laughs, girl! Laughter is STILL the very best medicine.

My prayer for you today, Josi, is that our loving Heavenly Father will give you the strength and patience to get through the next several weeks and that Each and EVERY procedure/treatment is successful and brings you closer to living life again. May your Creator straighten out every joint and every bone and every muscle in your body so you can once again sit flat and lie on whatever side you choose to lie on. May your brain be knitted back together and every cell in your system regenerated and restored. May your ability to communicate with your voice and with hugs be restored SOON. May you continue to laugh out loud and add a song in there with the laughter. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, Miss Josi. May you rest peacefully each and every night. In Jesus name I pray.

Those aren't tears, Mama Bear, they are joy juice!
04-03-2008 9:17:01 AM
Hey girly, sorry about all the crazy changes happening at once, but hopefully things will get into more of a routine soon! I am moving out of my parents house this week and last week and have been really busy with that, but dont think I have forgotten you! I have a post car started for you and as soon as I get some more time I will finish and send it!
Love you very much, dear!
04-02-2008 6:18:30 PM
Ah, my English is great at 5:41AM?
It isn't that great at 7:15PM either, just checking on you and hope all went well today. God Bless you Josi girl and have a restful night...
04-02-2008 4:41:33 AM
Hi Josi,
Just checking to see how you are doing. Glad that they have lined up with lots of things to help get you feeling better. Keep on working hard. Thinking and praying for you and yours, love you and hope to see you soon in MT.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-01-2008 9:28:37 PM
You got to go to a Denver Nuggets game! Lucky you! Your great Uncle Phil is envious of you. I'm glad you and Bob enjoyed a night out. Keep working hard, and you'll have even more of those fun times! It does all of us good to hear of your progress. Keep going, dear one.

Have someone read James 5:13-15 to you. "Keep praying, keep thanking, keep a song in your heart, keep believing". That's what we're doing for you, and that's what all who read your websight can do for you, too. verse 15 - "And our prayer, which is offered in faith, will be answered and He will heal you, the Lord will make you well"! God bless you!
04-01-2008 8:32:38 PM
your moms april fools pic was NOT funny!! i heard you were entertained tho, ofcourse!! i am wanting to come visit you in Denver, i will have to talk to my dad about paying for a ticket tho. i bet he will, pretty sure if it involves you he will help me! its been crazy around here, Kurt is in GF, i am living in Oregon with my manager and her husband. its been very fun. i am learning guitar hero on Wii! super excited. i will be in great falls again for good April 27th!! i cant wait to be able to spend more time with you again, i have missed you! i have all kinds of things to tell you but i want to be able to actually TELL you! i cant wait! i hope you are doing great, it sounds like you are getting better every day! i am so proud of you Jos, you are so amazing, and you reming me every day what miracles are really like. you rock JJ! love you, talk to you soon
the stranger Sharon
04-01-2008 10:21:27 AM
God bless each and every person who sends a prayer ad a postcard Josi's way.
03-31-2008 9:16:13 PM
hey josi!!!
so, i jus got back from a week long trip. i went to a native village up near barrow, which is at the top of alaska. it got to like -30!!! so cold! i didn't have any cell phone service the whole time, but it was way cool. i tried some muktuk which is whale! haha it didn't stay down..i couldn't even swallow. i also had some caribou which was really good. i went snow mobiling everyday and also rode on a sled bein pulled by a snow machine..haha. it was like the best trip ever for me! so ya, we're sending you some postcards!!! hope you like them! i miss you tons jos! muah!
the stranger Sharon
03-30-2008 11:55:42 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

Just finished reading today's post and I have a big smile on my face and in my heart. I cannot believe that, in less than two weeks after major surgeries, you were out taking in the excitement of a ball game. YOU GO GIRL! And the tears are actually a really good thing -- means you are cognitive, doesn't it? Means you don't and won't deny that you have emotions. YOU GO GIRL!

Keep working hard, Josi. One day, you will go out and take in a ballgame and do the chicken dance!!

Jesus loves you Josi. Take His hand and run with Him.

Peace to you. Peace to your family.
03-29-2008 1:52:36 PM
hey jos,
It is gorgeous here in Ketchikan... like wow gorgeous... I miss you very much, and i hope all is going well and goes well for you..
Love you Josie Jean
03-28-2008 7:00:46 PM
Hey Jos!I already have a card for you but i am waiting to send it because i am going to this store in a few days that is all about christmas ornaments!!! i am so excited, i will find you something cool!! i hope things are going good, i hate not knowing what is going on!! i am sure i am driving your mom insane with my "how is Jos today, whats she doing?" texts...haha. i have no patience. I forgot to tell you! i got a puppy! shes in Great Falls still where as i am still in Oregon...which sucks. but my mom is taking care of her. i am very excited. shes a little chub-chub. i will bring her to see you when you finally come home. which hopefully (for your sake, not mine) will be a very long time. hope you are doing good and that i hear some updates soon! i love you!
the stranger Sharon
03-28-2008 8:40:57 AM
Good Morning Josi!


So happy to know you are smiling and laughing. Laughter is STILL the best medicine.

Jesus loves you, Josi. So does this stranger.

03-27-2008 9:04:05 PM
Hey Josi!!!
I love and miss you! I am glad to hear that you are smiling and laughing, and that things are moving along.
I love you very much!
03-26-2008 11:19:33 PM
sounds like an ok deal at the moment... therapy dogs... radness! hoping, knowing rather, bob is taking great care of you:) all sounds in place, as perfect as can be at least, and i'm happy hearing about it;) i love you and miss you very much... :(
03-26-2008 4:03:39 PM
What a great idea!! send the postcards and will include in my next post! I love to read her the cards and posts from the website.

Hey Josi, mom misses you lots and so does your Tater, she wants to be the therapy dog and says GRRRRRRR to lucky dogs who are getting to see you!! xx and oo forever my heart
the stranger Sharon
03-26-2008 12:56:16 PM
P.S. to below post.

Josi's address at Craig is at bottome of March 20 post.
the stranger Sharon
03-26-2008 11:52:13 AM
Hello to all who visit this site,

The thought came to me that it might be a great idea to send postcards to Josi. Mama Bear could plaster them on the walls of Josi's room and the postcards could serve as reminders of where love and prayers for Josi are being generated from. Mama Bear had mentioned in her post on home page that the room is boring. So, along with the card you will be sending Josi, how about a postcard that depicts where the card is sent from. With Mama Bear's approval, of course, I'd like to see Josi receive a postcard from every state in the good old US of A and even some foreign countries.

Josi's address is at the end of Mama Bear's post. Okay with you, Mama Bear?

Ready. Set GO get that postcard and mail it.

03-26-2008 6:26:10 AM
Hello Josi and a howdy to your family too!
Wow, a week since your first surgery. I hope that you are feeling better and that the rehab work is starting?
Little Rosie was real sick yesterday after her vaccines from the vet. Today she woke up with a bit of sparkle in her eye and even ate a bite or two of kibble. We are expecting snow today and she does hate that so expect to see her hunched over the heat vent all day.
Take each day as it comes Miss Josi, work hard, faith, love, hope...
Aunti Janice
03-25-2008 6:44:01 PM
Hi Josi,
Did you take a ride today around the hospital? Just wanted to say hi and tell you we love you. Keep getting better each day. OK.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
03-25-2008 8:27:54 AM
Happy Tuesday!!! Right now i am in Computer class... :)... But I just dropped by to say "ello... GOVNA"
and that i love you very much!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
03-24-2008 9:34:03 PM
How was Easter there in Denver, Colorado? We offered your name for healing during mass. I know you felt something, because I sure did. I know God loves you and He is there just hovering over and around and He has sent His Holy Spirit and His angels to fill that room with singing and joy. You keep up the good fight, Josi! You're on your way now!
03-24-2008 4:24:39 PM
Good Lord Jo Jo! You've been to hell and back and then some... the twice placed shunt better do somethin!! Plus I bet the meds your gettin rock ;). Keep truckin lady friend, my heart and prayers are with you!!
Aunt Val
03-24-2008 12:11:35 PM
Hey there Josi girl!

You are one tough cookie to go through everything you have had to endure. Uncle Mike, the Pickle and I are always there with you in spirit. Your Mom and Bob are champions. I wish I could make the medical maze easier for them and for all who have such unfortunate encounters. You get better and work your way back to us. We love you tons and send big hugs to you, your Mom and Bob.

Love, Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dylan
03-23-2008 9:26:02 PM
Happy Easter!!! Hope all is well.... Good luck for the coming week... Love you very much
03-23-2008 7:05:33 PM
Happy Easter Jos!! I hope you are doin good and that Kater isnt picking on you too much! we have been having a lazy day. i made swedish pancakes and bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and strawberries for breakfast!! needless to say we were stuffed and laying around for most of the day! i wish i coulda talk to you! i miss talking to you! hopefully i will talk to you soon. hope you are doin good, love ya baby!
Stacey, Tim, Shea & Shelby
03-23-2008 11:38:15 AM
Happy Easter, Josi. Shea and Shelby have mentioned several times today that last year was more fun because you and Grant hid eggs for them. They're outside right now looking for eggs I hid - I told them not to come in until they find them all so they might be out there for a while. We hope you are feeling better after your surgeries. I told your mom that it makes sense you would have to have two surgeries as I don't remember you ever doing anything the easy way! That's the fighting spirit that has carried you to where you are now. We miss you a lot and think about you constantly. Love you lots. TSSS
Aunt Cindy
03-23-2008 10:21:16 AM
Hoppy Easter Josi. I hope the easter bunny found you in Denver. I love you always and forever. PS~Make sure your Mom or Bob gives you a smooch for me!
Steve, Deb & Austin & Jori
03-23-2008 7:43:20 AM
Hang in there Josi and family - we are constantly amazed at your strength and your sense of humor in the midst of all this. Hope Josi makes some great improvements once that nasty stuff gets drained off by the shunt. Love to all of you - we think of you often!
Steve, Deb, Austin and Jori
The Stranger Sharon
03-22-2008 7:42:38 PM
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, Josi, and I hope that happy ol' rabbbit hops your way with lots of cheer and happiness.

This comes with my prayer that all is going well and you are recovering at a faster pace than anyone though possible!

Peace. Keep the Faith.
the stranger Sharon
03-20-2008 9:56:38 PM
Sleep well tonight, Dear Josi's Family. The angels are watching over Josi and Jesus is holding her hand and softly whispering her name. She is in good hands, and so are all of you.

Having two surgeries back to back sounds terrible, but I believe you have to say "Thank God for a doctor who is that concerned for Josi's well-being!"

You are ALL in my prayers. May this whole, frustrating, anxious experience be a time of healing and togetherness and strengthening for all of Josi's family. Josi is getting the care and attention that she needs and then some. Please be sure you all take care of yourselves and your needs.

Peace. Keep the Faith.
03-20-2008 9:18:15 PM
I love and miss you! hope everything turns out right... sucks that you had to go through with that twice... but in the long run it will be better for you..Love you very much!!
xs and os
03-20-2008 3:19:11 PM
Talk about a dramatic event. Sorry to hear that you had to go through such an ordeal not once, but twice! Its good that things are working out though, it is all for the better!! Leslie and baby Laine arrived in Great Falls yesterday and Leslie has been asking about you! Just wanted to say hey and let you know we are sending good vibes your way!
Love you!
Cissy Baranko
03-20-2008 1:26:34 PM
Glad to hear things are on a better level and maybe from here it will only be up! Love you.
the stranger, Sharon
03-20-2008 8:30:56 AM
Good Morning Josi,

This comes with my earnest prayer that you are resting well and that all is well with you this morning. If love alone could heal you, Josi, you'd be doing cartwheels. Look at the throngs of well-wishers on this site!

My prayer this morning is that you feel the prayers and you feel the love of all these people out here. Let those prayers soak into your being and flow through your blood vesels and into your heart and your spirit. Let that love warm you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, Josi. Relax and rest well today.

Family -- Josi is in good hands. YOU rest well, too. I pray that you, too, can feel the love and prayers. Keep the Faith!

Here's a big hug and a peck on the cheek from the stranger.

03-20-2008 4:54:47 AM
Everything that "shoulda" happened yesterday I'm praying for today...hang in there beautiful and give your Mom & Bob a big smile when you wake up! Praying for you...
Pat Molloy
03-20-2008 4:31:28 AM
Josi, you are certainly and continuously in my prayers. God Bless you and all of your family.
03-19-2008 10:15:47 PM
Hope everything went good for you...
I love you very, very much
xs & Os
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
03-19-2008 9:16:14 PM
How did the surgery go today? We prayed a lot throughout yesterday and today for you, dear Josi, and for your family, too. Thanks, Deb, for the wonderful updates you write. So much information - and it is all appreciated. Let us know how she does. You keep your positive attitude, and Josi, you keep working! We will keep praying, and hoping for the best for you. God bless you!
03-19-2008 8:17:40 PM
Just thinking about you instead of doing homework sweetie. Hope things went okay today, hope to hear good news soon!
03-19-2008 6:07:25 PM
just thinking about you. heard the shunt didnt happen quite the way we wanted...dont worry, it will all work out. i will talk to you soon! i love you
03-19-2008 9:49:38 AM
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today Josi! I know you are in great hands and things can only get better! Love you!!!!
Tim, Stacey, Shea & Shelby
03-19-2008 7:39:24 AM
We'll be thinking about you and praying for you all day today. We know that you are in good hands and will be well taken care of. We love you.
03-19-2008 4:11:59 AM
Prayers, thoughts, good wishes and peace to all of you today.
Nicole Buckley
03-18-2008 8:33:45 PM
Good luck tomorrow! You'll be in my thoughts in prayers all day tomorrow. I know you'll rock it out. XOXO Nicole
03-18-2008 8:02:42 PM
Hey there Baby Girl I just wanted to let you that we are all praying for and that we all love you so very very much. May god be with you and the angels at your side during your surgery. We are looking forward to your recovery. Tater and the gang send their love as well and cant wait to see you!!! Don't tell your mom but i let Biz sleep with me the other night!! SHHHHHHHH!!! I love you baby girl. Breath deep Deb and Bob!!! You both are in my prayers as well!!!
the stranger, Sharon
03-18-2008 7:33:06 PM
Hello Miss Josi,

Tomorrow's the day for your surgery and I wanted to drop in on you to remind you that Jesus is holding your hand and will be in that operating room with you, He will guide the surgeon's scapel and watch over your every need. Rest well tonight, dear Josi, you are in good hands.

Keep the Faith.
Chris Skovron
03-18-2008 2:27:35 PM
Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful surgery tomorrow!! Welcome to 50 Deb!!
03-18-2008 8:06:03 AM
03-18-2008 6:27:48 AM
Our prayers and thoughts will be with you Josi and also your family tomorrow as you have your first surgery. God Bless and protect you...
03-17-2008 2:56:56 PM
Hey josi and aunt debbie
First of all , HAPPY ST PATTY'S DAY!!!!
I am glad that the ball is finally rolling. I am glad you are at a place that is giving you answers, and even though they don't always tell you what you want to hear, they are always thinking of ways to enhance your future....Best of luck and lots of love to you!
Love you very much
Pat and Tom
03-16-2008 12:35:20 PM
Hi Deb

Sending our best wishes and hopes for more good news
03-16-2008 2:13:06 AM
Good to read so much has happened since your arrival in CO! I am glad to hear that the family has decided to go through with the surgery, we all hope the best for you and I think it is true, that you would want a chance at more recovery. Hope things continue to improve for you, but it is 4am and I need some shut eye. Love you!!!
Cissy Baranko
03-15-2008 8:23:19 AM
I read your latest on the Craig visit and it sounds like there is some hope and it really is too bad you didn't know all this before but hind sight is always better than forsight. You'll all be in my prayers and I'll look forward to more updates.
03-15-2008 6:53:03 AM
Hey Jos! i heard from your mom thursday as we were making our way home to MT. it was good to hear her voice, i could tell shes just overwhelmed with different emotions in that place. You can do it Jos, this will help you, it has to. your family and friends have done as much as we could to this point so show these doctors how you can defy what they say you can and cant do. i knowyou will do great Jos, it just has to work. i miss you, great falls sucks even more without you here!!!! i will talk to you soon, i love you!
03-14-2008 8:33:09 PM
Hi Josi !!!
Sounds like you are getting a workout there, and they must be doing a good job of checking you out. I saw your Aunt Stacey at the beauty shop yesterday. She gave me a bit of an update. Hang in there, There are still a bunch of us praying for you, and I will work on getting some more to join in. Sounds like we meed to get some Christmas ornaments coming so you can watch them. I am glad I got to see you before you left for Denver and will be looking forward to your return to Montana.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!!!! 29 and holding still lokks good on you.

Deb as soon as you get an address send met an e-mail sants At santacares dot net. I am going to try to get something done with my white bearded gentlemen from denver at the very least.
03-14-2008 4:29:46 PM
Hey Jos, Sorry to hear about all that has been going on inside your body since the accident. We continue to pray for miracles and strength for all involved in your journey. Give your mom a Happy 50th Birthday hug for me! Talk to you guys later.
03-14-2008 7:44:10 AM
Hello Josi and Josi's Mum, to which I need to say happy fiftieth! Uff da, honey we are getting up there!
Just read the update, so glad you are in Denver. Faith, Love and Hope, Craig is where you need to be.
Debra Jean, no ordering any therapy puppies! I owe you, just say when your ready!
Our prayers and thoughts are with you and just hang in there guys...Lots of love!
03-14-2008 12:26:02 AM

surgery again? guess they figured you kicked its ass the first time, you might be getting bored and would throw another on at you, it'll just show em you don't put up with their shit! it makes me nervous to think about a shunt in the brain, but it sounds positive, which is what you need:) i started a new job today, a very busy restaurant, and its overwhelming! but i'm having fun with it? i guess? anywho, i love you pos, and i'm hhappy...ish, to here some positive news.
from an older goat
03-13-2008 9:01:58 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Well lots of news that will be of great value to put you on the road to recovery. And on Friday it’s your mom’s 50th BIRTDAY. So will you check out for us to see if she looks as old as those buzzards she put on your grandma’s lawn and few years back? He he he …Good to know that your family and friends are there too and some nearby. Love you much and with you in thoughts all the time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN TO YOUR MOM.
Nicole Buckley
03-13-2008 8:23:33 PM
Hi Josi, I know it's been forever since I've posted a comment, but I can promise you that I faithfully read this blog. I am so thankful that you are at Craig and finally getting the attention you deserve. Keep working hard. Love you and the family. Miss you all like crazy. XOXO Nicole
03-13-2008 8:38:05 AM
hey Jos, heading off to MT in a few minutes. cant believe i wont be able to see you but i know that they are helping you. i miss you, hopefully i will hear something soon. love you JoJo
03-12-2008 5:34:31 PM
We are praying for you...
Faith, hope, love...
bobby boy
03-12-2008 9:50:37 AM
hey josi, ive been reading about you since the website was posted, and i see everyday you are getting stronger... you are truly loved by a lot of people, and people think about you everyday. I know you will still push through the bad times. You seriously showed me how to carry on, thank you so much josi. KEEP ON FIGHTONG JOSI, i cant wait till i see more news. You'll be in my prayers
03-12-2008 7:36:10 AM
Hey gang,
sorry I haven't been so great about keeping up. Craig Hospital is a good place to get the answers and direction that you all need to move forward. The body is an amazing thing and medicine has come a long way and gets more advanced each day. Keep up the fight. Deb I'll get Ryan to swing by the house sometime today. Thoughts & prayers each and every day.
03-11-2008 10:52:26 AM
Hey Jo-Jo Bean--
Well, you've been kickin ass and takin names so far, I truly believe you can take this new bull by the horns and tear it down. We are all behind you more than ever, I love you hun and I'm thinking about you always. I hope to hear news soon!
03-11-2008 10:05:27 AM
Just read the update and so wished for you all better news. Josi you are so strong, keep up the fight... you are in my thoughts and prayers.
03-10-2008 5:31:02 PM
just thinking about you as always, i hope things are goin good.
i hope i will hear from your mom soon on how things are going, i feel like i have ants in my pants wondering how everything is! miss you so much, love you
03-10-2008 7:12:48 AM
Hey Josi!!!!
I love you very much!!! I hope everything works out for you!!!
Love ya
Aunt Stacey
03-09-2008 5:55:57 PM
Missing you today, Jos. Seems like the whole routine is messed up without you here. We're so glad you are where you are and finally getting some answers. Give your mom and Bob big smiles for us. We love you.
03-09-2008 1:21:26 PM
josi im so excited that you have made progress. i miss you. you are in my prayers.
the stranger, Sharon
03-09-2008 1:11:43 PM
Sweet Josi,

Whatever the decision of what to do for you turns out to be, it will be a decision based on research and prayer and, most importantly, love. Your Mom's current post is hard to read, because we had all hoped for much better news; so I remind myself that God created you to be YOU, and He is watching over you regardless what your physical and mental state are. Your sirit is running and laughing and making joyful noises -- you know it, the angels in Heaven know it, God knows it, those who love and care for yOu here on earth just aren't always aware of where you've gone and they all want you back. So we ALL join our hearts and our spirits in prayer "Please, please Lord God, send Josi back home to all those who love her. You can have her back later on after she has made a difference in this old world. Please Father!"

03-09-2008 11:38:54 AM
Josi I read this and thought of you:"There is no medicine like hope. No incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow". I liked it. I miss you sooo much and can't wait for you to come. I hope that the test can offer hope, keep up the fight because i know that someday you will come back to everyone that loves you. Things at home are going good Tater misses you and mopes around the house!!! The weather is getting nice its been in the 50's (YEAH)
So maybe when you get home we can go for walks. I was just thinken about the day we went for a walk and saw the goats tied to the back of a truck (doesn't get anymore hillbilly than that!!!) Stay strong my girl we will all fight with and for you. You and your family are all so strong I love you all and you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Love always, Brandi
03-08-2008 10:24:35 PM
Josi i am so glad to hear you are making some progress... i hope that everything works out for the best.. I have been praying for you and know that you can make it through this!! i miss ya!
03-08-2008 1:05:31 PM
Hmm... Well whatever your family decides for you will always be in your best interest, Josi. I think that any options and precautions to help you will be taken and although Deb says its not the "miracle" she hoped for that your improvement has been mostly due to your family and surroundings, I say it is a miracle you are lucky enough to have that family and those surroundings :]
Keep up the good work, love!
03-07-2008 7:40:53 PM
I don't post often, but i check for updates daily. you're on my mind constantly, wondering how you're doing. Don't forget i'm always thinking about you, whether i'm making pizzas or walking the dog, you're with me. I'm not thrilled with the news, but it could be worse. I love you very much, and i miss you, our friendship, our talks, everything, more than anything i have ever missed in my life, regardless that it is only 20 years. i pray for you all the time. f jos. so much change for me, everything is different, so much to say. so much. but thats not important. i miss you. i love you always and forever. youj're my best friend and no one can or will take that spot. be strong baby girl.
03-07-2008 5:22:12 PM
Hang in there you guys...a lot of love and prayers are going out for you...God be with you.
03-06-2008 11:09:49 PM
hey there miss josephine. i'm so excited for you to finally be in denver. i have been thinking about you constantly, i miss you so much. i know that you are so strong so just keep on fighting. love you.
03-06-2008 3:58:02 PM
Hey Jos, just read the latest post which ofcourse made me cry. i am so so happy for you but really to strangle some doctors in GF. I tried to call last night but apparently cell service sucks out there, but i did get to text your mom and it sounds like you are doing ok. i cant believe i will be home in a week and you might not be there. but its a good thing. just show them Jos, you have showed us all your miracles, now you just have to show them. i am constantly thinking about you and wondering how things are going. hopefully i will hear back from your mom soon. have her give you a hug and smooch for me. i miss you Josi, love you babe
Uncle Mike, Val & Dyl
03-06-2008 8:01:36 AM
We have been following your journey to Denver and have been thinking of you guys as we start ours north to Seattle.
We love you and pray for you everyday.
03-06-2008 5:28:26 AM
Thinking of you and your folks this morning, good luck today!
Best wishes, Prayers and all my love!
03-05-2008 12:23:45 PM
Good to here that things are starting up quickly and the tests are beginning! Take is easy [but not to easy] love!
the stranger Sharon
03-05-2008 6:55:50 AM
Thanks for the update, Deb!! Things are going to go very well, I just know they are.

Keep smiling, Josi, keep smiling. And don't forget to laugh outloud at least three times today.

God loves you and so do I.
03-04-2008 9:01:13 PM
So happy that you guys made it to Denver without too much difficulty. Good thng you had a great flight crew.
Nice to have a roomy apartment, close to Craig. I have seen a number of people go in there and come away so very much better. I guess some people in Great Falls need to make sure they have the critera down better. I am sure they will be hearing about it.

The best thing is you ae finally there and people are not wasting any time. I look forward to the progress reports.

Josi it was so good to get by and see you before you left. The way you smiled when I walked into the room just made me feel so good. I look forward to our next meeting.

Love Hope and Joy wrapped in a hug!!!
deb & steve erwin
03-04-2008 4:20:10 AM
Josi & family,
We think of you often and are hoping for some really positive improvements in Denver. Love to all of you.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
03-03-2008 8:40:14 PM
Sounds like you had quite the trip on the plane - especially the landing! The guardian angels were escorting you in and keeping you safe, for sure! Sounds like you are in good hands with the medical people now, too! Your apartment sounds perfect. In a few days we'll get to read here how it is going. Can't wait. I just know we'll be reading good news! Speaking of good news - I found something for you from THE Good News - the bible! Here it is:

Psalm 86, the whole psalm, but especially verses 10 through 17. Those verses say "Lord, you are great and you do miracles, Only you are God. Lord, teach me what you want me to do. . . . . Lord, my God, I will praise you with all my heart, and I will honor your name forever. You have great love for me. You have saved me from death . . . . Lord, you are a God who shows mercy and is kind. . . . Turn to me and have mercy. . . . Give me strength . . . Show me a sign of your goodness . . . . You, Lord have helped me and comforted me." Oh, how much God loves you, Josi. Call upon the name of Jesus when you need Him, He'll be there, holding you close to Him, keeping you from harm.

We love you, too, Josi! We're praying for you - and for your family there with you, too!
03-03-2008 8:23:16 PM
Hey josi!!! i love you!!! Hope All is going well and keep smiling...
p.s. i've been watching South Park so i can hit you up with some Cartman jokes when i come down... :) hehehe
03-03-2008 4:17:16 PM

March 3, 2008

Stacey, Tim and Shelby escorted us to the airport on Sunday. Senor Bob drove straight through on Saturday, with van and as much stuff as we thought we might need. He had great weather arriving to a warm and balmy Denver (75 during the day) Since Bob had left with the van, Tim was the “muscles?” getting her in the truck and out. Worked out well and with a final pat to the beasts we were off into the blue sky! Nurse Brandi is temping as a doggy sitter for us while we are away. The weather changed rapidly the closer we got to Colorado and so did the nice easy plane flight. Made it to Craig in one piece although for awhile thought we were “goners”. . On Sunday, Josi and I flew out on a medical transport plane, a charter 7 passenger. Weather was great when we left and then a storm blew in. We were the first plane allowed to land at the airport that day (arrival 1:30), and sure glad we had a great pilot. The crosswinds were howling, the plane was rocking and just when I was thinking about losing a non-existent lunch poor Josi lost hers. That took all our minds off the weather and we just concentrated on keeping our balance and making sure she didn’t aspirate. Great EMT on flight too (we had a senior experienced personnel there too,) Bob was waiting for us there on the tarmack and we had to unload Josi in an ice storm, and transfer to the van. From there it was a forty minute drive through crazy Denver drivers (how they can drive that fast in that weather was beyond me). Bob took it easy but when we got to the apartment, Josi was car sick (or left over plane sick?). Anyway we got cleaned up and took a long nap! Her father Joe made a late trip in that night, stopped in to see her before attending the Monday meetings, and kept Josi company while Bob and I went to dinner with a former student of mine, Taylor.

Today we all met early and started to meet the “team’. The key person, the doctor seems great. He ordered a complete MRI of the brain and a spinal MRI (YES!! We have asked for this since her accident!!), plus x-rays of ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, neck and spine – that is all on the list for tomorrow. With all those tests, we report at 7:15 am, they will sedate Josi and then the tests begin. The results of those tests will be the basis for a “game plan”. What we really liked, other than just finally being here was the positive approach. No promises but seem to think that there are many things (medication adjustment is one) that can be done that will have positive results for Josi. The only discussion that upset us, A LOT, was that the team at Craig was wondering why we hadn’t gotten here earlier with her. When I explained it was told to us over and over again, at the hospital, care conferences, various doctors, etc., all said that she had to be “four on the scale” before Craig would take her.. The doctor said that was not right, it was all about a doctor’s RECOMMENDATION and they had not received any doctor inquiries until December of 2007!! Not to dwell on the past, other than that is all it is, but was definitely a black mark on information that we had received from local resources at home.

Josi was tired today, but still had lots of smiles for all. Probably no update tomorrow as we won’t get any test results for a while. The apartment is great, lots of room and close to the hospital. Keep her in your prayers and keep the faith, love and hope, no matter what we will keep trucking! Josi’s mom
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
03-02-2008 1:24:06 PM
Off to Craig today and will look forward to hearing from you after you get situated. We all have faith, hope and love that this will be a healthful, and healing trip, ... hoping you will get good evaluation so that maybe you get to be accepted there soon. Love you much little sweetie. Hugs and kisses
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
the stranger, Sharon
03-02-2008 12:49:52 PM
This is it Josi! This is your opportunity to shine, and shine you will. Show all those folks there in Denver just what it is that a Montana gal is made of. Determination, stamina, sheer guts, the ability to get the job done. And make sure that they all understand that laughter is the very best medicine of all. Make them laugh because you love to laugh.

You remain in my prayers. God is right there with you, Josi.

Thank you Father for what Josi is about to do!!

If you are not too swamped, Deb, can you let us all know how it's going via this site. Thanks so much!
03-02-2008 12:44:44 PM
Your in the big city by now...
Our prayers are with you Josi girl. Work hard and good luck...
Pat Molloy
03-02-2008 8:33:33 AM
Josie, Fly like an eagle and work hard. You are in our prayers. Love to your mom and Bob.
03-01-2008 8:47:55 PM
Nicki - Jeff LePards mom
03-01-2008 5:26:10 PM
Josi...Good luck, good luck! Work hard, do your best. Everyone is praying and wishing you nothing but great things.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-29-2008 7:35:16 PM
Only 3 more days and you'll be off to Denver! I bet your Mom is busy getting ready for the big trip. We'll be praying for you and anxiously awaiting any news of your progress! Will you still be reading this websight when you are in Denver? I know we'll all be writing here, and looking for the updates from your Mom. Work hard, Josi! We love you!
02-27-2008 8:36:24 AM
Jos i miss you. I havent talked to you in forever and it sucks. i am hoping i will be able to catch your mom before you leave. I am so proud of you and i know you will do great things when you get there. just believe that Jos. We are all behind you 100% as always. i hope you have a good week, hopefully i will talk to you Friday. love you Jos
the stranger, Sharon
02-27-2008 8:23:22 AM

"Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will uphold you with my victorious right hand." Isa 31:10

"Be strong! Be courageous! Do not be afraid of them! For the Lord your God will be with you. He will neither fail you nor forsake you." Deut. 31:6

Work hard Josi. Work really hard. God is going to Denver with you - actually, HE is already there. He has prepared the way. Show those folks what you are made of!
02-26-2008 9:30:40 PM
Little One,
You better make great things happen in the next couple weeks, you have lots of people counting on you! Show Craig what a miracle and inspiration you are! I love you very much!
02-24-2008 7:46:36 AM
Hello Josi,
Last week to wait before your trip! Our prayers are with you and your family as you set out on the journey that you all have been working so hard for.
God bless and all my love to you and yours...
Linda Olson
02-23-2008 5:24:47 PM
You go girl! We'll be praying for your Denver adventure. Love ya lots!
02-20-2008 4:08:54 PM
Hey Jos, your mom and i keep missing each other! i want to talk to you, i miss you! i have so much stuff to tell you. i wish i was coming home for my birthday, it makes me sad. but i will be home when u get back from denver, i cant wait to see you Jos, i miss you so much. i hate being this far away from you, talking to you on the phone isnt the same at all. but hopefully i will be able to talk to you soon. i miss miss miss you. love you.
02-20-2008 8:24:53 AM
Blegh, yet again sorry for sucking! I hope your mom got my text! I got some new gear in my mouth friday and was pretty much out of commission for the remainder of the day :[ . Hopefully things will start working out better, I will just make a point to swing by unannounced if I can't get a response from anyone!
<3 you!
Pat Molloy
02-18-2008 3:09:39 PM
Josie, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for the best for you. Work hard so you can get the help that you need. Enrich their lifes at Craig as you have enriched so many here. Love to you
02-18-2008 3:02:51 PM
I miss you josi!!!!!! today i didn't have school because of inservice... something like that..
well i love and miss you
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-17-2008 7:45:28 PM
We are praying novenas for you, Josi - and for your family, too. God is so good. He is hearing us, we know, because He said in His word that "wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." And "ask in my Name, and it shall be granted." "Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be granted unto you, knock and it shall be opened". So we are seeking God and His righteiousness, we asking for your healing and for peace for you and all around you, and we will keep knocking until that door is opened for you, Josi!" And these are some promises from the bible - for YOU! God bless you, sweetie, sleep well, and wake up refreshed so you can work hard and get another step closer to Denver!
love Steph & Brent
02-17-2008 7:22:20 AM
Josi-- we are excited for you and your Denver appointment! That is great news! Remember, God promises a safe landing. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Bless you, Josi.
02-14-2008 4:49:10 PM
jos you are my <3. xxooo forever my heart mom and for a kid in bed you sure get alot of valentines day stuff!!
Aunt Cindy
02-14-2008 1:39:57 PM
Hugs and kisses on this Valentine's Day Josi. I love you always and forever!
02-14-2008 8:25:10 AM
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY JOsI!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xs and Os
Uncle Mike, Val & Dyl
02-14-2008 6:59:13 AM

02-13-2008 11:06:24 PM
Happy VD Josi!!! I love you and will try to swing by tomorrow. I have school all day, so if I don't make it by, I will definitely make it a point to come spend some long-needed quality time with you on Friday, on which I do not have any plans or goings on. :]
02-13-2008 7:36:00 PM
Hey Jos, Happy Valentines Day tomorrow. i miss you. i will call you tomorrow. love you
the stranger, Sharon
02-10-2008 6:37:30 PM
Hey Ms Josi,

It's just a little under a month until you head for Denver. Is that exciting, or what?!? Show 'em what you're made of when you get there, Josi. Show the world what you're made of.

Remember, God goes before you, God goes beside you, God has your back, God loves you, lean on him.

Peace to you.
02-09-2008 9:47:21 AM
How are you doing Josi?
Heard there is a nasty cold hanging out at your home hopefully all the handwashing and your Mum's great disinfecting is keeping you well.
50 degree's in Brewster Thursday & Friday. The snow was turning to deep slush on the streets, lots of fun driving in. My boss surprised me with a brand new 2008 F-450 Super Duty V10 bus on my Wednesday trip. Wow! Have I gottened it dirty quick...spring is around the corner though, we won't see it for a bit up here in Mansfield.
Your Mom doesn't have "time?" for a Birthday party in March so hopefully this summer we can help her celebrate a belated 50th...What should we surprise her with that is as much disruption as her surprise for me? It will be fun to see you again and also see how your doing after your Denver trip.
Thinking of you and all my love and prayers...
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-05-2008 9:09:44 PM
Denver is a great place to get to go! And especially great for you. I know you can work hard and be accepted as a patient there. Then some more hard work (and lots of fun, too) and you'll be back to Great Falls a "new" Josi!! We'll be praying for you. God is blessing you - and healing you - and loving you! We love you, too.
02-03-2008 8:49:54 PM
Hey babe! I miss you lots! I hear you've got yourself a hot date ;). Keep kickin ass lady and will be praying for you lots because I already think about you all the time. Hugs and kisses girlfriend!!
02-01-2008 5:08:10 PM
hey Jos! everytime i try to call i miss you! i want to talk, i will call sunday when we get home from camping. i am so excited you are going to denver! thats awesome Jos! i will be in gf march 14th for the weekend! hopefully you will be back so i can see you. i really really miss you Jos. have your mom give you a hug and smooch for me! love you
01-31-2008 1:47:02 PM
Just thinkin' about you.
Can't hardly wait for Denver Wooooo!

Keep workin on that middle finger for me :)

I'll have to call you when I get a chance this weekend, I've got some wonderful dirt on Matt. You will laugh I promise.
the stranger, Sharon
01-30-2008 12:50:22 PM
Watch out Craig -- here comes Josi!! Your staff is gonne fall in love and be amazed.

Way to go, Josi! Your hard work is paying off and will pay off more and more and more.

Congratulations, Mama Bear, your perseverance and love are taking Ms Josi to the next level.

Know that God goes with you and the prayers of all of your friends (and a few strangers tossed in the mix) will continue to be heard.

Laugh out loud, Josi. Never, never doubt in your abilities and in the love of Jesus.

Peace to you, peace to all who visit you.
01-30-2008 12:31:19 PM
Just a reminder Miss Josi, your trip to Craig in Denver is from the 3-14th of March. Your Mama bear, Mother Rock Chuck, Mother Moss, Biker Babe's Birthday is March 14th. Your Mom is hitting the big 50 and to soften the blow you need to do your part and blow those experts away with your hard work and determination! That will be the best present you could ever give your Mum!
Keep working hard, God Bless and Faith, Love and Hope!
Uncle Mike , Val & Dyl
01-30-2008 8:30:46 AM
That is great news!!! We will keep praying. Keep up the hard work as it is starting to pay off. We love you.
01-30-2008 7:50:07 AM
GOOD LUCK JOSI!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!
the stranger, Sharon
01-29-2008 7:43:18 PM
Hey Josi!

Stay warm. It is mighty cold all over the world!

I'm asking your Momma Bear to read Cassidy's entry about Faith, Hope and Love to you at least once each day. Very powerful words. Thanks Cassidy.

Pete mentions things getting ready for your trip to Denver. Are you going soon for sure? Wonderful, wonderful news. Work hard, Josi, and don't forget to laugh out loud each and every day at least three times.

Thank you Jesus for what you are aobut to do for Josi.
01-29-2008 11:29:33 AM
Hey there! Sorry I haven't been by lately, busy with school and blah blah blah. Not much of an excuse but it is the reason. Leslie went into labor today ad so the Kromarek clan will soon have yet another addition. Love you much! See you soon.
01-29-2008 9:41:33 AM
Hello Josi,
It is cold, snowy and wind blowing here too. Talked to my Dad this morning and he said it was -18 in Great Falls. I was trying to complain about my -9 wind chill, ah well!
Your Mom said that things are getting arranged for your trip to Denver. Sure wish I had a nice little jet I could fly you and your family there with. Hopefully everything will work out to make this a smooth and easy trip.
Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.
Faith, Love and Hope...
01-28-2008 9:42:14 PM
BRRR!!!!! It's COLD HERE!!!!!! Not as cold as it is there, however, it is way colder then usual.... GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?! i was talking to my dad and i was like dad for my first car i want a truck... and he was like there is this guy selling a truck at work for $500... I went to see it today... it needs quite a bit of work, like the door, the breaks, blah blah.. but i like it alot... I know i am way too young to even get my license, but how could i pass this up?
i don't know if i can get it though... its "up" to my dad.. and kenda...
well i love you darlin
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
01-28-2008 2:55:02 PM
Hi Josi - Are you keeping warm this very cold January day? I have been thinking of you today and wondering how things are going for you? Just wrap up in those nice warm blankets and cuddle up to your dogs, and stay warm. That's what I'm doing (except I don't have any dogs to cuddle up to, guess I'll cuddle up to Phil instead).

Today is our daughter, Kay's, birthday. I remember the night she was born was so cold and stormy, too. But, I hardly noticed that night. Do you know who she is? She's your Dad's age.

God bless you and keep you, may He make His light to shine upon you, and may He heal every part of your body where His light shines on you.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
01-28-2008 2:54:18 PM
Hi Josi - Are you keeping warm this very cold January day? I have been thinking of you today and wondering how things are going for you? Just wrap up in those nice warm blankets and cuddle up to your dogs, and stay warm. That's what I'm doing (except I don't have any dogs to cuddle up to, guess I'll cuddle up to Phil instead).

Today is our daughter, Kay's, birthday. I remember the night she was born was so cold and stormy, too. But, I hardly noticed that night. Do you know who she is? She's your Dad's age.

God bless you and keep you, may He make His light to shine upon you, and may He heal every part of your body where His light shines on you.
01-27-2008 8:58:08 PM
sorry my computer was telling me that it didn't post.. You can delete the extras... sorry...
Love ya
01-27-2008 8:57:02 PM
An everlasting substance
That never goes away
It fills each thought
And forms each day

A loyalty that lasts
All day and night
It's the powerful feeling that tells you
Everything will be all right

An unwavering emotion
The strongest of the three
And when given in abundance
Can shape one's destiny
01-27-2008 8:56:36 PM
An everlasting substance
That never goes away
It fills each thought
And forms each day

A loyalty that lasts
All day and night
It's the powerful feeling that tells you
Everything will be all right

An unwavering emotion
The strongest of the three
And when given in abundance
Can shape one's destiny
01-27-2008 8:56:19 PM
An everlasting substance
That never goes away
It fills each thought
And forms each day

A loyalty that lasts
All day and night
It's the powerful feeling that tells you
Everything will be all right

An unwavering emotion
The strongest of the three
And when given in abundance
Can shape one's destiny
01-27-2008 8:56:07 PM
An everlasting substance
That never goes away
It fills each thought
And forms each day

A loyalty that lasts
All day and night
It's the powerful feeling that tells you
Everything will be all right

An unwavering emotion
The strongest of the three
And when given in abundance
Can shape one's destiny
01-25-2008 3:39:08 PM
its been way to long since ive called you. sorry, i owe you. i know. i love you, and i miss you so much. i have tons to tell you you.
love always, g
01-24-2008 8:00:10 PM
i miss to you tomorrow.
love you babe
01-23-2008 8:54:00 PM
Josi... how are you darlin? I sure miss you! I won't be down there all summer again this year.. :( I have to get a job and make some money.. growing up... blah.. anyways.. SUPERBOWL IS IN LIKE 2 WEEKS!!! Go GIANTS!!! But the reception for Kenda and my dad was about two weekends ago.. My uncle Gary and my cousin Amanda..along with my Grandpa Grandma came up.. My grandma CRANKED the heat up and almost killed me.. whoa.. it was fun... today it snowed... we got about 2-3 inches or so... well i love and miss you!!!!!
the stranger, Sharon
01-22-2008 7:43:49 AM
Good Morning Miss Josie!

Hey! Today is going to be a great day, in spite of all the snow you have in your neck of the woods. That snow is so beautiful.

Remember to laugh out loud at least THREE times today, Josie. Work hard. Wink at Mama Bear.

God loves you Josi, so do I, and so do several thousand people who check in on you regularly.

Thank you Jesus for what you are about to do for Josi today.

01-20-2008 8:27:40 AM
Hello there,
Hope that your Mom is getting all the ducks in a row for your road trip that is coming up!
Saw five bald eagles in one lonely tree by the Columbia River last week at work. It is a sign of spring and I thought about how you have been on a journey just like those eagles. You still have a way to travel but you are as brave as a eagle and soon you can stretch those wings and soar.
Keep working hard Miss Josi,you and yours are in my prayers and thoughts...
01-18-2008 6:03:49 PM
Hey Jos! sorry i havent called in forever, its been crazy busy. no excuse i know. i have lots of stuff to tell you about tho! i am planning on calling you tomorrow when i actually have a chance to sit down and talk to you for more than a minute! i hope you are doing wonderfully. i love you. miss you much
the stranger Sharon
01-16-2008 9:40:29 PM
Sleep well tonight, Miss Josi, and don't you worry about a thing. God's watching over you and it's HIS job to do the planning and it's YOUR job to do the work --- and the laughing out loud. But for tonight, sleep well, Miss Josi, and don't you worry about a thing.

Peace to you. Peace to all who check in on you.
Linda Olson
01-12-2008 5:26:40 PM
Hi Josi,
Keep up the good work - the verse I was reading in the bible this morning was about a healing of someone 40 years old who had never been able to walk and was healed. I believe this will be your story - soon! Still praying for you every day. God Bless You! Linda
01-07-2008 10:04:35 AM
Hello there Miss Josi,
Just got done cleaning up 4 inches of snow on top of our foot of hard packed old stuff with 6 inches forcasted for tomorrow. What fun?
So you and your Mom burned the midnight candle this weekend. Hope your getting much needed rest.
You need to start using your new toy. Have Mom ask if you want a new furry collar? She is saying that a small pup might get eaten by your Tator. We will be having Sushi go under the knife if you do not want a pup. You need to start getting you wishes heard girl!
As always you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers...Think Denver, think poodle! Hope Faith and Love
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
01-05-2008 5:37:44 PM
We sure are happy to hear of your progress! Keep up the good fight! We will continue praying for you - and for your family. Such wonderful people. You are blessed - all of you. 2008 will be a good year!
01-03-2008 4:37:54 PM
Hey Jos! just talked to your mom, she was huffin and puffin away on the treadmill and tellin me about everything in GF! I couldnt believe she could talk and run at the same time, i cant even walk and talk at the same time on those things. I am excited you got the computer but your mom and I decided you arent using it because it would mean we would make you work harder. Well missy we have a solution, we will just annoy the heck out of you until you decide to tell us to stop! so there! I miss you by the way. Kurt and I are going to try and come home for my birthday end of February but we arent sure yet if we can. I will let you know. I will call you sometime soon and chat with you. love you Jos
01-02-2008 1:37:52 PM
Love ya Josi jean!!
the ELATED stranger, Sharon
01-01-2008 3:31:40 PM
Wow! Wow! Wow! You are on your way to the next level, Josi Girl. What wonderful news your Momma Bear has written to all of us. You WILL be accepted, because God hears prayers and acts on them. Look what He has done so far and how he has put just the right people in your path just when you need them. Keep the Faith, Josi; and keep working hard and keep laughing out loud, that is music to God's ears! I love to read that you laughed out loud.

Thank you, Jesus, for what you are aobut to do for Josi AND her family.
12-31-2007 11:18:25 PM
Happy New Year sweet pea! We ended the year great and started out better, this will be a good one! Love you, forever my heart, mom
12-31-2007 8:20:46 PM
JOSI!!!! OH MAN THIS IS EXCITING!!!! WHat an amazing late christmas/happy new years gift this... an extrodinary opportunity for you and i am extremely excited... I hope they accept you...

Love ya
12-31-2007 5:22:00 PM
Yay! I am s excited to hear the good news! Sorry I missed your bday but I was running late and didnt want to interrupt family activities as I could not get a response from your momma! Have tomorrow completely free, and I plan on making a stop by? If thats okay... Well, I am just getting ready for the evening so I will talk to you soon! Love!
12-31-2007 3:52:54 PM
Happy New Year Miss Josi!
As this old year winds down just think of how far you have come and what you will accomplish in 2008! I know you will be going to Denver!
Your Mom is going to have have to keep up with you, oh wait no problem there! We need to get her to slow down!
Been working on a painting project all day. We must be getting old but held a vote and decided not to go to the party we were invited to tonight but stay home with the pups and go to bed early. So sad, but it sounds good!
Love you lots and here is my toast for 2008. "Lets hear it for an exellent year and a road trip to Denver for Josi Eve and family!
God Bless Love and prayers to you all...
The stranger Sharon
12-29-2007 11:45:27 AM
Hello Miss Josi,

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday and I pray your Christmas was wonderful - as I am sure it was with family all around you! You are gonna make the new year a year of moving forward and accomplishing much, I can feel it in my bones. God is going to bless you, Josi, over and over again.

I haven't been on-line for some time as we moved and I just got my internet back. It's wonderful to be connected to the world again!

Keep amiling, Josi. Keep laughing out loud. May God bless you abundantly as you keep the faith.
12-27-2007 9:35:54 PM
I saw you today, lookin good hun!! Anyway, I head back to Bozeman in the morning but keep kickin ass and I'll see ya soon!
Aunt Val
12-26-2007 9:42:00 AM
Good Morning Miss Josi Girl!

Sounds like your birthday was a great one. Now you are 20 no longer a 'teen! You are so beautiful and so courageous. We are very proud of you. Uncle Mike, Dylan and I keep you in our prayers everyday.

I finally got around to having our family picture taken for this season. Our friends came over to be our photgrapher. We went to the backyard (you know where the aspen grove is) we aore black coats and our red Santa hats (even Tess our puppy). The picture turned out great. I downloaded them on my computer and then to my Walgreens account and was able to pick them up on the 23rd (your birthday!) I will be sending you one soon. I am a bit late this year in sending cards out. I also put a picture of Dylan playing hockey on the Christmas card.

Our Christmas was very nice, very quiet, but nice. Uncle Mike, Dylan, Tess and I opened presents the morning of the 25th. Tess found a yummy homemade milk bone in her sock and gobbled it up and then puked! We stopped mid-present opening to put her out and clean up...never a dull moment! We had some breakfast and then we went to the movies (two of them. We came home after the movies and I made a Christmas dinner of lobster and veggies!

Well that was our Christmas Day!

We sure love you a ton and you are always on our minds and in our hearts.

Much love, XXXX0000
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val, Dylan and Tess
12-25-2007 9:41:36 PM
Merry Christmas my little christmas angel!! When we are all together it is great and you and I whipped your brother in a poker game! how dare he call us easy money! Love you so much, and we close the year and start the next with faith love and hope for all, forever my heart - mom
12-25-2007 7:50:58 PM
Hello dear! Sorry I didn't come by on your bday! My sister was in town for the weekend, so I hung out for dinner and was going to come by a little later, but couldn't get ahold of your mom. I didn't want to come and interrupt any family things so I will just be by with your card later this week!
Love you!
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-25-2007 11:26:27 AM
Hope your mom takes a couple pictures as everyone tells me you have some very cute outfits. Glad that your brother, sisters and family are there so all of you have a wonderful Christmas Day. Take a taste of the au jus lol you might like it?
Love you Sweetie,
So glad to always hear that you are making progress.
Hugs and xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Uncle Steve and Aunt Janice
12-25-2007 9:28:42 AM
Good morning Josi!!! It is slushing outside right now (both raining and snowing). anyways i got to talk to you for a minute this morning! that was cool! i hope you heard me through the bad connection.. anyways


I hope you have an amazing day! Love ya
Aunt Janice
12-23-2007 12:23:04 PM
Today is your 20th birthday Josi!!! Read you are having friends drop by for open house celebration so .... it's filled with lots of visitors to keep that smile and maybe a few giggles (heard you have quite a laugh)
Happy Happy Joy Joy Birthday to you
Love you very much, and know you have some surpirse gifts to open which will be fun too
Love you very very much,
Uncle Steve and Aunt Janice
12-19-2007 8:41:33 PM
Hey Jos,
I cant wait to see you in just a few short days! i miss you terribly and I have so many things to tell you about but i have been saving them, much more fun to tell you in person than over the phone. Bug Kati for me, i will see you soon! love you much
Uncle Mike, Val & Dylan
12-19-2007 8:03:10 AM
Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays - Josi. Keep up the hard work and know we are all very proud of you!
12-17-2007 6:09:08 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Semt some pictures to your Mom so you can see how little Sushi is growing. Your Mom sent photo's of all the Christmas decorations at your home, wow! You can't get the winter blues there!
Your birthday is soon to arrive and I hope you have a wonderful day and Christmas is even better. As always you and yours are in my prayers & thoughts...God Bless and all my love
12-14-2007 2:52:26 AM
Hey, sorry I still am being such an ass. I have been really busy but that is really no excuse in my mind, just being lazy I guess. On a good note, your birthday is soon, then mine the next day! We can use up both our birthday wishes on the same thing, okay? Okay, sounds good to me!
12-10-2007 6:22:07 PM
hey so I am getting to play a lot up in good ole havre! It makes me think back to the good ole days when we use to play:) those were fun. Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep on keepin on girl LOVE YA XOXO
12-10-2007 7:55:26 AM
Hey josi!! this new voice thingy you are renting sure sounds cool! Well i have to go cuz school is about to start...:(
Love ya
12-09-2007 3:47:39 PM
it snowed today...big white fluffy flakes. it was beautiful
12-09-2007 2:13:38 PM
Hello there Miss Josi,
Just have to ask, do you you like silver poodles as well as black ones? I do hope so as Miss Sloany Jo Jo Surprise Sushi is getting white/gray hairs around her nose, eyes and a few scattered hairs on her body. Thats how Rosie started too...I think we need to find a black or silver boyfriend for her in 1 1/2 years for yours & Kati's puppies. Now didn't Senor want his own too? That will be delivery of 3 right? Oh what about Grandma, Grant and Therisa, six then?
We got a surprise snow storm this morning and it is cold. Hard to believe your Birthday and Christmas are almost here.
Keep working hard and lets get ready to travel to Denver in early 2008!
As always, my prayers and love to you and yours...Pete
12-09-2007 3:16:52 AM
Hello Josi~

I know it has been ages since I have written you and I would like to say sorry. Earlier this year we had a tragedy in our family and I decided to be very selfish and only care about myself. It is something that I deeply regret because as many of us know being selfish gets you absolutely nowhere. As soon as I decided to come back out into the world things started getting better for me. I got married this year to the love of my life. I have no doubts that I will be with him for the rest of my life. Other people are pessimistic because I am only 22 years old but I knew what I was saying when I said my vows and I know that we will make it. I was also blessed this year with what I have wanted since as long as I can remember. I'm having a baby!! I'm a little more than half way done and it feels like time couldn't go any slower. I do know that I am having a little boy though and I have fallen so in love with him that it is unimaginable. I think that now that I am having a child I can better understand what your parents are going through. I haven't even met my little guy and I couldn't imagine something happening to him. I'm just so glad that you have made such leaps and bounds in your progress. I know that you still have a long way to go but I also know that if anybody is strong enough to do it's you. I am so proud of you!!! I hope that your Christmas is a great one and I continue to keep you in my prayers.
12-08-2007 8:04:36 PM
I get to see you in two weeks...and that makes me very very VERY happy! unfortunetly i have to see Kater too...haha only kidding. i cant wait! love you
12-04-2007 8:10:03 PM
JOS!! PORTLAND IS FLOODING!! ha. you should have seen it yesterday, our parking lot at work was flooded and there were a lot of places where the water was so high it was up to car windows! INSANE RAIN! i talked to your mom yesterday for about 5 seconds, we were both busy busy. but i have tomorrow off so hopefully i will talk to YOU soon! i miss you. i am looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks. love you
the stranger Sharon
12-03-2007 5:50:25 PM
Hi Josi,

I pray all is well with you this evening. Well, no I don't...I pray things are MUCH BETTER than well for you. I pray they are knock-yer-socks-off great!! I see Montana has had lots of snow to start this month with -- you, too, eh??

It is raining, raining, raining in my neck of the woods. Causing lots of problems for lots of people; but, so far I am snug as a bug in a rug.

We had quite the weekend. Water heater burst and flooded the whole apartment; my youngest daughter ended up going to the emergency room and now has been in the hospital since Saturday night and will be there through tomorrow; we all seem to be getting a yucky stomach flu; and now must QUICKLY find another place to live! Praise the Lord anyway -- even though it ain't so easy!

Remember to laugh out loud today, Josi. It makes people wonder what you've been up to!

Jesus loves you and so do I.
11-26-2007 5:17:18 PM
Hello Ms. Josi Jean! i am so excited for this button thing your mom was talking about, i am hoping you will have it by the time i am home, which will be in less than a month! pretty excited to see you missy. Greta Lynn is staying with me, so its nice to have some company. I am fairly sure she has bought something in every store in Portland. shes quite the shopper. sorry i didnt call you saturday night, there was this huge disaster, i will tell you about it soon. i will talk to you soon alright? love you very much
11-26-2007 8:30:06 AM
Hello Miss Josi hope you had a fun Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed those sister's and brother. Did you keep everyone laughing?
We spent most of the time traveling to Wenatchee/Cashmere. Left the dogs home on only one of the trips and that was a bad mistake. Looking forward to a piece of apple pie only to find out that Miss Dixie had pulled it from the cupboard and ate the whole thing. No crumbs or mess, didn't waste any of it. Rosie may have helped and the only one not in trouble was Sushi who was locked in the dog crate. She missed all the fun!
Keep working hard and our love to you and yours...much love...Pete
PS Poodle haircuts on Wednesday, I'll send you photo's!
11-25-2007 5:11:25 PM
Hello Josi, Deb,we just watched 60 Minutes and there was a segment on people with brain injuries and they are given Ambium, (I might have spelled that wrong) but they are coming out of their semi-comas and talking, knowing everyone, it brings them out of the coma while on the Ambium. Ambium has been used as a sleeping drug. I guess it is worth looking into.
Bless you.
The stranger Sharon
11-24-2007 12:29:18 PM
How's it goin" Josi?? I imagine you've been getting lots of Holiday company - this is a good thing, as is the laughter that must surely be filling the air. Keep smiling, keep laughing, and - most importantly - KEEP THE FAITH. If you keep the Faith, all the rest will fall into place.

Thank you JESUS for what you are about to do for Josi.
11-23-2007 2:55:18 AM
Josi i hope you had an amazing turkey day!!! i had a pretty good one! We went to Kendas mom's house and had turkey and all the fixins and it was good!!!
Kenda is having a boy!!!
And it is 2:48 AM Alaska time 2 hours later your time and can you guess what i am doing? me and my new sisters are going to walmart for some After Thanksgiving STEALS!!!!! I am soo excited!!! This is like waiting for Harry Potter Level of excitement.. ok a little less... well school is great kinda and i miss you to peices!!! Seriously!!!!
Well give love from me to the fam! and use your new button thing you have!! I cant wait to see you work that thing!!
Well know that i love you
11-22-2007 4:33:07 AM
I hope you have a wonderful Thansgiving with family and friends!
11-20-2007 3:48:08 PM
I miss you and want to see you.May God bless you and your house.I pray for you every night.
11-19-2007 8:47:29 AM
How nice to be able to see all your family over this Thanksgiving week. Laugh & have lots of fun.
My sister sent me photo's of all the snow you guys are getting. Pretty view out your window but harder to go to your appointments, good thing you have that nice van.
I sent a couple of photo's of Miss Sloany Jo Jo Surprise Sushi playing in her first snow. Have Mum share with you.
Have a wonderful Holiday to you and yours...
11-17-2007 1:29:13 PM
So Thanksgiving is next week and if I get the time off of work, I shall be coming home! Sorry I haven't been home earlier, but school has been nuts. You would be happy to know that in our slacker way, I work at Blockbuster which allows me 7 free rentals a week... YES! Lol, grades are pretty good so far but I'm kinda dreading finals... hope to see you next week!!

Love, Bridget
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-15-2007 4:06:57 PM
Way to go, Josi! You are doing great! Your Grandma Eve was over the other day and she and Susan had just been to visit you. They said you were looking good and doing better! Keep it up! Next thing you know, you'll be packing your bags and heading for Denver. We love you. We're always praying for you.
11-15-2007 12:23:03 PM
hey sunshine! i love to read all the progress...makes my day a little brighter. i miss you tons, my birthday was on tuesday, you never forgot it, im sure you didnt this year either. school is killing me right now, i have a horrible time making myself go to class. my parents want me to switch my major to art.....but what am i supposed to do with a degree in art? who knows. it would be nice just to be done and since that is the only class that i am halfway interested in...might be a good choice. i will be heading to portland for thanksgiving, along with rhesa and tyson...originally it was to spend time with yazmin, but its turned into quite the trip. more and more people are involved and now that corgan is down there i will of course be seeing her. i have a card for just needs a stamp and little help to the mailbox. soon enough i will send it. i think its about due time i call you as well... love you miss josephine. miss you tons. keep on truckin love, G
11-15-2007 7:34:54 AM
Am I surprised to hear you're doing so good? HELL NAW! Craig Craig Craig!

Love Alvs
Aunt Val
11-14-2007 7:14:00 AM
Wow Josi! You are doing great! It was so wonderful to read your update today. The communication tool is awesome. I wish it was ready to go at Thanksgiving so we could help out with it. We will be in Great Falls for Thanksgiving and we will come see you. We will bring our newest member of the family, Tess, to meet you.

Your update put a smile on my face and in my heart Josi...thank you!

Much love,
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val, Dylan and Tess
11-13-2007 10:11:07 AM
Its awesome to hear that things are going so well right now! As I have given myself a little time to tell and I don't seem to be sick (yay!) I will probably try to make a stop in on Saturday, if all is well. That way I can beat the holiday visit rush that will be coming your way, and get my own time in with you!
the stranger, Sharon
11-12-2007 8:16:08 PM
May the good Lord bless you with a whole lot more of happy! When you are happy, when your spirit is filled with JOY, you work harder. I see a number "4" just around that bend up ahead Josi. Kick it up a gear, you'll get to that bend in time to be in Denver by Christmas. Happy thoughts, happy visitors, happy dogs, happy Mom, happy Josi!

Thank you Jesus for the happy heart you are giving to Josi. Please grace her with the strength and determination and perseverance she needs to grab hold of that NUMBER 4.
11-11-2007 10:09:11 PM
Hello lovely! I am so sorry I havent been by! I suck, and am busy with the new job and a ton of school work I put off. Also, I got sick from matt, which is always something to be proud of, and i would hate to be the cause of something bad. But I promise once things clear up I will be by again. Love you!
11-10-2007 8:44:56 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Your Mum is a working this weekend so thought I should drop you a line or two.
It is a cold wet day here in Mansfield. At least it isn't snowing yet!
Sent a cute photo of the oodles of poodles to your Mom. She will have to share with you when she gets home. Sushi is so solid compared to Rosie it must be the Golden Retriever work outs she has every day?
I think of you everyday and so glad that you are able to laugh with your friends and love ones. They need to hear that from you! Keep working hard and I hope to see you in the spring. God Bless and all my love...
the stranger, Sharon
11-06-2007 2:10:02 PM
Hello Josi,

It is so great to read these comments and know that you are happy and LAUGHING. I love it -- I really do. Laughter is just so good for you and for all those who are close enough to hear you laugh - and even me who cannot see you or hear you, but am tickled pink to know you are laughing out loud. Sometimes, when I get bored and want to laugh, I tell myself jokes I never heard before. Try that sometime, Josi. In the meantime, work on belting out "I LOVE YOU MOM!" And keep on laughing and keep the Faith. Jesus loves you, Josi. He is performing miracles for you and in you. WOW!!
Aunt Stacey
11-04-2007 4:22:14 PM
You've have been such a happy girl lately! We loved hearing you laugh when your mom was sticking her finger in your mouth to show us your new teeth. You knew she was nervous thinking you might bite her! You always seem to be a little confused about "The Shea & Shelby Show" but then again, so are the rest of us. No one knows where that comes from! You're looking so good and showing a lot of positive emotion, you're truly amazing! We love you much and can't wait to hear your voice again (very soon, I'm thinking!).

Love, Tim, Stacey, Shea & Shelby
11-03-2007 5:01:51 PM
Your sister Kati is here and she is bugging you lots. You are going to have some serious paybacks!! we love you much little one!! forever my heart mom
11-02-2007 8:52:38 PM
I miss you. get your butt to Craig you turkey. i will call you soon. love you, miss you horribly
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-02-2007 2:44:42 PM
Hi Josi - I bet you had a fun halloween. Did you laugh at the funny costumes? We didn't have much fun. I had gall bladder surgery and was in the hospital. I heard and watched all the nurses having fun with costumes and treats. They made me laugh! I'm doing fine now. How about you? Your grandma Mary Ellen and your Aunt Susan came over this afternoon and we had a nice visit. Chuck and Deedle and Linda spent the afternoon with me, too. Mary Ellen told us you are doing good. That is such good news! Keep it up, ok? We're praying every day! We love you.
Aunt Val
11-02-2007 7:55:55 AM
Hey Josi Girl!

Just dropping by to say Hello. We love you tons. Your Uncle Tim is staying with us for a few weeks while he works on a house in Kalispell. It is nice to have him around.

You would have been proud of us on Halloween. Mike, Dyl and I and our friends dressed as the cast from Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy, our new puppy was Toto, Mike was Tinman, our friends were the Lion, Scarecrow and Wicked Witch. Dylan and his best buddy were the Flying Monkeys. Your Uncle Mike kept rusting in the middle of the street in front of cars. I would have to rush out and oil him up so he could move. At any rate he received a few comments (not all nice) from the drivers in the car. He is such a joker! We had a ton of fun. I will send you a picture of all of us.

Keep up the good work Josi.

Big Hugs and lots of love,
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dylan
11-01-2007 6:46:25 PM
Hey! It was good to see you yesterday! I hope you laughed at a lot of little ones that got scared by your mom, but I am sure you laughed the hardest when she scared Matt! I probably wont be around for another week or so, I feel a cold coming on. Also, I quit my job and am in the process of getting a new one and oh yes, my personal favorite[!]- school! It's good to hear the botox is helping. Just think of how many face lifts you have in your arms. Ha.
Love you!!!
the stranger Sharon
10-31-2007 2:33:00 PM
Josi is laughing out loud!! I am alternating between doing the happy dance and drying a few run-away tears - and I don't even know that girl!! Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayers. Laughter is such wonderful medicine.

Everyone who visits this site (gettin' close to 50,000 hits!!) is proud of you Josi, myself included.

Keep laughing, and keep the Faith
10-27-2007 4:39:59 PM
Hello Josi,
Have just spent the last 8 hours working in the yard. Had a tree cut down and another trees canopy cleaned out and it takes a long time to get everything back to normal. Little Miss Sloany Jo Jo Surprise Sushi was covered in tree sap as well as her Nanny, Dixie. Both got canola oil rub downs with a bath following. Dixie drank 1 cup of left over oil while Sushi hit the tub first. She blows her diet every chance she gets.
Tomorrow I help Mark winterize the boat. It was 23 last night and to treat the engine requires 2 trips out at least 6 hours a part. Fun?
I think of you and yours every day and I agree with Grant, "Craig, Craig, Craig...God Bless and lots of love to you...
10-25-2007 12:35:27 PM
10-19-2007 8:17:36 PM
JOsi i just want to say i love you and miss you very much!!!!
I cant wait to come down next summer and see your pearly smile!! hopefully you'll be in Colorado and i have my permit so i can work i my driving skills all the way to Colorado! Guess what Jos? lol my dad is having a baby! i bet your mom has already told you.. I was really upset at first..but now i am actually excited.. i mean i can't wait to see how much it will look like kalli and i and then Kendas kids! School has been ok... just school... but volleyball has been fun! I miss you darlin!!!
Smile big, Laugh hard, and always know that You ARE loved..
I love you Josi Jean!
10-19-2007 5:08:58 PM
Unfortunately you weren't as willing to work today as you were on Tuesday but nevertheless, its Friday!
Who the hell wants to move at all on a Friday anyhow?
Love you and see you again soon, the next visit I will have been inked on and I know you are excited to see!!!!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
10-19-2007 4:06:40 PM
Hi Josi - Sounds like you are working very hard and it is paying off! Only a little more and you'll be able to move to Denver for the rest of it! Keep it up. Know that we are pulling for you. We pray every day for you to be healed. God loves you so much. You will have some great stories to tell us someday. We can't wait! We love you.
10-18-2007 6:14:42 PM
Atta girl!
Keep working hard and laughing with and at your Mum!
Love to you and yours...
Uncle Mike,Val & Dyl
10-18-2007 7:24:08 AM
Sounds like a good day for everyone. Keep up the good work and keep the faith. We love you!
10-15-2007 8:26:08 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Typed up a little note went to summit and it was lost…here we go again.
Going to be taking the 3 girls for a walk after I finish this. Yesterday I finally got them to walk nicely together. In the past I never required Rosie to heel as she is so small and Dixie heels like a pro. With all three yesterday I made them all heel or at least walk behind me and it worked out well or as well I you can expect with 3 dogs!
After being home alone for 8 days I am going to be spending next weekend in Seattle. Jennifer, and Marc are driving out from Spokane and Joanne, Scot and 2 boys are flying out from Great Falls. Men are all going to a Seahawks Game, women will be shopping or eating? Tried to get the girl, Nicole, who thought the idea of a pup for me was cool and lives there, to watch Sushi. She had a lame excuse about landlords, leases and just backed out from the commitment. We are staying in a pet friendly motel but since Joanne shares part of the responsibility along with your Mum, perhaps I’ll drop the crate and Sushi off there and she can take her to the pet area every 20 minutes! Revenge is sweet?
Your Mum was telling me of her busy workweek. Miss Josi, you need to work just as hard and surprise your Mama Bear/Moss with a few more accomplishments that get you closer to that Denver trip. You can do it!
You are always in my prayers, God Bless and much love to you and yours…
10-14-2007 10:42:42 AM
hey crazy, i know its been a while since i posted (it always is) at least this time i called in between to catch you up on my life. i have to say i was a bit dissapointed when you didnt say goodbye to me on the phone. i know you were trying hard i could hear you grunting and your mom said you were smiling. finally a little laugh, but no "goodbye". thats ok, maybe next time, i know you are doing all you can right now. i miss you so much, every month creeps up on me as a reminder of how long its been. i am thinking of you always, i hope you never forget that. i love you. peace ~G
10-10-2007 7:12:53 PM
Hey Jos! before i begin, let me just say...your sister Kati is just a very strange person. mama deb can tell you why i say this...have her read you the comments Katie leaves on my myspace and kurts myspace...and actually on my phone! but anyways...mama deb told me you are not a happy girl today! what is wrong sweetheart?! i wish i was there, i would cheer you up =<. i miss you like crazy, it sucks. i started work this last monday and I LOVE IT! my manager is such a sweetheart and the people i work with are awesome. you would love it here, everything is so gree, and it pours rain and then get really sunny....beautiful. i heard you guys had a thunderstorm tonight, i'm hoping you didnt lose power like my dad did, your bed isnt very comfortable when it the day i sat on it and deflated it. yeah shut up.your moms news update said she is hoping for craigs in jan or birthday is feb. 23rd remember...maybe that can be my birthday present =). it would be the best one EVER! just a thought...i dont know if your mom told you or if i even told her, but i will be home dec. 21st, yup just in time for your birthday/christmas celebration. i cant believe we will be 20 soon Jos! its insane, it feels like just yesterday we were little Frosh, goin to the bball games, thinkin we were so cool. haha.i miss those days. and i miss you, more than you could know. I cant wait to talk to you, i will call you this weekend when i have more than 5 seconds to talk ok? i love love love you. have mama deb give you a hug for me, and dont forget about my birthday wish! talk to you soon Josers
10-09-2007 2:54:43 PM
Hey Josi! I am coming back to Great Falls on Friday night so hopefully I will get a chance to stop by and see you! I have had a really busy week with school and work... I have a chem test in a hour (Not looking forward to that!) Kati is tempting me with a movie tonight... bad influence. Adam is doing good today just gets tired easy. Your mom has been really helpful and a easy listener for our family. I will see you soon!
10-08-2007 8:24:53 PM
Man Josi....I miss you soo much!!
I miss my routine of sitting with you and making you smile... and torturing you by brushing my hair on your nose... hehe... Ketchikan isnt much fun but i guess its home.. volleyball has been fun.. tho this cold that went around a couple of weeks ago really threw me off...Parent Teacher conferences this week... lol my teacher was nice-I got a D on this test and alot of other ppl did bad to-but he isnt putting the grades up till next week... Still worried tho... lol anyways I figure whats going on in your head is a lot more complex then whats going on in my ditzy brain so i wouldnt be surprised if you let that one fly over your head...
Well i love you very much!!!
And i am most definately coming down there next year!! I wanna help your mom and senor to work on the property!!
Love ya
10-08-2007 6:56:14 AM
Hi there Miss Josi,
Your Mum woke me up at 12:03 AM to sing happy goodness a month of celebration! Bet this is nothing new to you?
Had both of my girls (Marc too)home over the weekend, another Auction has come and gone. Fall is here and time to break down the garden and pots my challenge for the day.
I think about you and yours every day. Keep working hard and keep the goal of Denver in sight. Make sure your Mum shares the Sushi pictures with you too!
All my Love...Pete
the stranger, Sharon
10-07-2007 7:56:47 PM
Hey there Josi Girl,

Is there snow in Great Falls yet? I remember many a Halloween when I was a kid (back when the crust was forming on the Earth) that my sisters and I would go trick-or-treating in the snow. I grew up in north-central Montana. Same held true for my children where they grew up in Minnesota - snow on Halloween. It surely never did stop a kid from having a fun time, did it?
I hope you can get outdoors at the first snow, Josi. Stick your tongue out and catch snowflakes. Stare at the snow as it falls from the sky - how beautiful! Feel that crisp Montana air on your cheeks.

May today you know the loving touch of Jesus Christ, Josi. And may tonight you know His peace and sleep wrapped in the arms of God.

Thank you Jesus, for what you are about to do for Josi.
10-02-2007 11:54:10 AM
Hey, it was good seeing you on Friday. I will probably try to stop by this Friday or Saturday as plans got screwed up AGAIN and I didn't end up in Missoula at all, but I am going on this upcoming Sunday. My work schedule has changed, so I work monday through thursday 6 hour shifts in the evening, so I dont get out of there until ten. Make sure your mom knows that if she needs anything, it never hurts to ask, if I can I will always try to get time to fit you in! School is weak sauce but thats not going to ever change.. haha. Love you!
10-02-2007 10:54:57 AM
Hey babes, it's good to see your progressively going up the scale! I'm definitely sobbing a but that I haven't been able to do much else but post on your website, but I think about you every day.
As for an update on life? College is still going pretty well although i pretty much want to poop on my stats class ( i don't believe it qualifies as math and have no intention on ever using it again but they insist that i must take it anyway) but I love all of my other classes. I am thinking about switching my major from Spanish to Family/ Consumer sciences with a minor in Spanish. This major is pretty much a gate into the social science world so I'm pretty excited.
Anyway, you need to get better and come see my apartment in Bozeman... But until then, keep it up m'lady and I should be home to visit soon. Much love and gazillions of hugs and kisses!!
The stranger, Sharon
10-02-2007 8:10:08 AM
Good Morning Josi,

I pray today, that you know love. Today, may you know laughter (out-loud laughter!). Today, may you know a peace that surpasses all understanding. Today, may you feel the healing touch of Jesus Christ. Today, may you kick that 3.5 up a notch or two. Today, may Mama Bear know a renewal of strength. May the two of you know perseverance as you've never known it before.

Come, Lord Jesus, touch Josi and reconnect all of the lose ends in her brain. Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do for Josi.

10-01-2007 9:16:50 PM
Hey you. reading your mom's post brings tears to my eyes. i love it here but i miss you so much. a part of me feels like i have abandoned you. i hope you dont feel that way, just something i had to do ya know? I am already counting the days until christmas when i can come home and see you and give you a christmasy pedicure and hug you and lay in your bed with you and watch TV. I will call and talk to you this week. just please remember i didnt abandon you, i just went away for a little while, but i am always thinking about you and wanting you to get well ok? i love you Jos and i miss you like crazy. have mama deb give you hugs and smooches for me. i wish i could do it myself =(. love you love you love you
Pat Molloy
09-30-2007 1:53:54 PM
Josi, I hope you know that you and your family continue to be in my prayers and the prayers of many people. I come on to your site atleast twice a week to see what is new in your world.
This is the hardest time in recovery for you and the people that love you. You have come so far but there is still the little bit you have yet to overcome. Work hard Josi. You can get to Denver.
09-30-2007 1:31:32 PM
Hello Miss Josi, Thinking of you and your love ones on this rainy afternoon. Little Miss Sushi Sloany had a accident on the carpet. I think she doesn't like to do the business in the cold. What is going to happen in a month when we have 12 inches of that your Mum snickering again? Uff da!
My girls(and Marc)will be coming home next weekend. The world famous or at least in Douglas County Mansfield Lions Club Auction is on Saturday. It is always a good time if the weather cooperates.
Work hard this week Josi girl, your in my thoughts and prayers.
the stranger, Sharon
09-27-2007 10:56:26 AM
Hey Josi,

Well, I just demonstrated (to no one other than myself, no doubt) my computer savvy by typing in a lengthy and most intellec- tual and worthy comment, then pushed the wrong button -- and poof - gone!

The meat of the message is - work hard, Josi, so you can be in Denver by Christmas. Laugh out loud at least three times today. Plant a big, wet, sloppy puppy-dog lickin' kiss all the way across your Momma Bear's forehead today. She'll love it and so will you.

Know that you are being held up in prayer daily. Know that Jesus loves you, Josi, and so do many, many, many folks out here in cyberspace.

This message is from one of them.
Uncle Mike, Val & Dyl Pickle
09-24-2007 7:31:02 AM
It was great seeing you this weekend as we missed not seeing you for a while. You had alot more eye movement than when we saw you last. Keep hanging in there. We love you.
09-23-2007 5:34:55 PM
Hi Josi, It's been too long... Just wanting you to know that you are always in our prayers, stay strong, you have it in you, you always did, you were the spunky one.. Come back to us!!!!!
09-22-2007 7:09:11 AM
Ah, the pitter patter of running dogs racing through the house. Wish you were here!
Dixie loves to play keep away from Sushi Sloany Jo Jo. They really enjoy playing with each other and are funny as can be. Poor Rosie hops on to the back of the couch and looks down with sadness:( Honestly it is going better than I expected. Walking 3 dogs is funny and I fear ice as I am tripping now.
Was so good to see you and will be out again sometime in the spring.
Lots of love to you and yours...
09-20-2007 1:14:51 PM
Hey hun! I've been thinkin about ya a lot lately and I plan on coming home sometime in October. I miss you chica, I look forward to seeing you!
09-20-2007 9:54:33 AM
My wish today is for you... don't disappoint me little one. :) Love you so very much, miss you, and wish you were here. XOXOXO
09-19-2007 4:25:52 PM
Hi Josi
Well my travels still keep going. I am hoping that nest week I will be home for awhile and be able to make some more regular trips into town to see you. I sure have not forgot about you. I get reminded of you on a daily basis, just have not had a lot of time.

This weekend my number one elf Amy and I are in St. Charles Missouri. It seems that the hug you got from me almost a year ago could be a big help for some of my helpers. So we are at this weekend long sewing event and we are going to try to get a couple thousand more of those hugs made up to pass around.

The other thing we are going to do is introduce a new Santa suit designed my Elf Amy for Breast Cancer Awareness. It looks like Elf Amy is a bigger help than I ever could have imagined.

So if we are looking at Denver in December I will have to show up the day after your birthday.

Keep up the good work, I still have that hat for you when I get the high five.
the stranger, Sharon
09-19-2007 11:18:14 AM
Oh my good gosh! How did my post show up three times below?!?! Can the webmaster remove all but one? Now the whole wide world (or at least all who visit this site) know how truly computer illeterate the stranger Sharon is.

I told you I was "droppin in" but it would appear that I bounced in like a rubber ball again and again and again.

Hey, Josi girl, you have one fantastic day! God bless yu real good.
Kay from Boise
09-19-2007 6:47:18 AM
Sorry have not visited here for sometime, although you must know you are in our prayers daily. The Jean Eve family has taken their toll of heartbreak over the past year, and we pray for all you! Keep the faith, Josi. You will never be forgotten. We love you.
The stranger Sharon
09-18-2007 4:51:49 PM
Hey Josi Girl!

I'm just droppin' in to say hi and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. It's kinda chilly in my neck of the woods today, how about yours?

Laugh out loud at least once today Josi. It truly is good for whatever ails ya.

My prayer for you today "Lord, work it out so Josi is in Denver by Christmas. Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do for Josi."

P.S. Jesus, could you help Josi laugh out loud every day in the coming week? Thanks!

Peace to you Josi. Peace to all who love you.
09-17-2007 8:07:31 AM
Oh your Mum and Joanne Marie pulled the wool over my eyes on this trip. BD party for Miss Kati? Yeah right!
So fun and I was spoiled and very surprised. Your Mum is a supreme hostess plus a great Grim Reaper.
Hadn't seen you since March. I did see great improvement. Little Miss Sushi loved your lap and the rough housing with Biz. Now she is renamed in honor of the guilty, forever now Miss Sloany Jo Jo Jenson. Thats your Mum, my sister Joanne Marie and Josi Jean.
Poor Kati does need a month to celebrate her birthday as she needed a small black one too. I promise to keep my promise that all the guilty and Kati will receive a small black? bundle in a couple of years!
Looking forward to the rest of my days here. Love to you and yours...Pete
09-16-2007 9:25:19 PM
Well little one, you should be tired, it was a long but fun weekend! Our little friend Sushi, the black poodle puppy went to her mom (Tater was happy for that and Biz is delighted to be back at my side), the weather cooperated so you could sit outside and celebrate two birthdays, one young (Kati) and one so old (Debbie Lou). Your mouth was moving and I know you wanted to chip up and say something. Anyway lots of love and kisses, good night my punkin pie- foreever my heart mom
Aunt Stacey
09-16-2007 8:16:05 PM
Hey Jos - Good to see ya today, as always. We're sorry we missed Kati this weekend. I'm working on a birthday (or is it birth month!) project for her, but not sure it'll be done on time. You sure had lots of big smiles for me today, even though you were pretty tired from all the cackling you had to listen to last night. I'm hoping to be able to come to one of your therapies on Friday afternoon before summer hours are over. Maybe we'll get to swim together - that would be fun! Sleep well tonight. We love you very much.
09-14-2007 9:51:41 PM
Lol i can only imagine the joke that Josi laughed at.. haha knowing some of his jokes... lol JOsi remember when you laughed at kati and Jared cuz they had a baby and you thought it was theirs?
lol well you can laugh all you want at the baby who is gonna join our family in March... haha i wanna be there when you do laugh tho..
well i miss you darlin!
Very very much!
I hope you have a very good week!
tell the family i love them too!
give them the biggest hugs!
The stranger Sharon
09-11-2007 8:51:33 PM
Lord Jesus,

Please work it out so that Josi is looking out her window at DENVER snow come Christmas time.

Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do for Josi.
09-11-2007 8:32:38 PM
A pupper for a collar...hooody hoo!!!! i miss you very much jos... several new things to chat about, things seem to change a lot out here, its weird being "adult"...things are so much different than when we were younger, a lot of things to deal with... its hard, gets harder than i was hoping, but i'm dealing quite well, i found a new wava, sorta anyways, but she listens well. she enjoys it when i talk aobut you, as you are my usual topic of convo, she laughs when i tell her stories, and wishes she could have met you. i like her a lot, she seems to be able to relate well... but its not you.... i miss you very much... i like hearing that you're doing well, i love you and i miss you very much
09-11-2007 4:12:59 PM
Hey there good lookin!

I haven't had a chance to sit down and give you a good piece of my mind for a long time now, so today I made some time! :)

Believe it or not I already had like 5 paragraphs written already but I accidentally hit the back button and lost it all....

Schools in now and with it comes all sorts of mayhem. Just about everyone I associate with now lives within 8 blocks of our place. Austin and Casey have a sweet place next door to a stripper about 7 blocks south of us. Charley and Nick are about 7 blocks east, Katie F, Michelle, and Kendra live next door, and Tate took Craigs' place here.

It's nice not having to drive all over to hang out with people. We were thinking about getting a golf cart to shuttle everyone between houses.

After a lot of thinking (about 30 seconds) I decided that I'm going to go to school in Meridian, Idaho rather than here in Missoula. I know what you're thinking and your right I'll probably change my mind again in a week, but this was my plan long before I moved here so hopefully I'll stick to it.

My new job is pretty cool, I get to sit at a desk, tell people what to do, play on the computer all day, not a bad job considering I completely bullshit my way into it!

I don't think I'll make it over to Great Falls any time soon, the Geo is in pretty rough shape. I'll have to email some photos over so you can laugh at my recklessness. The last time I came down one of the rear wheels came off. Well now that I got that fixed one of the front wheels is starting to do the same thing. So rather than try and keep fixing this turd I'm going to try and buy something decent in the next week or so.

SOoooo if that happens then I'll try and make it down there sometime for sure. I need to find Jerrod and beat the $100 out of him he owes me for running up my phone bill.

Till then

Love Alfin
09-11-2007 6:41:26 AM
Count down time!
Four more days, I can't wait to hear you laugh, there will be much to laugh about. Jonda, Joanne, and the two Debs together again, hope that Kati and you are up to the noise!
Rest up, work hard and mucho love to you and yours.
09-10-2007 12:42:27 PM
School. Yuck. I have been very busy with my lame school but since I am paying too much for it, it definitely has to take priority. I will arrange for a visit very soon, or I would love to join in on a walk! I need to get my lazy but in gear, I will tell you that! Well dear, I am always thinking about you, but I will definitely be by to visit very soon! Love!
09-10-2007 11:35:44 AM
Hey Josi! Well I finally got a home cooked meal out of Kati last week! So I returned the favor last night- mine was wayyyy better. lol. She wasn't much help with the stats homework though. Next time Kati goes home I will send her with the Grey's Anatomy shouldn't have to be tortured with Desperate Housewives! Love ya!
09-09-2007 3:29:02 PM
hey there, crazy. its been a while...mostly because i havent been able to steal my neighbors wireless...which means no internet for me. ha, oh well. i miss you so much, its been pouring rain here and it reminds me of the walks we would go on just to get soaking wet. i am going to a bright eyes concert here in a few weeks, super excited about that, since no one good EVER comes to AK. i will hopefully be flying down soon, however school is taking up more of my time then i expected it to, and my attendence policies are strict. sucks. oh well, if nothing else i should be moving back down in january. miss you tons. its always so good to hear your improvements. love, G
the stranger, Sharon
09-08-2007 10:38:47 AM
Precious Lord Jesus,
Please work it out so Josi is in Denver by Christmas.

Thank you Jesus for what you are about to do for Josi.
Aunt Lonnie
09-06-2007 8:03:58 PM
Hi dear one - Josie:

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since you've heard from me. I've been gone a lot this summer. But you are always on my mind, and I pray every day for you to be healed and whole! I hold you up to Jesus, and all the angels and saints and ask God's mercy and love and healing for you! I love you, little one - and so does your uncle Phil! We hope you are able to spend Christmas in Denver!

Aunt Lonnie
09-06-2007 4:29:38 PM
Guess what I'm torturing you with this weekend little one? Season 3 of Desperate Housewives :) Get ready! Love you!
09-05-2007 5:48:12 PM
Beautiful day today and while driving home from work was thinking that in two weeks from today I will be driving home from visiting the Falls...made me sad and here I haven't even gotten there yet!
Can't wait to see you and yours. Will be a bit of a friends reunion as Joanne's old best friend Jonda is suppose to be visiting from Alaska. Ah your Mum and I had fun with those two. Be prepared for much laughter and giggles...
Love you and big hugs...soon!
09-05-2007 12:30:14 PM
girl just thinking about you today! Hope all is well. Really miss you. XOXO
The Stranger, Sharon
09-02-2007 1:28:49 PM
Hi Miss Josi,

This one's for you:

"Lord, lpease work it out so Josi is in Denver by Christmas. Thy will be done, Lord."

Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do for Josi.

09-02-2007 12:25:12 PM
Hey josi! wow what a week! i miss you girl!
i started volleyball on Tuesday... WOW i was SOOO out of shape!!! and in a ton of pain!! school starts in 2 days..:( i am somewhat excited... i have kalli's old locker... :|..
lol anyays i am gonna give you guys a call sometime soon!
Hope you have been working on those phrases on that recorder thing... we should add a few *choice*words to it.. HAHA
give straightman a kiss for me!!!
and give one HUGE HUG to your mom too!
love ya Josi
have a great day/week/month/year/life!!!
09-01-2007 3:46:35 PM
Hey you. We are in Oregon right now! Found our apartment yesterday! its beautiful. We will have a huge bathroom with a HUGE walk in closet, a fireplace and a deck. its beautiful! you will have to come visit me! we will be back Tuesday till the end of the month so i will be over lots, dont worry! see you soon, love you!
08-31-2007 10:18:50 PM
Hello Miss Josi,
Waiting for the Noodle "Nicole Marie" to get home. Driving to Spokane tomorrow load up her stuff from storage and then drive to Seattle. It is the Jenson way..."On the Road Again."
In 40 minutes only 15 days till I make the ultimate road trip again to MT. Looking to have a great time visiting you and helping Miss Kati celebrate a Birthday.
Keep working hard and I along with my baby sister Joanne, will tell a few more stories about your Mum! See you soon!
Love to you and yours...Pete
lacey hill
08-31-2007 1:40:17 PM
hey,Jos i hear u get better and better everyday!Just keep up the good work.Guess what I'm finally in middle school!I was so excited the first day and I still am excited.I miss you and love you love lacey.
08-30-2007 1:10:19 AM
"And the days that I miss her are the days that hurt the most"... which in my mind is everyday... I love my dear sister... just laying here thinking of you. Sleep well Angel.
08-28-2007 7:31:45 PM
Keep it up Josi! You are always in my prayers. Thank you Deb for taking the time to give everyone an update. The very tiniest bit of progress is still progress.........
08-27-2007 8:53:17 PM
Good night sweetheart, we love you! forever our hearts - mom ps xxxooo 4ever and ever
08-27-2007 11:24:43 AM
Hey josi and aunt deb!
I miss you guys!
ok wow my weekend has been quick...
on saturday i worked from 9-5... that was really long and tiring... blah! lol
on sunday my dog rolled in some dead fish that our neighbors son for some reason had this *ingenious*( said with a highly sarcastic tone!!!!!! and big hand movements for effect) to throw in the creek.. hence the stinky dead fish getting stuck on rocks therefore my dog having weird instincs rolls herself in it... ahh i have never ever wanted to puke from a smell that bad in my life!! it really unexplainable...
so she did that twice and Cassidy was stuck with bath duities...
well josi jean!! right now i really feel like bouncing you on the bed so aunt deb i am leaving the job to you... :(
well miss you
love you!
you better be working hard miss jos so that when i come back there you can give me a long deserved BITCH! or a big punch in the face! either one i would be extremely glad to receive..
love ya
the stranger, Sharon
08-26-2007 9:08:56 AM
Okay, the Momma Bear has put out the word -- THE GOAL IS THAT JOSI BE IN DENVER BY CHRISTMAS. It is my prayer that each and every person who drops in on Josi via this sight will say a prayer that Josi meet all the criteria she must meet to be in Denver by Christmas.It doesn't need to be a long, drawn-out litany, just a simple "Lord, work it out so Josi can be in Denver by Christmas. Thy will be done." And then thank Him for what He is about to do for Miss Josi.

You, too, Josi. Every day you ask "Lord, get me to Denver by Christmas." Work hard, keep the faith, laugh out loud.

08-25-2007 12:13:42 AM
I know a Josi who should be expecting a visit from an Ashley in the very near future! <3
Cass-energizer bunny
08-24-2007 7:51:42 PM
Hey josi! and aunt deb!
well i got into Ketchikan this morning... we like di stand by and adjusted flights to get the right time... I'm working tomorrow... but ya i sure miss you guys! already... my dad threw up on the plane! wow we sure have a lot of weak stomachs running through this family... i am like really tired cuz i am still runnin on your clock! ahhhhhhhhh
but i hope all is well and i sure do love and miss you!
as aunt deb would say
constant vigelince... which would be followed by my
whatever you get out of that is your own ordeal....
lol love ya
08-22-2007 12:40:09 AM
Hello my dear! I am sorry I have not been to see you very recently! Kind of busy what with just now getting all my school activities in order. I will try to come see you soon, I have tomorrow off and of course Saturday and Sunday as well so I will get ahold of your mom and make a date.
Love you!
Aunt Val
08-21-2007 9:10:13 PM
Hey Josi Girl

Well, it has just been too long since I have written to say hi to you. We think of you every single day and you are always in our prayers. Keep that laughing going on...I hear it really helps the soul. I know that every little thing you do makes all of us very happy and keeps our hope and faith going that you will recover more and more each day.

We love you tons

Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dill Pickle
the stranger, Sharon
08-21-2007 3:04:28 PM
Keep the faith, Miss Josie. No matter what happens, keep the faith.
08-21-2007 7:53:01 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Just dropping a line or two, and thinking of you. Told your Madre that I am thinking/planning on making a visit to the Falls this fall. Now that your laughing I will have to tattle on your Mum a bit more so you can join in on the chuckles!
Take it easy but work hard! Ahh you know what I mean...lots of love...Pete
08-19-2007 7:10:38 PM
hey jos i hear you are getting better and better .I love you and know you can get through this. My mom and grandma said they love you too love lots lacey.
08-18-2007 9:57:44 PM
hey girl, just thinking about you. im running a half marathon tomorrow. yay! wish me luck. hopefully i will finish. haha, i have been really sick lately so we will see how it goes. love you. G
08-14-2007 6:20:02 PM
Hey you...the date came and went and truthfully it was hard to realize a whole year has come and gone. I just want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life...and STILL have you in my life. you survived Jos, you are truly a miracle. and I am a very lucky girl to have you for a friend. getting to see you is deffinetly the best parts of my week and i am very fortunate to be so close. you impresse me everyday Jos and you make me believe. You looked so wonderful last night! your button with the phrases is quite entertaining...and thanks to your mom, they are VERY accurate, altho Kater was not so thrilled about it! i will be by tomorrow after work as Kati has given me a shopping list of things i need to get her from my work! see you then! love you
Aunt Janice
08-14-2007 3:03:18 PM
Hi Josi,
Good news from what I have been reading lately and updates say you still going strong with lots of hard work. I had Cassidy tell me all about your "talking" sounds you make (Like wow keep it up Josi) as knowing you one of these days if you keep it up, you are going to "pop out" just what you want to say. Hope it's good and that we all get instant messages or know it is not too far away. So glad there have been tons of friends coming by and relatives,,, which sadly to say have to leave soon. Well, just want to keep up on my hello to you and all your hard working group...that are so proud of you and keep saying "amazing work you have done" more energy that half of us can do in a week. (by the way for all of you if you go back to the first updates and read them ...Josi you have come a LONG LONG way!!)
Love you so much ..."pop a slap" on mom's hand again or Bob's and then put the high five sign right on their palm.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
08-13-2007 9:29:31 PM
We love you.
Forever our hearts - us
08-13-2007 10:37:32 AM
Hey girly! A year later, and you are doing amazing! I am so glad you and your mom stopped by last night, so you could meet all the sisters :]. I am glad you liked Kiran, she is a good litle neice to have around since she is practically always happy. It was good to see you laugh, whenever I am around you are pooped as its always after i get off work but thats okay. Leslie and Angela had to leave really early this morning to make Angela's flight so I will try to come by before work and see you but Les won't be joining me.
Love you!
08-12-2007 7:59:22 PM
Good nite sweetheart. We had our one year pass last night (early Sunday morning actually) and Kati, Theresa, Grant and Senor were all home. It was as it should be, all of us together, and yes like the stranger Sharon said; we dwell on the positive. Tim and Stacey and company came over for visit, we sat on the deck and reminisced about the year and crazy stuff we all used to do, Shea told us about her camp experiences (busted by the popo for visiting after hours?). Today Theresa left on the plane, we went for a long walk, you saw some friends, had a cat jump up and say hello, a baby sat on your lap (you always laugh at that) and then a nurse from ICU stopped in to say hello. It's all good and you are working hard as ever. Love you ever so much, always my heart forever mom
08-12-2007 4:11:12 PM
Hey Jos...hard to believe its almost been a year. tomorrow is going to be a hard one for everyone. just remember how far you have come Jos. you never gave up, and we wont ever give up on you. keep kickin booty Jos. i will come by when i get off work tomorrow. love you much. SMOOCHIES
the stranger, Sharon
08-12-2007 2:43:27 PM
Hi Josi,
and Mama Bear

I am writing in recognition of tomorrow being the one-year mark since your accident and asking that you dwell on all that is positive about the past year. That sounds odd, perhaps?

Well, think about the fact that you love dogs so very much, and one saved your life! Perhaps God's way of saying "In the days ahead, Josi, remember that all that you haveloved will sustain you." And all that you love HAS sustained you - from the four-legged hero to your dedicated Mama Bear; from Mr. and Mrs. Santa to your friends giving you a personal concert in the hospital; from strangers who drop in on your site to hundreds of friends who came to your benefit and brought hugs and love and support with them; from a second-cousin and Auntie who would start an ornament project on your behalf to a dear friend who created and sold t-shirts to show support; from friends who create a web site for you to thousands who vist your site and spend time praying for you. And on and on it goes, Josi! You obviously habve been a blessing to more people than even you realize, and now those blessings you gave are coming back to you and sustaining you.

God orchestrated your rescue, Josi, and has kept you alive for a reason. He's not going to let you down now - or EVER.
Give your Mama Bear a BIG HUGE hug. She is the vessel of God's love, along with all of those friends and family and cyberspace buddies who are pulling for you.

You are blessed. Jesus love you.
08-12-2007 8:29:16 AM
Thinking of you and your family as we approach the 13th. You have come a long way Miss Josi and there is still quite a journey ahead for you. With the help of your family and friends and God's blessings and strength you will take that trip to Denver soon. Give your Mom & Senor some extra smiles tomorrow. We are all just so grateful for having you with us and your continued improvements. Mucho Love...Pete
08-11-2007 2:23:05 AM
aww isnt corgan just the sweetest thing for painting your little toes. haha i remember you would always make me do that because you could never get it on neat enough. (and you know i hate feet) i hope she used a bright pink! i will probably call tomorrow when i get off work, sometime like 9:45-10:30ish your time, hope fully you will be awake. love you~G
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
08-09-2007 2:36:52 PM
Hi Josi,
Good to hear you are getting lots of visitors and soooo glad your friends, family, and all write on this site so that "we" who cannot be there can hear all the news too and keep updated. All the work you are doing sounds like you are making great headway. You sure look like you enjoy your swimming from the pictures your mother send via cell phone. Great to hear good news from all that not only write to you, but again let us know how our God Daughter is doing and having fun too. I saw picture too of your new van and that sure looks like one hot Josi "van" all decorated so special. Wow made me so happy to know that you can get out once in awhile when it's not too hot outside.
Love you "muchly".
08-08-2007 6:53:32 PM
Hey Jos! well you were a little spoiled today with your pedicure! you seemed to enjoy it, although you screwed up the same toe about 4 times. hopefully it was ok after i left! you are so amazing Jos and I am so so proud of you!! keep it up kido. I will try to come by after work tomorrow but if not i will see you this weekend! i love you!!
08-08-2007 3:26:34 PM
josi you are one busy girl.... lol i am on the laptop right now and it is really hard to type..... You sure seem to be happy with your friends and family here.....

For anyone of josi's friends reading this it sure does make josi really happy to see her friends... she really lights up.. and i believe that the more people who come and share their love on this site and in preson have huge impacts on this amazing young lady's road to recovery...
Today she was moving her arms a lot...she moved her hand up and it bumped her in the tooth...
Her sister kati was sitting with her a lot.. Corgs gave Josi a pedicure and it completely relaxed josi to sleep...
Yesterday we went swimming...

well thats my somewhat of an update...

The stranger, Sharon
08-07-2007 2:15:57 PM
Hello Josi,

Just finished reading your update and am thrilled by your progress - I really am! One step at a time will get you there, Josi.

As I read, I couldn't help but think how very fortunate you are. You have the love and encouragement of so much family and so many friends, and even strangers who visit your site. You will find, dear Josi, as you make your way through this journey called "life" that there is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, so valuable as a friend who loves you so much she will shed tears of joy with and for you and those things that are important in accomplishing your goals. You are blessed, indeed. Cherish your memories of all of your friends and family, and work up a sweat getting yourself back to them.

Of course, that blessing is a two-way thing -- your friends are very blessed to have you in their lives, too, and I imagine they've told you so more than once. I just wanted to remind you that you are loved and blessed.

Peace to you. Peace to your family. Peace to all who visit you there at home and in the vast world of cyberspace.

Jesus loves you, Josi. He shed more than his tears for you.
08-07-2007 1:18:05 PM
Josi I loved hearing the view point from your friend Corgs about the twisting and turning they are doing to you in PT...very cool and no pain no gain! It has been almost a year and there is slow steady progress.
How great to have your cousin Cassidy, Grant and Kati home for awhile. Sure makes you want to join in the laughter and chatter. Keep working on getting better Josi...Love, Faith, Hope...
08-06-2007 11:07:43 PM
hello sweet josephine, i know you are probably mad as ever at me. it seems like it has been forever since i posted, i feel terrible. i think of you everyday, there is always something that reminds me of you, usually a song or something funny that i know only you could appreciate as much as i do. anyway, i promise i will write more, i miss you so much and i am so glad to hear about all of your progress. love you, greta
Nicki - Jeff LePards mom
08-06-2007 4:49:22 PM
I loved reading Corgans report - what progress!!! Keep up the good work Josi, everyone knows you can do it! You are always in my prayers....
08-01-2007 9:14:42 AM
Hey jojo-
I'm chillin in seattle working like i have been a lot of the summer and was thinkin about ya! I hear you beat up Corgan eh? Hehe, that's pretty funny. Anyway, i miss you tons and i'll be back in the g-funk middle of the month~
07-31-2007 6:01:05 AM
Hello there Josi girl,
Just got new computor, the old one bit the dust. We were trying to get it to hold on till the 13th when this one would be $100 cheaper. Ah well! Can't get the e-mail to work yet can receive just not reply or send...Uff da!
Little Rosie is now on can food, she is a hungry girl in the morning, 4:30am this morning! I tried to tell her that tomorrow we need to get up that early but today we can sleep in. What a spoiled little poodle!
Thinking of you and yours...keep working hard so you can get the new wheels heading for Colorado! Hope, Faith and Love...Pete
07-30-2007 8:10:33 AM
Howdy JoCee,

Just sitting here at work being bored...
Not too bad for a Monday but it would sure be nice if it was over already. Hopefully I can make it back down this weekend and get everyone over for a BBQ and some other fun shenanigans. Well I need to get back to the grind, I'll see you this weekend!

Love Alvs
07-24-2007 8:07:37 AM
Hi Josi--well I still check this site everyday to see how you are doing. I really wish me and my family could have made it to your benefit but we were out of town. You are always on my mind and in my thoughts--maybe my brother will bring me by for a visit sometime.
always thinking of you! Jori Michelle
07-24-2007 5:53:41 AM
Hello Josi,
Read about Montana's record heat today. It is just too hot at those temps! We are suppose to be back up in the 100's by Thursday.
How is the new van? It was good to hear that the bugs got worked out and you can now travel even more comfortably. I am traveling to big city today for Dr. appointment and to check out computers. Costco has one we are interested in that goes on sale later this week. Hope this one can hold on but I will be looking to see if there is a non advertised special.
Stay cool Josi girl, work hard, give your Mama Bear and Senor smiles and lots of Pete
great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
07-20-2007 4:06:29 PM
Hi Josi - I just read your mom's update of the news about your progress. Sounds like you are improving every day. Keep it up! Hard work, and a very long haul, but you'll get there. We all know that. We are praying for you and we do expect those miracles every day. They are happening. I'm glad they could get you a van so you can get out sometimes. Swimming is fun. I love to swim. Sounds like you do, too.
The stranger, Sharon
07-20-2007 11:13:18 AM
Hello Miss Josephine,

I pray this finds you having a totally great day -- you deserve to have MANY totally great days.

I've been absent from your site for awhile, but think of you so very often and hold you up in prayer every time you cross my mind.

So happy to know you now have a van suitable for taking you out and about! And swimming, and friends and family home from school - lots of visitors and laughs -- all good, all good.

Hey, Josi, check out Philippians 4:6 & 7. It reads "Be caeful for nothing (don't worry); but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Keep the faith, Josi. Don't worry. May the peace of Christ be yours.
07-19-2007 12:07:46 AM
Hey jos,

it is closing in on one year.... really hard to believe....really f'n sucks.... anywho, too bad the heat is gettin to ya... its a bitch. nothing is new here..same old stuff
love you and miss you,
07-18-2007 8:28:40 AM
Hello Josi girl,
Checked on your site yesterday as I start my day every morning looking in on you "regualr peeping Tom" and it was down...Thanks guys for getting it going again!
I awoke to loud thunder and also rain on the roof this morning. Hope it is more rain than thunder as we already have fires all around us.
Today I pick up the middle child, Nicole, back from her travels in Europe at the airport in Spokane. Will be good to see her though it won't be for long as she heads off job hunting in Seattle tomorrow.
Sure hope that your therapy is going well and your keeping the goal in site. You are in so many peoples thoughts and prayers. Keep working hard, much LOVE to you and yours, Pete
07-16-2007 11:01:28 AM
I hope you are excited to hang out with me tomorrow!
07-14-2007 7:42:17 PM
Hey Josers...cant believe its almost been a year. you have come so far. you are such a miracle. you make me really believe Jos. you are awesome! i will come see you as soon as i am not sick anymore! i believe i have the flu and dont want to give you my germs ya know. talk to you soon, love you Jos!
07-13-2007 4:21:37 PM
Hey jos...
its been 11 months today... really puts a damper on everything..heh, anyways... i miss you and love you very very much
07-12-2007 5:58:51 PM
Hello Miss Josi,
I agree with Ceeds, its HOT! 108 in Brewster and good old Mansfield was a cool 101, Uff da that is too much!
Hope that you can stay comfortable if the Falls is getting some of this weather.
Next week our Nicole will be returning home after her solo trip to Europe. It will be amusing to have both Bud and Nicole home together for awhile. She has always backed out of going to work with me. Perhaps next Thursday I could get her to take a ride on the Senior Bus and re-appreciate America?
Keep working hard Miss Josi, you need to keep surprising Mother Moss and Senor with some new accomplishments.
God Bless...much Love...Pete
07-10-2007 4:11:40 PM
Hey jos,

wellllll, its summer time over here... and ridiculously hot!! holy cow! i am just sitting in my living room, and i'm sweating...pathetic! other than that,not much else is new, working hard to get a job, thinking about you, and trying to learn guitar...its tough... i'm going camping soon w/my friend jenna, and i wish you were here to go with me... i miss you a lot...good god its hot! alright...just stoppin in to tell you i miss you and love you a lot
D Michelle
07-09-2007 6:37:54 PM
Josie, sounds like you have lived another life since I have seen you. Things sound like they are going well. Time to come over and shape the locks. ttfn D Michelle
07-09-2007 11:57:25 AM
Hey there! You looked super hot in your new shirt on the fourth!! I went camping over the weekend then I chopped off all my hair so I need to fix that sometime soon, I will have to come show you first. I work all week but I can come by after sometime this week. See you soon!
Aunt Val
07-08-2007 7:57:09 PM
Hey there Josi girl!

Just stopping by to say hi to you. Last year you were at our house for a visit and to give Dilly a Montana horse bite and a wet willy.

The fireworks were spectacular on Whitefish Lake this year. We were all down at the beach watching them.

You would be proud of your cousin Dill...he now wake boards and yesterday (July 7th) he is officially skiing on one ski. He starts out on one and skis about 3/4 the distance of the lake crossing the wake and trying to get that high spray. We just pull him behind our jet ski. Uncle Mike says we will probably be getting a ski boat in the next year so we can keep the little guy skiing at his best. You would have been cheering for him (or probably laughing) if you were here to see him in action. Mike and I are just tickled with him.

Dylan and I have been on vacation all week and have to get back to our regular schedule on Tuesday.

Sounds like you had fun on the 4th! We sure miss you. You are always in our thoughts and in our prayers. We love you to pieces! Keep laughing and moving are on your way Miss Josi Girl. Take care of you.

Love Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the skiing Pickle!
07-04-2007 10:09:54 AM
Hello my little Josi Jean!! HAPPY 4TH!! i miss you terribly, this whole working constantly thing is really givin me problems. i feel like i havent been home at all! hopefully by august things will slow down tho. I cant believe all the progress you have made since the benefit! you are an amazing girl Jos! I cant wait to come see you! i have this upcoming sunday off so I will figure out a time to stop by! I hope you have a wonderful 4th, i'm remembering when we spent the 4th a few years ago together and we decided to put the poppers on your moms toilet seat...hehe, we had fun that year. miss you jos, love you much!
07-04-2007 9:12:10 AM
Happy fourth of July Miss Josi girl,
Your Senor, getting you irritated! Way to go Bob! You need to high five him now Josi, and splash him back!
Sounds like you are off to a busy and interesting summer. Cousin staying, swimming plus all your other theraphy is going to make the summer fly by.
We are having a quiet fourth, I am a bit under the weather and need to get ready for 108+ temperatures tomorrow in Brewster driving bus. I don't mind up to 95 but above that uff da, its hot! The bus is like a green house and the air conditioning can't keep up. Some of the senior's even wear sweaters in this heat. We are going to Klamath Falls for a wedding Friday coming home Sunday. Sounds like a very short trip and I may be driving by myself all or part of the way as Mark needs to stay by Salem next week.
Hope that your crazy Mama is careful with the fireworks...give her high fives for the show...we love you and you are always in our prayers...God Bless you and yours...Pete
Aunt Janice
07-04-2007 8:11:57 AM
Hi Josi,
Well thinking about you punching that arm out, summertime fun right? All these activities great for getting you going; swimming, therapy and some fun times with water balloons flying around. Ah, knowing your mom tonight will be big fireworks. With the noise and sparkles in the sky you get that “cackle” of yours making loud sounds too.
Love you much and keep your mom and Bob busy with all your new actions.
Hugs and kisses,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
07-03-2007 2:08:31 PM
Aw yes the infamous water fight, once again GT lost to a bunch of girls, and his truck was decorated real special from Uncle Tim (beans and peaches). You were sure watching all the antics and smiling. You had your own today - Senor and I were teaming up on the therapies and you apparently had enough, SNAPPED THE RIGHT ARM AT ME! WOW, we were shocked! both of us looked at each other and then you and tried to bug you enough to do it again, but all you would do is SMIRK!. Argh, this Josi time!! I know what Uncle Scott is talking about, we sure miss you too. Just glad to have Josi in any form though. Forever my heart - madre
Aunt Stacey
07-03-2007 9:53:07 AM
Just to be clear, Uncle Scott, Grant was picking on poor helpless girls so Cass, Shea and Shelby were soaked. But, in the end, he was pretty wet himself. I, however, remained completely dry! Long story, but I don't think the ice cream truck is going to stop at that house again!
Unle Scott
07-02-2007 8:57:01 PM
Hello there kiddo, Sorry i haven't been on much lately. Over 35,000 hits on the site, wow! Just want to thank you and your family for giving cassy rae an awsome irthday party. Can't believe my baby is 14 today. Kalli is in Canada for the largest softball in the Northwest or the nation. She got an autograph softball from some of the members of team USA. She got a picture with that infamous pitcher Jenny Finch. Her team lost today but on the positive side she got the only rbi for the team. She sure has found her nitch at the catcher position. I was kinda looking forward for the girls to be gone for a while and look at me, two days after they leave i'm bored senseless. I really miss having them around. Guess that's what happens when you love someone as much as i love my children. Cass had a blast with the water fight at your house. Don't know who really came out a head but fun was had by all. Thanks again Deb for having the party for her. Well i gotta get going as 445 get hear really early in the morning. Take care sweety and were still praying in Alaska. Hopefully in August i can bring down another box of salmon and we have a BBQ. My girlfriend has shown me a couple of new recipes and they are dynomite. Good night, Love Uncle Scott
07-01-2007 12:55:15 PM
Saw the announcement in the paper today! It was very nice and turned out well. I FINALLY got around to tie dying after I bought you and myself tank tops like 2 months ago and they turned out great. If I can get ahold of your mom today I will swing it buy and come have a long needed visit! Love you dear!
06-29-2007 6:21:41 PM
O yeah, forgot... the laughing part, love i jos, i can see it putting a big smile on everyone's face:) i do miss your laugh, yes, yes i do. keep giggling, its good for the soul:)
love and miss you very much
06-29-2007 6:04:20 PM
Hey jos,

swimming sounds like it working very well, it'll keep you ready for trips to hardy in the future! i went floating the river here a few days ago (the willamette), really reminded me of last summer a lot, minus the amazing floating flower of course, i can't seem to find one of those here, not sure i'd want to share a raft w/anyone else anyways, so its ok. I am a huuuuge advocate for you getting a new pup, however i'm not sure tater would like that too much...she didn't like joplin so well... haha, anyways, i'm happy to hear your recovery is still movin along. my mom got one of you 'josi time' tshirts at the benefit and sent it to me, they really do look great corgs, that is a fantastic idea. anywho, love you lots n miss ya
Aunt Val
06-29-2007 1:59:26 PM
Oh, c'mon Kati Bug! Just one more cute little puppy....

Dilly and I are still trying to convince Mike that we need a puppy. He tells us that our parrot and our tortoise are enough. It just isn't as much fun walking them around the block or playing fetch and all the other things you get to do with a puppy!

Josi...I am sure you agree with Dilly and I...we need a puppy.

Just wanted to send you our love, hope, faith and prayers. We love you Josi girl!

Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Pickle
06-28-2007 9:43:41 PM
Well my sweetie, it was another good day. You are exhausted but smiling and nodding off finally tonight (early for you!). Miss Taters is taking up way too much of my bed and Mr. Biz is curled up in the little dog's bed. He sleeps there now so he can keep a better eye on the house. Sleep and heal my little one, love you so very, very much. Forever my heart - mom
06-28-2007 8:50:19 PM
Josi Jean~ This comment is mainly to Mother... But we DO NOT need any more dogs around the house! So no more laughing at the puppies little girl! I'm sure Jared is going to pop up with one in the next couple years so you can wait! LOVE YOU and MISS YOU so much!!!
The Stranger, Sharon
06-28-2007 5:12:29 PM
You go Girl! I am so very happy to hear that you continue to laugh out loud. Laughter truly is good for whatever ails ya, and I am laughing out loud with delight at the thought of your happy outlook on life.

Your Great Aunt Lonnie gave you a wonderful quote from scripture. To "Trust in the Lord always" I would add "Rejoice in the Lord always." Keep laughin' and trustin', Josi, you ARE going to improve.

Thank you Jesus for what you are about to do for Josi.
06-28-2007 1:00:16 PM
Hey, its good to hear you are enjoying the water!
I am having a hard time getting ahold of your mom, and am not too hot on just dropping by, I never want to interrupt something!
I will make sure to come by this weekend sometime, I promise!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
06-26-2007 2:54:06 PM
"Trust in the Lord always and in all things, and lean not on your own understanding". From Proverbs.

This is so true! Sometimes we get discouraged because we can't see or feel any progress or any answers to prayers happening at the moment, but, when we think of this proverb we can know that the answers all lie in trusting God. He does what we ask and need, but he does it in His own way and in His own time. So keep trusting God. He does listen to His people when they ask mighty things of Him. He is still in the miracle business - and always will be. Just think of all that has happened to you since this all started and how much He's been right beside you all the way. It continues - forever! Many blessings are coming your way - and our way, too, because of you! Keep working hard, sweet one!
06-25-2007 8:10:35 AM
Hey Jos! its been forever since i have seen you! i have been so busy with work and on our days off Kurt and I have been out of town, feels like we havent had anytime to just relax! hopefully i will be able to come see you soon, i miss you! love you
06-25-2007 7:41:27 AM
Good morning to you Josi,
Start of another work week for you! I am thinking of your work outs at Physical Therapy and the pools. The work of recovery! Your Mom mentioned to me that she is seeing you move quite a bit more. Excellent, gotta get where you need to go!
Summer vacation now for your college friends, nice having them closer and most back in town. I have spent the entire weekend home alone except for the dogs. Mark had a Dam emergency, not his Dam but one in Oregon. Bud worked at Waterslides and then stayed in Chelan/Manson over night. Nicole had left me a BAG of books so I started reading in the evenings, weird to have such a quiet house after the last few busy weekends.
Take care Josi in this coming week. Keep working hard at getting better. Give Mom and Bob some good surprises!
Our love and Prayers are with you and yours...
06-22-2007 10:32:24 AM
I feel like such a bum! I am sorry I didn't come see you on tuesday :(
I was having some issues about whether or not to move out of my parents house so there was some confusion and nothing was accomplished that day. I promise a weekend visit, probably sunday, but I have to work tonight and I am house sitting for two seperate people this evening. Blegh
06-21-2007 8:43:08 PM
Hey Jos~ I never thought it would be so hard to be away from Montana... Your story really touches everyone's hearts. I hope you will have a new "trick" for me when I get home soon... I am lonely and wish you could come visit me! I love you... very very much! Keep goin Chubbs! So proud of you!
06-19-2007 7:16:53 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Well the middle child, Nicole, is now graduated and in New York till she takes off for her wandering trip in Europe. Don't we both wish we could be joining her?
Hope that everything is going well and you been working up a sweat in your therapy. The swimming-water feels good and probably makes it easier to move those limbs?
As always our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family who are helping you daily to get better and make your trip to Colorado as soon as possible.
Much faith, love and hope...
06-18-2007 5:40:48 PM
Hey josi my love,

Wellll, i'm all moved into my new apartment... its interesting living with my brother again, but nice all in all to have the family support:) I was decorating my room today and came across that wierd sock puppet you gave me a few years ago to cheer me up, yes, i've kept it. I'll be sure to send it to my mom so she can bring it to you, i know it'll put a big ol' smile on your face...regardless of how retarded it looks, actually, i might just keep it:) it still has the hole where dedo chewed off the nose, but ohhhh so cute!!! anywho, i was just thinking about you, i've got to go to work now...ugh...oh well, love you and miss you very much
06-16-2007 5:54:46 PM
glad the benefit went really well!! haha i heard aunt debbie didn't even recognize cass at first...neither could anyone else i guess...pretty funny! :P softball team won state!!! haha it still hasn't really suck in that we won state, not just a lil was an awesome come from behind win and i'll bring an article to montana when i come down there in july! i can't wait to see everyone :D haha i hope you're enjoying cass's company...she had a good time at the benefit...anywayz...i gotta's been sunny here for the past week so we're goin to the beach tonight for a bonfire...
i love you tons!!
The stranger, Sharon
06-15-2007 8:21:33 AM
Oh, WOW, Josie! What could possibly be more wonderful than laughter? (Well, actually, I can think of one thing -- your Mom hearing you laugh, no matter how rusty it may sound!) You keep laughing, girl. It is true, laughter IS the best medicine. Thank God for crying babies (?!??!!??) and friends -- and Moms who delight in hearing their precious children laugh.

God bless you all.
06-14-2007 9:34:41 PM
As usual you never fail to amaze me. Kati and Jared stopped in to say hello with his niece, Kenadee ( 3 months). That baby would not quit crying and you started to laugh. Ha, Ha, Ha, it was rusty, sounded funny but you just kept laughing. Not sure if you thought it was theirs or what was going on. Wow Miss JoC you are rolling.. Went to Five Alive with Cass and met Tim and Stacey. You liked the music but didn't seem to be impressed by the street dancers. Tomorrow is swimming... upstream always but we will get there! Forever my heart - madre
06-14-2007 9:30:46 AM
Hey jos,
i really liked the post, the benefit sounds like it was amazing, i'm sorry i couldn't be there. school is finally over, i'm moving into my apartment today, its quite exciting! the josi 'aura'...:) god that makes me happy:) keep chuggin lady, love you and miss you very very much
Aunt Val
06-12-2007 9:06:57 AM
Wow! What an event. It was so heartwarming to see all your family and friends there to support you. Aunt Stacey is right, thank you's to everyone just doesn't seem like enough. We just love everyone who supports you, who were at the auction in spirit and physically. It is a great thing that you have brought so many hearts together.

We all love you Josi. We are all on your time. We will never leave your side.

Thank you to everyone out there, you are all truly amazing!

Love and BIG HUGS from Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the Pickle!
06-11-2007 9:21:22 PM
Hey jos
missing you. My mom told me the benefit was awesome! and you were laughing!!!!! that puts a smile on my face:) i'm just missin ya today. Studying for finals...shitty deal in my opinion... but its ok, i'm almost done. My new apartment is ok, small, but should suffice until later. Anywho, i'm really glad it all went so well, and i miss you very much. Love you
Aunt Stacey
06-11-2007 7:14:25 PM
I've spent three days trying to find the right words to let everyone know how much we appreciate their support, but I'm no closer than when I started. It just doesn't seem like "thank you" is enough! We have been blessed with so many miracles and the outpouring of support at your benefit meant so much more to us than any dollar amount. It is overwhelming to have had so much love in one room. Everyone that was there believes in you, Jos, just like we have from the beginning, and wants the very best for you. I know we will all hear your voice again someday but until then we'll be patient and enjoy that beautiful smile on your face - I'm happy so many people had the chance to see it Friday night. To everyone who supported Josi, or just stopped by to say hello, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you all as much as you have blessed us!
06-11-2007 10:37:19 AM
Sounds like your fundraiser was just a fantastic cool! My sister said you looked wonderful and they had a very good time.
Now it is time to really get working towards that trip to Colorado. You can do it and you have so many people backing you every step of the way!
God Bless, love to you and yours, Pete
06-11-2007 7:36:35 AM
Hey Miss Josi. I'm not going to lie, your fundraiser was a major hit. Everyone seemed to be having a blast and it was so niced to all of the people that love and support you and your family. Oh, and by the way you looked so good on Friday night. It was nice to see your warm smile when I said hello. I hope that you keep on sweating and recovering. Keep up the hard work and know that you have community of loved ones waiting and supporting you along your journey.
Unlce Scott
06-10-2007 9:23:47 PM
Hey hey kiddo, well from what i hear, your mother was quite surprised by Cassidy's appearance at the fund raiser. Yep, matter of fact she had a few choice words for me when she called.I was glad to get some representation down there from Alaska. Wish we all could've been there for it. Kalli was playing in the state softball tourney in Anchorage. She did awsome as the catcher. She played seven games in two days and was exhausted when she got off the plane today. Any how , they won, they took the long road through the loser bracket but they won. Kalli made some critical throws in the championship game that helped them along to victory. Matter of fact there wasn't any steals to second while she was catching. She even threw out some girls on first and third. The coach was saying that she is going to be the best catcher Ketchikan has ever had. Hopefully that spells scholarship to a fine school. Cass was so excited that i was able to get her the ticket to come down, it didn't look good for a cheap ticket but it worked out good. I think your mom talked to her for 2 minutes before she realized who she was talking to. I'm glad the fund raising event went well for you. Puts you on the road to recovery at a faster pace. Have a good week sweety, your in our prayers always. Love Uncle Scott, Kalli, And Cassidy.
The stranger Sharon
06-10-2007 11:57:31 AM
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for a successful fundraiser!

Hey Josi! Sounds like a whole lotta people came with a whole lotta love and went home with a whole lotta happy. Doesn't get any better than that, Girl!

Keep inspiring people Josi. Keep working hard. Most of all --KEEP THE FAITH1
06-09-2007 11:54:02 PM
Josi, you looked so pretty last night, I am glad you got to see all the people who came to help and support you! I am sure you were tired today, I will be by for a visit sometime this week and at the latest next saturday, so we can have some down time. <3
06-09-2007 9:13:55 PM
Hey Josi! Those videos from the dance contest and fundraiser were funny! lol
I love you!
Sleep well tonight!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
06-09-2007 8:57:49 PM
Wow! What an event the fund raiser was last night! So many, many people came and they all came to support you. And, just think! That's not even all the people who are supporting you! There are many, many more who were not able to attend for one reason or another and who live far away and couldn't make it! Isn't that just so awesome? You are special to many people. We ALL love you. Keep getting better, ok? Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this all together. I know they all worked very hard and long on it, and they can be proud of a job well done. I would have loved to have been able to help, but couldn't. Love you, Josi
06-09-2007 8:41:41 PM
well Jos...last night was spectacular to say the very least! You looked so beautiful and happy and...wonderful! I was so overwhelmed by the incredible amount of people there. You have so many people that love you, and that want to help you. Jos you are so loved by so many. i dont think you know how many lives you have touched! you are an amazing person Jos and last night proved it! i love you kido! see you soon!
06-09-2007 12:05:25 PM
Josi, my family and I had a great time at your fund raiser. It was a spectacular success. The outpouring of so many caring people is just heart warming. Your Mom has such stamina! I'm sure she is totally wiped out today. I thought the cutest little thing on auction was that adorable lab pupppy! Wished I could have got it. What a sweet reminder of you that little doggie will be to the lucky bidders! The slide show was fantastic, too! You are such a lucky gal to be surrounded with so many people who love you so much. The ladies who helped your mom put this together are such a great group. I wish I could have been in town to help our more. I really missed out on a special time. Anyhow, I ended up with some great items from the silent auction including a very special basket from your mom's co-workers in Fort Belknap. Well, rest well, Josi. I know last night had to knock you out as well. See ya later.
06-09-2007 8:25:06 AM
Hey Josi! Hear the fundraiser went awesome! We all know so many people care about you! I hope you have an awesome weekend, it is super hot in Georgia today supposed to get to 110!! I plan on coming to see you in July when i am in GF! Have a ggreat day!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
06-08-2007 8:15:18 AM
"Intense love does not measure, it just gives.”- Mother Teresa

May your FUNDRAISER TODAY be successful and help get you to Craig and supply for you any other medical needs that insurance doesn’t appear to cover for your recovery.
May God bless all the wonderful people that have contributed with donations or prayers to make it a success. Enjoy the day and will miss being there but will be there with all our love, faith, and hope!!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
Aunt Stacey
06-07-2007 11:56:13 PM
Thinking about you and hoping tomorrow is a success. Lots of love.
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
06-06-2007 6:43:20 PM
Hi Josi - Well, what do you think of this weather today? It was so hot and so nice and we think it's summer - and then winter comes back, it feels like. But, we do need this in order have the beautiful trees, grass, flowers, running streams, fish and everything. We can't even have a rainbow in the sky without the storm clouds and the rain! I do believe that's what is happening to your body now, too. This is the stormy, dreary time, but for sure, the rainbows will shine bright and beautiful from you in no time. Actually, they already do, but it's going to get better and better! Keep walking through the storm and singin' in the rain! We're all right here with you!
The stranger, Sharon
06-06-2007 4:25:40 PM
Heavenly Father,

Thank you for pulling Josi from the jaws of death. Thank you for watching over Josi as she goes through the painstaking process of healing. Thank you for her family and large family of supporters.

Thank you for the love that Josi emits through this website. Thank you for the webmasters. Thank you, Father, for each new day.

We would ask, Father, that you bring many, many people to the Friday Fundraiser and that all who come leave with a happy heart. Please bless and be with all of those who have worked so hard to put this evening together and bless all who come. Please bless Josi with a successful Fundraiser so that she can continue on the road back to health without the worry of the financial burden

Thank you, Father, for what you are about to do for Josi and her family. We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

06-06-2007 6:57:56 AM
Hey Josi! I hope your benefit is awesome this weekend! I have heard so much about it and even though i cannot be there i will be thinking about you! Have fun with all the Josi supporters! Have an awesome day!!
06-04-2007 9:00:59 PM
Graduation week is over! THANK GOD! Family week is here to stay, but I will be by with Leslie tomorrow hopefully, and if not, I will be by with my lonesome wednesday probably and Leslie will be back on Friday!
Just wanted to say hello!
06-04-2007 7:02:48 AM
Hey josi!! your fundraiser is in 4 days!!!!! man i am excited for you! I hope you guys bring in the big bucks!!! I saw your commercial thing! it was cool! well i have nothing new to write besides the weather.... yesterday it was beautiful!! then it got cloudy so then it was really muggy-like really warm but no sun.. Today it's just plain ugly! I have to work today at the salon... got to make some mula-lol sorry if i spelt it wrong..
well i love you josi!!
06-03-2007 12:31:41 PM
Your party week!
I hope and pray that it is a huge success. People will have a chance to help out and have a great time! Speaking of people helping out how cool are Matt and Sue? Seeing a need and taking care of it! That is paying it forward and more. Will be so nice for you to be able to travel to your different doctors and therapy and not have to wait for a bus. As a Josi friend, thanks guys and God Bless! have a EXCELLENT week!
06-02-2007 8:15:54 AM
Hey josi! my birthday is in ..uhmm.. sorry i had to count.. 30 days!! lol then i am 14! well your big fundraiser is in 6 days!i hope lots of people show up!!! anyways the weather here has been ok.. like some days its rainy.. some its sunny... and some days its both.. I am going to work today at the salon-Shear Magic.... I am the receptionist there sometimes.... but ya SCHOOL is out!! i had a 4.0 all year... and i also got this Presidential Academic Award... but ya... well i hope you have a wonderful day josi jean!!!
Love ya
05-31-2007 7:03:00 AM
Hey Josi!!! IT's my last day of school!! i am soo excited.. it hasn't really donned on me yet that school is over..but what the hay... Life has been good. 8 days until your fundraiser!!! I hope it's a HUGE sucess and TONS of people schow up!
well i love you!!
05-31-2007 5:35:41 AM
"Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing." Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865
Words of wisdom from my Good Earth tea bag this morning...You are succeeding at getting better and stronger. Your love ones will succeed in having a successful fundraiser to help get you on the next path to wellness. Thinking of you and yours...God Bless
05-30-2007 6:59:41 AM
Hey Jos!!! Dang girl you are doing awesome!!!! I have my ticket bought so i will be seing you this summer! well i have to get ready for school!
I love you!
The stranger Sharon
05-29-2007 7:20:33 PM
Hello Miss Josi,

Hey, I like the new look! Kudos to the webmasters.

So happy to know that you can get outdoors and enjoy that Big Sky sunshine, Josi. And it sounds like things are moving right along as far as making it easier for you to get out and about. Swimming! All good news, all good news.

And more good news --- Jesus loves you, Josi, more than our words can express. Keep the faith! "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" That is quoted from Hebrews, Chapter 11, verse 1. You are in the hearts and minds and PRAYERS of many people, Josi. Yes, keep the faith -- it IS going to happen.

Peace to you Josi. Peace to all who visit this site.
05-29-2007 5:43:53 PM
Hello ms josephine
Well, school is winding down, FINALLY! not quite done until June 15, thats my last final, but i will definately be relieved. I'm loving hearing the good news, sounds like you are still making progress. The page looks amazing, great job alvin n matt!!!! very very nice, jos will dig it for sure. Not too much else is going on, my brother and I got an apartment, and i'm slowly but surely moving my things in. I might be home in june after school is done, depending upon my financial situation. I will be home at some point however, i am going to be bringing joplin back, which i'm extremely excited about :) anywho, i miss you love, love you very very much, keep pushin pos
Hello Miss Josi,
05-28-2007 3:35:55 PM
I hope you have having a great three day weekend with lots of your friends coming by to keep you company.
The new updated website is great! Love the new photo, WOW! You looked like Barbi in that pink dress!
Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and as always our prayers are with you and your love ones who are caring for you...God Bless!
05-26-2007 10:37:11 PM
I also forgot to mention that i love your new site layout!
05-26-2007 10:36:01 PM
Hey josi and family! wow you guys i just watched Pirates of the Carribean.. I thouroughly enjoyed it but a lot of ppl have been saying its kinda of bad.. either way it answers a lot of the questions left un answerd by the first 2 movies.. I won't tell you guys anything incase you havent seen it-unless you really want me to... anyways school is almost over which means summer break for me!!! I cannot wait! I have a *continuation* ceremony on THursday which is also my last day of school! i cant wait to see you guys this summer! when i will be coming down is a mystery to me... but i will definately be coming!

I love you very very much!!!
Your cousin
Aunt Janice
05-25-2007 7:08:42 PM
Oooops Josi...
My comment below say week from today, meant Two Weeks from today is your Fundraiser!! Well, that means more time to get more people to donate maybe LOL
Love you,
Aunt Janice ( Uncle Steve said duh get your dates right Janice
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
05-25-2007 6:45:32 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
The big FUNDRAISER is a week from today. Sure hope tons of money gets raised for all your therapies. Please tell Mom to take lots of pictures for all us that can’t be there. That raffle for the huge TV is going to give someone their wish too. Best of all, want all your wishes to come true to get you some of the many things for the “bestest” recovery possible at rehab… and in the meantime get your smile ready for some fun, laughs, wonderful donated auction items, and great spaghetti dinner donated by terrific restaurant. Man, wish I could be there but will be in thoughts. (And Josi be sure to sleep on Thursday night!)
Love you so much sending you big hugs and kisses….
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
Keely A.
05-24-2007 10:23:07 AM
I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and I am so glad to hear that you are progressing each day. Just keep your head up and stay stong. You are a wonderful woman and we concur all the obstacles put in front of you. You have a wonderful family and friends that will always be by yourside. Keep it up!
Hugs and kisses
Heather Vance
05-22-2007 9:15:56 AM
Hi Josi Girl! It was so good to see you this weekend! You look amazing! I'm pretty jealous of your setup too.... I think I need a shower like that! I'm going to try and sell as many raffle tickets from work this week for you! I hope I get the TV though! :) Keep your head up kiddo! I'm praying for you!
05-21-2007 9:57:43 PM
Hey! I feel like such a bum, I haven't been around for a while. Blegh. Just kind of crappy busy with school. I graduate in a little over a week! Yay! (I dont even want to go to the ceremony, it is going to be so boring I'm sure...)
Anyways, the end of high school cannot come soon enough, and I suppose I will endure whatever I have to in order to help it move along...
I have every day this week but wednesday off from work, so I should be over for a visit soon!
05-21-2007 9:10:58 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Interesting reading your cousin's outdoor adventure. Reminded me of a backpacking trip your Mom and I took with some friends. It was so cold,wet and freezing that a lady Forest Ranger took mercy on us and invited us to the Ranger cabin one night. I had never drank coffee much before that night but she served us cowboy coffee with the grounds in the pot. Best tasting stuff in the world, that night anyway! She also told tales of bears trying to get in her cabin, even trying to get in though the roof. Don't know if it was the coffee the stories or the cold but I didn't sleep one bit in our flimsy unbear proof tent later that night.
Hope that your therapies are going well and that you continue to give Mom a few good surprises! Little Rosie is under the weather so I need to head to Brewster to visit our Vet. Love to you and your family...
05-19-2007 1:14:55 PM
well i just got back from the survival trip yesterday.. We did sooo much stuff.. we went to a place called Back Island-some place where we go fishing sometimes.. it was a group of 25 girls.. when we first got there we had to build our shelters... then we did a stretcher race.. its where you are on teams of 5 and you make a stretcher-something to carry someone- out of wood you can find on the island and rope from building your shelter-our shelters were made out of visqueen and tied to trees-. then you go on a really hard obstacle course were 4 ppl carry 1 prson..then we played capture the flag.. and tht was my first day.. DAY 2 we moved the skiffs that were used fro transport- the were brought up o the beach by the tide.. then we went on a hike to this naval base and then we had to find our way back to our camps through the woods. then we went swimming... and we also had a fashion show.. were we weere in groups and made costumes out of things around us..then we played tug of war on the beach-ACTUAL SAND!! it was fun!!!!..then we had food and smores.. then we played 2 person tug of war-sit on the ground foot to foot and pull on a stick till someone is pulled up.. o<-<|>->o.. then we old scary stories.. and finally we went to bed.. 3rd day we packed up and went home... I stunk soo bad!! Kenda bought me McDonalds and i ate that for lunch then took a shower then took a nap..
i am still tired..
well i hope you have nice weather, a nice day, and good happenings....

I love you very much josi!
TELL THE family i love them very much as well!!
Love ya

-p.S i ate sea cucumbers, limpets, and gumboots*.. i wouldn't recommend them!ick
Janet Eve Brown (Joe's cousin)
05-18-2007 8:43:48 PM
What if you had to feed all 32,000 people. I bet it would be fish and wine blessed by the Lord, himself.

I went to a stamping fund raiser tonight. The proceeds went to the cancer society. I made the cards for your benefit fundraiser. I think I'll make a few more and send them to y'all. Maybe a buck or two might be made for a very, very good cause. Wish I had another talent for society, but stamping is all I have. You on the other hand, have teaching 32000 hits of interested parties who want to learn about Josi and Josi time. You rock, girl. So do Teresa, Grant, Kati, Your dad, mom, and the rest of the clan. You are very, very loved and special.

Take care on this fine and wonderful day, Josi. Love always, Janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow, aka OCSOTH.
Mark Mathson
05-18-2007 12:14:04 PM
Just wanted to say a quick hello to Josi and the family!
The stranger, Sharon
05-17-2007 8:21:56 PM
Hello Josi,

So, how is everything in your corner of the world? I pray you are doing well and getting out to soak up some rays. I hear it is pretty hot in your neck of the woods.

Were you able to squeeze out a word or two for your moma bear on Mother's day, Josi? If yes, KUDOS to you! If no, no worries - there is always tomorrow! Do what you can one day at a time.

Would you look at that tally on the top of this page!!!! Over 32 THOUSAND visitors just stoppin' by to see how you are doing. WOW!!

Take care, work hard, and God bless.
05-16-2007 11:54:43 PM
hey you, miss you muchos. finally summer is here, but my life is completely taken over by working, ew. oh well i will take making money over going to school any day. still trying to work out my plans to fly down this fall, i will let you know when for sure. i bought the new kings of leon cd, and its amazing, i might have to send it to you. im going through a stage where it is literally all i am listening to. haha oh well. love you tons. peace
05-14-2007 9:39:22 PM
Hey Jos!! How are you doing girl? I am doin pretty well. Kalli leaves tomorrow and i leave on wednesday-goin to survive on one of the islands around here with my class... kind of excited... The weather here has been nice.. Birds have been flying about.. and flowers are being bought, planted, and are blooming.. and ya kinda pretty.. so thats pretty much Ketchikan today and yesterday..
WEll i lOVE you Josi Jean!!
hope you have a stupendous tomorrow and tonight.. and wee!!!
05-13-2007 10:39:26 PM
Hey jos,
its been 9 months today.... and i keep listening to the song... about 7 or 8 times now.... keep thinking maybe if i hear it just one more time you'll be just a little bit closer... i miss you very much today, and everyday. i had a dream about you last night, we were in the sluices, and we took tater out there with us, and she was bitching, tee hee, but then i woke up.... and realized that i was sleeping. humdidly... 'wait...they don't love you like i love you' i'm waitin for ya jos, miss you more than anything, and can't wait to hear your voice again, see you smile.... live your life again the way you deserve... good lord i miss ya
05-13-2007 7:38:02 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Your Aunt Stacey is my hero, along with your Mom of course but to give you icecream, yeah! My favorite and what better way to stimulate the old swallowing reflexes. Remember to give your Mom lots of smiles and perhaps a few good surprises on this her special Mother's Day. Hard to believe that my old goof ball friend could ever become such the fantastic Mom she has, of course with her luck of getting such fantastic kids she had to love the job!
God bless you all and remember to spoil Mom a lot today.
The Stranger Sharon
05-12-2007 3:41:18 PM
Hello Miss Josi,

I just wanted to drop in on you for a quick minute before I get ready to leave for the evening. Hey! You are lookin' good!

How's it going with the "I love you Momma Bear" project -- or MMM MMMM MAMA? I'm pulling for you Josi Girl!

So glad to know you are now able to get out and catch some rays and enjoy God's great outdoors and stroll under that Big Montana Sky. That must feel good to you.

Jesus loves you more than our words can express, Josi. Tomorrow is the big day. Remember "I love you Momma Bear." Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do for Josi and for her Momma Bear.

Peace to all who visit this site.
05-11-2007 6:58:24 AM
Hey Josi! how are you? Darn i am really tired... Next week is the surivival trip for 8th graders.. it's when we go out on some deserted island with like a 1 lb coffee can with not a lot of food.some clothes-tarp-sleeping bag. and survive for about 3 days... i am kind of nervous! lol softball started here so its very fun.. Kalli is in SItka... WEll i love you Josi!!
I hope you have a wonderful day and hope all is well!
Love ya
Tim, Stacey, Shea & Shelby
05-10-2007 7:50:53 PM
Hey Jos- It was good to see Theresa today. She said you were pretty wiped out after yesterday's trip to the doctor. We really enjoyed taking you for a walk on Sunday when the weather was so nice. Shelby loved walking Tater (or Tater walked Shelby, I'm not sure which). You had a big smile on your face the whole time, so we just kept going. The sunshine and fresh air felt good to all of us. It's funny, I can't get Uncle Tim out on a walk, but he'll go for you. Maybe you can whip him into shape for me..We're so proud of Grant and Kati, and want everything in the world for them. We can't go to Bozeman this weekend, but we're having about 15 girls here for Shelby's birthday party. It should be pretty exciting! Maybe I can sneak you some ice cream, like last Friday. Even though it was cold on your teeth, you kept sticking your tongue out for more. The fundraiser is coming together and will be here before we know it. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support for you, your Mom and Bob, and we are so thankful to live in such a caring community. I hope we can put on a great party because we sure feel like we have a lot to celebrate! You have touched and changed so many lives and we want to do our very best for you. I know you would do the same. We love you and think about you constantly. Goodnight, Jos. Sleep well.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
05-09-2007 7:01:43 AM
Hi God Daughter,
You are just waiting and thinking with the sounds rolling through your mind. No doubt you are talking in your head but… TWO MESSAGES came out clear. One that your mom wrote saying you said something when she was on the phone to Grandma, and the other when Theresa got home from NY yesterday and you “flashed her with loving tears and huge smile”. So what that says to me is that you “got it” gal.
Love the T-shirts and if everyone saw how cool they are… Corgs might get to raise lots of money on that sale too. Yesterday I ordered five more T-shirts as didn’t think I would ever like green but guess what …the green is my favorite. Hope she raises mucho on them before the fundraiser and have lots of green and grey showing up in their new cool looking shirts. (Remind all your readers still time to order)
Busy weekend for you, with Grant graduating with his Master’s Degree, Kati graduating with her Bachelor’s but guess she is just going to follow the course and stay for her Master’s Degree too. Then you have tiny Big Sister, Theresa home for a visit and the celebrating with Mother’s Day on Sunday. Ok I say on the big “M” Day try for the word
“mmmmmaaaaa” as maybe someone will help you work on it to surprise your mom? Hint all you visitors sneak a couple of “mmmmaaaa” lessons for Josi when Deb’s is not around.
Well, have to say each day is always a little something new with you. Keep on that “rolling” path as the birdies are now chirping early… as it’s the time of the year we can feel like things are not that far away.
Love you so much,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
05-07-2007 9:21:01 PM
Hey Josi!! how you been girl? I am pretty good... SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER!! i am soo excited-except all this homework that we get in the last quarter!!!>:|.. Hows Montana been? Today it was gorgeous here-kinda chilly tho... I hope all is well and cant wait to see you this summer!
Love Ya josi,
05-07-2007 9:16:39 PM
Hey Jos!
i'm sorry i haven't written anything on here in a long time. i check it, but it's so hard to think of something perfect to write. i think bout you all the time though and you're always in my prayers. a few weeks ago i got baptized again! finally...i know i was talkin bout it on here a long time ago, but i finally did it. i wrote my testimony and it was about you. i kinda feel bad, but it took your car accident for me to accept God and what He has done. i knew when you were saved tho, that it was His doin, cuz it wasn't your time. He's goin to use you to teach other people and i'm one of them. i started cryin in my testimony but i guess it was so powerful that i made other people cry. i had softball in juneau this last weeked. i kinda hurt my arm tho. i went to the hospital there jus to get it looked at, but they jus gave me a sling. now i'm goin to the doctors here tomorrow...and i hope it's not too bad..cuz i go to sitka thursday! and i love sitka...!!! but's goin ok...i'm ready for it to end tho...june 1st! woohoo!!!! grades are ok...i'm bringin them up as we speak...but hey..i'm gonna go..i gotta finish an english project. i'll write on here more often!
i love you!
Aunt Val
05-07-2007 7:18:30 PM
Hey there Josi Girl!

Not a moment goes by that you are not on our minds. When I am working at the Rehab I am always thinking of what more could benefit you...what is going to wake you all the way up. Well, Your Uncle Mike, Dylan and I watched a movie the other night that gave me an idea (Maybe your Mom has already tried this) What about taking you out on a basketball court and having one of your friends or Grant bounce the basketball around, make a few hoops. I am thinking that the familiar sounds might help to wake you up a bit more. The movie we watched was "Waking Up Wally". It was a movie about Wayne Gretzky's dad who had a stroke and was ina coma and then rehab for a year. He couldn't remember anyone or anything until his occupational therapists figured out that he loved to coach his boys hockey...sooo...he took Wally to the ice rink when some kids were skating and sure enough that is what triggered his memory and brought him back. Maybe your Mom can rent the movie. I know you loved to shoot baskets with Grant and his friends and your friends.

We are looking forward to working the auction on June 8. I worked an auction to raise money for hospital's Alert helicopter. We raised almost $38,000 on the live auction. It was a worthy cause and it geared me up for your auction.

Dylan has been playing baseball. His coach is awesome. The kids are doing great. Dylan said he is going to try and hit a homerun for you the next game on Friday.

We love you tons. Keep working hard. Keep smiling that pretty smile of yours. See you soon.

Love Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Pickle!
The stranger Sharon
05-07-2007 12:57:05 PM


Let's all get on our knees and bombard Heaven with the prayer that Josi will Belt out "I LOVE YOU, MOMMA BEAR" on Mother's Day. And if you are like me and the old body just doesn't bend well enough to get on the floor on your knees, remember that our loving God hears prayers regardless if you are sitting, standing, kneeling, running, doing dishes, roller-blading, etc. etc.

HEAVENLY FATHER, I pray that you bless Debbie's ears and heart with the sweet words "I LOVE YOU MOMMA BEAR" coming clearly and loudly from Josi's lips on Mother's Day, 2007. Thank you, Jesus, for what you are about to do. Amen

The Stranger, Sharon
05-07-2007 12:48:00 PM
Hey Josi!

The sun is shining in Tacoma, Washington! When that happens, we must seize the moment, because it could be a fleeting thing!

I say DITTO to Pete's comment. Mother's Day is six days away - plenty of time to work on Pete's suggestion. So, repeat after me "I love you, Momma Bear!"

God bless you, Josi. God bless all who visit this site.

05-07-2007 7:03:19 AM
Josi, Just a little reminder for you. Mother's Day is coming this weekend and you need to do some more talking for your Mom. I bet you can come up with a big surprise for her! Thinking of you to you and your family...
05-03-2007 5:02:19 PM
Sounded like you were trying to say something, luckily grandma was on the line and heard it too! Sounding like you are singing the "whales" song, to us just music to our ears. Every morning your smile is the most beautiful start of a day, and usually you end it that way too. Love you so much, forever my heart
05-01-2007 2:41:53 PM
Hello Miss Josi;
Hope you have been having a great week. Sounds like your sister Kati is just chip off the old block...Just like your Mom! Full of tease!
I am eagerly looking forward to seeing my T-shirt...the big date is coming soon. I bet your family is busy getting all the ducks in a row for the fundraiser.
I will be working the rest of the week. Driving to Omak tomorrow. Full bloom of the apple trees down in the river valley and the green wheat fields up here. Spring is so pretty and such a great time of year. Hope you have had some nice days out in the back yard watching the dogs play.
I am thinking of you everyday...keep working hard Josi...
04-29-2007 8:36:36 PM
Hey there Beautiful! just saw you this morning but i miss you already! i didnt get to see you very much while i was there since i was trying to sort the shirts. but i did get to paint your toenails last night which was fun, except you smushed ur toes together u turkey. its ok, i will fix it next time i am there. i have quite the plan for your little piggies! I cant wait until you are able to talk again, i have a feeling you will have words for everyone especially Kati who takes every oppourtunity to torture you. lol, you were not enjoying peek-a-boo at ALL. Kati however thought it was very entertaining. crazy girl. oh and you and I need to have a little talk, you were checkin out Kurt the entire time i was there! i know what you are thinking, hes hot, but hes all mine, sorry Jos! haha. i hope you have a great week and i will see you in two weeks! love you!
04-27-2007 10:13:38 AM
Hey Josi, I've been spreading the word like butter about your fundraiser trying to get a good turn out from my neck of the woods. I hope you are having an enjoyable afternoon and that you are enjoying this change in the weather. Much love and respect.
04-26-2007 3:58:45 PM
Hey Jos, I'm coming to Great Falls in June.It'd be cool to get to see you. Wanted to come to your auction, but have to get my son back for his soccer game.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
04-26-2007 8:03:12 AM
Hi Josi,
Can't wait to see the T-shirts!! Thanks to Corgs we should be getting them this weekend. Yippee and hope your mom takes a picture of you in one too!?Know you will love the green one and she said we can buy more too so if mine fits I will be buying a few more. Hope everyone gets one to help the fundraiser get even more attention, right? Would be great if the whole city of GF wore one LMAO ..but yikers that would be pretty funny too ;D
Love you very much.
04-25-2007 2:47:29 PM
Hey jos,
sittin here, and wonderin why....
i love you, and miss you dearly...
04-25-2007 7:58:49 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Hope that you are giving some good surprises to Mom and Senor! Got to keep them on their toes! Been sorta slow around here now that I got the "sewing" projects done and still a bit too cold for getting things planted outside. Mark and I were given 4 tickets to a Mariners game this Saturday. They will be playing Kansas, should be fun. Our son, Bud was suppose to be here for opening fishing season and babysit the dogs. His boss had different plans so we will be taking the girls and smuggling them in to the motel?
Keep working hard, you are in our thoughts and prayers...
04-23-2007 9:18:27 PM
i am missing you, muchos.
love ~G
04-20-2007 3:58:22 PM
hey beautiful! woohoo for spinning...haha i think i would vomit too, no wait, i know i would, merry go rounds make me sick. im glad to hear you are improving, as always. sounds like the fundraiser is going to be amazing...wish i could be there. i love you much. miss you tons.
love G
The stranger, Sharon
04-20-2007 8:43:14 AM
To Josi,

the young woman with the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes

I pray our loving God wrap his arms around you today and embrace you so warmly that you will know He is there with you. May you be filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding, with love so pure and powerful it brings a smile to your heart, with a renewed determination that pushes you onward towards complete recovery, and may you be filled with God's joy to the point of it spilling out and causing you to laugh out loud. I pray in Jesus name.

Thank you Jesus for what you are about to do for Josi today.
04-19-2007 11:55:39 AM
Hey jos,
since last I wrote I've gotten two new tattoos and that makes 5!! They are on my wrist and one say"follow your heart" and the other one says " love never fails" I am reminded of all the love you have in your heart Jos. I also am a finalist in the National Honey Board Recipe Contest! Two other finalists and I will compete to make an entree using honey. I am making "Honey- Glazed drunken duck" Fist place is 500$ Second place is 300$ and third place is 250$! I fI win I hope to spend some of the money on the silent auction!! Miss you lots
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
04-18-2007 8:27:56 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Always good to read that things are happening…swallowing now!! From what I understand swallowing comes first then it gets you ready for the speech part. Hmm?
The faces you made before are now “back” and giving you a way to communicate…
he he he and you use those faces to give em “heck” when you want a big NO. Glad to hear that all your family and friends keep visiting and writing updates, keeping you busy and you keeping them busy too. Sounds like your fundraiser is going great plus they will be serving the great spaghetti recipe at the event from the restaurant that was my favorite when I lived there.
Well, things not much different here, except Baby has to take insulin shots every morning for her diabetes. Yeppers, cats get that too, just like humans.
Love you and keep on “trucking” Goddaughter, as we send mucho prayers, hugs, kisses and all the goodies we can to you.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
04-18-2007 5:49:27 PM
Hey Josi, I am supposed to be writing a paper for my nutrition class but I thought that writing to you would be more beneficial. My birthday is in a little over a week and I am missing you more than ever! I wish you could be here for it but alas I will just have to see you a little after that when I come home! I miss you lots my Josi-Posi and I love you even more!
04-17-2007 11:37:09 PM
hey jos
sitting in my room and taking a break from homework... calc is much more difficult than i thought it would be, but i like it a lot, quite a challenge so i'm rarely bored, always have something to do. so spinning eh? sounds like a josi thing, i was going through a bunch of old computer files and such the other day, and came across a bunch of random videos we made throughout the last few years... definately keepers... blackmail someday i do believe. :) i wouldn't do that, oh wait, oh yes i would, as would you. well, missin ya jos, thinkin about ya a lot, but glad to hear you're still progressing. AJ turned 16 the other day, hes getting really old, always asks about you, he misses ya and i think your frequent ass kickings... anywho, love ya jos, miss ya
04-17-2007 9:09:23 PM
lol your mom cracks me up. i cant even watch you spin without feeling sick, i cant believe she actually volunteered to sit in that chair! silly silly silly. i have a math test in 9 hours and i should be going to bed but i dont feel good and i am having a bad night so instead i am on here. smart i know. but i hope you are having a nice night. Kati called me tonight to inform me of her new bra, she thinks i actually like her. haha only kidding Kater my love. Jos i will see you in about a week and a half! last time i left you made a very strange noise, made me tear up a little. sounded like you wanted to say something. dont worry hun, it will happen soon. just be patient! i will see you soon! i love you
Aunt Val
04-17-2007 6:00:35 PM
Hey Josi Girl!

You have an amazing Mom! I see where you get your tenacity and your drive to never give up. We are very proud of you Josi working so hard to make l;ittle improvements everyday. Sorry I haven't writen for awhile. I do check your website out everyday and you are always on my mind, and Uncle Mike's and cousin Dill Pickle's. We always include you in our prayers every night at our dinner table and whenever else we talk to the guy upstairs!

Sounds like your auction is going to be a really great one. So many people love you and just want to help out anyway they can. It is really amazing how many lives you have touched.

Your cousin Dilly is going to be in a play called "Lemonade". He is Humpty Dumpty! I have to make a costume for him. The school gave me some suggestions so hopefully I can put a really cool costume together for him. I think he will really "crack" people up in the pun intended hehe!

Baseball started for Dill. He is in the Minors now. His coach is really good. Lots of baseball knowledge and he is teaching the boys the mental game of baseball. I can hardly wait to see how the team does. The coach is always quoting Yogi Berra (one of my favorite all time great players). One of Yogi Berra's quotes is "Hit it where it ain't" meaning look for the hole in the outfield and hit it gets you on base! So Josi...let's see you hit it where it ain't so we can see a home run for you. We love you tons Josi. We will always be praying for your recovery and we always hold you in our hearts each and every day.

BIG HUGS and lots of love. Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Pickle (or should I say the Egg!)
The stranger Sharon
04-16-2007 3:39:22 PM
Hey Josi! Check this out:

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord." Psalm 27:14. Be patient, Josi. Be strong. Be courageous. God will strengthen you. Our God is a faithful God.

"Oh Lord, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave; thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the rememberance of his holiness. For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life; WEEPING MY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT, BUT JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING." Psalm 30:3 thru 5. Sing God's praises, Josi. Thank him for placing Hal and Ajax right in the spot they needed to be at the point in time they needed to be there. Thank Him for the love of your friends and family and strangers. Thank Him for loving you more than our words can express. Thank him every morning for what he is about to do for you. In HIS time, he will dry your tears and set your feet to dancing again. He hasn't brought you this far just to drop yu like a hot potato. He's got a wonderful plan for you!

Keep the faith. Peace to you and peace to all who love and care for you.
04-16-2007 11:41:19 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Just read your Mom’s update which once again builds up my admiration of her even more and Bob, all your siblings, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and friends who are helping to keep you in your home. It is the best place for you and as a witness to the care and love you are receiving, home is the place you need to stay until you are ready for the rehab in Denver. That day will come! We are on Josi time.
Your Mom and Bob should feel complimented that the therapist sees what a good job they are doing and how well you respond to them. They are the best. I have worked in nursing home and the hospital in Bozeman. The patients did receive excellent care but not even close to the loving care you are receiving at home. You are not just another patient to your family; you’re their girl, their Josi girl. I know that Mom and Senor may feel stretched and overwhelmed and that is when you, Josi, need to give them another reward with your smile and a new accomplishment.
God bless you and your family… Faith,Love & Hope…Pete
04-16-2007 9:53:28 AM
Heeeey, Josi!

Sorry I didn't come by over the weekend, I just lazied about and vegged too much. I don't work today or tomorrow so I will try to swing by one of these days or on Saturday, if all else fails. I have been really busy with my art class and it sucks A LOT. So.... yea... Anyway! I love you and I will come see you soon dear!
04-16-2007 8:16:55 AM
Hey Miss Josi! Just checking in and sending you warm thoughts. I come around the site often but haven't been leaving messages and I thought to myself today...why haven't I. Not too sure what the answer to that one is, well other than laziness. So, since I'm here again I will drop a note and let you know that you are still in my families thoughts and prays. I know my mom and I will be at your big party. Keep working and sweating! Much love and respect!
04-15-2007 6:01:42 PM
Hey You! i was so happy i got to see you this last weekend. I can tell you really enjoyed talking to Greta on the phone, you glared at me a little when i took the phone away. I am so excited for your shirts to be ready! only 2 weeks. and your benefit will be great! i cant wait to see you in a two weeks! love you!
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-14-2007 12:23:31 PM
Hello, dear Josi -

Just dropping by on a beautiful spring day to let you know we are out here and we pray for you every day! So does everyone we know. You give us so much to praise God and thank Him for! Keep it up, little sunshine! We love you. God bless you in a big way today. Thenks Deb for keeping us all posted on the progress and happenings.
The Stranger Sharon
04-14-2007 8:23:18 AM
Hello Josie,

This is just a quick note to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for your progress daily and that you are finding many many things to smile about. Look at the number of hits on this website - that is something to smile about! THOUSANDS of hits from people concerned about you and wanting to love you back to a healthy life. If love could do it, you'd be doing cartwheels! Slow and steady, girl. You will get there one triumphant step at a time. And when you do, THOUSANDS will be cheering!

Ask the one who put the stars in place to grasp your hand and walk with you through this dark place. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you heart filled with faith, hope and love.

Keep smilin' Josie. Laugh out loud today.

Peace to you. Peace to all who love you.
04-13-2007 7:21:19 PM
Hey jos,
I cant beleve its been 8 months already... thats insane... really really unbelievable... i miss you very much, and i love you.
Aunt Stacey
04-10-2007 5:36:14 PM
Hey Jos - We're just sitting inside looking out at the blizzard outside. It's hard to believe it's April! Just one more week until the tax deadline. I can't wait for the summer hours to kick in at work so we can hang out more on Friday afternoons. Shea and Shelby are headed back to school tomorrow after spring break, and they're actually looking forward to it! They apparently haven't had enough of a social life the last six days. Then it's back to running around like crazy people to volleyball practices and games. Shea wants to try out for the school play at the end of the month, but I told her she has to get her grades up first. She's been working pretty hard during the break and I think she knows I'm serious. Shelby has two birthday parties next weekend, and it's getting close to hers. It seems to be never ending running around. We really enjoyed you hiding the Easter eggs on Sunday - how tricky of you to hide one in your blanket. You were trying to tell them, they just weren't paying attention! I think Grant, your mom and Poppa Grandma had more fun than anyone. We're looking forward to the weather getting nice again so we can go for walks and sit outside. It won't be long, I hope! We love you, Jos and pray for you every day. God is working in your body and I have so much hope when I look into your eyes. I know you're teaching us a lesson about life and I hope we're all "getting it." If nothing else, your mom has learned not to spin in chairs. She always has to learn the hard way! We'll see you soon - Love, Tim, Stacey, Shea & Shelby
04-10-2007 12:56:05 PM
Ah Josi the things you need to teach your Mom!
Pretty funny story. Your Mom does keep you amused doesn't she?
Hope your week is going well. I just got back from Wenatchee. Sure wish you could take in the sights with me. We have apricots and cherry trees blooming in the orchards. Sun shining but the Cascade Mountains are covered in snow and getting more according to the radio and the truck we saw covered with that white stuff coming in to town. Hope it stays away from our plateau. Spring is always such a pretty time of year.
My friend Michele came in to town and admired the little project I'm putting together for the Auction-Fundraiser. Just need to sew the edges and tie. Hope to finish in the next week or so and start the other smaller one.
Work hard Josi and try to give Mom and Bob some good surprises. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Pete
04-10-2007 7:25:27 AM
Oh my girl. Tried to get in "tune" with you. Had Bob spin me like we do to you. After my eyes finally came into focus, I had to make a dive to visit the porcelain tank. Yes I know I have really bad motion sickness but wasn't thinking about that. Whew... anywho I am glad it has a much better reaction with you and I will stick to hanging out on your bed while you are in your chair as a bonding experience. Figured all would get a laugh out of it anyway ( Bob was darn near crying no sympathy from him and Aunt Stacey, well I could hear the smirk in her voice). Sleep well little one, heal and rest and then..WAKE UP ITS SPRING! I know Josi time. Love you so much, so happy to see your smile everyday. Forever my heart - mom
Tami Scoggins (Murr)
04-09-2007 6:00:45 AM
Hi Josi,

Allow me to intoduce myself, I'm a Neighborhood friend that grew up in Riverview across the street from your mom. I recently had contact with your Aunt Ronnie. She gave me your website: I hope you had a Happy Easter! I have been praying for you and your family since. Keep up the good fight! you have a beautiful smile and tons of Love! Each Day I will take a quiet moment to say a loving prayer for you. "The God of hope fill you you with all joy and peace..." Romans 15:13 Much Love to you and your! Love, Tami
04-08-2007 9:11:23 PM
happy easter miss josi!
love you always, greta
Auntie Ronnie
04-08-2007 4:04:15 PM
Josi my love,
Happy Easter! Grandma said you had a good morning watching your cousins hunt for Easter Eggs. She also said you love Chocolate Pop Rocks! Well, keep on getting better. Always remember, I love you and miss you very much! Sleep well my love.
Love, Auntie Ronnie
04-08-2007 12:32:27 PM

Love allen.

04-08-2007 8:54:44 AM
Hey Josers!! HAPPY EASTER! i miss you. hopefully i will be home this next weekend, but who knows for sure.i hope the weather gets better so you can go sit outside, i know how much you love it! i will talk to you soon, have a good week Jos! love you
Me 2 U
04-07-2007 11:04:06 AM
"Energy and persistence conquer all things."
- Benjamin Franklin

Hippitty hop hop and along comes the Easter Wabbit tomorrow. Good to hear that you are making great improvements and soon will be swimming.
Thinking of you as the ENERGIZER BUNNY as you do have tons of it.
Happy Easter Josi!!
Love you,
Me to U
04-06-2007 11:08:15 PM
hi josephine. i know i havent posted in a long while. sorry, i know i have no reason not to, you are constantly on my mind. i think a part of me doesnt really know what to say on here, partly becuase i dont know where to begin. i miss talking to you so much. at the end of my day i always have that feeling of calling someone to tell them my crazy (sometimes boring) stories. but i draw a blank most of the time because its you i want to talk you. i miss you so much, and everyday i realize a little more that there is no one in the world who can ever be the kind of friend to me that you are. keep being strong, josi. i love you so much. love, greta
Erin Fuller (Melanie's cousin)
04-06-2007 4:49:38 PM
Hey Josie!

I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well. It sounds like you really love being around the dogs. My little Pete just turned one, and he loves our dog Sadie almost too much! He climbs on her, hugs her, and pulls on her lips. It is a good thing she is so patient. You would get a kick out of the two of them. Cade just turned 5 and is a little ball of energy. He loves dragons, dinosaurs, and superheroes. I have been thinking of you every day and I know how hard you are working. We love you!
04-06-2007 10:22:38 AM
Josi ! I will be contacting your mamma shortly, after I actually get off my ass and shower etc... Trust me, you dont want to see me like this, its scary! Anyways, I have today off + the weekend+ monday, so I need to swing by... Leslie will be here tomorrow so maybe we will wait till she gets here, or I can come by myself and then with her too. Whichever, meanwhile I need to get off my butt! See you soon, <3!!!
04-06-2007 5:27:52 AM
Glad to read your Mom's comment; I can picture you with your handsome brother holding your hand. Sweet smelling roses,what a good start to the weekend. Hopefully you'll have lots of company with the Easter weekend starting. Perhaps your Mom could model a silly Easter hat for you and even give you a dance with it on?
I should get to see all my kids as we are heading to Spokane for the weekend. I will be thinking of you and your family. Keep working hard Josi...
04-05-2007 8:19:30 PM
Smiling little one, big brother is home, holding your hand. Weather is not cooperating for any outside time but seem to be content. Massage was extra good tonight, so relaxed, almost perfectly straight in bed without any outside forces. Beautiful roses to make the room smell good. Looks like it is going to be a good weekend. Love you so much, forever my heart - mom
The Stranger Sharon
04-04-2007 4:47:06 PM
Hey Josi!

Good to know you are steadily making progress! Work hard - keep the faith. And remember:


I pray someone there with you can read to you from God's word for at least a couple of minutes each day. God's Word is like a soothing balm, a peaceful respite, a beautiful sunrise!

The other thing I pray you do each day is find something to laugh out loud about. Laughter is the VERY BEST medicine (next to God's word).

Keep smiling, girl, and don't extinguish that twinkle in yiur eye -- both make people wonder what you are up to.

jeb - aka JEBOCSOTH - aka EYEBROW - aka Janeet Eve Brown - aka Joe\'s cousin
04-03-2007 4:47:49 PM
Good Goshin' 'ta Gillin's Girl - You keep up the hard work. I can't believe how hard you work. AND.... WHAT RESULTS FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!!! You GO GIRL!
04-02-2007 5:40:18 PM
Josi Posi! The recent news is awesome! I'm excited to hear about any progress you make and I'm even more excited to hear that you're getting that twinkle in your eye back! I miss you muchisimo and I will come visit soon!
04-02-2007 9:08:10 AM
Hey Jos!
i was looking at tons of pictures the other day and i saw one of you when we were little and we were dancing on poppa Grandmas table... there you were with your shirt over your head..silly goose! anyways how have you been? i've been pretty good. . schools been kinda fun---lol KINDA... I can't wait to see your swimsuit!
I love you josi!!

Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
04-01-2007 7:31:22 PM
Hi Josi - I just read the update your mom wrote. It sounds like you are coming right along. Keep it up, kiddo! It is so good to hear you are responding and moving and enjoying lots of little things. Isn't it something how we all take for granted the simple things of life that mean so much. YOU mean so much to us, and to so many.

Linda said she came and spent a couple of hours with you. She sure did enjoy her time there. She was thrilled beyond words when you responded to her question of if you wanted her to continue reading to you with a blink. She thought that meant yes. She asked you if you were too tired. You blinked twice, which she thought meant no (or vica versa). When your mom came home she asked her if that was what you were doing, and she said it was. That is wonderful!

Today is Palm Sunday already. We now will have Holy Week, and next Sunday is Easter. Can someone read Isaiah 40 to you? It's always such a blessing to read scripture as though God is writing you a special love letter. Put your name, Josi, in it and hear Him loving and speaking to you. Verse 11 speaks of His love for you, and all His flock: "He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to his heart . . ." That's you, Josi. You are His precious child. His little lamb. He is carrying you close to His heart!
04-01-2007 3:17:18 PM
Hey Jos! it was wonderful seeing you last week. sitting outside in the sun was heavenly, you seemed to like it a lot. you looked especially adorable in Senor's sunglasses! the shirt design should be ready by wednesday, i am pretty excited for it! i will be back in a few weeks, love u much!
Nicki - Jeff LePards mom
04-01-2007 1:06:19 PM
Josi! Keep it up! I think of you and your family every day and you are in my prayers. Every tiny thing or Big thing that you do, that you haven't done before is huge progress. I admire how hard you are working. You are a true inspiration. Take Care, Nicki
03-30-2007 5:33:03 AM
Hello Miss Josi,
Thinking about you and your family this morning. Hope that you have had a great week in therapy and your keeping everyone on their toes. I got to spend a few days with my Nicole before she headed to Seattle for the rest of her spring break. My son is on break too but he needs to make some $ so he is spending the time at Jiffy Lube. Take care, TTYL Josi you
Me 2 U
03-29-2007 10:21:06 AM
Mother Teresa
“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

>>>>>2 U Josi ...each “drop” of improvement is fulfilling a way to you getting there.

>>>>>2 the rest of us… giving a “drop” is fulfilling a means 4 you go get there.
Love Me 2 U
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val & Dyl Pickle
03-27-2007 9:20:50 AM
We are thinking of you everyday. We love you!!!!

Uncle Mike, Aunt Val & Cousin Dyl Pickle
03-26-2007 9:43:43 PM
I love you so very much Josi Jean.
03-26-2007 5:30:47 PM
Hey Josi, looks like things are finally starting to come together to help you get to where you need to be! I hope you get as much as you need and more, so that you can go to rehab and return to the Josi we all know, love and miss. We love you guys, and as always you are all in our thoughts and prayers. love ya, Marcia and Family
03-23-2007 8:05:27 PM
Hello there Josi girl...
It was so fun to see you again this week. Your smile is so sweet. Too bad when my sister and your Mom get together they get so mean, sweet/evil? Like what does that mean? They are the biggest brats! Ah we love them anyway!
My little Subaru made over the hills again. 9,000+ miles since December with three trips to MT. I am thinking about trying to make it to fundraiser but if my bed and breakfast sister is working, and if that is the weekend I move Nicole and Bud. I may just be able to do my donated handy work...and pray all goes well. Nicole will be graduating the next weekend and my Jo Jo will be coming here. A busy time may be ahead for us then.
Hope all is well, we love you and will be back to entertain and visit with you soon. Should I bring back more burn't pizza that your Mom doesn't like? She said she liked the angel food cake though how can such a devilish gal swallow angel food?
Take care XXOOXXOO
Aunt Janice
03-23-2007 1:41:27 PM
Ok Josi Jean,
When Santa's Elf's seamstress gets your suit finished, you will have to pose in it ;D Just kidding... but hope that you will enjoy the water therapy as want to get you back in shape so eventually can jump in a pool when Uncle Mike is around and maybe toss him in too.... like your mom did to him ..... Oh yes!! and he was dressed in white slacks all "decked" out. Actually think you owe one from Mike to your mom...a big push into the pool when she is decked out. LOL
Love and hugs always... as we send up prayers for your recovery and... more prayers for the fundrasier to be the best so you get all you need to help you for recovery.
xoxoxoxoxoxox (((((((Josi)))))xoxoxoxoxoxo
Uncle Steve and Aunt Janice
The stranger, Sharon
03-21-2007 2:00:27 PM

Today, I pray you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and recognize it as a tender touch from the One who put the sun in place.

Today, I pray you feel the wind rustling through your hair, and recognize it as the fingers of God playfully tickling your head.

Today, as you watch your beloved dogs romping in the yard, I pray you will close your eyes and envision yourself running with them. Offer up a pryer that this vision will be a rality someday in the not-too-distant future.

Today, may you be filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Tonight, when your Mama Bear tucks you in and kisses your face, I pray you will look into her eyes and recognize that God has chosen her to be a vessel of His love for you. Smile at her, Josi, smile and whisper "I love you."

Know that the love and prayers of dozens of loved ones and thousands of strangers surround you.(Proof of this is in your counter at top of page!) This prayer is from just one of them.

Amy - Seamstress to the Claus
03-20-2007 2:38:27 PM
Well, girls I may have done it!!! Yes I may live up to the hype of me designing a functional and yes attractive suit for our soon to be bathing beauty! Since you called about it I have tossed around designs in my head and now it has hit me and I'm not going to look back!!!
Can't wait to see you both on Thursday!! We've got a date!
See ya then,
03-20-2007 12:00:57 PM
Wahoo little one! Elf Amy is coming to design and sew a swimsuit for you! Liz's pup Ulchon provided a connection to line up a water therapy class (the magic of the cloud wolf dog is happening). A lot of interest in the fund raiser and the weather is getting nice out. Your Tater is loving the outdoors and can't help but think you enjoy watching her out there. Now if the wind would just settle we could go for a stroll.. Love ya lots, forever my heart - mom
Me 2 U
03-19-2007 4:12:02 PM
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong.
Because someday in your life you will have been all of these."
Author:George Washington Carver

Josi, you will go far in life with love and understanding as the riches of life come from the heart, with the giving & caring about others as you have shown. Other than materialism only for
“life’s needs”>>> you own the best of life’s qualities with the richness of humility, charity, honesty, love, selflessness, compassion, sympathy, strength, and tolerant of the weak. It’s also wonderful that you have so many family and friends who possess these qualities that Jesus set as an example in His lifetime.

My many prayers and love going your way as you climb up your path to recovery.
Me 2 U
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
03-19-2007 1:45:41 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
Thinking about how the botox is working? Probably should take effect in about a week? Know you got to go out on your patio. Glad your mom sent a picture of it, makes it a great place for you to be able to sit outside. Not any news here except it’s already too hot for this time of year. Least the bees haven’t come out yet to buzz around and eat up the outdoor cat food. Hope the fundraiser is rolling as would love to see you get to Craig or see some help getting transportation that would be more comfortable to get you to doctor visits or even so you could go visit others too. Well, guess you must have had a busy week with both your grandma’s having a birthday and your mom too….and then with Kati, Grant at home and other many visitors over the weekend.
Lots of love and prayers going your way …God Bless you “Josi girl”… keep on “trucking” as looking forward to you being able to say some “sound” the next time we talk on the phone.
Aunt Janice and Uncle Steve (((((((((((((((((((((Josi))))))))))))))))))))))))))
03-18-2007 11:06:15 PM
hey miss josi! i hope you had a fabulous weekend. i did nothing at all. i was going to go out on st. pattys day but then ended up falling asleep at like 9 and slept all night. pretty lame. oh well. i heard a live incubus concert on the radio today, definitly made me think of you. i leave for seattle tomorrow! woohoo, spring break! let the shopping begin... anyway, just missin you and letting you know i love you tons. peace
03-18-2007 10:07:56 PM
hey there jos...
sorry i haven't been on here in a long time. basketball finally got over. it was a long season it seemed and i'm glad that there is no more. it was really disappointing for me this year so i most likely won't be playin ball here in ketchikan next year. hopefully moving to either sitka which is another island here in southeast, but extremely expensive housing...or montana...somewhere there. Billings would be good since west seems to have a good ball team for girls. but kalispell is also a possibility, and one of my friends is moving back there soon enough so id have someone from home there. i really don't wanna leave southeast tho i have sooo many friends! oh well, we'll see where we end up...
i got home from the region basketball tournament on monday! i had to buy my own ticket cuz my coach was bein lame. so i went on my own and had a great time! the tournament was in sitka so i talked to their coach for a bit. he really wants me to go there and he's a really cool guy. i wouldn't mind playin for him. i have a lot of friends in sitka, but they all don't make very good choices. i was really proud of myself cuz i didn't give in to peer pressure! i'd always imagined it bein hard to not give in to it cuz they make a big deal bout it in school, but it was easy and i'm glad i did. i hope i move somewhere before school next year cuz i don't feel like i can play ball here again next year. i wanna have fun while i play and these passed two years have definitely not been fun for me. spring break this week so i'll be jus hanging out! i'll give auntie deb a call to catch up!
love you all!
janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow
03-17-2007 1:40:19 PM
Grief affects each of us differently. Some are allotted more grief than others in one lifetime. No matter the cause of grief, it still happens to the best of us. Nobody escapes grief. It teaches us character and what is important in life. My prayer this time around is that each of us recognizes whatever grief we are currently allotted with, as this is the only way to deal with it. My prayer too is that Josi will benefit greatly from everyone working together in her best interests. That nobody loses sight of not only the end result, but the road traveled to get to the finish line. You'll make it Josi!! There are so many family and friends that love and care for you. Please be content in knowing that if we are not there physically, we are all there for you in spirit. Many, many prayers go out to you today and always!
03-17-2007 8:32:23 AM
Hello Josi girl,
Are you ready for another visit? Just like a bad penny here I come again! I won't be bringing little Rosie with me as poor Dixie hasn't recovered from the last trip...well she has but she will be happier staying home. We'll see if Jo Jo and I can come up with some more entertainment for you and give your Mom a little teasing? See you Tuesday sweetie.
PS Happy Saint Patricks Day
Me 2 U
03-17-2007 6:49:19 AM
“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door.”
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you Josi. May your road be full of gold and the door opening quicker now with your latest Botox injections.
>>>>Make sure you are wearing green too, so no one pinches you today!!
Love Me 2 U
03-16-2007 11:09:16 AM
Hey jos,
so its finally weekend... i'm relieved, i had a bunch of tests this week, so now i'm going to relax a bit. i got my tongue pierced yesterday :) its kinda cool, kinda hurts though, s'ok, anyways, i'm glad to hear you've gotten your equipment in! hurrah!! i lovers ya, miss ya
Uncle Scott
03-16-2007 8:45:28 AM
Hey Hey Josi Jean, How you doing girl? Oh Uncle Scott feels bad, 25,494 hits on the site, wow time has flown since my last visit. I'm up to date and glad to hear of the support you are getting from a far. Basketbal season is over and the girls dove right into softball. snow on the ground so they are inside for a while. got some big trips for them to take this year so i will be home alone for awhile this spring. i have some projects planned for the house so i will be busy in that area. girls are still doing good in school , but it is getting a little tougher for them to pull the good grades. i'm glad i didn't have this much homework when i was wrestling cause i doubt i wouldv'e made any trips. been seriously considering moving out of here and getting a start somewhere else. to much lingering from before and tends to hang a cloud over us. so now you have an air bed thingamagiggi. sounds pretty cool, modern medicine at it's best. i remember when my father was burned really bad and the doctor he had at the hospital was fresh out of the burn clinic in texas, he was very lucky and had minimal scaring. he still shows some but hardly noticable. From the sounds of it Josi, you have not lost any fight and from the looks at the ole hit meter no one else has given up hope. we are with you from up here in Alaska and pray for your continued progress. Stay strong and keep your nose to the wind, sending down some prayers for you kiddo. We love you, Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy.
03-14-2007 8:39:21 PM
hey you! your bed thing sounds so cool!! i hope it helps, i can see how that would be uncomfortable though... well at least you have the option of going outside, it is SO cold here still. its crazy, the sun is shining, then you go outside and its like - 2 PLUS the wind is blowing. no fun. oh well im ok staying indoors. i keep inside most of the time anyway as i am usually working or at school. i hope you get to see lots of people over spring break (unfortunatly not me). keep getting better. love you much. peace ~greta
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
03-14-2007 4:43:47 PM
Hi Josi, dear - It is so good to get to read of your progress here. Keep going, dear one! You need to get outside for these beautiful spring days. Our tulips have come through the ground and are about 3 inches high! We could hear the little chick-a-dees the last few days chirping up a beautiful melody. Our grass has turned green. Makes me anxious to go camping! How about you? My arm is still hurting so bad. I have a torn rotator cuff and need some surgery. I have it scheduled for April 25th and then a lot of recuperation and rehab and I'll be out there! I know you have a hundred times more troubles that I have, but I know you are a go-getter and much younger than I. So, I know you'll do it! I can sympathize with you, though. And I am praying lots!

Today is your Grandma Eve's birthday, too! She is such a wonderful lady. We had lunch today at the grocery bistro. YUMMY! Some day we'll take you there for lunch - as soon as it's okayed by your medical team and caretakers! I had offered to loan you the book "Marley and Me" once, and your Grandma asked me about it today. I'll get it to her, and she can read it to you when she comes to be with you. You'll enjoy this story. You love dogs so much. And this is great dog story.

Well - keep doing what everyone wants you to do, and enjoy the springtime!

"Enable me, o Lord, to find my joy in You and to reflect that joy to those around me". (from psalm 129)
All of Us
03-14-2007 2:53:46 AM

The stranger, Sharon
03-13-2007 12:42:41 PM
Aaaahhhh, Miss Josie, I truly am a stranger after such a lapse in time in writing you. I've been absent from your site, but my prayers for you have not been absent. SO happy to know you now have your needed equipment. That is someting to enter in your "Gratitude Journal", although you probably don't think so just yet - you can't outsmart this equipment and wriggle your way free!

I hear it is springtime in Great Falls. Wonderful. Spring is the season of new awakenings - so crank up that determination, girl, and focus on some new awakenings within your own body. You are going to keep improving at least a little bit with the closeing of each new day.

It is springtime in Tacoma, too. That means we get a little more liquid sunshine than usual.

Keep smiling, Josie, it causes people to wonder just what you are plotting!

"For we walk by Faith, not by sight." "II Corin- thians 5:7) Believe, Josie, believe in Him that you do not see. Know that He loves you more than our words can express.

Give those "Birthday girls" a big hug this week.

Aunt Val
03-13-2007 7:54:59 AM
Good Morning Josi Girl!

Just checking in to say hi and let you know we love you tons and keep you in our prayers each day. We have this new awesome way we say our meal prayer. We hold hands and each person talks about what they are thankful for and says any prayer they want to say and then on to the next person...even if we have guests. It is fun. You are always included in everyone's special prayer.

Here is the name of a great book (short story) to have your mom read to is "Owen and Mzee" It is a true story about a baby hippo and an old land turtle becoming friends after the baby hippo went through the Tsunami. It really is a sweet story with a lot of wisdom. There is a sequel to the book also.

Love and BIG HUGS to you.

Love Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Pickle
03-12-2007 10:55:29 PM
Hello Josi,
Just read your Mom's update and she forgot to mention a important fact. She has the last year she can say she is in her late forties starting on Wednesday March 14th. Revenge is sweet! 35 years ago she went with me to a roller skating party my youth group from church was having. Your Mom had it announced over the P.A. system that it was my birthday and the whole crowd including general public all took their turns paddling my bottom!
Please have your friends and family give Birthday greetings to your Mom and then a nice paddle on her bottom. Josi you need to give your Mom the best present and surprise her with a new accomplishment! You can do it!
Glad to hear that you are out of your boxes and hope you adjust to the new positioning system quickly.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours...
03-12-2007 9:05:29 PM
Book titles--- The Gas we Pass.. a book you gave to me a couple of years ago.. very kind of weird but funny...
chapter books would probably have to be Ella Enchanted, Captain Underpants- i havent read but i bet is pretty funny.. If you want to know any more books that are fantasy and a bit longer.. give me a call!
Today was pretty good.. kind of boring... How was your day? I hear you are adjusting to your new bed. Sometimes i find myself not completely adjusted to my bed of almost 2 years.. so i sleep on the couch... or floor... or air mattress...
Josi I want you to know that you are an amazing person.. Sometimes we take it for granted how quickly time flies that when something that stops the clocks.we dont really stop along with it... we are so used to fast paced that we forget how beautiful the slow paced things really are. Like your journey on the road of healing.I know it is kind of confusing to understand that.. but if you could read minds it would make complete sense....Josi you are an amaizng person, cousin, and liver of life.. Keep doing what your doin!
Love you
Crap Head
03-12-2007 2:45:02 PM
hey Josi, just checking in to see how you're doin. The t-shirt idea is great, and as soon as we can, we'll be buying some. I hope that it will help you, and as always you and you're family are in our thoughts and prayers! love you, Marcia and family
Amber Foose
03-12-2007 12:15:27 AM
Hey Jos! You'll never guess what? Our friend jeanna bushnell is getting married April 2nd and I am amazed. I don't quite know how to react to it all. I still remember all the long school days, and hot summers her and I spent together, and now she's madly in love and getting married. She's my best friend and I am speechless. I am happy for her, but somewhat sad that life has really moved on... oh so quickly life goes when we think we never move, here we are again another year later. I still get up every morning and realize that I am adult, and caring for myself. I am going to be an RA next year at Johnson and Wales University in Denver I found out and next spring I'll be doing an internship with Heinz doing Research and Development for them. I can hardly wait to see products jumping off the shelves and looking at them knowing that I helped make them. It truly is an amazing time ,and world that we are living in. I am reminded of you everyday, and by the fact that you truly are a hero and a fighter. I know that sooner than later you will show the world just who Josi really is and we all sing songs of praise when you kick but again, but you already have anyway, but you know what i mean.
I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers everyday,and I know God looks down on you and smiles at the wonder you have become!!
03-11-2007 11:19:27 PM
hello, sweetness. i havent said "hi" in while so i thought i would stop in. i miss you terribly. thought about you a lot this weekend. my friends mom go married and well it was sort of a disaster. ha, you will smile when i tell you the story. i have been super sick lately, apparently i have a kidney infection, no good. oh well. i talked to corgan and she said the findraiser is going really well (like anyone thought it wouldnt) i cant wait to see what the shirts look like! i leave for spring break in like a week. i am going to seattle and i cannot wait. hopefully i will find some cool stuff to send to you. still looking at plane tickets in may, but im thinking maybe sooner, that way i could swing by missoula and grab the other 3/4 of my stuff that has been shoved in corgans storage unit. haha. anyway, hope your weekend was wonderful. i love you and miss you! peace
03-11-2007 4:30:14 PM
Hey Jos, just thinkin about you and i wanted to check in and say hey. I am excited to come home this next weekend, although i am not sure how much time i will have,but i promise to stop by. i have lots of stuff to tell you. i will see you soon. i love you!
03-10-2007 8:37:36 PM
Hey jos! How are you doin? I miss you!
Guess what?!?! this week on wednesday, we had a school shooting threat-it was written on the bathroom wall- well like everyone was calling everyone so like barely any kids went to school on WEdnesday.. and then a day later, it happend at an elementary school.. it's kind of strange..
but ya that summarizes everything big in my week.. Kalli is in Sitka still...
WEll geez i miss you soo much! i am soo excited to see you this summer! When does that Gell-E bed come in? That sounds really comfy.
I miss you and love you very much Josi Jean!
Send my love to the family!
03-09-2007 4:31:21 PM
Hey jos
Its friday now, i'm thankful that its weekend finally :) i'm moving in w/my new roommate this weekend... i'm a little scared. shes an anarchist, she listens to a lot of satanic death metal, dyes he hair black... and her favorit book is the satanic bible... i'm a little intimidated... hopefully it will go well :) its in a substance free hall, thats the main reason i chose it, so it will be a nice change, hard, but good for me i think. Nothing is new with school, next week is dead week, then finals, then our spring 'break' of a lovely four days, then more school. i am taking juggling next term, hopefully i'll be able to show you my skills when i come home next time. just checkin to see how you're doing... its almost been 7 months .... seems to go so fast, the time, but seems its been forever and a day since i've been able to talk to you... anyways, its sucks. i lovers you, miss ya lots
03-07-2007 6:30:59 PM
Hello Miss Josi,
Drove the bus with a full load of riders to Omak and back to Brewster today. Down in the river valley the snow is disappearing fast but not fast enough for me here at home,which is high on the Waterville Plateau! Had a close call with two deer that had to get to the other side of the road in front of bus. The packages were all sliding up front but the deer and the bus never touched :)

My love to you and yours...XOXOXO
Me 2 U
03-06-2007 7:55:54 PM

What is love? Think the quote below says it all.
“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own”
By H. Jackson Brown (author of Life’s Little Instruction Book).
Found this little quote interesting as so many of your family and friends show they care and give the real love that this quote describes. We all know that you, Josi, have given and continue to give this kind of love. And all of us who possess this love for you are giving it to you in as many ways that we can (which also includes prayers and faith). We love and are with YOU as you continue the hard work with your recovery and long after too.
Love from Me to U
03-05-2007 7:51:55 PM
Hey Josi! whats up darlin? Up here it's been pretty rainy!!! actually very rainy.. Kalli left for South East- a basketball tournament.. lol shes gone for a week or so!!! SCORE! anyways... i read your going to be getting a swim suit maybe? thats exciting! remember when we got your dads Jet skis stuck in a sand bar.. lol that stunk but it was really fun for me to drive that thing like a crazy person! Never can forget that awesome day! I cant wait to see you! this summer i am totally not gonna let softball get in the way of coming down to see you guys!! I miss you!!1
Love ya girl!
03-05-2007 6:28:06 PM
Dear Josi girl,
It was so much fun visiting you and your family. That Senor is some cook and even though your Mom called my sister and me crazy, ya just gotta love her! Speaking of crazy though. My poor Dixie dog was totally stressed out at the Liggett home while we were at the funeral and visiting you. She just didn’t feel like I’d come back I guess? Was leaping up on the Subaru trying to see if I was hiding in the car…what a sweet bonehead. Hopefully the muddy prints are not hiding scratches? She was so happy to hop back into the car this morning and ride back to Washington with Rosie. Dixie slept all the way just popping up her head when I got gas. Old little Rosie enjoyed the ride and view and your dobies-Strait-and Daisy didn’t even eat her!
Glad to hear your getting up in the chair a little more and even let your Mom check out the view from your bed. Keep working on those hands and keep giving those crazy family members good surprises. I look forward to our next visit and its will be your turn to tell some stories! Love XXOOXO
03-05-2007 4:44:09 PM
Hey jos,
well looks like you're doing better... the 'c' position still holding strong? trust me, c's are nooooo good! im not coming home for spring break, its a long trip and i've only got about four days (an extened weekend, as they call it) so i'd spend two of those days traveling... so im just going to bum around campus, as usual. Nothing exciting here, life goes on, school sucks... work sucks... the usual, missin ya jos, but extremely glad to hear about your improvement! keep pushin lil tug boat... (haha... i promise, never mention that one again) i heart you
Kay from Boise
03-05-2007 4:03:55 PM
Just checking in with a hug and a prayer from far away... I cannot understand what is going on with insurance companies these days! Nothing but a bunch of heartless money grubbers, who should be ashamed of themselves. Debbie, you are so good at explaining your plight in writing. Wonder how you could get some media attention out of that, so Josi can get the attention she needs. I have no doubt you have spent countless hours trying. Take care all and hang in there!
Aunt Val
03-05-2007 8:40:15 AM
Hi Josi Girl!

Just checking in on you and letting you know that we are thinking of you. Sounds like you had a gret weekend with Grant and Kati with you, plus all your visitors. How is that cold? I hope it is all gone.

Dylan wrestled in a tournament in Libby, MT this weekend. He wrestled tough with two wins, two losses and a he took 5th out of 12 wrestlers. One wresltler put him in a "butcher" move. It looked like it hurt. I almost asked the ref to stop the match. My poor little Dilly had his arm bent back in a position that just looked awful! Now Dylian is going to learn that move and learn how to avoid it! Dylan said he likes hockey much more than he likes wrestling.

This weekend we go to Spokane from Friday to Monday for a hockey tournament. Our season ends the end of March then we start baseball. Dylan is in the Minor League this year.

BJ and Rhonda are going to have another baby. October baby. BJ is hoping for a boy. Little Rylee is wondering what is going on. Rhonda is doing good. Our family is growing!

Our thoughts are always with you Josi. We love you tons.

Love and BIG HUGS..Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Pickle
03-04-2007 10:21:33 PM
Hey Miss Josi!
well, basketball season is over, which is somewhat of a relief. this year was kinda disappointing but there's always next year. i leave tomorrow for a week. going to regions in sitka to watch basketball. i didn't get invited to it, but it's a long story and it sorta upsets ya..haha but i'll get to see all my friends and hang and then all my friends get there tuesday night! yay!! well, i better go. my dad called all of my friends that i was on the phone to after 1030...he's pretty cool........:P haha but i love you all!!
Aunt Stacey
03-04-2007 5:34:52 PM
Hey Jos - Thanks for the hug, it was awesome! I can't believe how strong you are - I couldn't get out from under your arm! Grant was taking good care of you (remind me never ever again to ask him what he's going to do in Vegas!). We'll bring Shea over soon to show you her brace face after her appointment tomorrow. The older she gets, the more she reminds me of Theresa. Should be interesting teenage years, no? We love you and pray for you every day, and we're so thankful for the time we get to spend with you. Love, TSSS
03-03-2007 9:06:35 PM
Hey sweetie, not sure if you are looking down the hall to see if the crazy sisters (Pete and Jo-Jo)left or are looking for them to come back and entertain you! Lots of visitors again today and sounds like tomorrow will be good too! Good day today, and if you didn't have the cold it would be better! Your brother rubbing your head and sister holding your hand, doesn't get much better than that. Forever my heart.
Pete and crazy Joanne
03-03-2007 8:05:47 AM
Can't believe what your mother wrote about us...we will make her feel bad when she see's why we can't move today and stayed up working hard till 2 am...and it wasn't closing the bar either? Just for her comment I think we will drive her crazy during the visit!
Looking forward to visiting today or for sure tomorrow!
Ann B
03-02-2007 9:32:20 PM
Hi Josi,
I just have to swing by your webpage every so often and see how you're doing. And I thought you might enjoy a couple memories:
When I think of you, I think about the box of mints I saw at my parents house last summer that you gave to my dad (Great Uncle Paul) that said "your breath makes me throw up a little" or something crazy like that. It's still funny months later. :)
I also have a memory of when you were first born and we came over to your house. Theresa and Grant were just little then. Heck, I was just little then, when we lived in Great Falls. Heck it might have been when Katie was born and not memory isn't all *that* good!!
You take care and ask your mom to post some current pictures of you, please!
Cousin Ann
03-02-2007 8:38:57 PM
Hey my lovely lady friend!
Leslie is in town, and I plan to try and come by tomorrow, so i will try and drag her over or something. I think maybe we should view a movie?! (I am pretty busy during the day but my night is open!) I will call your mamma tomorrow and see what her plans for the day are, and see what charles is up to, but I understand completely if you want me all to myself ;).
Love you girly, see you soon!
Uncle Scott
03-02-2007 7:40:06 PM
Hey Hey Josi Jean, Hello from rainy soggy Alaska. We got about 8" of snow and now it is raining to beat hell. Slush slush slush and more slush. Juneau was suppose to be down for b-ball but the weather kept them out of town. so now were gonna play on sat and sun to catch up.Southeast weather is so unpredictable it is unreal. so your strolling in some sunny weather, sounds pretty cool that you are getting outside. Looks like the network is gearing up for some fund raising to get you the much needed equipment. While they are doing that you need to keep on keepin on, keep striving to get better and improving your muscle movement and most of all keep the fire burning to get better. Your support staff is in it for the long haul so keep it up kiddo. Have a good weekend, we love you from Alaska.
Uncle Scott, Kalli, and Cassidy
03-02-2007 10:42:05 AM
Hey sweetie, you made your bro very happy when he came home last night! You are not only just our sunshine but alot of others too! Love you punkin pie! Forever my heart mom

ps don't believe all the stories that Crazy Pete or her sister tell you this weekend either! Dementia has set in and it runs in the family
03-01-2007 7:34:54 PM
Dear Miss Josi,
Looking forward to sharing the rest of the story? Will try to bring my baby sister, Josie also known as Joanne Marie, along too. She has a few tall tales to tell about your Mother, wow, more than a few!
Hats off to your Aunts for getting a fundraiser going. Medical bills are crazy and a lot of us friends and family would like to give just little to help Senor and your Mom a bit…
Keep working hard Josi…love and best wishes…
Me 2 U
03-01-2007 4:09:11 PM
“Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.”
Lao-tzu Chinese Philosopher (640 BC – 531 BC)
And for all those who love and care for Josi and her caregivers please help by donating to the fundraiserif you can afford it.
Thank you as your prayers are being heard. Josi is trying very hard and know you all are there with her in thoughts daily.
02-28-2007 10:09:49 AM
hey there miss josephine! im so glad to hear that so many good things are happening for you, so many people care about you so much, this fundraiser will take off with no problem at all. i miss you so much and although i enjoy being in AK again, i really wish i could come and see you. i have been looking at tickets in May to come back to MT, hopefully i will be able to. i am thinking of you always. love you much. peace~G
02-27-2007 7:08:43 PM
Hey jos,
I really liked corgs idea of the t-shirts... i'll most definately be getting one or five of those! i keep coming to your page... the picture of you at the top... the smiling... the big smile, the josi smile... makes me happy.. but at the same time... very very sad, however, more happy bc it reminds me that i'll be seeing that big grin of yours soon, you're healing so well, you're amazing josi! keep chuggin along, you're going to be well very soon... i can feel it :) stupid stupid insurance companies... yes, anywho, i love ya, and i miss ya,
Aunt Janice
02-27-2007 6:58:28 PM
Oh Josi mistako on my typos
oopsy doopsy.... meant to say thank you to
Aunt Stacey for setting up the way to contribute to fun raiser. I accidently wrote wrong name. Had Aunt Val right on the first notice for suggesting it...least got one thing right on that part.
Sorry folks....Thank you Aunt Stacey and Aunt Val and love to Josi as you know I make too many typos lately. hmmm Guess have to tell Uncle Steve not to talk to me when I am typing (good excuse right) lol
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
02-27-2007 11:42:27 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
So proud you are making more and more progress & now lifting your head too! Wow just got to talk to you and asked you to make the ahhhh sound several times and you responded as you kept doing a sound for me!!
Thank you Thank you God Daughter! he he he!! See I knew you could plus you smiled for me too when I asked …made me soooo happy!!! Even though you have to put up with inadequate things…You never complain and just try your hardest…what a doll you are…and you are sure on the move. ;D Glad you got out in the sunshine on a stroll with Bob and loved that picture. Hey did Senor sing in the sunshine? Huh? If not he needs to practice so you can sing with him… right? Then you can say “we sang in the sunshine” …I now that’s an oldie but goodie but happy song too.

All of us want to give a great thank you to your Aunt Val for starting the thought of a fundraiser and then for Aunt Cindy to set up the way to contribute!! As you don’t deserve to be waiting for denials for your needs when the sooner they can be purchased and you have them… the sooner your recovery. Oh and you are too loved by any of us to have to put up with inadequate equipment like boxes. (It’s like putting up with a car that has no seats… how uncomfortable!!!) I know the fundraiser will help tons. Hope everyone thinks “if we all can give up one bag of popcorn to give that cost to you”… even that would help tons. And if it’s that is all one can afford it is fine as helps as the funds continue to grow. The prayers and with God watching over you it will all get there soon. So again Josi, you just keep pushing those muscles and having fun with those wonderful friends that come to visit (who I know watch over you too).
Ok now going to ask you to push the pedal on any noise you can make like even zzzzz, psst, ahhhh or your grrrr sound. LOL
Love you and sending----> many XOXOXXOXOX and God Bless,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
02-27-2007 11:13:06 AM
Hey Jos! so i came up with this idea to get t-shirts made in support of you. i proposed the idea on myspace and facebook and everyone said they would buy one! so i submitted the idea to the website and should get an e-mail in a few days! i'm really excited about it! and yes, they are green. i will forward the e-mail to mama Deb so she can read it to you k? i will talk to you soon! love you babe!
02-25-2007 7:44:06 PM
Hey jos...
just checkin in to see how you're doing... miss ya lots, love you tons... yeah, writing a paper...kinda... my friend andrew says hello, and says he thinks you are very beautiful... which you are :) love you
02-25-2007 11:22:51 AM
YAY Momma Deb was granted custody! how awesome. and totally the way it should be after everything she has done. very happy about that. i know someone who wants to help out with getting stuff for you so i will let them know about the fund. something in me is telling me that things will really start goin now Jos, just believe that. i'm thinkin about you. miss you so much! love you
02-25-2007 11:06:50 AM
Hey Josi !!! Miranda enjoyed singing her choir songs to you last week, when your dad was there to hold the phone to your ear. And as we keep singing His praises - you keep praying to God, Josi. Keep your faith strong. Keep reaching out to Him.... Mark 5:24-30, 32-34 - ...and a great multitide followed Him and thronged Him. Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years, and had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd & touched His garment. For she said, "If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well." Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction. And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that power had gone out of Him, turned around in the crowd & said, "Who has touched My clothes?"... And He looked around to see her who had done this thing. But the woman, fearing & trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came & fell down before Him & told Him the truth. And He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, & be healed of your affliction".....Jesus is there for you, Josi, keep reaching out to Him, until you, too, touch Him & are healed. Never cease praying, Josi, as we, too, shall keep you always in our thoughts & prayers - we love you!! Mel, Dad, Dustin, Miranda, & Jacques
02-25-2007 10:41:15 AM
Hey darlin! how are you? I miss you soo much! remember the days you used to hold me down and then fart in my face? geez those were the days! well Kalli had Winter Ball last night.. I WAS TOTALLY Jealous! she looked gorgeous!
Well i love you JOSI!!!!!!
MIss you too!
02-25-2007 9:19:00 AM
hey you. i know it has been a while since i posted, im sure your a little angry with me, sorry. its nice to hear things are still improving. i am thinking of you constantly. im sure you've heard that modeest mouse is coming to MT. i definitly wish i was going to that. oh well, im stuck here in the bitterly freezing cold. i dont think the snow here will ever melt, its been like -2 the past couple days. burr. i miss you tons. i will try to write more often. i love you miss josephine.
02-25-2007 7:16:51 AM
Hello Josi,
Winter is 8 inches of snow yesterday and it is suppose to do more all week. I am ready for spring! Have a good week of therapy and surprise your Mom and Senor with something they don't expect!Love and good wishes....
02-25-2007 6:21:18 AM
Good morning punkin pie
When you hear this it will be night. So many people watching out for you, so much love, so much hope, keep fighting baby girl we are here for you! all my love and kisses, waiting for you, always and forever my heart
02-23-2007 10:42:03 PM
i miss you Josi, come back soon baby girl. i love you very much
Me 2 U
02-23-2007 9:38:05 PM
“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” Hubert H. Humphrey
Love you have you already have given and continue to give to all can be seen in the many who are praying for you, visiting you, reading the site and writing to you. Progress with all your "therapies" will heal your way to victory. May the love of all contribute to your recovery.
02-23-2007 3:32:11 PM
Hey jos
just readin the updates n stuff, sounds like its going well. i'm glad that your momma is now full gaurdian n stuff, thats the way it should be for sure. reading an interesting book right now, i think you'd really like it, called "the onion girl" reminds me of you a lot. anyways, checking up on ya, i love you, tty later
2 me to U
02-22-2007 7:10:45 PM
Patience and perserverence have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
John Quincy Adams
Aunt Val
02-22-2007 6:49:04 PM
Finally, some sun on the horizon! I am so happy to hear that you are out of boxes and into the bed positioning equipment. The envelope we sent to you came back as I forgot to put the address on it!!! I just put Deb Eve Great Falls, don't you think the postman should know exactly what I mean!!! At any rate an envelope is on your way properly addressed.

I can't wait for the fundraisers Josi. I have learned a lot about fundraisers at the hospital I work at and with the Pilot Club I belong to. I have all kinds of ideas.

The big therapy at the hospital is "massage". The doc's are giving massage therapy a second glance as they see the amazing results. Whatever we can do to help you out Josi girl, we will. You need massages , we will make sure you get them.

Big kudos to Aunt Stacey for taking on overseeing the fundraising project. Call on me whnever Stacey!

Josi you are amazing! I think you get that from your mom. If God had a refigerator, he would have your pictures on it.

We are off to Cranbrook, Canada for a hockey tournament...3 days! Oh, I think Dylan has his first girlfriend! McKenna is her name. She skates on his hockey team and is a little jockette!

Together we are going to help you get better so that you will be walking down that aisle in the church on the day Kati and jared are married. I can hardly wait!

Love you bunches...Uncle Mike, Aunt val and the Pickle
02-22-2007 4:48:54 PM
Good Earth tea wisdom again...
Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. Booker T. Washington 1856-1915
You are getting there Miss Josi. Great update news from your Mom. What a strong team supporting and helping you! Look at the obstacles your Mom just got straightened out! You go girl! Just don't let them blow you away in that famous Great Falls wind. Love, prayers and faith...
02-22-2007 7:49:23 AM
your mom told me i should be scared to open Kati's present. i'm sure you used your brain power to tell Kati what to get me since you always got me embarrassing presents. so I am going to partially blame you, and your mom, and Kati and J-rad. figures. haha. I miss you terribly and i wish you were here with me, although my birthdays never came anywhere near being as fun as yours. i miss you Josers and i will call you after my birthday parties and tell you all about them ok? love you
02-21-2007 11:07:46 PM
Hey Jos! I ran into Kati on campus today and have been thinking about you a lot lately so I thought I would drop a line. I will be home in a couple days and I'm excited to drop by and see you! I'm not sick this time so I don't have to stay at a safe distance! Maybe if you're lucky I'll give another hand massage ;). Anyway, I'm missin you and exceptional amount and I hope to keep hearin news on your progress!
02-21-2007 6:50:18 PM
Hey Jos! my birthday is friday and it makes me sad, last year on my birthday you sent me a text and it made my day, and i would give anything to have the power to snap my fingers and make you better! i wish i could do somethin Jos! I have a little something up my sleeve so we will see how it pans out ok! I cant wait to see you! Princess Kati told me she was going to get my birthday present tonight...i am afraid to open it, who knows what it will be! and friday night 20 of us are going to dinner so that should be fun. i wish you and greta lynn were here with me. i will see you soon ok Jos! love you
02-21-2007 4:56:53 AM
Josi, Mamma Bear, I read your postings everyday and was wondering how much money are we talking about to get the gel packs for boxing Josi in?? What about a article about Josi in the paper?? Her struggles with the insurance companies, your incredible dedication to her?? Would this get the insurance companies attention?? What about a donation set up at a local bank?? It seems like you are doing so much and we need to help you. If you could write about this in your next newsletter, let us know. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.
02-20-2007 10:30:55 PM
hey jos
missin ya now... as always, but for some reason... its a lot today... eh, kinda a not so great week... anywho, love ya, checkin in to see if there is any new info... dude, i am so amazed by how many visitors you have gotten, you are so loved!! i've always known that though... cuz i LOVE YOU TOOO!!!! yay for love and bestest friends! keep pushin jos, love you, miss you
Jean Korpi
02-20-2007 7:44:54 PM
hey josi jean :]
i've been reading all of your comments and i just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts. you have so many people checking up on you who care so much about you and i want you to know that i care about you too. it's good to know that you're working on getting better, but my heart hurts because you and your momma aren't getting the things you need to get you even better :[ i hope you continue to have fun with your wii and have success with your therapy. good luck, sweetheart.
<3 jean louise
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-20-2007 7:42:19 PM
Congratulations, Katie! Wonderful gift for everyone around you for Valentine's day!

How are things going? Were you able to get the supports to replace the boxes yet? I sure do hope so. I hope you are very comfortable and in no pain. You keep having lots of fun with those friends and siblings and neices and nephews and parents and grand parents and the dogs! You show 'em a good time, ok? And keep working towards your goals. You are doing so well and improving a lot, it sounds like. Keep it up!

We're always praying for you. And loving you!
02-20-2007 12:13:39 PM
hey Jos! it was great to see you last weekend, you looked beautiful for your sisters engagement party. you were pretty busy looking around at people when i got there! Bob was telling me that you are getting pretty good at the boxing game on Wii! i wish we would have gotten a chance to play together, but hopefully next time! you were pretty interested in watching everyone else and I could have sworn you were laughing at the people who werent very good, i think you wanted to show them how it was done. i will be home march 16th so get ready! we will have a boxing match! love you!
02-18-2007 11:35:21 PM
hey jos
missing you right now... as usual... just wondering how you're doing. i heard your sister got engaged.... Mazing!! thats awesome, jared is a cool cat... so, i miss you... a lot.... of course... just wanna talk to you.... need some advice.... dunno, miss you, and love you very much
02-17-2007 10:06:02 PM
Hey girl!! So just wanted to drop by and say that I have been thinking about you lots! I have been really busy with basketball and school on good ole Havre...its almost over with though and I am very ready...I am coming in tomorrow to GF for the day I was hoping to stop bye and say hello! well until then..miss you xoxox
02-17-2007 5:36:31 PM
Hey Josi! I love you babe! I was looking at some pictures the other day and there you Kalli and Kati were dancing in the water in the street... you guys were soo cute! I can't wait to see you this summer! My grandparents are having their 50th so we come down for a week or 2.. i want to come down sooner to see you guys! I hope the stupid insuarance company lets you get a nice bed that helps you so those boxes dont bother you anymore!
WEll I hope you keep on keepin on Josi Jean!
Love you girl!!
02-17-2007 2:34:35 PM
Flowers for Kati HA! Yeah right, everyone knows she doesn't deserve any flowers.

I hope you're feeling great and having a wonderful valentines weekend.

Love Alfs
02-17-2007 8:46:35 AM
Josi ! I feel like a frickin bum. It has been wayyyy too long since i have been up to see you and I am sorry, you can officially think I am an asshole. I want to stop by and bring over a v-day card to you, however my brother felt the need to disapear on a walk for 3 hours and then my mom got in a car wreck. (Its always something). Just minor damdage to the car, one of hte doors must be replaced, and the brother was just very cold by the time he got home- to say the least. Now, I am in Boise for the weekend, visiting my baby neice! I promise a visit once I get back, and I am glad to be seeing you soon.
Uncle Scott
02-17-2007 8:35:56 AM
Hey Hey Josi Jean, Am i ever behind the times here on your site. Just seen Sis Kati's ring on the computer from Aunt Janice and Uncle Steve. Sure looks pretty nice. Kalli is up in Juneau this weekend for basketball. they won the c team game and lost the jv and varsity games. she didnt get to play the varsity game but it is all cool. so you are doing the sony wii thing? It's just amazing what they can do with a computer now a days. We got alot of rain last night and the creek out in front of the house is running strong. hoping to see some sun here pretty sooon, starting to get some cabin fever. Cass is gearing up for the start of softball season. she really digs that sport. Kalli will be doing the same in a couple of weeks when basketball is over. Her softball coach give her the schedule the other day and she was also asked to go to the Canada cup this year in June or July. They both are still holding onto straight A's in their school work. They been having some major homework along with them A's. Kalli experienced some courtroom action the other day and came out victorious. she was kinda amazed how quickley the judge could come up with his decision and judgement. Some times the leagal system is good but other times it's just used as a stall mechanism. Well kiddo you have a good day and weekend with your brothers and sisters and we'll stay in better touch with you. We are planning on coming down in August of this year for a little vacation and other activities. Love from Alaska sweetheart. Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy
02-16-2007 5:30:59 PM
Hey jos
just checkin up on ya... missing you a lot today. love you
02-16-2007 1:21:20 PM
Hey Josi,

Just want to let you know that I will send some bed positioning cash next week. The sooner we get that to you the more comfortable you will be. I am getting a small taste of what your mom is experiencing as Kristen's neurologist wants her to have an MRI, but we have to wait to schedule it until the insurance approves it. It is so frustrating as you wonder why we have doctors anymore if the insurance companies seem to know what's best for you!! Hang in there, Josi. It won't belong before you can get rid of the boxes and get the equipment you need.
Aunt Val
02-16-2007 7:26:53 AM
Hi Aunt Janice and Uncle Steve! Thank you for meeting the challenge. Just send the money to mama bear and she will put it in the "Bed Positioning Equipment" fund. Thanks again!

The CHALLENGE is still out there to all. Lets meet the challenge and get the equipment to make Josi more comfortable. I know that Deb and Senor will appreciate the help as all those day to day things and items not covered under insurance and services provided by best qualified doctors who aren't on the "provider list" cost a lot. They need our help and Josi needs our help. Remember it takes a Village and we are Josi's village.

As always Josi girl you are in our hearts and on our minds and in our prayers and thoughts each and every day. We love you tons.
BIG HUGS, Uncle MIke, Aunt Val and the Pickle
Aunt Jancie & Uncle Steve
02-15-2007 2:13:44 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Oh lucky you getting those beautiful red roses from Al and all the cards, tasty cookies from Cindy and just everything… as you looked quite pleased in that picture of you and your roses. Plus the big surprise that Kati is now wearing a huge engagement ring her as Valentine gift from Jarred wow!! Kati said needs to you in her wedding so going to wait until you kick up and few more heels….which hopefully will be more each week.
Sounds like you better be prepared for her champagne celebration this weekend.
Also Josi ask Val where do we send money as those boxes don’t sound too comfortable, but glad you have such a wonderful caring mama bear and Senor that know how to be so creative to do something rather than nothing. And remember Josi just hit auto dial if you need anything are we are here too and glad to donate.
Love you much U sweetie U (what wonderful friends and family)
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
02-15-2007 1:56:17 PM
Hey Josi! Jared and I can't wait to come home... we really miss you! My flowers from Allen must have got lost in the mail :( LOL. I love you so much little one and I will see you in 2 days. We've got some champagne to pop and a celebration to tend to! I LOVE YOU!
02-15-2007 1:34:06 PM
Hey josi
well, the valentines day is over... but eitherway HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! i missed receiving the usual one from you :) but its ok, i still have the one fromlast year posted on my wall :) not too much new here... typical stuff, school, work, sleep... the usual... I am going to have to look into this wii thing... i haven't even heard of it... shocking? not so much, but it sounds like everyone is having a lot of fun with it, so thats good. Anyways, keep pushin lil buckaroo... i love you (rhyme :) yeah...
Aunt Val
02-15-2007 8:36:18 AM
We are a day late but we are sending you a big Happy Valentines Day hug and wishes and prayers that you get the equipment you need to keep you comfortable and healing.

I don't think it would be too much for the powers that be to get that bed positioning equipment for you. Insurance companies are very frustating. Perhaps it will just be up to those of us who love you and care for you to start digging in our pockets. I bet we could come up with the $1,000 needed to keep you from having to contend with boxes when there is something out there that will make your life more comfortable. Maybe a fundraiser for this equipment is in store. Maybe it is just a challenge to all visiting the website to send Josi some "bed positioning equipment" cash.

Uncle Mike, Dill and I will send what we can today. The challenge is out! Join the cause.

We love you Josi girl!
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dylan
02-14-2007 5:25:07 PM
Hey jos!! happy valentines day lovely! i miss ya tons, i check the site to see your progress all the time. ev and i will be back for spring break in less than a month and we'll both stop by, promise. Love ya jos stay strong!!

love always
02-14-2007 4:00:08 PM
Hey Jos!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! i talked to your mom today and we have some good plans for you! you will hear all about it this weekend! i cant wait to see you! your mom sent me a picture of the beautiful roses from Allen, i am so jelous! lucky girl. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you soon ok? love you much, hugs and kisses
02-14-2007 1:51:49 PM
Happy Valentine's Day to one of the keeper's of my heart! A dozen beautiful roses from your Alfin, cards and wishes from so many! The cookies from Aunt Cindy were tasty and you did like a bit of the frosting! Waiting for the weekend when Grant and Kati arrive, love to see you smile! love you lots and lots punkin pie. forever my heart mom
The stranger, Sharon
02-14-2007 8:31:28 AM
Good Morning Miss Josi,

And a happy, happy valentine's day to you! I pray that God shower you with love and many, many blessings this day and that you do one new thing before the sun goes down.

Momma Bear, would it work to have the long body pillows, roll them tight and tape them securely to make cyinders and use these to position Josi? Shame! Shame! Shame! on the insurance companies.
Doesn't the City of Great Falls have a transit system that has a shuttle for wheel-chair patrons? I am so sorry that you have to be concerned with these types of issues when you have so much to contend with already. I challenge everyone who reads this to get on your knees and bombard Heaven with a requst for Josi to get ALL of the equipment that she needs. And as long as you are on your knees, ask that ALL people in Josi's situation get the care and equipment that they need.

Forgive me for getting long-winded again.

God bless you, Josi, and God bless your day with love and happiness and many little healings.

Auntie Cindy
02-14-2007 8:09:00 AM
Happy Valentine's Day Josi Jean. I just want you to know that I love you very, very much and am wishing amazing Valentine's Day wishes for you! Talk you mom into a lick of some of that frosting from your V-Day cookie. I love you always!
PS-I am thinking that after seeing you boxed in your bed Monday night that we might have to add "Don't Fence Me In" to your song list. Can you take some old country western on you ipod?
Aunt Stacey
02-13-2007 8:01:53 PM
So, let's see. Now that Shea & Shelby are not afraid of the dogs anymore AND you have a Nintendo, you'll be seeing us more often and for longer periods of time! Maybe mom and Bob can even get out of the house for a few hours here and there. Had to laugh at the looks you were giving Tim when he was holding your head straight. He would let go and you'd roll your eyes over to see if he was still there. He told you not to put your head back and for the first time ever, you listened to him. I got a few good "yes" winks from you Sunday night, and one "no" even though I think the answer was really "yes" (I asked you if you were tired). It felt like you were a little more aware and alert. When I was sitting by the bed I would look at you occasionally and you'd move your eyes toward me like you could feel me looking at you. Hard to explain, just seemed to be a good connection. That's what we're looking for and that's what keeps us going! Well, Happy Valentine's Day a little early. If we don't get to see you, we'll be thinking about you, just like every day, as you are always in our hearts and prayers. Love - Tim, Stacey, Shea & Shelby
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-13-2007 7:57:09 PM
Hi Josi - Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up. And we'll keep up the prayers - asking God to shower you with His grace and blessings this day and night and always. Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day. St. Valentine knew the power of love and the importance of letting our loved ones know how much they are loved. We want you to know we love you lots and lots, Josi. Love makes the world go 'round, for sure. So, as you are doing your spinning excercise remember how much you are loved as your world goes 'round and 'round. You are a much loved person, and you love much, too!

Read Psalm 46 and hear the words our God has recorded there for everyone to know, but especially He wants you to hear Him in this. "God is here among us; He continues to be our refuge and strength."
Mark and Jenny Mathson
02-13-2007 7:24:04 AM

Keep your good attitude and enjoy life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you girl.

Mark and Jenny Mathson

p.s. Hello to the rest of the family too... hope you guys are doing well.
02-12-2007 9:14:23 PM
hey there my gorgeous friend
well... today is the 12... it has almost been six months... six months ago today we were chillin in the bug... dunno, thinking about you a lot... thinking about everything... miss you a lot, no, A SHIT TON!! meh... love ya jos... chug chug
02-12-2007 3:28:30 PM
Hey dudette! I'm jealous that you got a wii, I heard they are a blast! I'm glad to hear that you are makin your way and I will see you in a couple of weeks, MUCH LOVE!!
02-11-2007 6:08:32 PM
Hey jos
sounds like you're still chuggin along!! great news as always, i particularly like the video gaming, not suprising you'd be so into it :) not too much new over here, drowning in homework... as usual, but its going alright. Keep pushin jos... its continuously payin off girly, and i'm behind ya 100%, sending any spare energy i have through my heart and our mind bond... anywho, i love ya, keep pushin, miss ya
02-10-2007 7:16:52 PM
hey Jos. just thinking about you and wanted to drop by and say hi! i will get to see you in a week! YAY! i hope you are ready! i am very excited. i think i am going to bring some cake since my birthday will only be a week away. and maybe your mama will let me give you a tiny bite...i bet you would enjoy that. but i love you and i miss you and i will see you soon!
02-10-2007 8:19:03 AM
A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Words of wisdom from my morning "Good Earth" green tea it and thought of you,your Mom and Bob.
Keep working hard Josi Jean, you are a hero!
Have a good weekend and a week full of success.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.
janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow
02-09-2007 8:21:58 PM
HA!! I walked outside today in the sub-zero degee weather, with double digit below zero wind chills. I walked by the church, and thought - "what the heck" I'll try again for a candle. And - HA - SUCCESS. There was not only one candle but multiple candles to choose from. I lit one for you and your caregivers and for the family.

Take care dear Josi. Be strong - think - DENVER in the snow!!!!!!!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
02-08-2007 5:40:51 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Little slow in responding to your latest update but you are a forever full of surprises and again can see progress and all the new therapy you are giving the “push” to do. You are quite the jokester I understand… as heard how you smiled big time and were so aware when popsy grandma and popsy reminded you about the Peppy la Pew valentine you sent to popsy last year… tells us all that your memory is great.
Ah…now that papa grandma and papa got you the game” Zelda” now grandma is going to look for the book on how to play it...he he he. So glad that it brings you more smiles as know how you like getting that motion and coordination going so that you too can be back on the computer. Yes, I remember ten IM’s at one time on the computer if not more, and yet you able to carry on a conversation with me standing next to you.
Well, you are certainly doing your share of fighting towards recovery.
Glad to hear your mom is ordering the things needed for your bed to help you sit up.
… Sounds much better then boxes, however, least your mom and Senor were creative and clever enough to use something in the meantime rather than waiting for shipments etc…. as again these delays are not in the best interest of your recovery. Therefore using boxes is a great way to keep the progress going!! What a lucky gal to have such wonderful caretakers, friends, and family support. Whatever works is best until the things ordered arrives.
Oh guess what Miss Lady… all the viewers that come to visit this site are there for your support, prayers and love... so many read this site that it’s growing National attention. I even found it on several web searches in Google….when looking for special helps on recovery ideas. Wowsers!!... not just national but worldwide readers now can end up reading this site and learn all the great things you are doing which gives hope to others too!!!
It’s wonderful that everyone continues to check on you too, and know how you enjoy your email (comments people post) but just as a reminder lots of us appreciate them too as it keeps us updated and know they too are caring and keeping tabs on you… kiddo.
Again love you so much and you can give us a smile or make one of your “odd” noises when we call to talk to you.
Mama bear you keep close watch too but also get sleep right! Josi?
Hugs and kisses,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
Marcia and Family
02-08-2007 12:07:20 PM
Hey Josi, I'm glad to see that you got your nintendo! I hope that helps. All of you are such an inspiration- all your hard work and determination. We are all proud of you. Well, I was just wanting to see how your doing, and to say hi. With all our love and prayers, the Hill-Poythress family.
Marcia and Family
02-08-2007 2:58:26 AM
Hey Josi, I'm glad to see that you got your nintendo! I hope that helps. All of you are such an inspiration- all your hard work and determination. We are all proud of you. Well, I was just wanting to see how your doing, and to say hi. With all our love and prayers, the Hill-Poythress family.
The stranger, Sharon
02-07-2007 8:21:47 PM
Hey Josi!

I gotta tell ya, your friend "Ceeds" sounds like a hoot! You just gotta get well, Josi, so you can once again team up with her in some of the antics she writes about! Some might think it sounds totally insane to climb a tree in the forest and throw bits of bark while making ghost sounds...come to think of it, it IS insane -- that's why I love it! How 'bout you Josi?

Work hard this day at growing stronger than you were yesterday. Push it - push yourself. Rest.

I know it is hard to realize some days, Josi, but Jesus loves you more than our words can express. Lean on him - and WORK!

Hey Momma Bear - this sounds so simple, I almost hate to mention it. And maybe it is already there. How would a mobile like we see on a baby's crib work for stimulation? Something bright and fun?

God bless yur day and God bless YOU!


02-07-2007 3:24:35 PM
Hey sweet heart! i miss you terribly. today i picked up the school newspaper and saw that modest mouse will be here in about a month. i wish you were here! but no worries, i will do my best to get you an autographed t-shirt. i cant wait to come home and see you next weekend! seems like things are just kinda stuck huh? well i hope they will get better soon. i will try and call you this weekend. i really miss ur sweet little voice. i love you Josi. see you soon
02-06-2007 10:41:31 PM
hey hey, sweet josi. another day, ughh, i feel like i am getting caught in too much of a routine of school and work. i am so busy lately i have no time to do anything. oh well, i guess that means i am being productive. i think me and my friend dianne(i dont know remember if you met her) are going to seattle for our spring break. go shopping and such. im thinkin of you always. peace
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
02-06-2007 9:09:48 PM
Dear Josi - Hi, dear one. How goes it this fine night. I hope you are resting peacefully at this time. It's kind of late. I just wanted to let you know we are always here, checking the web sight and your progress and hearing from all the people who write you. Some we know (like our kids, and our neices and nephews, and the stranger) and some we don't. It gives all of us some connection to you and to each other. You really are so special and quite an inspiration to all of us! So, please remembr - we are all following you and cheering you along every bit of the way! You're never alone! We all pray for you every day. Isn't that awesome?

Your Grandma and Grandpa Eve were over the other day and told us that your mom reads these comments to you every day. Isn't that wonderful? Your Mom is so good to you. Give her a big hug and kiss from us ok?

It sure was a beautiful snow today wasn't it? Each day brings us closer to spring - my favorite season, along with fall and winter. I love listening to birds and looking at the everything begin to bud and bloom and the wonderful smells. It's going to be here before we know it, isn't it?

I wonder if you've had the book "Marley and Me"? That is such a good book. If you like, I'd loan it to you for someone to read to you. It's a great dog story. Let your Grandma Eve know if she or your mom or Stacy would like to read it to you and I'll see that you get it.

Well - it's time to go nite nite. Keep working hard and sleeping well. You make us all proud! Great Aunt Lonnie
02-06-2007 6:20:26 PM
Hey josi
just checkin' in to see how you're doing... sitting in the library, got a fresh area this time, thank god ;) anywho, school is going alright, midterm week, and it suuuucks pretty hcore, well, i'm not a fan... obviously, getting stressful, but thats not unusual. anyways, i lovers ya tons and tons and tons, miss you tons and tons and tons too... oh, wait, i've got a story, maybe it'll put a smile on ur face. ok, so today, i decide to take a study break and go galavanting through the forest here... sooo, i'm walking around through the shrubs, and i look up and see a random umbrella hanging in a tree... it was a good tree, so i decided to climb up and investigate. so i climb up, its only about 20 feet or so, not too bad, and then i look down and there are some people walking below me. I'm kinda hidden in the leaves, invisible to them... so i decide to throw random pieces of bark and whatnot... also making ghost sounds... cheesy i know, but they definately quickened their pace after that :) haha, good times in the ever so productive life of ceder... anyways, love ya
02-05-2007 9:02:57 AM
Hey Josi Jean! how are you my darling? i miss you! i had another dream about you last night! i need to get home to see you. no worries, i will be home in...11 days! and i just got a pic from your mom! you got ur nintendo! YAY! thats awesome Josers! I will see you soon, i cant wait! i love you!
Aunt Val
02-05-2007 6:50:59 AM
Good Morning Josi Girl!

Go Colts! Sorry Grant! It was a rather fumbly game and I am sure that had something to do with the outcome...however, We were rooting the Colts on because they hadn't won a Superbowl since 1972...due time!

Dylan took a second in the Tommy MOe snowbaord race on Sunday. He also participated in the Penguin Plunge on Saturday. He got up early in the morning and he and his buddy Stellan went out and raised $165.00 together for Special Olympics and the privilege of jumping into a freezing cold lake. He, his buddy Stellan and R2 from Finland jumped together. Dylan's words of inspiration after the plunge..."Im not sure why one would jump into a freezing lake!" However, he is ready to contribute to the cause again for next year. He and Stellan will jump again in 2008!

Dylan also competed in the Yeti Snow Skate Competition. He went for the gusto (the biggest rail) He gave it his all but didn't place. He did receive one of the bluest, purplest bruises I have ever seen on a little guys leg. He said he wanted to go for the glory and because if he made it he would have won and also because he wanted to say he did the biggest rail.

He has a lot of heart...just like you Josi. You are on a big rail trying to make your landing. I am sure you will with hard work, faith, hope and love. We are all rooting for you girl.

Love and BIG HUGS!
Aunt Val, Uncle MIke and the Pickle!
02-04-2007 11:03:16 PM
Hey jos,
just checkin email at the library, chillin, you know, the usual... there is a guy sitting next to me that keeps farting... should i ask him to leave? umm... yeah, just seeing how you're doing. yes yes, i lovers you!
02-04-2007 11:40:47 AM
Hey Jos-- it's been a while huh? How ya hangin in there? Well, it's been an interesting month as to which i have been up past my head in drama and other shit. I really miss you and I'm not sure when i'll make it home again but I'll some see you the day I do.
02-04-2007 11:30:40 AM
Good morning Miss Josi Jean,
I am betting that there is a party in your room this afternoon. Should be fun watching the game with your family and perhaps a friend or two? I enjoy watching the commercials, halftime and eating the snacks, not too much of a football fan unless it is a local team.
Hope that this has been a good week for you and that you have been able to surprise Senor, your Mom and therapist with a few new moves! We keep you and yours in our prayers and thoughts...God be with you all...Love Pete
02-04-2007 10:55:08 AM
Go Bears!! Have a fun super bowl party!!
JEB - aka JEBOCSOTH - aka EYEBROW - aka Janeet Eve Brown - aka Joe's cousin
02-04-2007 6:07:36 AM
Hello Josi and caregivers. Today is a cold and wonderful day. Even though I haven't posted lately, you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Here is the latest story:

My dad, Great Uncle Phil, decided to learn how to tan hides. Now, there is a Thanksgiving story to go along with the learning, but now is not the right time for that particular story. Anyway, to get moving on the story at hand - Dad learned how to tan hides. Then my friend here in Minnesota goes to drumming circle and she made her drum. I thought it would be cool to make a drum too. So, dad sent me some deer hide that he tanned. He also sent me some diamond willow drum sticks that he made. They are way cool. My friend helped me make a drum. It is really really cool. I put some pheasant feathers on it that dad sent me a few years back. And I painted some beads to put on there along with some store bought beads. It is way cool!! I went to drumming circle. There were intentions requested. I requested intentions for you and your caregivers. It was a special.

I hope all is going along swimmingly. I hear the hard, hard work you and everyone does. You are a very special girl Josi. I look forward to reading about your each and every day. Your life is amazing.
02-04-2007 4:51:04 AM
Hey Josie,
How are you? Not sure if you remember me but i went to school with Grant sinnce preschool until we graduated at GFH! I read your page frequently and keep you in my prayers. Keep fighting, you have a lot of people pulling for you!
Kay from Boise
02-02-2007 4:22:17 PM
Hi Josi, Just checkin' in to see how you're doing today. Looks like you continue to aspire and inspire. Way to go, and keep on goin' beautiful girl.
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
02-02-2007 11:35:32 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
Woo woo!! listen for the doorbell girl as your new Nintendo Wii should arrive on Wed. or Thursday. Yes, we all go to the top anytime for you sweetie, and just remember I am behind you all the Way!!! You certainly are working at getting to the top, then you can help kick butts for the rest of us one day too. Know you are doing lots of kicking right now, both your left and your right, next the fists, fingers, and hands are on the go, right? And I am thinking hmmm Craig should be just around the corner,
with all the prayers we have for you, ones that are said in true faith with our hearts and souls. ;D
Love you and continue to keep on the up “train”!!
Hugs and kisses,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
The stranger, Sharon
02-02-2007 10:09:09 AM
Ah, Josi, so glad to hear you were able to get out for a drive. And I am praying that your weather will warm up enough so you can get out for a stroll around the neighborhood and feel the sun on your face. Won't that feel just wonderful!

God's promise for you today, Josi, comes from 1Peter:Chapt. 5, vrs 6 and 7.

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. Casting all your care upon him; FOR HE CARETH FOR YOU."

He truly DOES care for you, Josi, more than our words can express. Rest peacefully in the arms of God.

Peace to you. Peace to all whovisit here.
02-01-2007 10:03:20 PM
hello there sweet thing. i called to talk to you the other day, but your mommy must have been busy. i guess i will try again. i miss you a lot. its sad i dont get to look foward to coming and seeing you on the weekends:(. im so very far away now. but no worries i still think of you everyday, and know deep inside that you will be healed completely, it just takes time. and well, we've all got time if its for you. i love you josi, so much. peace~G
02-01-2007 8:53:36 PM
Great news, Aunt Janice and Steve went straight to the top, and Nintendo is shipping you a Wii direct from the manufacturer!. Game time Josi, now let's see how you play. forever my heart little one
01-31-2007 6:35:25 PM
Hi there Jos, You probably thought I forgot you. No I won't let that happen. I ws out of town for a few days and came home not feeling good. So I have just stayed in. I hope to be in town soon and stop by to see you.
01-30-2007 10:18:41 PM
Hey jos,
just read the post, i know how your mom feels about that (though i'm sure not to the magnitude) you are rowing upstream, i know it... sometimes it almost feels like you're here w/me too, its kinda wierd, just like the telekentic thing we used to talk about... totally possible. Its midterms next week already, its amazing how fast this year has already gone by, i mean, january over already?? wow... pretty incredible, maybe we'll get lucky and the groundhog will see his shadow and spring will be on it's way! hooorah! not too much else is new, just working and going to school, the usual, miss ya girly, praying for ya, just waiting till we can talk face to face again, love you
01-30-2007 8:45:25 PM
Hello there! Yay for the new post! Glad to hear you got out lady. Casey gave Matt a heads up on the wii situation (hes assistant manager -ass man- at gamestop) and so I gave him your mommas number this afternoon. Told me he would give her a call when he finds out they are getting some in next. Maybe if we beg Charles enough he will stop by with his in toe. Good luck on that though. Still feeling pretty crappy. Coughing tastes like blood but there isnt any so I think I am just going insane. Whatever. I guess maybe I should go to the doctor.. but who has time for that?! Not this one, who spends all of her time in front of the computer...
Oh well. Hopefully I will be feeling a little hotter (and by a little I mean a lot , like 100%) by the end of this week and get my butt over. Still no news on the car, so walking it is!
Love you Jos!
01-29-2007 7:02:49 PM
Josi Josi Josi. i know i tell you this all the time but you are amazing girl. your mom is right, you have come such a long way and for people to say you havent is down right ignorant and they need to just keep thier mouth shut. the progress we have all witnessed is a thing of miracles and its all because you are fighting like hell to get back to us! you will make it Josi, just keep it up. if people tell you that you cant, then give them the infamous josi finger and push harder, you are known for being stubborn so keep it up!anyways, onto something else. my english prof. told us that at the end of the semester we will have a very large project due. We have to tell the story of something that was a significant happening in our life, then interview someone who had the same experience and get thier P.O.V and then research it. so guess what i picked?! your story. I hope that is ok with you. so when i am home next I am going to have to sit down with your mom and interview her. busy busy busy. I cant wait to see you as always, i miss you! see you soon. love you
janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow
01-29-2007 4:37:19 PM
You've come a long way, baby!!!! I haven't written lately, but have been reading very often. You are a very loved, special girl, Josi. You are one of the hardest workers I know. Thank you for your inspiration, dedication, and will. You teach many.
Uncle Mike
01-29-2007 7:57:50 AM
It's Monday morning and I am logging in on your site and checking up on you like I do every morning of the work week. Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you every day of the week. We hear you are smiling alot these days which is good to hear. We can't wait to get back to Great Falls and see you. Dilly misses his hugs & kisses from his cousin Josi! We Love you.

Uncle Mike, Aunt Val & Cousin Dyl
Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
01-28-2007 7:24:11 PM
Hi Josi - We read about you here every day - It sure helps to know what needs to be prayed about! 20,245 visits here as of this moment! You sure are a loved one to many, many of us! Like Grant said once - too bad you don't have a dollar for every time someone looked here. You are rich in the love department, so that's the most important. I sure do admire your stamina and gumption! You don't give up! Keep on a-goin' girl. I admire your family, too. All the hard work and dedication will pay off in a big way. Thanks all of you. And when you feel you can't do it anymore, just remember all the love that surrounds you all, and think of how many of us are pulling for you, and take hold of that and turn to Dr. Jesus for all that you need to get through this. He's there!

We'll be over one day. I'm still not feeling good. Haven't been anywhere - only once Phil took me to Sam's for an hour. Poor guy. He's really been helping me a lot - and working at NW Pipe 3 days a week now. I found out he won't do ironing, though. And we went out to dinner once. Now I have an eye infection or something. Bummer! If it isn't one thing it's another! I'm sure you know what I mean, only on a way bigger scale! One of these days I'm going to get over all these old lady ailments and then . . . watch out world! And one day you'll be over your troubles and then . . . watch out world, here comes Josi!

It's really been nice and sunny and no wind for a couple of days. But cold. One of these days it will be spring!

Well - I better quit blabbing and get to bed. I'll talk at you again soon. And I'm praying for you every day!

Love you - Aunt Lonnie
Uncle Scott
01-28-2007 7:10:22 PM
Aunt Stacey
01-28-2007 6:25:27 PM
Big day today! Shea actually touched Tader!! That's a pretty big deal considering she's scared to death of the dogs, especially the dobermans. Maybe it had something to do with your mom's offer to pay her $5 to pet the dogs, and Shea's newfound fondness of Ebay! She says she's not quite ready for Biz yet. Uncle Tim was petting him last night when Biz gave him a little "smile." All Tim saw was his big teeth and you should have seen him jump. It was hilarious! You were pretty smily this weekend, but seemed to be preoccupied. You actually moved your right hand underneath the left hand today, but you were pushing on your feeding tube and I had to move it away. I couldn't believe how loose your arm was when I picked it up, and you didn't even spin today. Every day you get stronger, and our hope for you gets stronger as well. You are working so hard, it really puts life in perspective. We're always here for you! Lots of love - Uncle Tim, Aunt Stacey, Shea & Shelby.
01-28-2007 3:34:01 PM
hello my darling Josi! I miss you very much! theres been some stupid stuff lately and I wish i could talk to you. you were always good with this kind of stuff. I will talk to you about it when i am home in a few weeks. I will be home 2 weeks from this upcoming friday! i cant wait to see you!! love you Jos, see you soon babe.
01-28-2007 8:40:40 AM
Hello Josi,
Thinking of you and your family. Keep working hard in that therapy and also getting everyone into shape along with you. Your family is lucky you’re such a slim little one.
Went to homecoming basketball games last night. Turkey dinner followed by 3 games. Mansfield actually won all of them. It was very cool as we are such a small school, just 80 kids in K-12 and now we are third from the bottom in the rankings. Several of the players are exchange students from Europe/Korea and this is their first experience playing ball and the team needs them enough they get floor time too. Where else but in Mansfield could this happen? Our friends came over after the game to rehash the highlights. Stayed up way past my normal bedtime. Moving slowly this morning.
Miss Josi, please have an excellent week and give your Mom and Bob some more good surprises. You need to keep them on their toes! Our prayers and love are with you and yours…God Bless!
Marcia and Family
01-27-2007 7:38:13 PM
Hey Josi, I'm glad that the sight is back up, so that we can check and see how you're doing. And I'm also glad that you're having some better days, and I hope that they keep coming! Just keep fighting, and we'll keep praying. Sending all our love and positive energy, Marci and the Hill/Poythress family
01-27-2007 4:27:18 AM
Hey jos
can't sleep, its early in the morning and i'm just not tired anymore... so felt like i'd drop you a line??? whatever its called... anywho, just missin ya a lot, as usual, a feeling kinda shitty, also as usual... just wishin you were here right now, need someone to talk to, but its ok, take all the time you need, gotta get better, and i'm on josi time too, not just you, i'm just kickin it now, sending all my extra energy to you, cuz i know you're a lil fighter, a feisty lil bugger!! wow, i think i'm going to take a spelling class next term... anywho, just saying hi and i love yoU!!! miss you a lot!
01-26-2007 10:31:47 PM
hey crazy girl. so i finally sent out that card that i talked about....yay for me, my procrastination may be slowly dissapearing. finally i am all moved in to my new apartment. which isnt saying much since i own absolutly no furniture and only have about 1/3 of my clothes and other stuff here. its pretty empty, oh well. i am stealing wireless from one of the wonderful little coffee shops near me, cant complain about that. the apartment itself however, i have a few things to say about....its far from fancy. however i do have a HUGE closet. like mega-closet. you can bet that i will be filling that up. im glad everything is looking up for you, as always i am thinking of you and miss you. have a wonderful weekend.
peace ~G
01-26-2007 10:05:56 AM
Hey Josi, just stopping in to say hello. I also want you to know that I stop by this website a couple of times a day still. I'm so glad to hear about the daily progress. I bet you are so eager to keep moving down this road of recovery. I also have some news of my own to share with you. I recently became engaged and wanted to share the excitment. You'll have to save the date for August 18th,2007. I pray for you nightly and think about you daily. Keep sweating and working hard. Much love and respect.
01-25-2007 9:37:46 PM
Hey girly, just checking for a new update.. Not yet, but soon! I think I may (yet again) be coming down with something. I blame it on my job, and working with a ton of dirty gross people. But in truth it is probably because my body is over-worked since I never sleep! Oh well, though. I will wait aroudn another day and if I am feelin' better on Saturday I'll give your momma a call and walk my lazy butt over!
Love you!
01-25-2007 5:24:24 PM
hey duder
miss ya, about to head to a concert, and just missin ya... hearts!!
much luv duder
Mayhem n Love
The stranger, Sharon
01-25-2007 7:56:27 AM
Good Morning Miss Josi,
Yesterdy and this morning, I've noticed a foreign, bright object in the sky over my corner of the world. Oh! If memory serves me well, it is the sun. Bring it on!
God's promise for you today, Josi, comes from Psalm 50, verses 14 and 15. I am using "The Living Bible" because it is paraphrased and easier to understand.
"What I want from you is your true thanks (yes, thank Him, Josi, that Ajaxx was there); I want your promises fulfilled (God Loves you and wants you to be the person he put you on earth to be).I want you to trust me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you and you can give me glory. (Trust God, Josi, even when you doubt His existence! The two of you can - and WILL - and do make a great team!)
Push yourself today. Work hard at being stronger than you were yesterday. You are coming up to the 20,000 hits milestone on yur website. WOW! That's a whole lotta love and concern. You deserve every bit of it.
Peace to you, Josi. Peace to all who visit here.
01-24-2007 9:16:04 PM
good evening josi-

when you are feeling well enough to get out for a little girls time, you and your momma should stop by the new cosmetology school in town and get pedicures :] it would be looooovely! not to mention it would be wonderful to see you out again.

keeping you and your family in my thoughts and wishes on stars,


Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
01-24-2007 4:33:25 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Thank your friend Matt for getting the website back “up and running”… Now I can catch up with your mom’s latest update and all your latest “tricks”. Know too that Stacey and all your visitors will keep us informed as you sure are making good progress, even getting captured on video might mean the insurance people will wake up and give you more time with your therapists. Always love to be able to talk to you and wish I could see you playing on that new Nintendo. What a great activity to sharpen up your movements and all your skills!! Yet know you can have fun doing it… just like you did when you were playing the old one, but this one is soooo much better. Was great that Austin took time to play and lend his and now you have your own so you can share it when others come to visit…..but don’t let your mom beat you in any of the games as know you will be working at that goal. LOL
Well, sweetie…love you much and praying for you… Steve was able to make a great wish as he successfully had enough wind to blow out his candles for his wish to come true. (Ah we all know what that wish is/was and is going to be) He is such a silly that he had to keep the candles on the pie so that he could do it twice and make sure the wishes come true!!
Uncle Steve and Aunt Janice
01-24-2007 9:52:54 AM
Hello there my darling Josi! I am so excited that everything is going good and you are once again moving so much! and I am doubly excited for the new game system your mom is trying to find! we will have some fun with that, although i am not very coordinated so you might show me up. I cant believe they are spinning you MORE than before, i'm going to ask your mom how she can watch that without gettin sick, i sure as hell couldnt watch! i'm so excited to come see you in a few weeks! and after the good news e-mail i got from your mom looks like things will be going slightly better! everything is goin uphill Jos, just keep it up! love you babe, see you in a few weeks! miss you
01-23-2007 9:27:10 PM
Good to have good news!
Miss you, sorry I havent been by for a couple weeks, been pretty busy, and my car broke down last week. The lovely thing, lasted me a whole FIVE months! Woot! You live very near though, so I am sure I can manage to walk over sometime this week/weekend, the weather has been quite nice.
Well I'm off to shower, then bed!
Love you!
01-23-2007 8:06:55 PM
Hello ladyfriend!

Just doing a whole lot of laundry and thought I’d say hello!

Not a whole lot has been going on over here, just working and trying to get things taken care of for school. I’ve been losing a lot of important stuff lately, I got some new work pants that absolutely SUCK and all my crap keeps falling out of the pockets. In the two days I’ve been wearing them I’ve lost my cellphone, my drivers license, and my checkcard. How I don’t know but whatever I needed a new all those things anyway!

Keep working hard, give your mom a hug for me!

Love Alvs
01-23-2007 4:57:21 PM
Hey there jos
i'm just kickin it in the library, i accidentally spilled tea on my computer... yeahhhh, doesn't work anymore, so, i get to chill in the library now!! hoorah, i'm glad the site is up again, i was worried, but not anymore :) love ya
The strangwer, Sharon
01-23-2007 10:34:57 AM
Hello Josi,

God's promise for today comes from Proverbs, Chapter 3, verse 5 and 6



Push yourself, Josi. Today work hard at being stronger than you were yesterday. Recognize that Jesus is right there beside you.

Peace to you. Peace to all who love you.
01-23-2007 7:26:16 AM
Dear Josi, Glad that your friend Matt got the website going again. Has become part of the morning and evening routine to check on your progress and see what is going on. We received rain last night on top of our snow. The streets and sidewalks are solid ice. School has been delayed by two hours most places. My kids used to just love snow days but an ice day is just not as much fun. I need to go to Wenatchee today by 2:00 hoping that things thaw a bit before then. We still have over 2 feet of snow, where is April?
Keep working hard Josi, need to keep your Bob and Mom on their toes, love to you all.
Sami Jo and family
01-22-2007 9:52:34 PM
Hey Josi!
Sorry its taken so long to write again. I do keep myself updated but it is hard to get the time to write. I had my third child on Jan 2, we named her Aspen Marie. She is beautiful. Madi(my 1st) is four and Tommy(my 2nd) is almost it is kind of crazy around here. Anyways, I spoke with Lori and she said maybe sometime soon she could swing me by so I can finally see you again. Im glad to see you and your family staying strong. Just remember if you guys need anything we are all here for you and love you all. You will always be in our prayers and thoughts!
love Sami
Aunt Val
01-22-2007 9:42:03 AM
Hi Josi Girl!

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you...always. We love you to pieces Josi. You are always included in our prayers. I know that God is answering them in his own way. We may not understand his way at times because we want so much more for you. Sometimes it is hard for us to know that he is taking care of you and right by your side and then God reminds us in little ways that he is right with you.

If we lived in Great Falls we would be by to see you a lot. We are sad that we can't do that and we thank your webmaster for this site so we can visit daily even if we don't write something daily.

Dylan and his hockey team members had a tournament against Missoula in Whitefish this past weekend. You would have been proud Josi...they kicked some booty! Playing those Canadien teams have really made good players of our Whitefish Avalanche Mites! They are under the termites you know. The highest the team goes is midgets! I don't quite get that and I am sure you would have something to say about it as well. I think they start out as amoebas. We travel to Missoula this coming weekend to play them again.

We are sending our big hugs your way so I hope you catch them and feel warm and loved.

Love and BIG HUGS,
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val, and the Pickle
01-21-2007 9:12:38 PM
Hey Miss Josi!
This passed week seems like it took forever! we had finals on wed. thurs. and friday. i did pretty well on 4 of the 6. i got a C on my World History, and i know i did bad on my Algebra 2 but i don't know how bad yet...haha anywayz, we played juneau this weekend, our rivals, and we lost :( JV won on Friday, but last night we lost in triple over time. I did really good last night tho! i had 24 points and i went crazy and made 6 3's! haha i was seriously like 5 or 6 feet off the line on two of them that i made and i kept us in it til the 3rd over time, but then we all jus ran outta juice and lost 64-58. it was well fought, but i was actually glad to get it over with. i played almost the whole game! unfortunately, i didn't play in my varsity games but oh well. we lost those too. but they were close games compared to last years! this weekend is gonna be so much fun tho! Regionals for wrestling are here so that means guys!!! then there's a dance. i totally can not wait! ahah well i'll get back to you later!
Amy - Seamstress to the Claus
01-20-2007 2:20:02 PM
Hey Jos,
Sorry its been so long. The new has brought lots of challenges to us all it seems!!!
I keep thinking I need to call and get some info on what you need, but I want to get my studio cleared out a little before I take on any more.
Today I am working on a quilt I started over a year ago for my youngest son. It is all is smart alec t-shirts put together in colorful fashion. One and half rows and it is ready to sandwich, quilt and bind and out it goes in a box to him in Texas!!!
Don't think you are not in my thoughts and prayers. You are every day! Hugs to all of you.
The stranger, Sharon
01-19-2007 1:08:03 PM
Hey Josi,

Finally, our ice and snow are melting. YES!

Just wanted to pop in on you today and tell you that you are in my thoughts and remain in my prayers. Keep pushing yourself, Josi. Rest when you need to, but push yourself towards a stronger tomorrow. One day at a time, that is how you'll arrive at your destination. This day, work hard to be stronger than you were yesterday.

Jesus loves you Josi, more than our words can express.

I pray you have a great weekend. I pray all who read this have a great weekend, and remember to take the time to slip in a prayer for Josi.

01-19-2007 11:54:04 AM
Hey josi jean
Just kickin it, my friend stuart says helllloooo, seeing how you're doin today, probably better everyday, i know that true, anywho, i LOVE YOU!!!! miss you a lot, as usual
01-18-2007 11:44:25 PM
hey crazy girl. couldnt sleep so i thought i would drop by an say hi! just thinking about you, wonderin if you are awake too, knowing you probably. miss you Josers, see you soon! love you
Charlie Murphy
01-18-2007 4:35:38 PM
Hope your doing good and things are getting a little better each and everyday!!!! Back to school and it is not to exciting!!! Well i was just thinking about you!!!! xoxo and lots of love...stay strong josi!!!!!!!!!
love, Charlie
01-18-2007 1:45:20 PM
Hey jos,
almost done w/second week of classes, boring, so i'm writing a paper right now, and taking a break, and watching family guy, its a good deal, anywho, i love you, hope you're pushin, actually, i know you are, what was i thinkin? haha, i lovers you!!!!
01-18-2007 12:48:34 PM
Hey kid, so as we all get involved in our own everyday lifes sometimes the simple things get pushed aside. So there's really no excuse for me not to stop by or drop a line to your web site. Today I was reminded of that through Logan. His class had a class mass, he's in 8th grade now, and today he served as alter boy. You remember those class masses don't ya Jo. Anyway, in stead of their class going up to the alter to do intentions we randomly said them through out the church. Logan's special intention was for you and your family." Special intention for Josie Eve and her family." as I looked up at the alter after he had said it his eyes were a bit welted up as were mine. So I wanted to let you & your family know and I'm sure you already do that everyday someone is always praying for you. I'd be willing to bet it's a 24-7 thing. I'm not much of a gambler, but that bet I would take. Kids we learn so much from them. Who ever thought they were so smart. Keep working hard. Lori
Aunt Stacey
01-17-2007 6:03:06 PM
I was cleaning out the drawers to our night stands the other day and found this prayer (along with stuff like my baby names book - my "baby" is almost nine! It's been a while since I've gone through things!). I'm not sure where it came from, but I thought it was nice.

I said a prayer for you today
And know God must have heard,
I felt the answer in my heart
Although He spoke not a word.
I didn't ask for wealth or fame
(I knew you wouldn't mind)
I asked Him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind.
I prayed that He'd be near you
At the start of each new day,
To grant you health and blessings
And friends to share your way.
I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small
But it was for His loving care
I prayed the most of all.
01-16-2007 9:10:59 PM
Hey girl,

Just got back from shooting pool with Casey the Builder and thought I'd drop you a line before I hit the hay. Well, not so much the hay as my bed. And not really hitting it, but sleeping on it. Well, you know what I mean. I had a real fun time hanging out with ya yesternight. That surround sound is the shizzle. We got to listen to all sorts of neat-o, peachy keen music on that thang. I bet you've not heard The Arcade Fire in a while, eh? Eh? Well, I be headin' ta Wyomin' herre 'na few days, but I be back soon, ya hear? And then we can put up a disco ball and rave until the sun comes up. Anyhoo, I'd best get to sleep. Just wanted to stop in and tell you that I love you. See ya soon, Ms. Josephine.
01-16-2007 7:48:20 PM
Hey Jos, i am about to watch vanilla sky, my first time watching it without you sitting next to me explaining the end. i'm a little worried that i still dont get it! you may need to explain it to me next time i am in town ok?! i miss you and i hope you are still kickin major booty as always! love you
01-16-2007 12:14:48 PM
Well good morning/afternnoon miss josephine, its snowing out here, and once again, everyone is taking pictures, (its not even sticking) amusing, and they say i'm missing out, and then i tell them i'm from montana, and all confusion is cleared :) anywho, just thinkin bout you, dropping by to say hell (and procrastinate my paper, ugh!) so yeah, i love you, miss you until forever,
Uncle Scott
01-15-2007 11:02:15 PM
Hello there Josi Jean, Ye that medical equip is pretty outragous stuff. We had our fair share around the house. If it didn't get used everyday it collected alot of dust. i'm sure the people inventing that stuff are pretty well off. Like i mentioned before about the rain showing up, well it sure did, I think we got about two inches in the last three days. The creek in front of the house was plenty full from all the run-off from the hills and valley upstream. snows gone and not so warm though. gonna have wind and rain for about another week. Well, Kalli's team went undefeated up in Fairbanks last weekend, they came out with the state rankings and her team is second so far. Southeast rival this weekend with juneau coming down. gonna be some good games or a blow-out. i'm gonna video it , maybe send a copy down. Our girls team doesn't have alot of height to it but they will run your butt off. deep bench, very deep bench. the town is all excited about the boys and girls team. the boys are rank 5th. Well sweety it is late and early risen to get to work. Love and prayers are on their way from us to you. LOVE FROM ALASKA. UNCLE SCOTT, KALLI AND CASSIDY
01-15-2007 9:45:37 PM
well it sounds like things are improving once again. as you heard from corgans comment, my dorm is cleaned out and i will not be returning to montana next semester for school. too much money that i dont have and well i just dont want to spend half my life paying off loans. so here i am, back to stay in anchorage. i think me and kassy are getting an apartment soon so that will be nice. i start classes tomorrow, it sucks i have to do the whole "new college" thing all over again. oh well. i will miss being so close to you. visiting you on the occasional weekends was great. i honestly dont know when i will be coming that way again. it will be a while i spose. i love you very much and miss you.~G
Mrs Wren Your VIP team math teacher
01-15-2007 6:55:43 PM
Hello Again Josi, I talked to Dr. J, Mr.Davey, and Mr Kumm the science bum...and we are going to come see you sometime. So, you keep practicing moving that arm so I can grade you again. You take care and know that we are all praying for you. Love, Mrs Wren
P.S. Mr. Davey has a copy of the VIP team video from when you were an 8th grader! Yahoo!
Aunt Stacey, Uncle Tim, Shea & Shelby
01-14-2007 8:49:16 PM
Hey Jos - We always enjoy our visits, even if they're cut short. We know that some days are good days, and others aren't, but we cherish time spent with you. If we are lucky and hit a good day, well, it fills us with even more faith and renews our hope. We think about you constantly and try to find the meaning to all of this, as we believe God uses every situation. Faith, Hope and Love - those are the fruit of the spirit. Pastor Bob's message today was that God gives us everything we need, our job is to make sure we are recognizing and using his gifts correctly. We have never-ending Faith, Hope and Love for you, Jos - Tim, Stacey, Shea & Shelby.
01-14-2007 5:36:35 PM
Hi Josi,
Getting the whole family in shape along with you? Better than Richard Simmons, The Josi Sweat on the Muscles. Practicing growling to shout out the orders too. You go girl!
Here is a poem that a friend included in her Christmas card. She used as an inspiration while she recovered from a car accident 29 years ago hope you enjoy it.

There was a somber color in places the mountain sun never knew.
High above the new day twilight you might look small but you felt big.
For all the massiveness and height, your own good feet could put you there and had. The time to rest in shady silence, to wonder how, to begin to understand why,
once again to know yourself.

You are getting stronger everyday (your family too) and you will get to the top of the mountain. God Bless you and yours Josi this coming week and always…Love Pete
01-13-2007 10:25:21 PM
Hello my darling Josi! I was driving home today and got the worst craving for something sweet and i went to the icecream section at the store and guess what i bought?! Ben and Jerry's Phish Food! you got me hooked on that forever ago and it made me smile when i picked it up because i remembered walking to the IGA down the alley just to get those little tiny things of ben and jerry's. we were little piglets those nights i do believe! i'm so happy you are doing so great Josi! things are a little slow, but Jos you are so amazing! and now your mom is saying you are making noises like you want to talk? Greta and I had dreams about that! i think we were right! YAY! speaking of Greta i took on the interesting task of cleaning out her dorm room, holy crap does she have ALOT of stuff! HA. I cant wait to see you! i will be home the weekend of Feb. 11th so i will ofcourse come by and help your mom bug you! see you then my dear! love you, many hugs and smooches.
01-13-2007 8:41:18 PM
Hey jos
Sounds like you're doing much better now, probably a bit more relaxing after the holliday rush. School is going ok, i'm writing a lot of papers already, and its only been one week!! haha, thats what you have to look forward to :) its finally the weekend, so i'm just kick it, dude, i found a perfect site for you to watch all the simpsons/family guy/south park episodes you want (of course, your favs) go to, its a GREAT site, thats the site that pretty much has consumed my life thus far, woops, there went my social life, oh well, anywho, I miss YOU!!!! and i LOVE YOU!!!! i know its lame, and i bit early , but i'm already counting down to the end of the term so i can come home again, even though xmas break was a bit of a wreck, anyways, i LOVERS YOU!!!!
Lonnie Eve
01-13-2007 5:39:50 PM
Hi everyone there!! I just read your wonderful update on Josi, Deb. You can't know how much we appreciate being able to have this web sight so you can post that for all of us to read and to know how things are going. And then we know more what to pray for, too! We not only pray for Josi, but we are praying for you, Mom and for Bob, and for Dad and Melanie and for sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends and ALL of you who are dedicating so much of your lives and hearts to helping Josi get well! So much love and devotion surround her. She will be okay. You guys all take care of your own needs, too, so you stay okay! She needs you, thanks for being there for her! That's what will pull her through. We love you all! Phil and Lonnie
Uncle Scott
01-13-2007 10:39:22 AM

Hey Hey Josi Jean, How you doing kiddo? Were chillin up here and i mean chillin. Temps been getting down there and to top it off we had a tsunami warning until 2:55 last nite. I guess there was a earthquake off the coast of Russia yeterday and ye a tsunami warning for us. Kalli is up in Fairbanks playing ball and her team has been what the announcer calls "raining terror on the competition". They won the first two games and play one more today at 4:30.Kalli's team is now 8-0, some players even have nicknames according to the announcers. The boys team is doing good also, they have a transfer from a native village that is 6'9", been scoring right around 30 a game , several blocked shots, about 90%from the free throw line, ye he was a good addition to the program. Kalli just sent me a text saying that they get to go sled dog riding and snowmobiling today. She seems pretty psyched about it.We got some more snow last nite, bout three more inches. Now it will probably rain in a couple of days and turn it all to mush and slush. Things are going good as i got another monkey off my back. Hey things are in the works to get something going for you also. Lots of people have you in their thoughts and prayes so it's gotta get better and it will. A cancellation here and a cancellation there only opens a door somewhere else. Brainstorming here to open another door. Hopefully it is a wide one. Maybe Poppa, Uncle Doug, definately Senor and yourself are pushing this door wide. Biker Babe (aka, Jo Momma) is sending me some info to get the crack in the door started. I'm jazzed with fingers crossed and prayers going out to the big guy. Well kiddo i gotta get moving on some stuff here so keep on keepin on with the Josi time. Nineteen thousand and twenty hits you go girl. Much Love from Alaska. Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy Kline
01-12-2007 8:57:36 PM
Hey jos
just thinking about you, kickin it in my dorm room because i'm so cool, and have a life out here... just kidding :) anywho, wondering how you're doing, and i miss you
Love you And Mayhem
01-12-2007 6:24:39 PM
hey hey. so spinning eh? sounds nauseating to me, but i guess the effects vary on different people. haha. i've been thinking about you a lot. i know i am very belated on the birthday present and christmas as well (whats new though really?) but i have finally thought of something that is perfect so i will hurry it up to send it on its way. things have been crazy at home, im working so much, which is nice because it means i can buy things :) there is more snow then you would ever believe. it has also been like -20. its so cold you can barely breathe when you go outside. i try and make the best of it, ha. i love you much and miss you!SB4L
Kristine Harlan
01-12-2007 6:19:40 AM
Josi and her family,
I remember when we use to ride horses and do gymnastics!! Geez that was along time ago! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I should be home this summer so I am going to try to stop by. I haven't seen you since right before I graduated. A month after graduation I was in basic training then off to Germany where I have been living for a little over three years now. It is so great there! Everything is so beautiful and less than a day away! I am on my second tour of Iraq and for some reason both times I have ended up in Baghdad. So other than when I am deployed I live in Germany lol! I am getting back surgery when I get back cause my back is really messed up. Really nervous about that one. Other than that not to much else is going on. Keep up the progress hun! I will see you soon enough!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
01-11-2007 4:28:28 PM
Hi Josi,
Great to see people writing in here as we all love to check our emails daily and this is great way for YOU to keep up on what your friends and family are doing. Well not much going on here… as Steve keeps having back problems. But he still walks the dog and feeds his cats. I just have been busy with trying to solve in cable internet problem. Long story but think it’s the same as your cable internet did last year.

In meantime, I so much enjoy reading your daily progress and get a kick out of some of the stories, the video, and past plus present moments and friends in your life, and…
all the new movements you have made just this week; bending elbow, bending knee, and head lifting… which sounds much more comfortable for you when you get it down pat. Keep those smiling eyes watching the hall to see who’s coming as know how much you enjoy visitors. Plus we will all keep up the comments as know how much fun this is for you to read each night plus… for us to keep up with you and your “surprises”.
Love you mucho,
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
The stranger, Sharon
01-11-2007 2:24:41 PM
Good afternoon Josi,

We have one doozy of a snowstorm out here on the west coast! I feel like I am back in Minnesota or Montana, NOT in Washington. It is pretty to look at. Not so pretty to drive in, and makes for a treacherous walk! I have turned into such a weenie since moving here! Give me back the rain!
Your Great Aunt Lonnie has given you a great Psalm. It would be nice if someone could break out a Bible and read you a Psalm a day. Psalms sooth the soul and lift you up. A Psalm a day keeps the blues away.
Keep grinnin' girl. Keep workin' hard. And Remember, as Psalm 3 says, ..He is never too far away to hear and respond. What a wonderful, faithful, loving God we have!
Great Aun Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
01-10-2007 4:26:23 PM
Hi, dear Josi - How are you doing? Sounds like you are working awfully hard to get going and sounds like you are making some slow but sure progress, too. Your Great Uncle Phil and I are both sick and down. When we get better, we'll come see you. We'll call first, though, because I am scared to death of dogs and your mom says if we call the dogs can be put somewhere. I wish I weren't so afraid of dogs, but I am. And the dogs seems to sense that, too. I hurt my shoulder on Christmas Eve, we flew off to Boise on Christmas day for 10 days. I had to suffer an injured tendon in my shoulder all that while. When I got back I went to the doc. It just takes a long time to heal up. As I am moaning and groaning with my "little" injury, it makes me think of you and how much you have been through and will have to endure for a long time, and then I can offer my measley pain and problems up for you. Is it working?

We had a great time in Boise. Kay and Russ live there. They are happy. Debbie came from Nevada to visit us, too. Kay's house is nice and it is in a nice neighborhood. They like their jobs. They've only lived there a year and don't know anyone yet. They are okay with that for now. They seem to be perfectly happy just with each other! Debbie called yesterday. She got a 2004 Toyota Rav and is so excited about it. That's a car like your Gramma Eve has. Nice car.

Well - I guess I better go and get your Great Uncle some dinner. I am making Chicken noodle soup. It's been brewing all afternoon and now I have to make some bisquits and add the noodles. I baked a chocolate cake, too, but Linda's boys and Uncle Phil ate it all after school! Take care and keep on working.

Psalm 3 says: "God, you have surrounded me with your love. You envelop me with concern and undergird me with grace. When I reach out for You, You are close enough to hear and to respond. Whether I am awake or asleep, You are near to me and will watch over me. I do not have to be afraid of these problems that assail me. The conflicts of my life will not separate me from You." You should have someone read the whole psalm to you. And I will pray it for you. It is meant for your family and those who are caring for you, too.

Sincerely, and with lots of love and hugs and kisses - Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
Uncle Scott
01-09-2007 9:36:30 PM
Hey Hey Josi Jean, How you doing? Well we got some more white stuff last nite, it's shaping up to be a cold snowy one i hope. Kalli leaves for Fairbanks tomorrow and she's psyched. They have a really good team this year, they are undefeated after 6 games and the first three wins they averaged 81 points. There are 6 seniors so she hasn't played a whole lot. Her defense has improved but she needs to get some faster feet. i try to tell her to jump rope but what do i know, i only took state in wrtestling and third in the u.s. in wrestling but what do i know. Their grades (Kalli n Cassidy) are doing good and they are happy so all is kinda good here. Really been kicken around the idea of moving back to montana. I'm missing it more and more every year. Well kiddo stay cool and stay positive. We wish we could be there. Love ya bunches
Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy Kline
01-09-2007 5:07:14 PM
Hey Ms Josi Posi. so lately i have been having some very strange dreams about you! last night i had a dream that your mom and bob had a huge party and you were sitting like a queen in a large chair talking to everyone and laughing. it was great. i took it as a sign that you will be talking back soon. i am regretting coming back so soon, i am so completely bored! and the job hunt isnt going as planned. oh well. hopefully i will see you soon! love you much
01-09-2007 4:06:02 PM
Hey jos
back at school, classes are going well
my roommate moved back home, i guess there were family problems or something like that, so i'm alllllll alone, my room is empty, well, except all of my stuff, but thats a given, anyways, nothing else is new, just being bored, bout to delve back into my loverly homework, greaaaat, ugh, anyways, miss ya already, and i love you
01-09-2007 7:24:29 AM
hey josi!
i really wish i was there so i could give you the biggest hug! things are going pretty good here i guess. i leave for fairbanks tomorrow and it's supposed to be -30 to -40 degrees while i'm there :S i've never been in this type of weather. it'll be really dry! luckily, kenda made me a really pretty scarf and i got some gloves for christmas so those'll definitely come in handy!! i didn't think i was actually gonna go on this trip cuz like it was top ten, but luckily, there are two seniors that jus aren't cutting it so me and a freshman are going on the trip! the boy are comin too, but since last years drinking trip, we have to stay in separate hotels. i feel its a good thing, but it wouldn't matter if we stayed in the same hotel even cuz mrs. johnson (new coach) crack's down on that type of stuff and would be checkin our rooms every hour. anyways, it's not like i care i don't want an ordeal like last year. i feel really good bout my playin, cuz i've been workin really hard on my defense (weakness) and there is a lot of improvement. soon i'll be playin a lot more...anywayz, we're stayin in a hotel up there so hopefully i'll be able to get on and update you throughout the trip. i love you all very much!
The stranger Sharon
01-09-2007 5:06:16 AM
Good Morning Josi,
I pray this finds you with a happy and hopeful heart - and not blown all the way to Kingdom Come by those powerful Great Falls winds!
Sounds like you are working hard and getting stronger. Keep it up, Josi Girl, and you just might be dancin' to bring in the next new year. Won't that be fun!
Melanie quoted a great Psalm for you! I think it would be great if tht quote were read to you each morning so you can think of it throughout the day.
You have a wonderful day - work hard - make more progress - keep grinnin' so the folks around wonder what you are up to and always remember: Jesus loves you more than our words can say!
Peace to you Josi. Peace to all who visit here.
Mrs Wren "fave math teacher"
01-08-2007 4:50:37 PM
Hi Josi! It was so good to see you and your smiling face! You did awesome trying to touch your hand to your chin........but you get a keep practicing so you can get an A the next time. I am going to try to find the video of the VIP team the year you were an 8th grader. Then., I'll bring it over and we can watch it together. Sound like fun? I think so too! Hang in there Josi....give it all you got. You are going to make it. I walked out of your room thinking that. I left smiling thinking......."She's giving it all she has...and she IS going to make it!" Love, Mrs Wren
Keep working hard. We are going to come back to see you. We'll bring Dr. J, Mr Davey, and Mr Kumm the Science Bum.
01-08-2007 11:06:25 AM
Hey there! It was nice visiting for so long on saturday, matt really enjoyed seeing you too finally. (I couldn't be sure if you were giving him the death stare or the who the hell are you stare but hes not that pretty to look at so ge must have done something pretty interesting for you to be so enthralled) He and I generally work opposite schedules so he was glad to be able to make it finally.You were really struggling to get that left arm moving, but you were definitely doing it! Sorry also , that i picked a crappy spot to sit and was in the way of the leg movement but matt was taking up all the space on the other side of you. Well dear, I am in class so i should probably get off the internet.
Much love! <3
Aunt Stacey
01-08-2007 10:57:40 AM
So, I counted over 100 ornaments yesterday. That's awesome, Jos. You worked so hard to move that right arm for me, then went to sleep. Every time you would seem to be sleeping well Straight would bark at something (maybe the wind!? We are in Great Falls after all) and wake you up. Thanks for watching "The Top 100 Songs of the 80's" with me. (That's probably why you were sleeping!). Of course, the #1 song was Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer." That song is about having faith that things will get better, and sticking together in the meantime. So, I guess we're "livin' on a prayer" right now. Bon Jovi Forever!!!
01-07-2007 10:26:50 AM
Oh Josi,
My house smells heavenly. Made your Great Grandma's wonderful peanut butter stuffed cookies. To die for. Brought back memories starting in sixth grade. Hanging at your Mom's Grandparents Cox house, playing bumper pool,eating Jeno's pepperoni pizza, Heath icecream bars, and these cookies...ah so good. Tell Mom to make you some to smell and just a bit of crumb on the tongue.
Very windy here, not as bad as Great Falls but too nasty to walk the dogs. Rosie and Dixie are so bored. Hope you are having a good weekend. Love and hugs...
01-07-2007 9:41:46 AM
Hey Josi ! We are finally back at the Flathead & ready to start the ol' school routine Monday. We really enjoyed all the time we were able to spend with you both weeks of vacation. Miranda & Jacques really can keep your attention, with all their singing, chattering & downright business ! The last day we spent there, your mother left out the scrapbook/photo album we made for you, only you were too busy dozing off & on! I showed you one page, then put it time we'll have to look over the photos, as you really enjoyed all of them before (by the way, it IS quite an accomplishment for me to finish such a project - I bet I have 20+ years of my own photos sitting in boxes in the basement!!) And, maybe Miranda will give you her 'page by page' dissertation, again!... That day we ended up playing several games of 'Crazy Eights', trading you off as one of our partners each round. If you recall, (you fought to keep those heavy eyelids open!) you would study the cards we held up for you, then lift your head a little to watch us play to the discard pile. The kids decided you were the lucky partner - your 'team' won the most hands! ... Keep your faith strong, Josi. Know how special you are to God .... Psalms 139:13-17 - "For You formed my inward parts, You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully & wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works. And 'that' my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they were all written, the days fashioned for me, when 'as yet there were none' of them. How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!".... We praise Him daily for the life He has given ALL of us... He knows your heart, Josi - NEVER doubt His love for you & that He has a wonderful plan for your own life. Remember, he is with you through all these rocky times - keep praying to Him & He will show you the way... We love you, Josi!! Many hugs & kisses - Mel, Dad, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
01-07-2007 8:14:09 AM
hi josie :]

i know it's been awhile since i wrote you a comment, even though i think and wonder about you and check the news on here every week...

me and my boyfriend danny just got back from california last night. it was a beautiful two weeks. i wish i could have shared all the sunshine and nice weather with you.
there were two many people though!
when you get the chance, make it down to sea world in san diego and go to disney land. two places i'm sure you'd enjoy

stay strong, lady

good luck in this new year

and keep up your fight because you will prevail
Tony, Annette and Benjamin Welsh
01-07-2007 5:47:54 AM
All the way from Germany we are looking in on you and sending you our prayers. Josi, we can't physically touch you but in our hearts for you is a hug so warm it would keep you toasty on the coldest of Montana's winters.
Josi, Love takes many forms and though we don't know you well, you are family and we love you just the same. Love is a binding thread and in that we hope you find the strength from the tens of thousands of people that think of you daily.
Tony and Family
01-06-2007 10:31:28 PM
Just stopping by to let you know that I have been thinking about you! Stay strong!
Uncle Scott
01-06-2007 10:15:29 AM
Hey Hey Kiddo, Hey were you able to have a taste of the treats i sent down? Maybe even some on your tongue or something? I hope you did as those are some good chocolates. So this spin thing you do, is it kinda like the tea cups at the fair? Hey would you let your poppa gramma know that there are some pictures of the girls coming their way. I fall behind in my stuff so easy that i forget what day it is sometimes. it was a very busy time for me during Kalli's basketball yourney. we always have to house kids with us so to keep them going and stuff in prep for christmas is alot for one to do. I managed though. It was an awsome tourney as Kalli's team won in the last two seconds with a three pointer. i got it all on video. It stinks video taping the game as i have to try and follow the action and watch the camera also. WOW, eighteen thousand four houndred and fourty six hits. Do you realize what it just took me to write that out? Had to consult Mr. Webster on that one.Well we kinda got some cool temps and some snow. We never know how much were gonna get or how long it will last but when it's here it's great. It takes me back to the days of snowmobiling up at king's hill. i keep hinting to the girls to move out of here and go to some seasonal type of stuff. I sent an e-mail to a friend of mine after christmas cause she had asked how our weather was. my reply was, kinda shitty, partly shitty. mostley shitty and always shitty. take your pick.We only had 175" of rain last year but i think we got most of it in december. The worst is when we get about 8" of snow then 2" of rain. slush city. Cass finally got to move into her new junior high school. It's really nice, it only took 3.5 yrs to do the remodal on it. the first contractor put the windows and the roof on wrong so there was massive leaking and mold. so new roof and and windows, new interior as all the sheetrock had to be taken down to combat the mold and new siding since they had to put in different windows. when all said and done it will be about 24 - 28 million just for a middle school. We had a brand new elementary school built in less time for about 9 million. The remodal is gonna go to court i'm sure and so we'll see what happens. well kiddo everything her is good to go and praying your recovery is going good also. take care and we love you. Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy Kline.
01-06-2007 9:24:47 AM
Hey Josers! just thought i would drop by to say hi! I drove back to zoo town thursday on the crappiest roads! they were horrible, i was going about 35 the whole time. oh well. its good to be back in missoula but i miss ur cute little face. mama deb andi found some funny pictures of you the other day, made us laugh and question what the heck you were doing! i am hoping to come home the first weekend in february and i will probably have Greta Lynn with me! YAY! miss you jos, talk to you soon! love you!
01-06-2007 12:04:08 AM
Hey Jos...
Haven't been by in almost a week, i know, terrible...i'm just unsure how to feel around anyone anymore, i have messed up a lot of shit recently... i know you would understand, but hate feeling embarassed around anyone else, which is what i feel... maybe ashamed is more appropriate... and it shouldn't be about me, i know... i just am unsure about a lot, wish you were here to give me feedback... its what i need... i love you, see you before i leave here... i'm excited to exit this place, but not to leave you... i'm just out of place again, as you know i'm sure, love you very much
much luv n mayhem
01-05-2007 10:22:13 PM
sorry jos, its been a while. now that i am home i have to deal with the incredibly slow internet service that my parents feel is necessary. i try to avoid being online. im so glad to hear of your
improvements. i wish i could be in great falls so i could visit you more. i sure miss that smile you occasionally wear, or that glare in some cases. i hope you had a wonderful birthday, christmas, and new years. dont ever think that a moment has passed when you havent been in my thoughts. a letter will soon be on its way.
01-05-2007 7:55:06 PM
Josi I have never met you but you have greatly impacted my life. I went to school with your sister Kati and she is literally the nicest person I have ever met. I was really happy to find her on myspace and see how she had been doing. One day her friend, Taylor, posted a bulliten about a quilt everybody was making for you. That is when I found out what happend. I spent the rest of the night glued to this website, reading all the stories, looking at all the links. You immediately stole my heart! I could tell that you were strong and that you were going to make it through this. You were going to take this challenge head on. I couldn't have been more right! When I think about your progress and I am amazed. I know it may seem to you and your family that it has been an enernity since the accident but your advancements since only a little over four months is astounding. Well I guess I'm going to go now. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thougts every day and in my prayers overnight.

We are rooting for you in California!!!
Aunt Stacey
01-05-2007 7:46:10 PM
Not quite as active tonight, but when I was trying to get you to pull on your rubber band you got that crooked smile on your face right before you let go and it snapped back at me. You're quite the jokester! I was reminding your mom about the time way back before Uncle Tim and I were married and your mom, Kati, you and I went shopping at the mall. Your mom gave you both $5 to spend however you wanted and off you went. A few minutes later you came back, Kati with lipgloss, you with that same crooked mischevious grin on your face and whoopie cushion in hand. You proceeded to hide in the clothes racks and squeeze that thing every time someone came close to your mom. She was so embarrassed, yet so proud at the same time. She was trying to reprimand you but couldn't stop laughing long enough. I remember thinking what a "unique" little girl you were. Of course, at that time I had no idea I was marrying a carrier of the mischevious gene. Anyway, I know you meant to snap me with the band and you seemed to enjoy the laughter in the room after you did it. No high fives tonight but saw a little bit more of the Josi we all love so much. Each day we look forward to what tomorrow will bring. God is good, Jos, and His will is working inside of you. Love you lots, Aunt Stacey, Uncle Tim, Shea & Shelby
01-05-2007 7:17:52 PM
hey Jos!! My birthday is coming up next friday and I was reminising about my 16th birthday and the fun we had!!! I hope that all goes well and I am heading back to school tomorrow, 26 long hours on a bus! That gives me time to study up on my cocktails! I have to make 12 mixed drink in 12 minutes, and then I have the serve safe or "tips" test to take and then a long and drawn out wine and beer examine! Girl hang in there, the best is still to come and you've have come so far. You are always in my prayers. I will be thinking of you and your crazy self when I get back to school. I guess people in general don't realize how bad drinking and driving really is until something like this happens to them or someone close to them! I just want to scream at some of the college kids that I go to school with, about how selfish and naive they really are!Hey!! Interesting fact that I learned:A hangover is your body's reaction to being depressed by the alcohol so it speeds itself up even faster to make up, that is why we feel anxious and our hearts beat fast!!!Wish me luck tuesday is my first meeting as president of Nutrition Society at Johnson and Wales! I am really nervous because I have really big shoes to fill!!! I hope all goes well and I am always her for you!!
01-05-2007 6:58:23 PM
Way to get into gear!
I will be calling your mother tomorrow to see if a visit is possible. Charles really wants to swing by so I will see if he has to work or anything and then try to make a plan. That kid was sick for about 2 months straight, probably due to his healthy diet of taco bell with the constant mtn dew in hand. And hes not even a college kid yet.. He's going to disappear on us someday.. See you soon!!
Kay from Boise
01-05-2007 4:49:49 PM
2007 is going to be a great year for you, Josi! Look how much you have accomplished in 2006. You are working hard to get better each day. You are inspiring people near and far, and some who don't even know you. You have spread love and faith to hundreds of people! You are truly amazing. Hang in there, dear Josi. There are so many pulling for you.
01-05-2007 4:38:35 PM
Josi, what an exciting update. You go girl!
I agree that a mass mailing from supporters of Miss Josi may be a good idea for the insurance. Will be happy to write.
Keep on keeping on...
01-04-2007 9:01:50 PM
Wow Aunt Stacey wasn't the only one to get a boost today. I was so excited to hear about you moving the elbow I was psyched all the way home. When I got here, you were working it, head sweating, partial body drench, left leg ( remember it only moves sideways, it has the frozen knee) going like crazy. I bugged you all night with the arm and Senor (of course) grabs the left leg, you gave him this strange smirk and darned if you didn't bend the darn thing about 15 degrees ON YOUR OWN and then push down and sideways. Several times Wow! The last time you tried to move the knee on your own was way back in the hospital when the darn thing would bend!. I snapped a flix to record it. Cooking baby girl. Way to start up the new year. You are digging the comments,smiling a lot and tomorrow is a spin day again, woohoo! Forever our hearts, mom
Mary Wren "Mrs Wren"
01-04-2007 8:13:44 PM
Hi Josi, Don't know if you remember me - your crazy old math teacher from the VIP team your 8th grade year at Paris. I sure remember you.....great student...........great person. We had a lot of fun on that team with Mr Davey, Mr Kumm (the science bum), Dr. J, and myself. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You always gave everything you did your all........I'm sure now will be no different. You hang in there..there are lots of people who love you praying for you.
Love, "Mrs Wren" (Your favorite math teacher :0)
Claire B the Canoe Lady
01-04-2007 7:46:38 PM
I am just amazed by the power of Love.

You asked for comments to relay to Josi, but this one is for Josi's mom! I don't really know Josi at all, just what Deb told me at my shop and some great pictures from the gallery, but I know that Deb is a bulldog who will growl and even bite when necessary. I wonder if it would help for Josi's mom to post the name of the insurer you are having difficutly with--we could send e-mails directly to the CEO of the company, urging their support and suggesting they might not enjoy adverse publicity. I pay my premiums, I want to know if something happened to me or my family that my insurer would be there for me.

I was watching the CBS News this evening. They had a story about stroke victims and how conventional therapies were thought to be ineffective after a year...WRONG! The lady who was featured in the story is an inspiration. Yes, people are improving long after their strokes! All it took was hard work, faith and funds. We, the friends of the family, help to provide the faith, Josi's family does the work, and dammit, the insurers should provide the funds.

I'll send an e-mail. Post it.

Aunt Stacey
01-04-2007 11:56:51 AM
I am so excited! I just got back to the office after spending my lunch break with you and you made me so proud. I asked you to "give me five" to try to get you to move your right arm out and you did it! You didn't exactly make it all the way to my hand, but your elbow (which usually rests on your chest) went all the way back and touched your mattress! Christy was there and we were both very impressed, so you continued to do it over and over. I told you how proud I was at how tough you are and you just smiled at me. You made my day - okay, you made my year (so far) but I know you're going to continue to impress me all year long. I know you're working hard and it gives me inner peace and strength knowing no matter what I'm dealing with, it's nothing compared to what you're working for. Love ya lots Jos! Can't wait for tomorrow's visit!!!
Aunt Val
01-04-2007 9:50:47 AM
Hi Josi!

I was sitting in the dealership office yesteray while the service men changed the oil in my vehicle. While I was sitting there I picked up a magazine to pass the time. There were several magazines and the one I picked was somewhere in the middle of the stack. I thumbed through the magazine looking for something that would spark my interest and further my reading. On page 74 of this magazine was this article titled, "Sarah, Can You Hear Me?". The article is about a young woman, 18 years old, who was run over by a drunk driver. Sarah was very badly hurt with a severe head injury. The article so paralelled the moments after your injury and the feelings of those involved. What is most important about this article is that it is an article of faith , hope and love. Sarah, after 20 years of being in a minimally conscious state, spoke her first word! Sarah was in a long term acute care setting the whole time. One day her mom received a phone call and on the other end was Sarah and she said, "Hi Mom" to her mother, and then the phone was passed to her dad. Her mom stated that all those 20 years of silence disappeared the second she heard her daughter say "Hi Mom". It is a great article and I will mail it to your Mom. There is also some additional information on new treatments and scientific studies that is very interesting and sounds somewhat hopeful. Also in the article it states that you are very much aware of what is happening on a day to day basis. Sarah recalled things about 911 (this is when she was in her minimally conscious state)! Srah could recount things that happened So I guess what I am saying to everyone out know that they are visiting know what they are saying and I want to let everyone know...keep visiting Josi...keep writing...never give up hope.

I love you Josi...and I know you can hear me!

Big HUGS and tons of love

Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the Pickle!
Kellie Radovich
01-04-2007 7:48:57 AM
Hey Josi! I don't know if you really remember me but we played basketball together and were pretty good friends in middle school. I remember writing notes back and forth all day long. I have been checking up on you ever since your accident. I pray for you every single night. I currently live in Pittsburgh where I go to school otherwise I would love to stop by and say hello. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and praying for you!

Kellie Radovich
01-03-2007 9:54:27 PM
Hey Jos!
Came by today and you were a little bored with me, we watched tv for a little while and i whined to you a bit. you didnt offer up much advice. :>. I think you were a little distracted, that leg was goin back and forth the whole time. I came by again tonight to say goodbye and you were WIDE AWAKE, sitting almost completely straight up and you had lifted your head off the pillow and held it! i half expected you to say something to me! you were really focused and did not take your eyes off of me, until i asked you to follow my fingers with your eyes, which you surprisingly did! i'm so proud!! I havent seen you THAT alert in a while, but i guess they did spin you today. keep it up Josi Jean! i hope to be back the first couple weeks in february probably with Greta Lynn in tow, so be prepared! in the mean time i will ofcourse call your mom often! I love you Josers! see you later
01-03-2007 4:23:19 PM
Hey there Josi and co.
I was talking to Lori yesterday and she was telling me aboout this cool website that you have. I didn't realize there was anything like this. I usually don't make it past the e-bay classic car section on the internet. I'm glad I found this. I've been meaning to stop by and say hi. Check up on you and the. family. I will definitly do that soon.I know Samm has wanted to stop by since she got back from college, she has been home sick for about a week or more with a serious kidney infection. She seems to be feeling alot better now. got the latest hitech drugs from the hospital so all is good. She wanted to make sure that it wasn't contagous before she came over. I'm sure you'll see her in the next couple of days. Lucky you.ha ha...Hopefully things are progressing for you. We have all been praying for you every day. I had to laugh the other day, I was looking through some pictures while cleaning out the garage and came across some of you and Samm in like the third grade. I'll make some copys and be sure to get them to you. It made me think of the time when you and Samm ran away for like four hours, when you guys where I think in the third grade. I remember Samm calling me from some ladies house and saying that you guys went for a walk, got lost, and needed a ride. I might had beleived you both, but you forgot you left a note saying that you girls where running away. When we picked the two of you up, you both had a stick with your clothes and some food in a bandana tied to it. Just like in the cartoons. Busted!!!! Funnny stuff...Well Josi hang in there, keep workin hard, and don't lose that smile........Same goes for you mom.
your friend
The stranger, Sharon
01-03-2007 2:51:19 PM
Hey Josi,
I pray this finds you having a great day. Find at least three things to grin about today - it is a great tension reliever. Besides, when you are grinnin', it makes people wonder what you are up to and what's going through your mind. What fun it is to keep people guessing and even confused - right? Keep grinnin'.
And please don't get discouraged or feel abandoned when people don't come around as much as they used to. There can be many reasons. Sometimes we get too busy and too preoccupied with our own agenda. Sometimes it is as your Mom says - we see our own imortality and it scares us. We just went through the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year holiday season which is always too busy for our own good. And sometimes, Josi, sometimes a friend starts to slack off with their visits because they don't know quite what to say or how to react or just how it is that they can show their love to you when you are not as you used to be. Pray for those people, Josi, they are hurting for you and don't know how to handle or express that pain. They truly do stay away because they love you so dearly. Sounds like an oxymoron, huh? Stay positive, dear Josi, stay positive. You will come out of this with an even better level of empathy and compassion and love than you had before you entered this place in your life.
And always remember - you have one friend who has been at your side through all of this and will be steadfast in his love and support. His name is Jesus. Even through those times when you rant and rave and turn your back on Him, Jesus will patiently stand in the shadows until you call out to Him again. I know this. He has always been there for me, even when I could not feel His hand on my life and ran from Him .. He stayed faithful. He is there for you Josi. And He is there for your Mom. And all who need Him.

You are in my prayers. I am praying the insurance companies have a change of heart. They can be so cold-blooded.

Peace to all of you.
01-03-2007 10:43:59 AM
Hello dear, sad to hear only one person called, I promise my thoughts were with you. (Didn't know what the family was up to- always worried about waking someone up or intruding.. I guess I will have to stop being such a wuss) Charles and I plan on stopping by this week- Saturday at the latest, I have to work everyday so we will see how that works out. Back at school right now and it is quite lame. Oh well though.
See you soon, love you!
Uncle Mike
01-03-2007 7:41:13 AM
Happy New Year Josi! There is not a day that goes by that that you are not in our thoughts and prayers. We just know that 2007 is going to end on higher note for you. Keep up the hard work as we love you very much.

We are full steam ahead in the new year. Aunt Val commutes into Kalispell for work everyday Monday through Friday. I had a Council Meeting that lasted until midnite last night and then got up at 5:30 AM to take your cousin Dyl to stick & puck hockey. After School today Dyl goes to guitar lessons. I head to Helena to see the Governor tommorrow and then return on Friday night. Then Saturday we head to Fernie, Canada to Dylan's Hockey Tournament returning on Sunday. Then comes Monday and it all starts all over again. Your hard work and perserverence is a inspiration to us, keep up the hard work Josi!

Hugs, more hugs and then some more hugs,
Uncle Mike, Aunt Val & Dilly Pickle
01-02-2007 10:03:01 PM
Hey Jos! i was going to come by tonight but could not get a hold of your mom! I decided jobs should be banned from vacations, they take up far to much time and energy. but the good news is tomorrow i only have one place to work instead of two so i plan on sneaking out of JM early to come bug you for awhile, i figure its been too long since i have been there to annoy you and i'm sure you are missing it! HA. I would briny my pup over but i think you were more annoyed with him then pleased so i will leave him at home. i leave back to missoula thursday already, i cant believe how fast the time went. how about i put you in the back seat and you can come to missoula with me and Greta Lynn! sound like a plan? good. well sweetheart i need to go to bed, i WILL see you tomorrow even if it means i have to break in mission impossible style! love ya Josers
Charlie Murphy
01-02-2007 9:02:05 PM
Hello Josi!!1 Happy New Year to you...i just got home from Canada tonight!!! It was a fun trip!! Well i am heading back soon but before i go i am going to try rounding up a bunch of girls and come say bye before we are back to school!!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL new year and keep on working hard!!! Your an AMAZING person!! lots of love
01-02-2007 8:52:00 PM
Hey Ms. Josephine,

What's been all sorts of up in da hizzouuuyeeeoouuse? Not much here today. Finally getting some cleaning done in the condo while watching some "Beavis and Butthead", fartknocker. I've been here two months and it feels like two weeks. Anyway, I don't wanna have to come over there and kick your butt, but I will if I hafta. Actually, how 'bout I just stop over after work tomorrow and hang for a while anyway? I finally have some decent stories to tell so you won't be bored to sleep when I come over! Heroic tales of me... doing stuff. Well, okay they're still not that great, but at least it's something. I'm working on it, woman!!! Anyway, I'm starting to "be good" now (no more late nights, saving money, and getting to bed early), so I hope to have a lot more free time in the future.

Anyway speaking of being good, I set my bed time at 2200 -- yes Jos, that's 10:00 PM -- so much for that, eh? Well, maybe I can at least get to bed by 2300 (you do the math this time *wink*). Love ya much and I'll see ya soon!
01-02-2007 7:04:56 PM
Dear Josi,
My power keeps going out and this is my 3rd try to comment. Uff da!
It was so much fun to meet you and get together with your family this weekend. The light and laughter in your eyes let me and Mark both know that you are getting better and very interested in what is going on around you. The Insurance Company is just trying to save money. This problem will pass as it is just another hurtle that your Mom will get through.
I owe you more stories about your Mom. I will bring my sister, Josie, when I do visit. She has many stories of your Mom and me and how much she worried about us. So until then I will just keep reading the updates and praying for you and yours…God Bless and much love…Pete
01-02-2007 6:53:01 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR JOS. I know I am late I have not been out much since you Birthday. I went into town on the 26th. Thought I would look for some deals. Went to the mall and got to see your family. I saw Katie and her boyfriend she even gave me a hug I was impressed, then right after that I saw Uncle Tim and Aunt Stacy as well as Shea and Shelby.

I am praying that 2007 is a good year for everyone especially you and your family. I will be getting into town sometime this week and will be coming over to spend some time with you. I want you to know that that Farp thing was so cool, I just loved it when I got it to make a great noise and it sure appeared that you moved away from me and gave me the look.

I am just stumped about what is enough progress, everytime I see you there is just a little more all the time and in my books progress no matter how much is progress. Well now I am just getting off track. My best to you and I will see you soon.
01-01-2007 10:22:02 PM
JOSI!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! last night we were lighting off fireworks and I remembered the night you and I got the wonderful idea to put the poppers under Mama Deb's toilet seat. haha, she was not ammused to say the least. Sorry i havent been by lately, i cant figure out where the weekend went and already I leave on thursday! dont worry tho, somehow i will make it over tomorrow if even just for a little while. I hope you had a great New Years, i'm sure it was wonderful knowing your family. Its a new year Jos and i have a feeling you will set a pretty fast pace! Just keep up the hard work Jos, because by this time next year i WILL be putting poppers underneath YOUR toilet seat!and i fully expect a very hard punch to the arm!! Love you much, big smooches, see you tomorrow!
The stranger, Sharon
01-01-2007 7:39:16 PM
Hey Josi,

Happy, happy new year to you. You're really gonna show the world what Josi is made of in the year ahead, aren't you? I can feel it in my bones -- or is that the arthritis kicking up?

Every single day when you wake up, Josi, thank God for the new day and say, "Thank you, Lord, for what you are about to do for me." Then BELIEVE. Believe with all of your heart. 2007 is gonna be THE year - because you believe. And I believe in you!

Peace to you, Josi. Peace to all who love and care for you.
D Michelle
01-01-2007 4:45:10 PM
Hi bud , jut wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! So glad your birthday went well. Thingss are looking up for 07 best of luck for you and keep working for therapy. Sorry to hear about Ajaxx. Talk to you soon D Michelle
01-01-2007 5:06:45 AM
Couldn't resist, had to be the first to leave a post in 2007. So Many of us have but one real wish for this new year and I know you will make it happen. We are behind you a 110%. Always we have faith, love and hope; mever losing it, never waivering. Always we Believe in you! love you forever and ever, forever my heart, mom
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-31-2006 8:34:41 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Hope you are sitting there smiling and enjoying the end of 2006. Thinking of you and want to wish you Happy New Year.
Love you so much … sending you many hugs, kisses, and prayers for a great new year as you continue your upward growth to recovery.
Happy New Year Sweetie,
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-31-2006 7:48:53 PM
The year is over punkin, you are finishing it up in typical Josi style, slept in, and bizzzzzy tonite.Kati, Jared and Taylor are chatting with you now, then it will be just us to party it up into the wee hours. Ok so maybe you will just take your meds and Senor and I will finish our pop and call it an evening. Sweetie, it hasn't been the best of years, but it could be a lot worse (I was at my friends' son's funeral yesterday and he was only 19, he was a Hero, but yet he is still gone.). I know you keep working and we will keep trying and by this time next year we will be amazed at how great the year was! Love you so very, very much. Forever our hearts little one, Mom and Senor.
Thanks to all who have helped us get through this one and God Bless you and yours in the next
12-31-2006 1:38:00 AM
so christmas break is pretty much over for me..:( i didn't even really get one, but oh well. the games were great! we won in the last two seconds! my teammate made a three pointer which put us up 59-57 and the clock ran out...omg it was intense! very nerve wracking...or however you spell but it was great, and i got my award so i'm happy!!! haha but ya..anywayz, jus got home from the dance and i thought i'd tell ya bout that game. ttul!
love you!
12-30-2006 1:55:50 PM
hey josi!
well, the tourney ends tonight and of course my team is in the championship game!!! haha we're playin Gig Harbor. we'll be them for sure! :P haha anywayz, this morning we had competitions. i was originally gonna do the 3 point, but i really wanted to do the hot shot competition which is shootin from different spots on the floor with a partner. so i got to do it and me and my partner totally won! my second time this year! i swear Hot Shot is my thing lol. anywayz it was really cool cuz my coach was like ur partner is a boy from Philomath, Oregon and i was like yes cuz i wanted to be paired with someone from there! and she's like you know what's creepy, the boy asked for you to be his partner and i'm like holler! he likes me..:P hahaha he's stayin with my baseball coach tom craig and he totally talks bout me the whole time...i'm hott...i can't help jk! but it's exciting that i'm gettin an award tonight. and we're gonna win, so i'll post after the game tonight!
love you!
12-30-2006 12:19:50 AM
hey jos! I read the mantra at the end of your mom's writing on the 27th and thought it was funny because my next tattoo for my birthday on the 12th has the words faith, hope and love at the bottom. It is a cross with a cherry tree over the top so that you are looking at the cross through the cherry tree.Cherry trees or sakura in japanese represent the beauty in life's moments and how fragile like the blossoms life's moments are. I am getting it to remind myself to live every moment for God. It also has the sun's rays shining down on it, and as i write this I am reminded of what a ray of sunshine you are and have been to everyone who you have touched over the years.I hope you had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year and I hope to stop by and see you before I head back to denver.

12-29-2006 12:04:27 PM
Hey Josi ! It was so wonderful to see you over the past few days...when you smiled that BIG smile of yours at Miranda when she sang Christmas carols to you, it warmed our hearts & made our day!! And you couldn't keep your eyes off Jacques, who was hamming it up for you...I imagine you were wondering if he was going to give you a big wet kiss as paybacks for all the ones you have given him over the years!! Miranda, Jacques & Lacey were so excited to see all the progress you have made (as were all of us!), they have so much love for you...You really studied the photos in the scrapbook we made for you - keep believing in yourself, Josi, and we will have more of those wonderful summer days on the lake together!! Many, many, more....Keep your faith strong, Josi, as Jesus says in Matthew 17:20-21 "...For truly, I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ' Move hence to yonder place', and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you." ....We have faith in GOD, Josi, & we have faith in YOU & your determination to conquer your 'mountain'. God is with you, always, and with all those who believe... We love you & keep you in our prayers every day & night. Have your mom give you an extra kiss & hug from all of us - we will be back next week to see more of those beautiful smiles of yours!!!...Love Mel, Dad, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
12-28-2006 2:44:25 PM
hey jo
Duder, sorry i haven't been by to see you in the last two days, i'm comming today i do believe, and i miss your smilin face....... life in great falls is, well, its life.. so, i lovers you, i will see you very soon, love you
Aunt Val
12-28-2006 7:09:36 AM
Hey Josi Girl

Got you in my heart girl. Miss you very much and really missed joining in your birthday fun. Our wishes and our love were with you and will always be every day.

I am sorry to hear the news on the Shriners Hospital...but for every door that closes and new door opens. I feel in my heart that there is just something better for you out there. I always hear from my coworkers that Craig in Denver is the best. We all want the best for you...sooo...reach out for that will be your lucky star that will take you to Craig and get you better.

Uncle Mike, Dylan and I spent a quiet Christmas together this year. It was nice but just not the same without going to Great Falls and being with all the family.

We have become a hockey family now with Dylan playing hockey for the Glacier Avalanche. We had one tournament in Canada December 16th and 17th. The boys played hard but the Canadians took the tournament. We go back up to Canada next weekend for our second tournament and then we go to Missoula, Spokane and I think Canada one more time. When we visit you next time we will show you some footage from his tournament...yes more boring family movies!!!! Remember every time you came to visit us Uncle Mike had to break out the family movies...nothing has changed. It is fun watching the "Pickle" out on the ice though.

I better get back to work...just want you to know I love you and send you big hugs from us.

Love & BIG HUGs from Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the "Pickle"
12-26-2006 9:32:14 PM
Hey Josers! wow, what a birthday party you had! your mom wanted atleast 19 guests and i think we got that in the first 20 minutes or so! it was crazy! but so much fun, you loved the makeup and getting your hair done, you looked so always. i couldnt believe how happy you were to have everyone at your house, although you did glare when we told you that if you wanted your gifts you had to open them. Me Cedes and Christy were having a LOT of fun with the flarp...until Kati took mine away. then i had to pick her and J-Rod up from the bar and ur moron sister licked her hand and smeared it all over my window! but i got to drive Jared's car so all is well. lol. love you Jos and Merry Christmas a little late! i am going to try and stop by tomorrow...if the work hours permit! hugs n kisses!
12-25-2006 5:12:25 AM
good morning luvbug, You are up and watching your Family Guy DVD's, waiting for the rest of the crew to wake up. I know everyone was praying extra hard for that Christmas miracle today, but you know what? We got that miracle, only we got it August 13th! It's a miracle you are here, and we treasure every moment we spend with you. You are the Christmas miracle that God gave us early.It is fantastic day for we are all together! Forever our hearts, Faith, Love and Hope - We will always Believe in You - Merry Christmas sweetie - mom
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-25-2006 4:35:57 AM
MERRY CHRISTMAS JOSI JEAN!! May your home be filled with happiness…
your heart with love…your days with joy…at Christmas and always.
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-24-2006 11:07:09 PM
Hey Josi Girl!
tis is your cousinc Cass Aka porkchop, crap head, and a ton of other names! well today was fun.. and exhausting! we went to the Craigs house and had Christmas Eve party thing! very fun! Its cold and rainy here.
WEll Josi your and an amazing survivor, fighter, and miricle! Keep on Keepin on Josi!
I love you!
12-24-2006 12:14:52 AM
Well. I just rolled home about an hour ago and sneaked in to see if Jos were sleeping. Not at all, I was quite so Mom would not wake up but whispered and asked if you wanted your I-pod to fall asleep too. Yeah, one kick to the side, I put your I-pod on quietly and you were trying to touch your hand to your chin, showing off. What a great day, thanks to everyone especially all my friends that came by, I appreciate it as well does Mom and Josi. Merry Christmas and thanks again to everyone.
12-23-2006 11:18:03 PM
hey you!
Happy Birthday! sorry it's a lil late, i fell asleep at 5 and totally woke up at like 11 pm...pretty sweet lol. basketball is really tiring. anywayz, i was jus droppin by to say hi and happy birthday. i love you very much and i hope your day was great!
The stranger, Sharon
12-23-2006 8:29:32 PM
Hey Josi!

Sounds like you had one fantastic day! That's wonderful - you deserve a fantastic day. So happy to know that so many friends stopped in to celebrate the day of your birth.

Me thinks you have all of those friends because you have been such a faithful friend. Could I be right?!?

Now, you make sure that your Christmas celebration turns out to be one more fantastic day.

God loves you Josi, more than our words can express.

Peace and Merry Christmas.
12-23-2006 7:30:07 PM
I just read Uncle Scott's post and with a grieving heart have to let you all know the wonderful animal, Ajaxx, known as Josi's angel with four legs passed away a short time ago. He stayed on this earth to find my baby and bring her back to us and then awhile longer to say good-bye to his companions. Prayers to Hal and Janet, may their burden be lighter knowing how much he meant to so many of us. Good bye and God bless you dear dog, we owe you so very very much.
Great Aunt Lonnie
12-23-2006 7:25:57 PM
Sounds like you had a great day. Lots of people DO love you and wish you a most blessed and happy birthday! We sure do!

Sincerely - with lotsa love and hugs and kisses

Great Uncle Phil and Great Aunt Lonnie
12-23-2006 7:23:02 PM
What a wonderful, harmonious, hilarious, fantabulous day! Over 75 guests at the party and I am still writing down ones I forgot! You reigned as the queen in your recliner, Kati and Christie F. did the make-up, Corgs did the hair and you wore J-Rod's specially made for Josi T-shirt and Elf Amy pants. What a day, you only cat napped for a moment and loved the flarp concert (had several of those including one with Santa). Wall to wall, room to room, tons of cookies and bread and cake! lots and lots of love baby girl. You have touched many! Forever my heart, Mom
Uncle Scott
12-23-2006 11:06:49 AM
With Josi's birthday upon us and Christmas right next door, Let us remember who brought this opportunity to us. May this be a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR HAL,HIS FAMILY AND AJAX. From the depths of my heart, Thank You for doing what you did and responding. May God keep blessing you daily. Thanks again, Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy Kline
Uncle Scott
12-23-2006 10:56:17 AM
Hey Hey, Josi Jean. Happy Birthday to you, Happy
Birthday to you,Happy Birthday Dearest Josi,Happy Birthday to you. Well our storms have kinda receded for awhile, yes it was nasty. The planes even had people puking on them. Many were saying that the flights were the roughest they have ever been on. I think we got about 6" of rain in the last 4 days. looks like the hits are still coming, 17,430, wowzer, My Dad,i do believe just dropped off some treats to you. These are hand made right here in K-town. The owner is a friend of mine, Have known him since we moved here 12 years ago. Enjoy the chocolates as i think they are the best. And again Happy Birthday sweety. Have a good time with all your friends and family. Love ya bunches kiddo. Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy Kline
12-23-2006 10:17:54 AM
Happy Birthday Josi, Dear!!!
I may not be able to stop by today, seeing as how my cold contracted from Seattle has only gotten worse... :( but I believe Leslie will be stopping by. She (or your mamma- or anyone else for that matter) can give you a few extra hugs and kisses for me.
Love you, and Happy 19th!!!
12-23-2006 6:21:00 AM
Happy Birthday Josi !!! We are sending our wishes to you on your special day..... Miranda sings with the church choir tonight in Kalispell, so we will be coming over to celebrate your birthday with you on the 26th, (& also have our Christmas with all the kids together then, too.) It will be a week of festivities !! Have a wonderful,wonderful day - our thoughts & prayers are with you....Love, Mel, Dad, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
Uncle Steve & Aunt Janice
12-23-2006 5:07:52 AM
12-22-2006 11:12:14 PM
Hey Jos! stopped by to see you today and you were struggling to keep your eyes open. i think to listen to me and Kati bicker back and forth. and then you were growling at me? not sure what that was about...hmmm. maybe you were really growling at Kati who insisted on hitting us with the wrapping paper cardboard roll...i told her i was going to bury her in the back yard :>. i am excited for your birthday party tomorrow! should be fun...i will see you tomorrow my darling! love you!
12-22-2006 2:57:41 PM
From the words of a stranger, we find comfort, Josi the people who care about you truly care and comfort all of us. Sleeping most of the afternoon, I am hoping you are storing up for your day tomorrow and not going to sleep through the festivities like you did at Kati's party! People stopping by, dropping off treats and gifts, all with love and hope and smiles on their faces. OOH ooh, I see the legs of the red tornado coming thru the door, THERESA is home. Yes, we are all together and tomorrow will be a good day. Forever my heart, mom
The stranger, Sharon
12-22-2006 7:57:06 AM
Good Morning Josi!
Can you believe over 17,000 hits on yur website?!? That's a whole lotta love and concern, girl. You are indeed blessed, just as you bless others.

Have a happy, happy birthday. And right on the heals of your birthday, hae a happy, happy Christmas.

A new year is around the corner, Josi. A year of new beginnings, new dreams, new adventures, new life, new experiences, new friends -- savor the old yet welcome the new! The list goes on and on and on -- it is totally up to you how long that list turns out to be in the coming year. I challenge you to make that list longer than even you imagined it could be. Are you up to the challenge, Josi?

REMEMBER -- ALL things are possible with God. It is up to you to ask - and it is up to you to receive! It would appear that God is not going to swoop you up and carry you out of that place you are in; but He IS holding your hand and He WILL guide you on your journey. He is protecting you. He wants you to learn each lesson slowly so it remains imprinted in your heart and on your mind forever.Keep the faith, Josi. All of us who visit your website are keeping the faith and praying for you. We all hold you up on those days when you want to stop.

Oh dear, I got long-winded again. Bottom line -- God loves you, Josi. There are thousands of folks out here who have never met you, but love you and hold you up in prayer. This posting is from just one of them!
Amy - Seamstress to the Claus
12-21-2006 7:28:37 AM
Hey Gang,
Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you!!! You are in my prayers and thoughts.
Jos, come January, I might slow down just a little and have a wardrobe for you.
I was not thrilled with the ready mady reconstructive surgery!!! Let me start from scratch. We'll have a runway show this spring! And YOU will be my model!!! Sorry I didn't get more done but as you can imagine this time of year my machines don't stop! Finishing up the Florida families gifts today.
Now if I forget to write don't think I don't realize Saturday is the BIG day. Celebrate big! We are blessed with the difference you have made in sooo many lives!
I'll check on you later!!!!
12-20-2006 4:46:04 PM
Hey Josi! Keep on keepin on k girl!
xoxoxo LOVE YA
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
12-20-2006 3:26:35 AM
“Party Hardy” Josi Jean as this Saturday will be your birthday with all your friends/family popping in to celebrate with you. Wish I could be there too but will be in spirit! Can’t believe you will be 19 already… as still think about how you were petting all our cats when you were a little tike. Well, knowing your mom, family, and friends I am sure it’s going to be a special day where you have that smile of yours going from ear to ear. Get those lips puckered up and ready to blow out a candle for that birthday wish to come true, and maybe some licks of some of the tasty food that will be part of your celebration. All of us who can’t be there will be waiting to read posts of your wonderful birthday from friends and family that are there and looking forward to hearing about our “bright brown eyed” sweetie.
Love you tons & with hugs and kisses, and prayers for a great week.
AuntieJ and Uncle Steve
12-19-2006 9:38:41 PM
JOSI! hello my darling. wow, i was just scanning through my old folders in my e-mail and i have some e-mails from you! and i have the link to an e-card you sent me for my birthday, i dont think the link still works since its 3 years old, but for some reason i still have it! sorry i havent been by in a few days, work is kickin my butt and putting me in a horrible mood. but hopefully tomorrow will go better and i can come by after work! your momma called me today when i was at work and left me a message saying you were WIDE AWAKE! YAY JOSI! you were awake when i was there sunday but you were ignoring me and concentrating on movin that leg of yours. crazy girl. anyway i hope you are having a wonderful day and i will see you soon ok?! love you!
12-18-2006 3:01:27 PM
Hey Josi!
shoot, it's been forever since i've been on here it seems like. i got home at midnight last night from Petersburg. the basketball tournament went great, and we won all of our games! i scored 9 the first game, 5 :S the second game, and 13the third! AND, my friend kevin and i won the HOT SHOT competition. him and i were partners in it and we totally dominated! hot shot is where you shoot from certain spots on the court and get points at those spots. Example, the left corner 3 point line was 5, a midrange shot on both sides was 4, free throw was 3, and a layup was 1. i don't remember waht two was...haha but ya i made like 3 3's in it and he made 2 3's and i had some 4 pointers. but itwas sooo cool cuz at the last second i put up a 3 and swish! we killed, and it was a great confidence booster for me. i haven't been very confident in my playing lately cuz like it seems my coach puts me in at the end of the game against the scrubs, but i play hard and do good, but it's like.....lame...haha but ya oh well. i'll get my game down and play more. christmas break started while i was on the trip so i'm jus hangin out now! we have a big christmas tourney next week, and i'm totally housin 2 boys from down south! :P haha so ya...anywayz, i'm gonna go. i'll ttul!
Love you all!
Chris Skovron
12-18-2006 12:37:00 PM
Hey Luvbug,

Can't wait to see you Saturday!!
12-16-2006 7:19:34 PM
Wow, all the company you wanted, but you slept the day away!! Guess you must be tired, concentrating on your friends' stories and keeping track of everything going on (doorbell and phones were kinda crazy Friday), but you did get a rest break throughout the day! Wonderful massages this week, you were sure smiling when she left after tonight's massage. Greta was only here two days so even while you slept (made santa happy, painted your toes a lovely red and white, very christmas) she kept you company, Corg's brought her puppy and made your puppy? Miss Tater mad. Biz was in 7th heaven, little man with a hair cut and a puppy!sheer ecstasy! You have the hand to the chin touch down pat, Senor is working on Hi, and me well I am just happy we are having a birthday party for you next weekend. Love you so much, sleep and heal little one. Forever my heart, mom
Great Aun Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
12-16-2006 12:45:09 PM
Hi Josi - Even though you don't see us, just know we're right there with you in our thoughts and prayers and get to read about what is happening with you here on this web sight. It sounds like you are working so hard and making some progress! Keep going. This is a long, hard journey, isn't it? But you have an army of supporters and friends who are here for you. And for your family. Love you all - Sincerely - Lonnie and Phil
12-15-2006 7:14:30 PM
Hey there miss josephine!
I'm so happy to be home, your smiles have made me more happy than i have been in the past month!!! i'm so glad that i can be with you again, next term is going to be a hard one, i don't really want to go back, you are here, i should be too, however, i will be next year!! i can't wait, i'm so excited, then we can be together allllll the time!! anyways, i'll see you tonite, i lovers you very very much!! and even more with every second that passes!! i love scratching your head too, even though i cannot quite compare to senor.... anywho, i lovers you!!! and see you soon
12-15-2006 9:36:29 AM
Hello there Miss Josi,
I am having a snow day today. Yesterday got stuck in the bus with four riders. Not off the road just couldn’t go forward and did not want to go backwards (on hill with sharp turn at bottom). Had to call for the sanding truck. We had gotten over 7 inches in a few hours and the first 2 were slush. Ended up taking the rest of the riders home in my four wheeler with studs but oh the wrecks we saw. The 31 miles I had to drive to go home took me 90 minutes…Uff da!
Sounds like you are just working so hard. Atta girl! Oprah had a miracle soldier on earlier this week. Doctor’s had removed ½ her scull bone and implanted in to her stomach until her brain swelling went down. She had to learn to read, walk, talk all over again. The exciting part is after all she had gone through she was totally back, just like you are going to be too.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you, have fun with your friends during Christmas break.
12-15-2006 3:18:31 AM
How cool it must be to have your best friend there visiting with you. I can hardly wait to see the two of you together. I will be in town today for a little while and hope to be able to stop in to see you. With any luck at all Ceeds will be there. She should still have another hundred stories to tell you.
Aunt Stacey, Uncle Tim, Shea & Shelby
12-13-2006 5:21:25 PM
Hey Jos- I just heard an update from the wonderful medical professionals that work with you and I'm so proud of you! You're working so hard and even though you're making small gains, you're still moving forward. We are so blessed to still have you with us and we thank God everyday that he has given us another chance to love you (and feel your love back through the sweet smiles when we give you kisses and hugs). Even though Christmas is still several days away, I feel like we're being gifted every time we see you. Sorry, Santa, but you can't top that one! We love you lots and look forward to seeing a lot of your friends in the next couple weeks.
Aunt Val
12-13-2006 12:23:17 PM
Good job on the pop rocks Mom! That sounds just like the coma stimulation that is necessary to help Josi on the road to recovery. Great idea.

Just a quick note to let you know I am thinking of you and Josi and to let you know you are doing a great job. I continue to be grateful that Josi has you there caring for her and knowing her every need 24/7.

Much love, Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Pickle
12-12-2006 10:48:30 PM
You wore yourself out today little one. I bought you chocolate pop rocks to try, even got popsy and grandma to give it ago (hehehe). Not sure you liked it much but was going for the sensation.Seem to be very content today, smiling alot and yes, sweating and working like a mad woman. Kinda funny but I like Chaos as your nicknomer. Love you lots, forever my heart mom
12-12-2006 6:32:11 PM
Hey there ms josi,
I'm sitting next to your smiling face! i'm so happy i can be here with you finally, good lord three months is waaaaaaaaay to long, however, the mayhem n chaos have reunited! DUN DUN DUN! but we're gunna have to take a raincheck on our ruckus making, only for now tho. i'm trying to get you to open and close your hands, you're working hard, sweat rolling down your face, but thats good!! i LOVE YOU!!!
Mayhem is present, as well as CHAOS!!
12-12-2006 9:53:05 AM
Damn Jos 16.5K visitors, just think if you had a buck for each time someone visted this site, you would be one rich girl. It seems weird not being home the past couple weekends. I will be back Tuesday. For now, Im stressing out about finals. Im just getting ready to give a presentation but not worried about it. See you soon/
12-11-2006 2:52:43 PM
hey hey! just finished two of my three finals! what a relief! i think i actually did ok, and who knows, maybe i will pass my math class after all. i will be in great falls thurs afternoon this week and wont be flying home until sat evening so im sure i will be over to visit you. your birthday is definitly getting close, unfortunatly i wont be there for it... sorry, but i will be thinking about you as i am way up north enduring the many inches of snow:) love you much ~G
Amber Foose
12-11-2006 12:10:38 PM
Hey Jos I bought you an ornament the other day that I hope to deliver at your open house if I ever get home! I'm bringing Desi and Jeanna by too hopefully!! But the ornament is totally appropriate for the foodlover at heart! I hope that your birthday and Christmas are filled with all the love and joy of family and friends! You are always in my prayers and I know that Christ's grace shines upon your sweet smiling face! Keep rockin' and prove to everyone what a fighter Josi Eve really is because I know that you are!!
12-11-2006 11:54:24 AM
Hey lovely! It was great to come and see you last week! The concert was amazing and I thought of you a lot .. the only person I could think of other than Charles who would have known every word to every song. Hopefully the blanky isnt too warm, its a lot bigger and thicker than I expected. Charlie and I plan on coming back to visit later this week but we may have to post-pone that because I seem to have picked up something aweful in Seattle (boo) but trust me, we will be there soon!
12-10-2006 7:05:53 PM
Oh JoC, your Alfin outdid himself with the twinkling tree on the post for today! Your cousins' Shea and Shelby were not quite as entertaining today as they were yesterday. When they put their mind to it, they really liven up the place and you seem to enjoy their antics. Just you and Ceed's watching Family Guy now, I was going to wrap presents but I hear a couch calling my name. Hope we have another good week, Forever my heart, mom
12-10-2006 2:25:01 PM
Somehow i knew it would be extra special for you when Ceeds arrived. Shes the one you have been waiting for! i'm so happy you guys are back together, i cant wait to see you both this week, i will be home thursday so hopefully i will drop by with maybe my little pup in tow! see you then, have Ceeds give you smooch for me! love ya
Charlie Murphy
12-10-2006 12:24:51 PM
Hey Josi!! I am in Bozo but i will be home next weekend and i plan to see you!!! I will be coming with a few girls so be ready!!! Take care and enjoy the Holidays...keep on pushing!!!Love, Charlie
Great Aunt Lonnie
12-09-2006 3:16:44 PM
Hi Josi - Christmas is-a-comin'. Such a busy, but oh so fun time of year. I love Christmas - everything about it! How about you? I am working on our Christmas cards right now. That is my favorite part - sending them and then anticipating the mail everyday to see who sends us one! It's fun to keep in touch with all our many relatives and friends. I love shopping for just the right gift for each person we buy for. We draw names in our family and among me and my sisters. If we didn't, we'd sure have too many gifts to buy and not enough money to go around! We spent yesterday getting packages ready to mail and to the post office. That is a big job. Next I'll clean the house and we'll do a little decorating - not much, since we'll be going to Boise on Christmas day. And probably over to Linda's for Christmas Eve. Is your room getting decorated yet? I bet you get more visits from Santa than most do! He seems to think you are pretty special - and you are! Well, you keep on working. And getting all those parts in working order so you can get on to rehab. We went to our grandson's basketball games today - Jeremy and Jade. They are in junior high at Holy Spirit School where you and your brother and sisters went to school. I was thinking of you while watching Jeremy's game. Remembering your basketball games and how good you are at it! I prayed that you will be able to get things going again and start shooting baskets. That would be so fun to see! God bless you, Josi, dear. Love you - Aunt Lonnie
Sami Jo and Family
12-07-2006 9:28:09 PM
Hey Josi!
Its been a while since I last wrote but I have made sure to keep updated on your progress. I am so excited and proud of you. You are a true fighter, and your strength and courage touches us all. We are so happy to hear the great news with every update, and my family and I keep you in our prayers at all times. We love you Josi, keep it up!!!

Love Sami Jo
12-07-2006 8:36:37 PM
JOSI! guess what?! Kurt and i got a puppy! its a puggle and he is the cutest little thing! i will talk to your mom and hopefully i can bring him by to visit! i'm so happy. i cant wait to see you! pretty soon you will be off to rehab and you will be all better! cant wait! i will see you soon! love you josers
12-07-2006 1:21:12 PM
i'm going to see you in less than 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I CAN"T WAIT!!!!
12-07-2006 11:25:18 AM
( I don't know what the word hesre means, but I meant hear haha)
12-07-2006 11:24:39 AM
Hey lady!
Looking forward to coming to see you today!I've been very excited to hesre about all of your improvements in the last couple of weeks and hopefully you arent too tired when I come around!
I got you a birfday present last night but since I love you soooo much you can have it early, of course.
Hopefully you dont already have it or I will be quite upset.
12-07-2006 12:23:43 AM
Hey jos
wellll, i've got one final left, and then, guess what?!?! I'M HOME!! i can't wait to see you my beautiful brown eyed nerd!! i'm so excited!! its less than 48 hours now... wait, less than 36!!! tmrw i have to pack, and then, my taxi picks me up at 4:30 AM........ i'm home sometime around noonish i think :))!! i cannot wait!! better be prepared to have your ear talked off!! cuz boy do i have some stories to tell you!!! i lovers you, and i get to see you soooooooooo SOOON!!!!
Mayhem n Lovin'
Amy-Seamstress to the Jos
12-06-2006 3:39:13 PM
Just wanted you to know I talked to the BIG man today. Yes Santa Ernest. I told him about you coming to the Breakfast and about your WONDERFUL family!!! We agreed that a lot of people are sure keeping you in their prayers and that you are so special!!!
You are making so many strides right now. Keep working everything you can.
I'm working on a Santa suit right now and will finish tonight! Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can get to your new wardrobe! You my dear will be wearing the latest in Amy's Announcements Josi's Line!!! You better get ready for the runway!
Hugs to your Mom,
The stranger, Sharon
12-05-2006 1:20:27 PM
Hey Josi!

It surely does sound like you are revving up your engine and getting ready to run the race - you go girl! I believe in you - I think when you make up your mind, you can go from zero to 60 in 20 seconds flat -- am I right?!? You are going to come out on top of all this, Josi, and when you do, you are going to have a much better understanding of life and how to live it than most people gain in 70 years of living. You bless people again and again via this website, and you will bless them in a more powerful way than even you could have imagined once you are back up and running full speed ahead.

Jesus loves you Josi, more than our words can express. He shows that love to you every day through the people around you and through the thousands of hits on this website and through all of the prayers being offered on your behalf. You can't hear all of the prayers, but I KNOW you can feel them and see the results of those many prayers.

We are strangers, Josi, but I have been blessed time and again by visiting this website. I pray our loving Savior bless you today at least once for every person who has been blessed by you. WOW! That's a whole lot of blessings coming your way.

Peace to you, Josi, and to all who love and care for you.
12-04-2006 5:04:15 PM
Why hello there ms josephine jean
i just finished my first COLLEGE FINAL! it went well, well, i guess i don't know for sure, but i felt good about it, so we'll see:) i'm coming home so soon, and yet this week is just draaaagging by, its going super slow snail speed, uhg! but soon, yes so soon, i will be there :)!!!!!! and i just can't wait!! muahahahaha, I LOVERS YOU!!!! and see you in approx.4 daysish!!
12-03-2006 8:59:38 PM
Hello beautiful
I'm preparing for my math final, which is tomorrow... eee, my first big finals week in college. haha, weird. I'm thinking bout you as i play games on my calculator, lol, considering thats what we did the most often :) only 5 days utnil i come home!! i should be there around noonish on friday!!!! i'm so excited, really, if i didn't have more self control i'd prolly be like tater and pee my pants!! eeeee! SOOO SOOON!!! i just can't wait to see your smiling face, i'll do anything and everything i can to enhance your progression, i lovers you very much, and see you soooo soon!!!
Mayhem, Love, And The Ceeds N The Jos
Kristy Tatum
12-03-2006 6:10:36 PM

I got to meet your wonderful sister today at my work.I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better every day!! I'm also so happy that you have such a great family by your side every day helping you get though this! I just want you to know that i will always be thinking about you and hope that you are doing well. My prayers and thoughts are with you!
12-03-2006 3:46:35 PM
oh how i love reading the improvements! you sound like you are doing better every day. i will only be able to see you probably once before christmas because i am only in great falls for two days before my flight back out to AK. it will be nice to go home, i will be thinking about you constantly, no worries. my friends (even the ones that never met you) ask about you all the time. everyone loves you and is patiently waiting for you to wake up. heal quickly, i miss you so much. not a day goes by when i dont have you on my mind.
love much ~G
12-02-2006 7:44:28 PM
JOSI JEAN! the latest post makes me cry! i'm so so happy, you are really kickin butt! is it because you know your birthday is coming up and you want to make sure we know what to get you? well hunny you say the word and whatever you want we will get it! i know everyone that knows you would be willing to buy anything you vocalized. i am so damn proud of you, as always you are amazing! i love you and i will see you soon!
Great Aunt Lonnie
12-02-2006 7:20:01 PM
Hello - It was such a sunny day today. With all the snow it was beautiful, wasn't it? But so cold. Hope you are keeping warm. You are working so hard that you are working up a good sweat, so I bet you are warm enough. You keep up that hard work and you'll be up and about in no time! But, you also need your rest. It's so nice that so many of your friends and people who love you come to visit you. You have fun with them there, don't you? And so do they, it sounds like. I get such a kick out of your dogs. They sure are your faithful buddies aren't they? I wonder if someone could read you Psalm 121. "Our help comes from the Lord of all the Earth. He is a great God who knows our every desire, whose watchful eye is upon us night and day. We can make no move without His knowledge. His concern for His children is constant; His love for you is eternal." That is only a part of this wonderful psalm from God's words to you in your time of need, Josi. Believe, my little one, my precious Josi. Love you - Great Aunt Lonnie
12-02-2006 2:14:56 PM
Hey Jos!!
only six days, and the week is already dragggging on! i'm flying home (my mom didn't want me to have to sit on the train, it'd be rough on my back) I've got two finals this week, one on monday, and the next on thursday... so i'm going to have two days to just study.... blah! i really like that biz just curls up next to you, hes the canine gardian angel!! and of course, tater! i'm so excited, but i'm calming myself down and sending you that energy! I LOVE YOU!!! CAN'T wait to see you! SOO SOOOOOON!!!!!!!
Dun Dun Dun, Chaos and Mayhem shall reunite with love
12-01-2006 9:56:30 PM
hey little one, sleeping soundly tonight, you had a great day today. The right side is finally starting to wake up! You made us all cry today when you touched your chin with your hand twice! WHOO HOO! I went to visit another child in ICU today, Santa said they needed someone that had been "down the road". Hope, Faith and Love, those are our words and I passed them on with some hugs.Leaving the hospital a new snow was falling and I felt really good. When I came home you were waiting for me with a big smile. Donuts was watching a "Parent Trap" with you and promised to come back everyday next week. Senor is making deer chops for Kati tomorrow. Mr. Biz has decided he is a therapy dog and his job is to lay next to you. You were trying to pet him but that little arm didn't bend that way to well. He knew you were trying and gave you a kiss anyway. His new spot is on the oorner of your bed and you both look down the hall at whoever is coming.I almost cracked up as his head was twisted same angle as yours! Love you so much, you are so tough. Heal little one, forever my heart - madre

ps I forgot Ceed's b-day yesterday, but I bet you didnt'! Happy Late B-Day c u soon
12-01-2006 2:06:40 PM
Hey josi! guess what??!?! i'm home in exactly one week from today!!!! only 7 measely days... but i bet this will seem like the longest week in the history of weeks...well, that whole ISS week was quite long... so i hope this one doesn't feel quite as long... i'm excited to see you and tell you everything that has happened (some good, some not so much) and express my love!!! gotta give you a few things too, i hope you will like them:) i'm so excited, and i'm going to spend as much time w/you as i am allowed... ooo, maybe you'll get to meet joplin (my pup) oh i'm excited!!!!! get dumb finals out of the way, and then, HOOOOME!!! i lovers you, and i can't wait to see you!!!
Mayhem and LOVE returning to the Gfunk!
11-30-2006 8:32:58 PM
Hey!!! they posted the teams yesterday, at first i was on jv, but they changed it today. I'm on Varsity!! our first trip is in two weeks, and our first home games in 4...varsity has new uniforms this year, they are sooo cooL! omg i'm so excited! haha alright well i don't have much more to say right i'll ttul!
Love you all!
11-29-2006 10:12:58 PM
To Josi:
All I have wanted to tell you forever, probably have said it, but feel like telling you again just how much you mean to me
You are the best friend i have ever had... I feel like i took you for granted, that stupid saying 'you don't know what you've got till its gone'. I messed that up extremely... I'm so sorry for that. If i could go back, there are so many times i would redo, stupid fights that separated us from hanging out, pointless arguments, angry insults screamed when fights were intense. You have done so much for you, you have helped me through the hardest things i have faced, you have given me a place to go when i felt more alone than anything, you gave me a shoulder when life's range was out of control, when i felt out of control, you told me the truth when i needed to hear it, even if it hurt, you were always there for me regardless of anything else... i would have told you how much you mean to me more often, everyday... i would have worked harder to improve my lacking hugging ability b/c i know you hated that... that is what i wanted to tell you, this is my birthday wish, this is all that i want, i want to erase august 13, i want to go back and do a million things different, i should have been better... even though i know i can't have anything of that, i can't reverse reality, it is what i want... kind of like asking for a pony when you are little, knowing you won't get one. but this is on a much deeper level, and i want it 1000000 times more than a pony... i love you josi, i want you to never doubt that, i want you to know that you mean more to me than anything, you have been there for me when no one else could... thank you, i love you, i miss you, but will see you so soon...
mayhem and love
Unlce Scott
11-29-2006 10:08:47 PM
Hello Josi Jean, so the spin thingy, You like? I would be spewing if i were spun. The tea cups at the fair do me in. Were just chilling with some new snow in Alaska, bout 6-8 inches. Planes cancelled today so it was rather boring. Your fight and determination are a significant sign and testimony that you have taken the high road in your situation.You could be a very good example to other people who have injuries of some sort. The care and attention you are recieving is a sign of the love people have for you. Here's another sign, 15,295 hits on the site (wow), Your just about platinum girl. WE have the tree up, it's looking good, big 9' footer. The girls put alot of work into it. We have all new stuff this year, and we like it. No lights yet, maybe this weekend. see what the weather is gonna do. They say rain but i'm hoping for more snow. I like the snow. Alaska is so neat when it is covered with fresh new snow. Well kiddo i'm gonna retire for the night, one more day of work and then two days off. Have a good one, keep on doing your thing on your time. We love you Josi Jean. Uncle Scott, Kalli, Cassidy Kline
Kendra ballantyne
11-29-2006 2:45:47 PM
hey jos!
i am excited to hear that you're still chuggin along! tis the season for miracles of course so we'll just keep praying and hoping for our christmas miracle! keep pluggin along girl! i'm looking forward to seein you in school here in zootown next year! :) with love.

Amy-Seamstress to the Claus
11-29-2006 9:46:40 AM
Hey Jos and Mom,
Sounds like you are BUSY!!! I tell you these Jolly old fatmen are keeping me busy. I have some formal suits to do for a very special Claus going overseas for the holiday. I have been locked up trying to work and lacked the motivation but alas time takes care of that.
Have your Mom tell me what is your favorite color? I have some little projects in mind and hopefully can get them done by Christmas holidays!
Keep working it girl! You are doing GREAT!
Jami Williamson
11-29-2006 7:40:21 AM
Hey Jos!!! By the looks of everything it looks like you are getting stronger and stronger girl! I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and I know you can get through this. Hopefully I will get to see you over Christmas break or something, I can't wait to see are always so optimistic and funny...basically you rock jos! Keep fighting and know we are all thinking about you! Much Love Jos!!
11-28-2006 2:14:21 PM
HAHAHA, ok, just gotta tell you this story really quickly, very entertaining, actually, there are two parts to the story. Soooo, yesterday/last night, it started snowing here (which i guess is really rare) people were freaking out!! it was like they had never seen snow before, they took pictures and made snow angels, even though it was only like, a centimeter of snow, hahahaha, its funny. Ok, then the second part, last night i went for a midnight walk, snow falling, big moon, perfect. anyways,i went with my friend anders (i have to tell you about him ^_^) anyways, they have these things out here called like, nutrians or something, its like a small beaver thing with a rat tail, and we ran into one while walking. these things are kind of like badgers, very aggressive, usually have rabies... ya, cute huh? negative. anyways, we run into this thing along our journey, and start throwing snowballs at it... ya, it turns and attacks!! hahaha, we run, and anders slips in the snow, and the thing is really fast, lol, we got away, but it was quite entertaining. definately a nice break from homework. anyways, though id let you know, maybe put a smile on your face?? hope so, i will see you in precisely 13 DAYS!!!! HURRAH!!!!! I LOVER YOU!!
Mayhem n Love... Werd
Aunt Val
11-28-2006 1:49:25 PM
Wow Josi! The news today is wonderful. You are progressing bit by bit. I think your new nickname should be Rocky because of the determination and drive you possess to fight your way through all of this.

Here is a little prayer for you...

May today there be peace within. May you trust God that he is with you every step of the way. May we not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use the gifts of faith and love that you receive each day to pave the road to your recovery. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let his presence settle in your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for you from God and from us Josi. We want you to dance again.

Love, Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the Pickle
Diane Meyer
11-28-2006 11:36:54 AM
Hey there Josi,
I havent written in quite a while but I just wanted to let you know that I am always thinking of you. I pray every night that your progress will continue. I am so proud of all you have accomplished, and I know that you will continue fighting this hard fight, because you have never been someone to give up easily! Keep fighting!!
Much love and prayers!
Brianna Driscoll
11-28-2006 10:29:56 AM
Hey Josi! It sounds like you have had some ups and downs lately!! I think you are making wonderful progress and we are all so proud of you for fighting to get better! You are an amazing young woman and things will only get better from here! Keep up the hard work Jos and remember we are all praying for you!!
11-27-2006 8:46:22 PM
miss josi!! it was nice again to see you, as it always is. i wish i could have come by more. it is hard being as though i have no car, plus my relatives were all around for thanksgiving. still, i loved seeing you while i could. your mom is definitly right about you not likeing that washcloth, WOW, you gave me a good glare when i wiped off your face. anyway, you are looking good, and you looked a bit less tense than the last time i was there. i guess we will all just continue to wait for you, because everyone knows that even though it takes time, you will be back to health soon. i love you much, and think of you everyday.
11-27-2006 4:56:12 PM
Hey jos,
WOW, sounds like you're keepin on moving right along! I'm so proud of you!! i knew you could and will do it!! moving your legs, and growlin, lol, the infamous josi growl (usually heard when woken up too early, or in the middle of a good dream, yup, thats happened a few times as i recall) good deal, dogs are always the best listeners anyways, duder, soon you're going to meet JOPLIN!!! shes getting so big! lil fatty! so i'm not too sure about this finals week coming up... dreading it really, i don't want to mess this up. I'm sending you as much energy as i can every day, and i am praying, i know, weird huh. anyways, miss you tons, but i see you in approximately 14 days... wow, two weeks, I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I LOVERS YOU VERY MUCH!!!
much luv n mayhem,
11-27-2006 4:17:03 PM
PS I added to today's post - BAM kid you kicked it up a notch! Today during therapy you tracked the light both vertical and horizontally. Then when she asked you to touch your nose with your hand, you couldn't move your right hand (but ya tried) so you bent your head to touch your nose!! Tami and I went old school and did a high five on that one! She asked you to squeeze her hand (using the right) and she said she got some pressure. I thought you were trying to squeeze my hand the other day and so did Grant but thought we were just wishing. That is what I am talking about. That spinning stuff is crazy but seems to really be working, and all those great visits this weekend must have fired up the old boiler again. Spin it, kick it, smile, scowl and growl! Finally a GOOD MONDAY.

You made our day baby girl! Senor was just grinning (even though he had a really bad day, his friend Billy might not be with us much longer), and of course I was crying tears of joy and laughing like a crazy lady.
11-27-2006 7:45:17 AM
Hey Ms. Josephine,

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, girl. I'm sure with all that family and your friends around that it was a kickin' good time for all. I made my weekly trip to Helena this weekend, but didn't get back until Sunday because of that darned snow that I dislike so much. Oh well, what can ya do?

I also heard some really good music recently that I bet you'd like, so I will make sure to get that to you sometime as well. It's kind of sappy Indie rock, but it's darned good. Other than that, it's the same ol' stuff and junk and other assorted whatnots.

I love ya, Jos!
Ann B
11-26-2006 9:59:12 PM
Hi Josi, Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm still thinking of you and checking on your progress.
Would love to see a picture of you with Santa!
Love your "cousin",
11-26-2006 5:18:24 PM
doing hw that i put off all weekend, figures, i have all weekend in the dorms to do hw, and what do i do... well, not that obviously, i really did absolutely nothing productive... oh well. Well, i guess thats not true, i went to the barenaked ladies concert, that was very very badass, they are excellent entertainers, and their music was awesome, i'll tell ya more about it, i got one of em to sign my brace (i hope it won't rub off) So today kicks off my first official 'dead week'.... ya, sounds about opposite from good huh. oh well, we'll see, then next week is finals, and then, DUN DUN DUN!! I'M HOME!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! i'm so unbelievably utterly insanely EXCITED to see you!!!! seriously, i CANNOT WAIT!!! only 15 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!
l'amour est la trouble
Aunt Val
11-26-2006 9:19:35 AM
Hey Josi Girl!

It was so wonderful to visit you over the Thanksgiving holiday. When we walked in you got a big smile on your face and it just warmed our hearts right up! Dylan loved playing his guitar songs for you...El my personal favorite. Not sure what it means because of my limited espanol expertise but I think it is the male swallowtail butterfly song...Dylan has espanol class on Thursday and we will find out then ( I will let you know how close I was) You sure love your head massaged and your joints lightly massaged. I was really excited when you started kicking your leg to the side. I know you want out of that bed and you are working hard to do just that! We just hated to leave but we know you need your rest and all your other friends and relatives want to come visit as well.

Your Uncle Mike, Dylan and I always include you in our prayers and our every day thoughts. If just that alone could relax those muscles and get those joints moving and wake you would be entering the next triathalon..and winning! We will keep it up and we know that in God's time and in your time it will work. We too have our family, friends and co-workers praying for you and thinking of you. The power of hope, faith, love and prayer coupled with uniting those virtues with all those persons who know you and are involved with you, is a power that can and will heal you.

After visiting with you, your Uncle Mike (when we were in our car leaving) said, "It's like we just want to make it all better for you and you can't even leave until we do." Well, although we leave your presence physically we never do mentally nor in our hearts. We are always right there with you right by your side, we always will be and we always have been.

You are a believer, you are a fighter, you are a beautiful person. You are running your own triathalon right now. You will win and we will be right there with you when you do.

Deb, whatever you need we want you to know that all you have to do is ask. We love you all very much. It was great seeing you, Bob (for a second), Grant and Theresa. We missed seeing Kati Bug (hi Kati!)

Take care Josi, wake up ( you owe me a head massage!) All our love and BIG HUGS

Love, Uncle Mike, Aunt Val, and the Dill Pickle (guitar player extraodinaire!)
11-25-2006 9:54:17 PM
Well Jos, just got a phone call from your mom, she said you have been working ur butt off all day long! she said those skinny legs of yours havent stopped moving! even the right one! last night that left leg was moving so much, i really thought you were going to swing right out of bed, you were trying to. that leg would go off the bed, then back on, then back off and so on...that went on for about an hour, i just sat and watched and asked where the heck you were goin. i am so proud of you Josers, i told your mom any day now you will just get up and walk right out of the room. you will decide you have had enough of that bed and just get up and go. i hope i'm there to witness it. you are so amazing kido. i wish i could have made it over there today but wouldnt ya know it i woke up with a head cold, how convenient. i will try to come say goodbye tomorrow but i dont want to give you my yucky germs, so if i cant, i will be home the 15th and i know with Ceder around you will really be showing off! cant wait. see you soon Jos, love you
11-25-2006 9:03:06 PM
hey josi,
I just wanted to say hey and to tell you to wake up. I really would like to talk to you when I get back for christmas. I miss you and I pray all the time. SO please wake up.
Great Aunt Lonnie
11-25-2006 8:50:26 PM

Hi Josi - Do you feel that wake-up angel kiss on your cheek? Wake up all the way, sweetie. Look at how many hits you've had on this web sight - 14,834 at the moment! WOW! So many of us are checking the updates and comments here. And we're all praying every day for you, too - plus even more than that are praying and inquiring all the time - people who don't have the internet. It seems you've given us all lots to be thankful for these past few days - smiles and frowns and growls and watching TV and all of that! Keep on working at it, Josi. And - again - Thanks, Deb, for the updates. We really appreciate those out here!

It's so cold and so beautiful outside. Everything is all covered in the beautiful white sparkley snow. Stay warm. Love, Lonnie
Janet Eve Brown
11-25-2006 7:14:43 PM
So much to be thankful for these fine and wonderful days. Smiles, eye movement, flying due to machine malfunctions, showers, sunshine, friends, dogs, movies, family, and more family and the list goes on and on and on. Josi, you are blessed. Keep on keepin' on!!!!
11-25-2006 1:19:08 PM
Hey there Josi
It is good to hear that you have the smile and growl thing going. I am praying for that miracle that will defrost your joints. I know that the real healer is working on you. I am sure that when you get really awake you will let us all know about how you are going to get through the rest of this. This has been a busy week for me, I am sorry I have not made it by to see you this week but I will get by next week. See you soon Santa.
11-25-2006 11:19:42 AM
Hey there josi posi
Just getting ready for the day. my dad, kohl and i are going to a barenaked ladies/mike dougherty concert tonite in portland, i'm stoked, its the only big concert i've been to in quite a while, since last warped tour we went to actually. I hope your thanksgiving went well, i'm sure it did, from what i've heard/read, you're a popular gal, lol, of course, always have been. Mine went well, my dad and bonnie came out to visit me and my brother. we did some shopping (funded by them^_^, thanks dad n bonnie!!) that was very nice, considering i don't buy anything anymore. we had a nice thanksgiving over at like, a friends of a friends house, not bad, certainly not homecooked tho, anyways, only 16 days duder! WOO WOO, thats like..... two weeks, holy WOOO HOOO!!!! see you soon posi!
MmUaCyHeLmU!V (maybe getting too creative??)
11-25-2006 6:40:27 AM
Good morning sweetie! You have been so happy this week with all the people coming to see you, sure you will be bored when they all leave. Last night you were wide awake when Theresa and Grant came home (waiting for them I suspect). You were smiling and changed it up to super smiling mode when Grant would give you a kiss and ask for one back. Definately returned a few of those and made his night. Made me very happy. Sure enough as soon as they went to bed, you shut your eyes and did the same. Lots of snow, now we will pray for a safe return for all. Love you lots little one, forever my heart, Mom
Nicole Buckley
11-25-2006 6:38:43 AM
Hi Josi - It was so great to see you yesterday. I'm sorry it was so short. We were trying to get on the road and beat some of the bad weather. Next time I'm in town we'll watch a movie or something. You looked beautiful yesterday and your room is pretty great. Keep warm with all that snow in Great Falls!
11-25-2006 5:37:05 AM
Hey Jos! i was very lucky to be able to hang out for a few hours last night. You were pretty happy cause Kati did ur makeup, you looked BEAUTIFUL by the way, as always. however you did get a little annoyed when Greta tried to wipe the blue sucker residue off your lips, you snorted and sorta growled at her, then glared. made us laugh. We watched Rob and Big for a while, everytime i looked over your eyes were glued to the tv and i swear you were trying to laugh a few times. i told your mom to call me if she wants me to come back, but holy smokes, i dont know if i can drive! we got soo much snow over night, i hope your shades are open today so you can see! i love you Jos, see you soon!
11-24-2006 3:54:05 PM
hey girl!
well, last night, i went over to my friend's house again and played games til midnight. it was so crazy. haha then i went home and my friend texted me and was all like do you wanna go out to walmart with us at 315. and i'm like hmm...well my bed is taken over so sure! haha i slept from 1 to 3 and boy i was tired. they came and got me and we went out there. we stayed in the car til like 410 and lots of ppl started showing up so we decided to go sit in line. we were the very first ones in when it opened at 5! haha our mission was to get 2 42" tv's for the youth group. we ended up gettin them, but didn't really leave til like 550 cuz there was seriously so many ppl. everyone ran to the electronic department immediately. i was so shocked! haha and when i got home, my dad was jus leaving. he was kinda shocked and thought that i had been out all night. but no...i was home at midnight :D haha and i got my bed back and slept in til noon! haha well, jus wanted to tell you my crazy story. we really felt like cool kids sittin out at walmart at 330 in the morning :P hope you had a good day! Happy Birthday Theresa!
Love Always!
The stranger, Sharon
11-24-2006 11:50:45 AM
Hey Josi!

I will repeat what Melanie said "BELIEVE, JOSI, BELIEVE." It is by YOUR faith that you are healed.
Also, "By His stripes, we are healed." Those scars on Jesus' back are there so you can be healed, Josi. He is calling your name, Josi. Answer "Here I am Lord." Tell Jesus what your heart's desire is -- He understands and wants to help -- you need to BELIEVE, JOSI, BELIEVE.
You continue to be in my prayers, as well as those who love you.
Can I say something to your friend Kali through this website? Kali, spend time reading God's word. Everyday read at list a small bit of scripture. You WILL come to know God and you WILL feel his presence in your life.
Peace to you Josi. Peace to all who love you.
Megan Stone
11-23-2006 9:18:45 PM
Hey Josi. I just wanted to let you know I'm still looking in on your page every once in awhile and we're still all pullin for you. This weekend was one big class reunion and it was wierd not to see you too! Get better soon, you need to be cheering with us next Cat/Griz(although we're still better than the cats no matter what!). Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!
11-23-2006 12:35:54 PM
Hey josi!
hope today goes really well for you. yesterday was a good day i guess until after school. i jammed my finger at basketball, but everything was somewhat better when i went to youth group. my leaders, caleb and erica, are really great people. at the youth retreat i went to a few weeks ago, i wrote a letter to them talkin bout how i didn't understand why God would let people treat others so horribly, and also how do you feel God's presence. well last night after everyone left, caleb and erica talked to me bout it. they of course couldn't answer why God does waht he does. i answered it pretty much for myself and it's because of His plan for us. it's not fair, but in the end i'm a better person cuz of it all. they said that the way to feel God's presence is by how i'm understanding all of this and what i get out of it. i also asked them if i would be able to get ReBaptized, and they said i could. he's loving and accepting of what i do and if i feel the need to get baptized again the so be it, cuz i don't think the first time i was baptized i really understood the meaning of it. but gosh, after talkin to them i feel so much better about it all. afterwards i went and played Mafia and watched Superman Returns with my new friends from the youth retreat. the movie hasn't come out yet, but one of my friends works at Blockbuster and got it early. very cool! :P haha so i didn't come home til 1 am. i feel good! :D anywayz, Happy Thanksgiving! i love you all very much!
11-22-2006 11:27:22 AM
Hey Jos! the latest post made me sad, i wish there was something we could do. it will get better Jos, it has to, looks like it will just take longer than we problem tho,all we have is time. i am excited to come see you this weekend, i can tell you all about your brother and sisters last weekend. i have some good ones. i miss you and i will see you soon! love you Josers
11-22-2006 11:01:04 AM
Hey Josi !! After reading today's post, we are so VERY DISAPPOINTED we won't be able to see you this week - the flu has hit Miranda & your Dad, & we could not risk spreading germs to any of you, so we are staying home (guess I am fixing turkey, after all!) . Miranda & Jacques wanted to share so many wonderful things with you - hopefully we can come over in the next week or so. Oh - My Dad is a Shriner also, - if he can be of assistance, he will gladly! ....Encouragement from Jesus for all of us - Matthew 11:28-30 - "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."....Even when everything is overwhelming, He is with us.... Never give up ... Continue to pray, Josi, He will lift up your spirit and those who pray with you....
James 5:13-16 - "Is any among you suffering? Let him pray. Is any cheerful? Let him sing praise. Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, annointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed."....Your Dad was at a prayer group last night praying for you, and I am not sure you know, but he had several Christians annoint you with oil while you were in the hospital - BELIEVE, Josi, God is listening to you, to ALL of us who love you & care for you. Believe in the power of prayer - KEEP YOUR HEART & FAITH STRONG through all these seemingly endless mountains & valleys.... WE WILL NEVER QUIT PRAYING OR BELIEVING....We love you Josi.... May you have many visitors this Thanksgiving to bring you cheer and know that we will be with you in spirit. You are in our thoughts & prayers always.... Love Mel, Dad, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
Shirley Esser
11-21-2006 9:05:15 PM
I too know a Shriner who would be glad to sponser Josi - so if you need more info let me know!
We pray every day for Josi and all of you.
Kay (Eve) Bernal
11-21-2006 5:18:27 PM
Debbie, Joe and family - It is so difficult to know what you are going through every day, but I can only imagine it must feel like a never ending roller coaster. I say a little prayer for Josi and all of you every day. I will pray a little harder for the Wake Up Angel. Thank you Debbie for the postings, although difficult they must be to write. They humble us and keep us all praying harder every day. Josi, beautiful girl, you are not alone. What a wonderful support system you have. Keep on healing.
Aunt Stacey, Uncle Tim, Shea & Shelby
11-21-2006 2:46:34 PM
Hey Jos - I just want to make sure you know that you will have whatever you need. You have A LOT of people who love and care about you and want to help however we can. We would give up everything we have if it would bring you back to us. We are always just a phone call away (unless we're actually there bugging you!)and we're behind you every baby step of the way. Tell your mom that Shea would be glad to bring her violin back over to help wake you up!! We love you!!!
Lonnie Eve
11-21-2006 10:23:07 AM
This is for Josi's mom and her dad and her grandparents and her aunts and uncles and friends and all who are contributing to her care -

I am saddened to read your comment from today. Made me cry. I am so sorry her body took a step or two backwards! I am very glad to have this update as now I know some specific things to pray for. And I will get everyone I know praying, too! Hang in there. I pray right now for you. I pray God's strength will be your strength. I pray for the gift of Wisdom for you as you make the choices and decisions you must make soon. I pray for God's peace for all of you and that you can feel His loving hand upon everything that is happening. I pray you don't lose your confidence knowing HE IS HEARING OUR PRAYERS, and has everything in control, even though sometimes it is hard to know that. And I pray He will send His angels to minister to your every need and protect and guard you through this difficult time. She is very blessed to have such wonderful caretakers. Thank you, Debbie, for the updates. Hang in there!

Love - Lonnie
11-21-2006 8:13:11 AM
Hey jos
just checking the site...
i'm prayin jos, i really am, i'm doing everything i can do from out here for you, thinking/praying about you every moment that i'm not immersed in some dumb class stuff, and usually then too... c'mon jos, you've got this in you, i know it, keep on pushin baby girl, will be home soon to help as much as i can, you got it josi, i'm praying as much and hard as i can, you've got it, i know u can do it!!!! i'm so excited to see you, i LOVE YOU!!!! and guess what...20 DAYS!!! WOOO WOOO!!!
11-21-2006 7:03:14 AM
Wow, not 5 minutes on the website dear one and we already have a Shriner sponsor! thank you! Thanks for all the ornaments ( I see Boomer Consulting dropped off the last one). Your favorite brother of color Mr. C was over with you last night, gave you a big hug and kiss and a lot of chat (somethings never change and so Great to see him) and will be back to night to watch some bomb diggity movie with ya!

As you sleep and heal we are working endlessly to make you better. Love and kisses my baby, find that wake up angel in your dreams, forever my heart, mom
Deanna (From Boomer Consulting, Inc.)
11-21-2006 6:58:06 AM

I just wanted to say that I am still praying for you! I will continue praying and start praying especially for that "wake up Angle" to bless you and get you awake again. Thanksgiving is coming up...I'm sure that you will be so happy to hear from all of your loved ones who care about you so dearly! Just take care and be with God because He is always with us no matter what is going on in our lives!

11-20-2006 6:17:46 PM
Hey Jos! so today i was sitting in class and letting my mind wander as usual and i remembered the most random thing! i totally forgot about this for some reason. i think it was soph year? you and i had to do the bell ringing for student gov't and we were at county market. we rang the bells for awhile then we decided that singing christmas carols would get us more we sang every song we knew, off key. haha. i cant believe i forgot about that. we had so much fun that night, and we got alot of compliments on our wonderful voices, i think if it wouldnt have been for charity they would have kicked us out of the lobby...which we were standing in since we decided it was too cold outside. wow. dont worry, this weekend i will sing you come christmas carols off key...i know you are super excited! see you tomorrow hopefully, we are planning on leaving about 12 so we shall see! love you Jos!
11-20-2006 1:13:27 PM
Hey jos,
missed your mom's phone call today :( i was in class, once again. i KICKED my philosophy paper in the ass dude!! haha, i was so glad! totally tore apart america's politicians..... ya, woops, well, i felt contented about it. Not too much else is new, pretty typical day, i've got another big essay exam tmrw... and there might be a new guy on the horizon.... i'll tell you all about it when i get home. anyways, not much else, just hanging out, i miss you very much, and i'm sending all my excess energy to you through ESP (N- hahaha, as you seem to prefer to call it) so you can heal, i lovers you!!!
Beaucoup de l'amour, est un peux de le mayhem
Aunt Val
11-19-2006 4:47:10 PM
Hi Josi Girl!

Wow! The Breakfast with Santa event sounds like it was a blast. We are sorry we weren't there to join in and celebrate the birthdays. Happy Birthday Shea!...and Amy too. We were with you in our thoughts and in our hearts for the day. I hope someone taped the TV promotion with your mom. We would love to see it when we get there for Thanksgiving. We are really looking forward to spending time with everyone.

Dylan is bringing his guitar so he can play a new song he has learned for you. It is a beautiful spanish song called "El Papamostas". I think you will be surprised at how he has improved. We have an ornament for you as well. I am sure you have hundreds of ornaments from all of your friends and family who love you so much.

We really have a lot to be thankful for this awesome family and you getting better with each passing day.

Your Uncle Mike hung Christmas lights outside for me today. He did a great job. I just love all those twinkling lights in the nighttime. We have two lighted deer that are by the big tree in the yard...the real deer keep checking them out. I'm not sure what they think of the lighted little guys. Of course, they are right next to some food I have for the deer and squirrels sop the deer probably think the little guys are going to eat up there free food supply! It is cool to watch the real deer out there, especially the little babies.

Can't wait to get there so we can spend some time with you. We aure love you tons. Keep up your hard are one tough cookie!

All our love and BIG HUGS!

Love, Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and the Dill Pickle!

11-19-2006 3:40:59 PM
Hey jos
blarg, so sick of doing HOMEWORK!!! i heard the griz won the game, good deal i guess, our team got killed this weekend by Arizona state, or some team from Arizona, i guess they had upwards of 5 interceptions, pretty bad game i guess. i didn't go, it was all rainy out and i didn't feel much like standing for a whole game in cold rain... soooo, not much else is new, spent last night revising a paper, lucky me, i really have a life!! not so much, its alright tho, 21 DAYS till i get to see you again! i'm so excited!!!! woo woo!!! i lovers you very much miss josephine, and miss you TONS AND TONS AND TONS AND TONS AND TONS AND TONS!!!
Much love and a weeeee bit of mayhem
11-19-2006 11:41:19 AM
hello sweet josi. i cant wait to see you again soon. i wish we were leaving earlier than tuesday, but one of my stupid prof. decided we needed to have a test on tuesday, SO LAME. oh well. hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. i love you muchos
11-18-2006 8:33:20 PM
YAY GO GRIZ!!! WE WON! lol. just barely tho. anyways, i have enjoyed your siblings this weekend, thank you for lending them to me, it has been very entertaining so far. Kati has some lovely nicknames for me. lol. i will be heading back to GF in a few days with Greta Lynn for thanksgiving, i am excited for that. i sent your mom a picture of the present i wanted to buy you...a 6ft tall, 4 ft wide snowglobe. i got a big NO, something about no room...oh well, i will find something that wont take up room. well Jos, i better go, i have to drive ur goofy sister and Jared downtown to go meet up with your other goofy sister and brother. how wonderful. see you soon Jos! love you!
11-18-2006 6:23:48 PM
Well you turned the table on me today. Instead of me going to see you, you came to see me. I was pleased to see that you were out. It was such a pleasure to have you there with us. The seamstress to the Claus beat me in here to thank you and all of your family and friends for coming in to have Breakfast with Santa.

The help they did promoting this event was just awesome. I am sure you watched your Mom on the news last night. Elf Amy got her appearance on the news tonight. I think the movie people will be trying to sign them up as a team. I think that KRTV did a wonderful job with our event. When I say our event I mean to tell you that it is just as much about you.

You have an amazing aunt Stacie and Uncle Tim. They both pitched right in today helping out. I still need to check out your Uncle Tim's photography skills when I download the photos he took for us today. Your cousins all dressed up as elves was pretty good as well.

It is pretty difficult for me to find the words to describe what a great family you have. I can see where your spirit comes from. Everyone is so supportive of you, and we are all keeping such a positive attitude about what a great job you are doing of pprogressing with your treatment. It made my day today to see that great smile on your face. The expressions on your face when senor was rubbing your head was priceless. Thank all of you so much for all that you have given.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to share in your life.

11-18-2006 6:01:06 PM
Hey there my little josi posi
I'm sorry if i leave you too many messages, but this is really the only way i am able to communicate w/you. Anyways, not too much is new here, working on homework again tonite, i have pretty lame weekends, not gunna lie, but its all good. anyways, i miss you very much, and i love you to the EXTREME!!! lol, just being wierd, anyways, my bday is getting close, so i keep thinkin about what we did last year, good times good times! i wish i could go back and do it again, anywho, i lovers you very much, and i will see you in 22 DAYS!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!
Amy-Seamstress to the Claus
11-18-2006 2:46:34 PM
Josi and Mom,
Thank you!!! I have been sooo busy I haven't had time to sit and write, or think and believe, it or not, sew!!! That is like taking a duck out of water, they make it okay but it really isn't their choice. I wanted to tell you that you gave me the best gift, sharing your family and friends with me on my birthday, and even a COUSIN to share the day with! (Happy Birthday SHEA) When Santa told me yesterday that you were coming I cried! I had wanted to tell you about the breakfast when I started working on it(and writing to you) and I was afraid to disappoint you if you couldn't make it. I had prayed and prayed that you would come, guess what, the prayers were answered and there you were!!! It was wonderful. I wanted to tell you good bye and that I'd write and see ya later but I got tied up (probably on garbage detail) and you snuck out the door! You have an awesome family, from Grandma's, uncles, cousins and AUNTS! Thank you for sharing them with me today. Your Mom is right we have so much to be thankful for because of people like you and your family. Your Aunt Stacey is so wonderful, I don't know how I can ever thank her for all she did today! Having you there meant more to me than anything, thanks for coming and bringing that wonderful family of yours!Amy
PS You Mom is quite the TV star now!!! I'm sure she'll be signing a movie deal after her appearance on the news!!! Thanks DEB that was GREAT
"Pete" Debbie Peterson Jenson
11-18-2006 7:17:47 AM

Hello Miss Josi,
Wonderful news! Glad your Mom didn’t have to do battle, good to be prepared though.
Let me tell you a little story about how your Mom got the name “The Great Rock Chuck Hunter” I doubt if she has ever told you the story.
Once upon a time, 35 years ago or so, your Mom, “Sloan” and I went to the drive-in
movies with our friends Jeff Forbes and Glenn Carter. After the movie the guys asked us if we wanted to go rock chuck hunting. We asked what rock chuck hunting was, and they told us to experience the hunt we had to drive around with the car headlights off until mounds of rock chuck dens were visible in the moonlight. Once seen, we’d switch the lights to hopefully illuminate a rock chuck.
Oh your Mom was so excited! We tried on several “dens” and thinking it might not be a successful night they said we’d try one last time…and finally success! A huge Rock Chuck with eyes reflecting the headlights could be seen. Your Mom was so thrilled. She got out of the car and walked over to it. The rock chuck stayed concretely silent, blinded by the headlights. I was freaking out in the car; I wasn’t half as brave as your Mom. I knew she would get battened and catch rabies-and possibly something worse could occur. Sloan asked the guys if she could catch it somehow. Jeff said he didn’t know if it could be done but we’d go to house and try to find something to capture it with. We drove over to his house and picked up a big metal garbage can. The whole way back the guys were saying how they doubted Chucky would still be there, it was a long shot. We circled up on the mound once again with the lights off and surprise! Rock Chuck was there and once again blinded by the lights.
Sloan once again got out of the car grabbed the can and headed to Chucky while I pleaded to her to leave it alone. I actually covered my eyes while she used a stick to push it into the garbage can. Will never forget how proud of herself she was as she was carrying her prize over to the car. All at once Sloan said, “Guys, I think I might have killed him!”
Jeff and Glen started dying with laughter at that point. Seem 3 or 4 days earlier they had shot old Chucky and set us up totally…after hearing that, Sloan realized that her precious package stunk to high heavens…
Just a little funny to give you something to chuckle about. I will tell you someday how your Mom got the name Mother Moss. Josi you are as brave as your Mom and can do anything. Keep on fighting that battle you are winning. …God Bless…Pete
Kelly Parsons
11-17-2006 3:55:36 PM

If you haven't contacted the Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation yet, it would be a great resource for you. Corlis Huntsberger was the review coordinator at the time my son qualified for their services; I don't know if she is still there. If Josi qualifies for Medicaid, there are people to help through Medicaid Waiver, but this is where you begin. 453-4837 Good luck!
Chris Skovron
11-17-2006 2:53:50 PM
For all of you locals, I just ran into Deb at Target and she said that they (she,Josi and Santa, hope I'm not leaving anyone out) will be on the 5:30PM news tonight on channel 3 promoting Santa's event tomorrow. If you miss it at 5:30 it might be on at 10:00. Go Bobcats!!
11-17-2006 2:06:35 PM
Hey there my lil jos pos
I love all of this news, and i am so thankful that you are blessed with so much love and the top notch care providers to ensure the best progression you can get. i know you're working very hard, and i am so proud of you. this thanksgiving, altho i won't be at home, i know exactly what i am most thankful for, and thats you josi, i always think over our relationship and how much you have done for me, you have helped me in so many ways that i couldn't never repay you, but ill work my hardest. its weekend herer, and i'm glad, now i have time to do...MORE HOMEWORK!.... woo hoo, but thats alright, keeps me outa trouble i guess. anyways, i miss ya jos, and i love hearing all of this new, i miss you, but its only 23 days!! woo wo
mayhem and lover forever
11-17-2006 2:05:44 PM
Hey Ms. Josephine,

I'm glad to hear about all those improvements. I have been really busy this last week, but I think it'll start calming down soon. I'm heading out of town here tonight, but I'll come back tomorrow and maybe visit ya then or on Sunday. Well, we did a bit better in pool this week, but your Senor's team still whooped us young'uns. That's okay. "Next time, Gadget; next time!" Not much else exciting going on, just a lot of work. Love ya, Jos, and I'll see ya soon!
Great Aunt Lonnie
11-17-2006 11:23:05 AM
Thanks Deb, for the update on Josi. It is wonderful to see there that she is doing so well. Truly, there is a lot to be thankful for! We'll keep praying. We're pulling for you, Josi. And we're praying for all the caretakers, too! What a bunch of wonderful people you have surrounding you, Josi.

Happy Day to you, and to all who are there with you. Love you all

Great Aunt Lonnie and Great Uncle Phil
11-16-2006 10:58:05 PM
10 hours until Big Sis hits the door, told ya to get in gear before le' drill sargent is here.The little red tornado approaches! Oh well, everyone is off to the football game (Hey corg that is GO CATS), we will have to partake via your tv, maybe one of the grandpas can take Grant's place in the recliner for Saturday football. Have fun and take care of each other everyone! Get that designated driver before you go!

Love to read everyone's comments, you are a still a little off kilter from the spinning yesterday, but .. those days are not so often now (it's all good). Love to see your smiles, even like to see you scowl and Senor is getting tired of the mantra, " wake up Josi, wake up" from me, he just loves it when you get look on your face when he gives you those head rubs - calls it the Tater look. Even worse when he quits, you give him "Taters' why did you quit rubbing glare?". Keep working that leg Josi, kick it up a notch! forever my heart, love mom
11-16-2006 10:40:08 PM
Jos. I know its been a while and last time you were pretty tired since we were only there for about 5 minute then you just passed out, but I'm pretty sure our awesome ashley to josi telepathic mind reading abilities still work. Been thinking about your ornament and since I understand how shitty it is to have your b-day so near christmas, I know I should get ya something for that day (which is MUCH more important anyways) so... get those brain waves flowing to my direction dear, and whatever you want, you got it!
11-16-2006 6:38:11 PM
Hey Jos! this week FLEW by! i cant believe it. Kati will be here tomorrow so i am in for an interesting weekend! my apartment will be packed, but it is going to be so much fun! and despite what your mom says GO GRIZ!!! we are going to kick cat butt! wish you were here to help me torture your sister! dont worry tho, i will torture her as much as possible! see you next week, love ya!
11-16-2006 1:33:54 PM
Hey jos,
I'm so relieved that it is almost friday, time seems to be going quickly, and for that, i'm extremely thankful, for everday that ends, puts me one closer to when i get to come home and see you again!!! i'm so excited to see you, i'll probably babble on for hours when i do! gives me butterflies in my stomach kinda feeling, its a good one tho. other than that, nothing is new out here, my dad is coming out for thanksgiving, and i think we're going to a Barenaked Ladies concert, which i'm pretty excited for. Other than that, i got the text/pic/video from your mom, you were movin your leg!!! thats awesome jos, i'm so proud of you, keep on fighting the good fight m'dear. i will see you very soon, 24 day!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Mayhem n Luvvn
Sarah Korpi
11-16-2006 1:04:24 PM
i wanted to stop by and say hello.
and also to say how are you,
that i think about you,
and that i am reminded of you.
i found the senoir picture from last year,
and sure enough i see a screaming josi
near the front row, it put a smile on my face.

<3 sar
11-15-2006 4:08:30 PM
Oh Josi! this weekend will be....interesting. Kati told me not to draw on her like you and your mom did...but it might be a little too tempting. hehe. i may be bringing home some interesting pictures. and i will either be taking her to IHOP in the middle of the night or cooking for her...jeez, the things we do for people. haha, but it will be fun and probably make for the most interesting weekend i have had here! so be prepared for stories! love ya JoJo!
11-14-2006 8:50:32 PM
Hey josi
meh, had a kinda blah day, really could use a josi smile and hug to make it better, but thats ok, i'll get that soon enough!! i cannot wait to see you josi, i have so much to tell you, some of its funny, some not so much, and some just bizzare, but hey, thats me. plus i've got your xmas ornament n stuff, so it'll be all good, ohhhh, i'm so excited, seriously, i'm counting down the days!!! not sure yet exactly how i'm getting back, but i've got a feeling i'll be riding the bus or something, could be cool i suppose. other than that, i finished my homework early tonite, so i'm going to chill out and do some leisure reading, havent been able to do that since i got here... anyways, i love you josi posi, and i can't wait to see you're beautiful face and big brown eyes!!! and of course, the jos smile!! miss you so much, and love you more, ONLY 26 DAYS!!!!!
TONS of LOVE, and a pinch of Mayhem for flava
Janet Eve Brown - aka Eyebrow
11-14-2006 6:36:58 PM
My dear friend sent me the "7 Up's"

1. Wake Up !!
Decide to have a good day.
"This is the day the Lord hath made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it."
--Psalms 118:24

2. Dress Up !!
The best way to dress up is to put on a smile.
A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.
"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at outward
appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
--I Samuel 16:7

3. Shut Up!!
Say nice things and learn to listen.
God gave us two ears and one mouth,
so He must have meant for us to do twice as much listening as talking.
"He who guards his lips guards his soul."
--Proverbs 13:3

4. Stand Up!!
. . . for what you believe in.
Stand for something or you will fall for anything
"Let us not be weary in doing good; for at the proper time, we will reap
a harvest if we do not give up.
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good..."
--Galatians 6:9-10

5. Look Up !!
. . . to the Lord.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
--Philippians 4:13

6. Reach Up !!
. . . for something higher.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own
In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path."
--Proverbs 3:5-6

7. Lift Up !!
. . . your Prayers.
"Do not worry about anything; instead
--Philippians 4:6

And there you have it.
Does anyone remember the Flying Nun with Sally Fields? That is what I think of when I read about the harness getting stuck you were in mid-air while Mama Bear was trying to operate a broken "new" thing.

Have a great night, Josi.
11-14-2006 9:29:13 AM
it was so nice seeing you this past weekend. i cant believe how fast you are healing! you just gotta loosen up those muscles a little. i am excited to see you again come thanksgiving. this semester has just flown by (thank goodness). pretty soon i will be going back to AK for christmas! well continue to get better, im thinking of you everyday and cant wait to see you. SB4L
love ~g
11-13-2006 7:43:06 PM
haha so...i'm askin someone to my sadie hawkins dance! :P haha i'm askin the German Foreign Exchange Student. i'm doin it during sixth hour. what i'm gonna do is write Felix, will you go to Sadie hawkins with me? Kalli...on the board of my teacher's class...and he'll only see it when the teacher pulls the screen up! it's gonna be so cute...haha i'm excited. but ya! jus wanted to tell ya that...ttul!
Great Aunt Lonnie
11-13-2006 7:11:00 PM
Hi Josi - Wasn't that wind awful today? It's been strong for several days, but today it was really whipping! Did everything stay put at your house?

We are so happy to hear you are getting more active! Kick away, Josi. Glad to hear you and your brother and sisters and friends like to watch movies together. You keep it up and you'll soon be going on a trip to Colorado!

Our daughter, Linda, saw the "Poor Clares" at mass on Sunday. She asked them if they could pray for you and they said they would! One of them was hit by a car a year or two back and had a bad head injury. She is good as new now. They are an order of nuns. That's all they do is pray! So they will join all the other couple of thousands of people praying for you every day! Always remember - as it says in the New Testament - "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us!" So, lean on His strength to help you as you do your work and make your way back. You've come a long way, baby!

Sure do love you - and your family, too.

The stranger, Sharon
11-13-2006 2:19:43 PM
Hey Josi!

Spinning! Spin, you win! Kicking! Kicking your Grandmother?!? Hey, in this case, it is perfectly okay - kick away! Sounds like the beginnings of a new dance to me. Have your musician friend compose a tune for the new "Jumpin' Josi Jive" (Not to be confused with "Jumpin' Jehosaphat.") -- spin, kick, it once again. Words to the tune could be "Grandma got kicked over by a Josi...kicked right off the bed and hit her head." OKAY, okay, so I am a certifiable nerd. C'mon, you creative people -- help me out here - what's the next line? I bet Momma Bear could be the choreographer (did I spell that right?)

Work hard, Josi. Work hard and rest much. Get yourself to Denver before Christmas.

Jesus loves you more than words can say, Josi. He's calling your name. Please invite Him into your heart and your life. Jesus wants you to have life and have it to the fullest. Ask Him to get you to Denver before Christmas so you can throw yourself whole-heartedly into the next phase of recovery.

Spin -- kick -- grin ; now do it once again.

Peace to you Josi. Peace to all who love you.
11-13-2006 1:24:29 PM
dude, you're kicking people now?? hahahahahaha, thats way cool, afterall the teasing and taunting Senor has done w/the mcdonalds n stuff. HAHA!! revenge of the JOSI!! CAN'T FIGHT THE JOSI!!! not much is new with me, i was really busy yesterday finishing up a philosophy paper on the absurdity of life... yaaaa... i think it is the most cynically depressing paper i have ever written, but definately the best one i have written for the class this year, so i'm pleased. Its raining outside, very normal for hear, you would like this weather very much. Had an uneventful weekend, a lot of studying, and was in bed every night by 12, didn't go out, just did a whole lot of studying, i'm really diggin this whole school thing so far. anyways, just very happy to hear all of this news, and i'm pumped to see this green chair, that is hcore and so josi, very very stylish. anyways, 27 DAYS!!!! i lovers you very much, and i will see you soon!!!! YAY!!!
10 parts love, 3 parts mayhem
Aunt Stacey
11-13-2006 11:37:28 AM
Holy cow, Jos! I just got back to work after watching the therapists spin you in the chair and my stomach is still feeling sick! I don't know how you do it. You're definitely a lot tougher than I am! It took a lot out of you though and you were sleeping peacefully when I left. Seems like the therapy was successful as they were able to straighten out both hands and even bend your leg a little, and you remained pretty relaxed the whole time. We met Bridget this weekend and got to say hello to Corigan and Allen and visit with Grant and his buddies. You have such great friends, Jos. Everyone is so caring and genuinely concerned about you. Even Santa has made a commitment to help you through this! Speaking of Santa, we are very excited about breakfast this Saturday (which is also Shea's birthday). By the way, Shelby still hopes we can get you to a basketball game. She's doing really well and having a lot of fun. We can't wait to see Theresa! So much to look forward to. We love you!
11-13-2006 11:07:40 AM
Hey Jos! I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. I was amazed when you kicked me... Theresa said when she gets home that Mom will have you punch her in the face, lol... so you better get working on that! On Saturday night, you and Jared were quite the pair... both snoring and making noises in your sleep right next to each other. I should be home late Wednesday night next week, right before Thanksgiving... gotta work. I love you Josi and you keep improving!

Love Kati
11-12-2006 11:24:43 PM
Hey babe!! I had a blast chillin with you this weekend, it was great to see your smile again and hear of you kicking your grandma haha. I will be home again right around thanksgiving and I look forward to visiting you. Don't forget that when Ceder comes, it's slumber party time!
11-12-2006 10:25:52 PM
hey you!
well, this passed weekend i went to a youth retreat in town. it was called Islandfest. i started going to Youth Group about a month ago and it is really fun. God is still a bit hard to understand but i'm gettin there. I might even be baptized again under South Tongass Alliance Church. i feel kinda bad cuz your mom is my Godmother, but i'm actually starting to connect with Him and it makes me feel a lot better about life. the retreat was a lot of fun. we stayed in a hotel here in town for two nights and we had worship services and played games. i also met a lot of cool people from other youth groups. some i've known but have jus gotten a lot closer to. it's great. my favorite worship service was called "Why do I exist?" we all exist because God has a plan for us. when we have fulfilled His plan on earth, we die, but that is where it all actually gets started. Dying isn't the end but the beginning of what is to come. i'm not saying i'm ready for it, but it's kind of a comforting thought...haha I don't actually know what His plan for me is, but i think i'll have it figured out soon enough :P anywayz, conferences this week! so that means NO SCHOOL thursday or friday!!! woohoo my new friends i met at youth group have invited me to go hang out with them on friday which i'm really excited about. oh and guess what! i've been nominated for homecoming court! now i just have to actually get voted for. but people sign people up in the office and i was the first on the girls list for the sophomore class. maybe i'll get it maybe i won't. it'd be cool to but i don't really care either way. i'd have to actually like wear a dress and what not and that's jus not my style. haha but ya, i gotta go to bed it's almost 10:30 here and that's my curfew on school nights...I love you all very very much!!!
11-12-2006 10:09:11 PM
hey Jos! it was great seeing you this weekend, you look amazing! and i was very excited, when gret and i were there i was standng down my your foot and you kicked me, scared the crap out of me but i was pretty excited afterwards! then you moved it a bunch more. i couldnt believe how happy you looked to see Gret! i promise i will give her rides home more often to see you. this weekend should be interesting, i think Kati is staying with me and she told me what happened the last time she stayed in missoula...haha your mom said she would buy pictures. lol. wish you were here! see you in about a week and a half, i will be over hangin out with you so your ma can get some work done. love you Jos! big kiss
11-12-2006 8:16:05 PM
It was great to see you this weekend after missing last weekend. You looked great, I was amazed when I walked in on Friday and Mom & Grandma asked you to kick my hand, and you did with no problem. It rised my spirits like you would not believe. I wont be home until next Tuesday but it should be fun with everybody home. I cant wait until you are ready to go to Colorado, I think that will help tremendously, I wouldnt mind an X-mas in Colorado. You are doing great and your care is amazing at home. Everyone is doing a great job. I also really enjoyed watching "Cars" with you. You didnt take your eyes off the screen the whole time and I could tell you were mad when Mom put it on pause. Have a good week and keep on improving
Kay (Eve) and Russ Bernal
11-12-2006 7:50:57 AM
Josi - You are now and always in our prayers. Nice to hear of those slight yet magificent improvements you are making. Keep up the healing. Especially that you can heal enough to get to Denver. Wish we still lived there so we could be of more support. Our thoughts are continuoulsly with you and your family.
11-11-2006 11:12:02 PM
Hey Jos! i got to see you a few hours ago, which ofcourse was wonderful. but i didnt get as lucky as didnt kick me. although i did provoke you quite a bit. maybe tomorrow. you look wonderful, i can not believe how much your hair has grown! you liked when i was rubbing ur head, and you kept trying so hard to hold your head up so i could get to the back. very cool. i dont much enjoy those pink socks you had on tho, i was rubbing your feet and the socks were shedding all over the place. lol. Gret and I were suppose to clean out your room this weekend for your mom, but the weekend kinda got away from us. but thanksgiving i will be home for awhile too, so probably then. Jos, you are doing so great and I admire the hell outa you. keep it up, see you tomorrow morning before me and Gret head out! love you
11-11-2006 4:30:41 PM
Hey there my lil josi posi,
Its a saturday night... and because i'm so cool, i'm reading the infamous 'man's search for meaning' bye Frankl, remember reading that one last year in our friend baroch's class?? eh eh, i remember you highlighting the hell out of that on because you liked it so much. I read that line stating basically that man can choose his attitude in any given situation, which kinda sums up parts of his explations. So i got to thinking about our current situation, you and me, how i'm here and you are there, which makes me incredibly sad. But, i realize that it won't be too much longer till i will be there with you again!! and for that, i'm excited, lol, but this whole philosophy bit, well, a few of the philosophers, (nagel etc) tells me to not live in the future, its ABSURD! lol, i'm getting a kick outa this class, i like it a lot. Anyways, i've got a ginormous paper due on monday, (ten pages... eeeeech) so, thats what my entire weekend has been thus far, and will be probasbly until early monday morning before class... heh, ooh well, Anyways, countin down jos, 28 DAYS!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! i love you and miss you terribly, talk to you soon.
A Whole LOTTA LOVE and a lil bit of MAYHEM!
(i've decided to get more creative with this:)
11-10-2006 1:24:52 PM
Hey jos
just got out of french class, had to give my presentation, it went very well. i forgot about a part of it tho, we had to bring in a clip (movie) of something and describe it, and luckily i had my computer handy, so i went to you myspace page, and i played the one of you rolling down the hill up in sluices... that one got a huge laugh!!! lol, my friend michelle thinks you are very beautiful indeed. I got an A on the project, and extra credit for the humerous video/pic, lol, it went well.. I'm glad its weekend now, finally get a chance to do some catch up reading i need to finish, not to mention finish my paper, which thus far.... well, not in the best shape. anyways, i love you, and imiss you very very much, 29 days!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Much love and of course, the mayhem
Lizz Coyle
11-10-2006 12:33:13 PM
hey jos just thinkin about you! wanted you to know i love you and you are in my prayers always. I agree with your mom, that having you in missoula next year would kick ass! :) *Lizzard
11-09-2006 10:13:10 PM
Hey there baby girl - waiting for you to go to sleep for awhile. Al and Carole drove down again to see you, you were really cranking the old melon around to see them, Great Aunts from Helena too! Lots of company today, and it will only increase tomorrow! Greta was here tonite, had a movie on but I think she spent most of the time chatting with you. You were smiling alot, scowled some and didn't miss a minute the whole time. When you first saw her, I swear you did a double take with your expression. You work so hard all day, trying to make things work; if I expended half that energy I can only imagine what I could accomplish. Your goofy smile makes me (and Senor) grin too! We love you so much sweetie, you are the light in our daily lives. Kati and Grant are on their way home today, Theresa will be here next week (look out Josi, the drill sargent is coming!) sleep and heal little one and absorb all the love, forever my heart, mom
11-09-2006 7:06:17 PM
Hi there Josi
I am hoping to be in town tomorrow I will call your mom in the afternoon to see about coming by. I am just waiting to hear you pop up and ask, "What in the world is Santa Doing here?" That day will come I am sure of that. As we are all praying for you.
11-09-2006 4:49:23 PM
Hey Jos,
So i have to prepare a presentation in french class, where i bring a picture of family and/or friends in, and we have to say something about each one, and then elaborate on one of them in particular. I chose the goofiest picture of you and i, making tipical ceder and josi faces, everyone is going to giggle, well, my roomate giggles when she sees it. i was going to bring one in of you at matt n alvins, good times, but i decided this one was more fitting :) anyways, thats what i'm working on right now, and i don't mind, cuz it makes me laugh when i try to describe you and what you like/dislike, and things you and i do together, all in french.... you would laugh too, i'm recording it on a tapeplayer to see if i sound ok and have the accents down alright.... i know, i'll prolly save some of em for you, they sound pretty bad, but oh well. Today i was walking behind a girl, and she looked exactly like you from behind, the same hair color, up in the classic messy bun you always sport, she had on the same nike tennis shoes you have, (the white n greenish ones) and a black sweatshirt and jeans, so i tapped on her back just to make sure.... yaaaaa, she looked at me funny, but i honestly thought it was you, and didn't think about it until i got her attention... smart ceder, very smart. oh well, prolly never see her again. anyways, not too much else, i love you very much, and i miss you very much, 30 days!!!!!!! WOO WOOO!!!!!!
Much LOVE and sometimes, just maybe, a tinge of mayhem

Tim O'Dell (Dad's Partner)
11-09-2006 12:31:04 PM
Josi:I think about you often, especially at homecoming when your Dad was so proud. I coming to see you very soon and your Dad's going to bring me. He just doesn't know it yet. BUt trust me, he's coming!
11-08-2006 11:45:20 PM
Hey Ms. Josephine,

It's been a fun couple of days. Stewpot's brother Mike had his birthday and we took him to the playground and had the crap beat out of him. Tonight, I shot pool in my pool leage and your Senor beat the living be-Jesus out of us. We're not a very experienced team anyways, but it was fun to see your Senor get an 8-ball break and just kick our butts.
Other than that, things have been going the same. Ceder tried to get to me to join Facebook, but I told her that I wouldn't do that in a million years. Andy was online today and I got to talk to him for a while. Remember all the good times hangin' with the VIP's at Casey's house or my apartment? Good times, for show.
I should probably get to bed; I've been trying to get to bed earlier and getting back on a schedule, thus far unsucccessfully. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I'll see you soon. Maybe we'll watch another Discovery Channel special together (ok, Allen, I think the specials that I liked the most were on Discovery after all, so maybe it is better than the History Channel). I'll see you soon, girl. You best be havin' some good nights. Love ya!
Kelly Braun
11-08-2006 7:20:39 PM
I do not know Josi, but I do know her step sister Miranda. Miranda is in my Girl Scout Troop and I talked to her mom one day when she looked like something was wrong. She Told me about Josi and asked me to keep her in my prayers. I have been and I sure hope she is doing well. This is a great web site that I heard her friends helped to set up. WAY TO GO!!!
My God bless and keep you allk
Kelly Braun
11-08-2006 6:33:37 PM
Hey jos
the countdown continues, 31!!!! woo wooo!! its almost thanksgiving, i'm really going to miss a good homecooked turkey and stuffing n stuff.... cafeteria food is kinda rank, well, no, its not bad, but still, can't compare to homecooked meals. anywho, countin down, miss ya and love you TONS AND TONS!!!!!!!
Much LOVE and a lil mayhem every now and again,
11-08-2006 4:42:23 PM
hi josi - i made 2 baskets for you last weekend. my team brought home the silver medal. i love you and pray for you. dustin
Janet Eve Brown
11-08-2006 3:29:07 PM
WOW - I just went to the websight notated by Ang DePriest below. Way awesome.

Josi. I still think of you you often and send healing energy your way. You're a real trooper and one tough cookie. Hang in there (no pun intended).
Dan & Ang DePriest
11-08-2006 3:02:28 PM
Hi Josi and Family, we've been reading the blog (thanks to Josi's mum for her she-herculean effort--it takes so much time and that kind of diligence doesn't go unnoticed!) and keeping up with Josi's life and progress. All around her the season is changing, her rehab is painful, everyone has questions about her prospects; but one thing is certain: God cares most for the least of His creations, and it's so absolutely apparent that God has a plan for Josi, in and through these trials. Our prayers continue to be with all of you, even though we're back home now in Franklin, TN (Nashville).

We attended a school conference today for 6th through 8th graders where Blake McMeans spoke ( He had a similar accident and injury to Josi. We watched him WALK across the stage today (it took SEVEN YEARS for him to take his first steps after his car accident), and I was moved to tears by his determination to not only FIGHT for those steps but to deliver a powerful message to those youngsters. He NEVER gave up, and every day he's closer to living an independent life.

Watching Blake, I thought about you, Josi. I can see you, someday, walking across a stage to tell other people about your journey. Honey, it's hard enough getting through this life with working appendages and synapses that fire properly; but you have really shown us what it's like to be a hero; what's it like to beat the seemingly insurmountable odds.

Dan and I encourage you all daily through our prayers, and we'll continue cheering from the sidelines. Love, Dan and Ang
11-07-2006 9:22:06 PM
Hey jos
Dude, its absolutely pouring here, like the most severe rain we had in Montana last year, multiplied by like ten, and continues all day long, its beautiful, makes me want to come n get you to go puddle jumpin. I like the new you get, spinnin in chairs, hehehehe, makes me chuckle. you really would think new equiptment would work once in a while, but it ALWAYS seems like something is wrong or malfunctioning... i remember that happening every christmas as a kid. anywho, lovin to hear all the new, 32 days left pos!!! i miss you so much, so EXCITED!!! to see you !!!!! WOO OHOOO!!!!!
Much LOVE n mayhem
11-07-2006 7:55:11 PM
yay! showers again...well soon anyway. im glad to hear that things are improving, what with you spinning around in chairs and what not. so i went to my cabin this weekend, you wanna hear soemthing crazy? the bridge that goes across the creek to get to my cabin... broke. scary huh? luckily no one got hurt, i guess the pole in the middle got broke by some ice and then, well there was just not much to support it. anyway, it was a long weekend and now i will only be in missoula for like one day before i leave again to see...YOU!! i am super excited i have lots of stories for you and im going to bring some movies for us to watch. love you and miss you
Great Aunt Lonnie
11-07-2006 7:44:27 PM
It's so good to hear of ways that the P. T. field have discovered to help people! It just amazes me. The spinning is very interesting. Who would have ever thought that would be something to do? Great discovery! And the massages and the manipulations and the suckers and the reading and the TV programs and animal antics and music! So many ways to help you get better. And so many people who love you dearly to do these things with you and make you work at it. And we mustn't forget all the prayers that are rising as incense to our heavenly Father who loves you and hears us. It is such a mystery to us as to how He works His plans out, but we just know by faith that He is doing it! So hang in there (although not literally as you did with your bath the other day!) and keep on going, and we'll keep on doing what we can to help you along the way. We love you.
Aunt Val
11-07-2006 4:29:07 PM
Hi Josi Girl!

Keep on kickin girl. Wow, that is great! The spinning thing sounds different. I think I would be joining Corgs in getting rid of whatever was in my stomach...I don't even let your Uncle Mike spin me when we go dancing!

I learned a manipulation move from one of the PT's today. It might help a bit to get those muscles to relax. I'll show your mom (although she might already be doing that) The therapist tell me that massage is the best...just a gentle massage. Anyhooo, I am ready to work with you if it is OK.

Mike and the Dill are at hockey practice right now. I stayed behind to cook dinner. We still have to go vote so will probably do that before dinner.

Last year at this time I was in Nuevo Vallarta sitting on a warm and sunny beach asking Fredrico for maz cerveza por favor! I lost my election for the judgeship. I am happy now that I did because I am working in a place where I can gleen ways to help you. The medical field is a lot more caring than that legal field.

The boys just got home so I have to run and vote...have to do my civic duty! I really am not sure which crooked politician to vote for?????? Any suggestions??....

Love you much. Big hugs and smooches XXXXXXXX000000

Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the Dill Pickle
11-07-2006 3:39:57 PM
ok so i know i should not be laughing at your expense but your mom's description of putting you in the lift and then it getting stuck just made me laugh cause i can just hear ur little voice in my head of what you would probably be saying. that's interesting about the whole spinning thing...if you spin me i just throw up. yeck. but i'm glad you have better results! maybe when Greta and I are there this weekend we can spin you around...hehe. scary right. well i'm glad things are good with you, and i'm glad Kati is ok, i texted her when i read about it on one of her bulletins, kinda scared me. but alls well, so have a wonderful rest of the week and Greta Lynn and i will see you soon! love you
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
11-07-2006 3:05:38 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Thank you for blowing out my candles (lots of them) but knew you could do it to make my wish come true. ;D What a gal, moving that leg again… wish I were there to see it, but hearing it as just as good right now. You certainly are busy gal, lots of visitors but all the exercising would make me sweat too! Glad people are keeping you busy too with their visiting, and letting the rest of us know you are giving them smiles. You are such a sweetheart and can’t tell you my birthday wish or might ruin the wish, but think you know it’s good one, plus all the prayers and other wishes I have just for you,
God daughter! Hope your “test” tomorrow is good one that is not stressful.
Love you lots and we check on you daily. Your friends and family are great source for all of us to keep up on your improvements. We are “with you all the way”, precious.
Hugs and kisses,
11-06-2006 10:14:38 PM
the big debut of my one can top this :P
Josi, Josi, I love you so!
I love you more than you will know!
I love you little!
I love you lots!
I love you more than TATER TOTS! :P
I don't even really like tater tots...but it ya! haha i think i've heard this rhyme before...i'm probly plagerizing...:S haha but it's the truth! i do love you! :D haha
take care babe!
The Hill Family
11-06-2006 8:34:49 PM
yay yay yay!!!!Getting better every day we will keep checking this everyday!we love youu Jos!!!!
11-06-2006 1:58:42 PM
Hey jos, dude
hahaha, alirght, so remember that time we were bike riding across from target, and we saw that old dude on his bike turn the corner too sharp and just eat shit...... hahaha, well, i had a flash back to that today, cept it wasn't an old dude, it was a younger one, and he flew like a good 20 feet... wasn't quite as funny tho, cuz you weren't there to fall off your bike from laughing so hard.... still semi entertaining. anyways, made me think of ya, i miss ya jos, and i lvoe you, anyways, precisely 33 days till i return home!!!!! hurrah!!!! i can't wait to see you pos!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Much LOVE n mayhem
D Michelle
11-06-2006 5:32:34 AM
Hi Jos, Up early to get my kids off to school. They loved your house at Halloween. The scarier the better. Came to visit you and you were sleeping although I am pretty sure I got a smile from you. Once again we are thinking of you all the time, and do not ever forget that you have the most wonderful friends and family in the whole world.
11-05-2006 5:28:07 PM
Hey jos
So i went to the Homecoming football game yesterday (saturday) it was CRAZYY!!!!!! not even kidding you, 70,000 fans, it was packed, we played University of Washington, and dude, the guys are SOOOOOO BIIIIG!! like they are just big people, no, HUGE people. Anyways, it made me think of you at homecoming... and a few of our other games. I also ran into Kody Nathe, for the first time since I got here, it was so random... people from greatfalls, very very wierd. anyways, not much else is new, swimming in buttloads of homework, as usual, i miss you!!! and i love you, i'm always thinkin about you pos, and countdown till my return!!!!! WOO WOOOO!!!!
Much LOVE n mayhem
Janet Eve Brown - aka Eyebrow
11-05-2006 2:45:50 PM
Ok, the search is on for a whistle stamp. I couldn't find one, so I have the word out in the stamping world. the next milestone has been attained! Good for you Josi. I am so impressed with all your tenacity and hard work, stubborness, and personality (are these possible in one person?!?!?!) You are truely an amazinig strong person and give so many of us out in this world such hope.
Aunt Val
11-05-2006 12:42:51 PM
Hi Josi Girl!

Just checkin in to see how you are doing. You are strong and courageous as ever ( I knew you would be!)

Uncle Mike and Dylan went to the cabin last night. Dylan took his friend Anton ( Anton's mom has a brain tumor and she is in the nursing home now. Very sad. We try to include Anton in a lot of the things we do as his dad is busy going to visit Anton's mom as well as trying to take care of his 4 brothers and sisters!) You never know what burdens people carry. I guess that is why it is always so important to treat people nice always no matter just might help them get through the day with the burdens they may carry.

Anyhooo..back to the cabin...I stayed home and got caught up on my housework (you know me!) Sooo without me at the cabin your Uncle Mike had to get up in the middle of the night to clean-up the floor and the bed as poor Anton got sick and puked during the night all over the place! Now I know you can just imagine your Uncle Mike cleaning that up with his weak stomach. I think you would have been laughing at him if you were up there. Your Uncle Mike handled everything right down to washing all the clothes and bedding (I think I am starting to wear off on him)

Mike and Dill are at the skating rink so Dill can sharpen up his skating skills. Dill continues to make goals for you. He is just a little warrior on the ice (no checking though! Maybe he will have a game in Great Falls sometime and then we can take you to watch him!

You truly amaze me Josi Girl with your strength and strong will. We miss you soo much. You are in our hearts and on our minds always and forever.

Big hugs and smoches. XXXXXXXX00000000000000

Love to you Uncle Mike, Aunt Val, and the Dill Pickle!

11-05-2006 12:15:01 PM
sometimes i wonder if its such a good idea that i have internet. i have so much homework to do today and instead i am exploring the internet, re-reading the news your mom has posted, checkin myspace and facebook, and my e-mails. somehow i cannot force myself to do homework. oh well, i just keep telling myself its ok, i am changing my major and none of these really even count for anything. haha good philosophy right? not so much. but hey, i leave thursday with Gret, so we will see you soon! i hope everything is going good, your mom told me your aunt beat me to a tree...thats ok, i will find something else. you know me. i will see you soon Jos, love ya
11-05-2006 9:07:59 AM
When I stopped by yesterday you really looked good, I could hardly believe how awake and aware you were. You are sure one amazing young lady. I think I even got a couple smiles and for a moment I thought I was going to get a laugh. Then Aunt Stacy and Uncle Tim showed up, some really nice people. I had to leave and a couple hours later your Mom called and said that Aunt Stacy found you a Christmas Tree to hang on your wall. She tried to say that Aunt Stacy was trying to suck up to Santa, Ha she doesn't need to she has been on Santa's really nice list for quite some time. Just like the rest of the people who stop by here and check in on you. Wait a minute those are the ones on the nice list. The ones that have been giving you that special care that you need are the ones on the super nice list.
The real truth is that Santa doesn't have a naughty list. Just varying degrees of Nice.
Take care of yourself I will see you sometime this next week.
Auntie Cindy
11-05-2006 8:12:49 AM
Hi Josi Jean-
I had another craft show Friday and Saturday. It seemed like every other person coming through my booth would stop and ask how you were progressing. So many people are out there wishing and praying such good things for you Josi. You have touched so many people with your grit, determination and big heart. It makes me smile!
My computer crashed this past week. That didn't make me smile. I was wanting your technical advice. Last time it crashed you asked me what the heck I had done to it. Silly was the evil spirit lurking in my laptop-not me! In any case I have a shiny new laptop that is making me slightly crazy. You need to heal up and help me figure out how to work this silly machine.
I love you always.
Great Aunt Lonnie
11-04-2006 8:24:01 PM
Wow - more than 12,000 hits on here! So many people truly have an interest in what is happening to you! It is wonderful to be able to look here every day and find out how things are. Keep working hard, dear little Josi. We're out here praying for Jesus to send his angels to minister to you, to help you with your every need, to guard and protect you, and to help you on this journey.

You know what? The stock market is up above the 12,000 mark, too! That's a record for the DOW and I bet it's a record for a web sight, too!

Give your Grandma Eve an extra big smile and a kiss, ok? That would make her day! And some for your mama and your Grandma Sloan, too. Oh, how they would love that! And so would the Grandpa's and Bob. We'd all love to see on here that you did that!

Well, special one, I guess I have no news to offer you. I just wanted you to know I'm still here, and so is Uncle Phil, and we're praying for you. and for all of you who are there.

Love you lots
Blake G.
11-04-2006 10:56:43 AM
I just heard from a friend what had happened, and I would like to remind you all to stay strong. Josi, know that we're all thinking about you...even from far away places

11-04-2006 1:31:14 AM
Hey Jos,

I never know what to say when I write this crap; I just hope it all makes sense to ya. I've been learning the Saosin cover of Pinback's "Penelope" lately. Maybe I'll bring my acoustic over and bug the hell out of you for a little while.
Allen left for Missoula today. He'll back back on Sunday to pick the rest of his stuff up, but then he's pretty much gone. All of the VIPs are split up now, Jos. It's just you and I left in the Falls. Well, it's been a rough week of work so I'm going to get some sleep. I love and miss ya, girl. Have a good night!
11-03-2006 10:01:35 PM
omg...this past week has been eventful...well i got my 4.0! for first quarter that is...ahha i did really good on my test and all the last minute things so it really brought my grade happy bout that...and tonight! ahha we had a big 3 on 3 tourney for ball..and i jumped on a team like last minute...we were all sophomores...there also was an all senior team and an all freshman team...well the senior team sucked it up...they lost to the freshman...but so did we to begin with..haha then we went back to the ship against the freshman. we had to play them twice to win. but guess what! ur old cousin kalli, well she dominates with the 3's :P and we were up 13-12. first one to 15 wins and i seriously shoot a 3 in this one girls face and we win the 1st game!!! Second game was a battle tho. we fouled and did everything...finally, 14-14 we were scrappin for hte ball for 5 minutes literally, and my teammate monique, gets fouled on a shot and has to shoot a free throw! she totally makes it!!! so exciting! ahah so we got sweatshirts for winning. i've won this tournament like 3 times in the last 4 years. our team name was "The Perfect 10" ahha cuz we're in 10th grade. latme name but cool we won! ahha k more excitin news for now. but your lime green wheelchair sounds awesome!! it's totally my fave ipod case is lime green...paid like $35 for it...haha jus one case too! and my coat is a type of green too...and i'm paintin my room lime's a very hott color! :P sounds like ur doin good tho! k well i better hit the hay...wakin up early tomorrow...haha gotta watch the boys championship game :P
11-03-2006 12:59:17 PM
Hey Jo Jo!! I miss you dearly and all the news is getting better and better! I will be home next weekend to visit (possibly draggin the new boy along) and visiting you is definitely on the top of my to do list.( I guess I do really have a "to-do" list per say, but I'm gonna come and terrorize you ASAP ;) ). I miss you MUCHO and I hope to keep reading good news!
11-03-2006 9:32:17 AM
Awwww, lil tater didn't want another lil pup around, lol, figures, doesn't suprise me at all. I'm just hanging out in philosophy class.... listening to an extremely 'uplifting' lecture... the opening line was something like 'the only philosophical concern for man is suicide' man, ya... i dig the class, but its such a downer so often, Anywho, Deb, i think you should just get one, and hide it... tater might come about eventually, lol, and i'm sure biz would be content, it'd be a grand ol happy family w/a pom pom! anyways jos, keep on pushin, healing is your mission, GO TEAM GO!!! tee hee hee, good times, anyways, love you very much, i'm transfering all my energy to you the best i can, take as much time as you need, i love you, and i miss you very much. under 4 weeks till i'm home!!!!
Much love n Mayhem
Debbie Wilmore
11-03-2006 7:51:15 AM
Hey Josi, I want you to know that this is the 3rd time I have written this. I guess I should read the instruction first. I haven't written in awhile, but that doesn't mean that I'm not thinking of you.
I recently ran into Barb McManus and she told me that she had kept some of the papers that you had written. Sounds like you take after you mother in the writing dept. I will be over to see you soon. Cory is coming home the full week of thanksgiving so You will see him then. Casey on the other hand took a job in retail so he won't be home much during the holidays. Hope you have a great day. I'm always praying for you continued recovery. Say hi to that handsome brother of yours for me if he comes home this weekend. Debi, Bob and the rest of the family It sounds like being home is good for Josi. I am sure all your hard work will pay off.
Thinking of all of you all the time. Deb Wilmore
11-02-2006 8:12:29 PM
Tried to talk Senor into that cute little pup Mary called the Outlaw Josey Wales (your namesake)but he wasn't having it and neither was the Tater. She took one look at those four cute little pom puppies and turned up her nose. She sat outside the room, peeking in to check if they were gone yet, of course Biz fell in love and wanted to crawl up with all four and lick them to death. You liked the kisses and nibbles, Mary is keeping one and promised to bring her back for you. After she left, Tater came in to check and make sure none were left and is now sleeping on the rug in your room. Everyday Theresa, Grant and Kati call to check on you, love all around, sleep and heal little one, forever my heart - mom
11-02-2006 6:57:34 PM
Hey duder
I saw the pic ur ma sent me today, lol, that was rad man, those lil guys were cute!!! you look super tense there jos, i imagine it hurts a lot. i wish there was something i could do out here to help, i keep 'prayin' or something... for you all the time, i constantly am thinking about you. Maybe i could transfer my energy to you through ESP.... good times good times, ahahhahaha "no really, i've got ESPN!!"-jos.... ha, good times. Anywho, schools going alright, its week 6, four more to go, and then i get to see you!!!!!!!! i'm so excited, i've got things for you i found out here, and they always reminded me of you, so i just pic them up, not to mentnion the hemp things i've made you. i totally forgot to give you the one i made you while i was in the hospital, but i've got it here, its got your name all over it! anywho, love ya girly, i'm countin down the days!!!!
Much Love n Mayhem
11-02-2006 6:47:53 PM
hey Jos! just thought i would stop by and say hi! i will see you in about a week! s that is exciting! i was bummed, i missed a call from your mom today, i was taking a test, blah. i dont know how great i did on it, oh well. i wish your muscles could relax...hmm. i'm trying to think of something we could do but so far i have not come up with anything, i will keep thinkin about it tho! i know you already know this, but Jos, you have the most amazing friends, everything they are doing for you...i just hope i have people that care about me that much! you are a lucky girl JoJo! i will see you soon, and i am bring ms Greta Lynn to see you, so i know that will make you very excited. love you
Aunt Val
11-02-2006 5:57:11 PM
Hey Josi Girl!

Sounds like a typical Halloween at your house! Fun, fun, fun! Your Mom and Bob always makes holidays special with all their extra efforts. Dylan is saving all his suckers he received from trick-or-treating just for you. I think there are some real yummy ones. Dylan dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow...he was awesome! I will send you some pictures. Your Uncle Mike and I dressed as pirates as well. Whitefish turns into Halloween Town for the evening. We were trick-or-treating downtown with Dylan's buddy Stellan and his parents and then we all ventured into the spooky neighborhood. We once again have replenished our candy supply (Dylan never eats the stuff...he just keeps it until next Halloween!) Of course, Uncle Mike sneaks a lot of the chocolate being the chocolate hound that he is!

Looks like Dylan will have a hockey game here in Whitefish on the Saturday following Thanksgiving soooo I believe we will come to the Falls for Thanksgiving. We will come see you when we get to town.

We always stay with BJ, Rhonda and Rylee when we go to the Falls. You should see little Rylee...she is so cute and is just like her daddy...all energy!

You are doing good Josi. Keep up the hard work. I share your progress with my coworkers (they are all PT's, OT's and ST's). They, in turn, share helpful insight into your recovery status and ideas to help with your therapy. They are all praying for you and wishing you godspeed. Your Mom and Bob and the rest of the family inspire me and everyone else who reads this website. Love, hope and faith in God truly are the powerful virtues. Remember our love is always with you 24/7. We carry you in our hearts all day long.

Big Hugs and lots of love.

Aunt Val, Uncle Mike and Dylan XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO
Charlie Murphy
11-02-2006 12:30:19 PM
Hey Josi...just checking up on you as i do most days!! Its cold here in Bozeman and I am really not liking it!! Hope your Halloween was great...mine was ok!! I think i am coming up next weekend to Great Falls hopefully with whitney and we will come visit you!! Lots of love and take care!! Charlie
The stranger, Sharon
11-02-2006 11:31:46 AM
Hey Josi!

Over 12 THOUSAND visits via this web site. WOW! That's a whole lotta love directed your way, Josi. You must be able to feel the warmth of all of that love, like an unseen down comforter that has wrapped itself around you and can never, ever be removed from your life. It will follow you no matter where you go and it will be there from now until the very end of time -- and beyond!

Jesus Christ loves you even more, Josi. He is calling your name. When you hear him, ask Him to come into your heart and into your life.

"Through the tender mercy of our God, whereby the dayspring from on high (Jesus) hath visited us. To GIVE LIGHT TO THEM THAT SIT IN DARKNESS AND IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH, TO GUIDE OUR FEET INTO THE WAY OF PEACE." (Luke 1:78-79) Jesus is waiting to bring you out of that dark, still place Josi, ASK HIM.

Peace to you. Peace to all who love you.
11-02-2006 5:11:45 AM
Hey Josi !! Sounds like your Halloween was exciting as always!! Ours was busy with the kids dressing up mid-day at school - Miranda decided to be a vampire this year, a pretty one, though - NOT scary (I wonder if "Princess" attire is now a thing of the past!). And Jacques was a warrior again - a Red Dragon Ninja, no less!.... Dustin is off to State Special Olympics for basketball today - he misses his Great Falls Hornet team, so it will be good for him to see his old friends. He is ready to shoot a three-pointer for you ...wish him luck, Josi!! ....Our thoughts & prayers are with you, Josi. May God continue to nurture your mind & soul as you heal more with each passing day. Keep a courageous heart - James 1:2-4 "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."...Josi, may we all have patience to wait as God does complete His 'perfect work' within you. May He continue to watch over all of us who love you and are with Him in prayer....Peace to you, Love Mel, Dad, Dustin, Miranda and Jacques
11-02-2006 1:10:21 AM
Hey girl,

I'm working late tonight and just wanted to tell you that I love you. You're doing so great and just need to keep it up. Halloween was awesome at your place (thanks for the pizza and all the candy, Deb and Senor) and I even got to share a sucker with you (Mmmm... chocolate).
As time passes, we all get a little scared for ya, Jos (that's our job, after all), but I know that you're going to pull through just fine -- you always do. I know that soon we'll be illin', chillin', and makin' fun of each other soon enough, so you just hang in there and keep working as hard as you can. I guess that's about all for my rant tonight. I love you, Josi, and I always will.
11-01-2006 11:33:57 PM
Good new jos, loving to hear this... Dude, your mom so would have gummy eyeballs n fingers, hahahaha, man i miss bummin around your house for halloween, scarin kids is the shiznat!!! you should give your mom a SUPER HIGH FIVE after makin that one pea!!! hahahahahahaha, i cracked over that one, way to funny. dude, a lime green chair?? thats intense stuff right thuurrr, totally the way the jos rolls!! 'Ridin' Dirty'!!!! Its homecoming weekend up here, probably will get pretty crazy, however, i'm still stuck in a dumb brace, so i just chill n watch movies, n study of course, that takes up most of my time anymore... ya, i actually study, ha, amazing huh?? and i go to class, thats totally wierd, but you know what, i was thinkin bout it, and last year i usually only skipped when you did, and now i don't have a reason, so... i go. hmmm, see jos, i'm getting better at this school stuff. Anyways, love ya jos, loving all of this good news!!! 'you are stellar' (our incubus jam) woo woo, love you, miss you more than anything
Much Luv n Mayhem
11-01-2006 12:32:25 PM
YAY!!! i finally found an ornament for you!! its so cool i know you will LOVE it! i will bring it with me when i come down on the 9th! i am very excited to see you. i miss you so much. love always
10-31-2006 6:26:59 PM
Halloween really makes me miss you....:<. and to make things worse we only got 2 trick or treaters so far. i got so excited i gave them each a huge handful of i'm sitting here with the giant bag of chocolate i bought trying to convince myself that i dont need ANOTHER piece. i hope you are having a good time...but i dont see how you could be having a bad time around your house! so i am almost 100% sure i will be home the 9th, as long as Greta Lynn can still go with me! i cant wait! Jos i hope you know what an awesome Mom, Senor and sisters and brother you have! they are taking great care of you! i guess in times like these you really find out who loves you...and those are the ones who are always there for you. and Jos incase you ever doubt it, i will ALWAYS be here for you! love you, see you soon
Chris Skovron
10-31-2006 1:55:28 PM
Happy Halloween Josi, Deb, & Bob!! Your yard is awesome!! I saw that your house is listed in the paper as one of the best to drive by for Halloween!! Congrats!! Enjoy the day and don't scare too many kids!! Thinking of you always!!

10-31-2006 1:01:35 PM
HAPPY HALLOWEENN!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!! have a blast today, don't eat candy from strangers, and make sure your mom doesn't scare any kids into cardiac arrest... oh yes, and I LOVE YOU!!!
much luv n mayhem
10-31-2006 12:46:31 PM
Hi Jos
I sure thought I was going to make it in today, it just is not working out. So stay nice and warm in your room(another song) It is suppossed to start warming up Thursday so I will try to get in on Friday,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN try not to scare to many trick or treaters tonight.
g child
10-30-2006 5:56:37 PM
hey jos. so this weekend was a bit to much for me to handle, being haloween and all, everyone was in ":super party" mode. meh, whatever its over now. well sort of, i decided i am going to go to my sisters friend's house for haloween and answer the door to trick or treaters. i enjoy classic stuff like that, i wanted to take some kids trick or treating, but apparently it comes off as creepy if you ask parents if you can borrow their kids for the night. haha, whatever. im sure your house will be crazy, i bet you will have a blast. miss you so much. love you forever~G
10-30-2006 3:36:27 PM
well, jus got a letter in the mail today saying that i've been inducted into the 2006/2007 National Honor Roll! don't really know what it is...but honor roll usually means good grades...and it's ya! pretty sweet...and i got my new basketball shoes that i've been workin for...they are pretty cool. umm...well i jus wanted to tell you bout the Honor Roll thing so have a nice day!
Love you!
10-29-2006 11:14:34 PM
Hey jos,
its nice to hear you're looking more content today, that makes me happy. you know what, i was lookin at some picture of us today, and all of them, which there are millions, i'm on the left side, and you're on the right, so its like, you're my right hand man! kinda cool huh? i thought so. anyways, missin you a lot, and loving hearing all of the news, and the pictures ur ma sends me, makes me happy. life in oregon is going well, readin an extremely uplifting book for philosophy right now (not!!!) still not makin to many friends, but people like you are diamonds in the rough, and there won't ever be anyone like you, anywho, missin ya jos, love you very much, keep pushin
Much Love and Mayhem
10-29-2006 6:49:37 PM
Hey Jos! Matt says you look happy and that is wonderful! i guess everyone has to have thier bad days. but thats all you get! no more, only happy Josi from now on. i hope everything is going good, i miss you like crazy. so far it is looking like i will be home the long as ms. Greta Lynn can come home with me we are good to go! By that time I can get you the 8ft blow up/ light up turkey i saw the other day! i am still looking for a santa claus to get you for christmas! and i have no idea what to get you for your birthday but i'm sure i will find something awesome. see you soon Josi Posi puddin and Pie!! love you much
10-28-2006 11:47:03 PM
Hey there Madame,

Allen and I finally got all of our junk out of the ol' apartment (so many memories) and now have to face the daunting task of cleaning that stye. We doused the carpet with stain removers and fixed the screen on the door, but our landlord is going to have to live with that dent you put in my door. That's quite a big dent your hard head made.
We also found some of your things lying around, and the Valentine's Day card that you made for us last year (Awesome, by the way... just awesome.). Allen took some pictures and video of "The Last Moments of the Apartment," so we'll come over and show you sometime. You looked really happy, although a bit tired, when we visited you today. It's always nice to see that smile of yours. Well, it's bed time for me. I have to get cleaning tomorrow. Love ya, Jos!
10-28-2006 6:59:32 PM
Hey jos
dude, just went to my first college football game, and they had like, i dunno, homecoming, or something like that, girls come out at half time, and it was a total flash backk to last year, you looked so beautiful, i voted for you about 13 times under different names, and you deserved that crown. blah, i miss you josi. kinda gettin tired, thinkin bout going to bed here before to long, miss you so much, and love you even more. gnight pos, sleep well baby girl, sweeter than sweet dreams
Much Love n Mayhem
Uncle Scott
10-28-2006 1:12:11 PM
Hey, Hey, Queen Josi, How you doin sweety? Ahhh finally a total awsome day in K-town. Sun is out and the kids went to Metlakatla for some B-ball action. I, Well i stayed home to put in the last window for the year. Trying to pretty up the house a little bit, plus winterize a little. Cass is the manager this year so she still gets to travel with the team and maybe play but who knows. She is gonna concentrate on volleyball more then basketball. Kalli is chomping at the bit to get her season started. New coach so yeah shes jazzed. May we call you "whistler" now? Almost 11.5k hits there kiddo, people are still keeping you in their prayers and lifting you up to god. I think Santa has a little pull there also. I think its pretty awesome for him to keep the spirit going year round as it is the one season that keeps children beleiving. My hat is off to you Santa as i beleive you have brightened Josi's day a couple of times these past few months. well kiddo i got a little more to do with the window so take care focus on recovery and stay into the wind with your determination. We love you from Alaska, Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy
Great Aunt Lonnie
10-28-2006 11:56:06 AM
Dear Josi - "O-ho, whistle while you work, oh, ho, whistle while you work" - (Deb - sing this song to her for me, ok? You know - from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"?) It's so good to hear you can whistle! I can't do that! You just keep on working and whistling and one day you'll be able to whistle and sing this tune yourself! I wish there were a way for you to "transfer" out of this job you have to work at, but I guess there's no getting out of it - you just have to work hard every step of the way, and then there will be wonderful times when you are done with it all! And we all know you can do this. You are a strong and tough little cookie. We're pulling for you. And we're praying for you.

Can someone read Psalm 121 to you? HE does love you, Josi, and will fight and work WITH you. HE will protect you from all dangers; he will guard your life. The LORD will guard you. Whether you be going or coming, HE knows the course you take, and HE will go before you. HE will not let you be defeated. HE never sleeps. He is watching over you, both now and forever! Isn't that just the most wonderful promise? And can you see HE's been there all along?

Love you, Josi!
10-27-2006 10:04:49 PM
WooHoo I guess I am going to learn some new words. I was going to stop by and see you today, but your mama bear said you had been up late last night and weren't feeling real hot. So get to chillin, I was happy to hear that you received even more pampering than I thought you were in for. I have had a couple of Mary Ellen's massages and they are almost heaven.
I will get into see you next week sometime. I just know I am going to have to see what goes on at your place on Halloween.
10-27-2006 6:13:43 PM
Dude, WHISTLE!! WOOOO HOOO!!!! thats my girl!! and a massage, dude, holy, thats about the sweetest thing you could ask for, sweet! ha, sad ms josephine? it happens to all of us, remember our long conversations pertaining to the extremes in life, ya... also every other discussion of course. its ok jos, everyone has there days, some more than others, and its grand ur ma understands that, way to go BIKER BAAAABE!! its almost halloween... wishin i could be with ya to jump out n scare kids again, ha, silly lil chitlins! muahaha, i'm sure you're mom will do a fine job in your stead. Dude, i want a massage, merp! i love you!!! keep on truckin pos, talk to you soon! oh ya, keep on blowin that whistle till the train comes home!! lalala, ok, i'm done, i miss you josi
Much love and mayhem
10-27-2006 5:28:29 PM
Hey Jos...dont be sad ok? just try to remember that we all love you very much and we will be here for you through it all. i know its hard right now and that it sucks and you are probably so damn frustrated, but dont give up hope ok? it will take time, but pretty soon you will be off the rehab and then before you know it, back to normal! i have no doubt that some day soon you will be back to how you were...just keep pushing. keep scowling at Deb when she sings and dances, and keep giving us dirty looks when we are teasing you, that is the Josi we want to see. we arent giving up on you Jos, so dont give up on yourself. you are so strong and you have already come so far, just remember that, and when things seem hopeless and you are frustrated just remember we are all on your time and we will be here for all of it. everyone loves you Jos, let us do the worrying ok? you just concentrate on getting better! I love you, see you soon. big hugs and kisses!
10-27-2006 3:07:04 PM
Josi. How dear. Reading the posts here the past few weeks reminded me of my high school and college days, friends and acquainances. I even thought of the people I thought were "enemies", but in fact were most likely people I chose not to get to know - MY LOSS TOTALLY - or were misunderstood. You have such fabulous, caring, never-ceasing, friends and family. I long for the days when I could call my friends across the street (which was on a land-line no doubt with a thick handle and two huge-honkin' bells on either end- or better yet - just walk over - more like RUN! Those days are gone for me. But for you and your friends locally, nationally, and wordwide you guys are connected and are there for you each other each step of the way. You are there with a message for us all. I believe there is a reason! And I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! You are awesome Josi. And so are your family and friends.

You have the most fabulous of Fridays, and the most well-to-do weeks.
ttfn - JEB
10-27-2006 12:13:13 PM
dang....a massage! i bet you just loved every minute of that. i hope you have a great weekend, i miss you and love you.
10-26-2006 10:47:24 PM
hey Josi! When I come home from school I want to make a visit to see you! Hope all is going well and you are in my prayers! Geez Josi how time flies never ever thought we'd all be where we are today! I still remember you walking across the stage at graduation.The typical joyous grin on your face! Its so hard to believe that highschool is over and that a whole new life is set before us. I wake up everyday and realize that I am alone in my room 900 miles and 13 hours away from my family and I say a little prayer to God to take care of them and watch over them, but you dear Josi are never far from my thoughts. One day in the very near future I hope you get to have one of those simple moments in your life when you realize how far you have come and what a wonderful job your parents have done and how much they love you, you will look to the sky and say thank you God for everything you have given me in life. You will always be on my list of prayers and I know that God is overseeing your recovery! I miss you and hope that everyday you continue to strengthen and grow in God's Grace!
10-26-2006 9:41:16 PM
Hey Josi!!!
omg i haven't commented on here in a long time. sorry! i love you! :D well, tomorrow is the end of the 1st quarter. i tried, but i'm pretty sure i'm endin up with 1 B and 5 A's. i'm really upset bout that. pathetic i know...but i have to get straight a's...guess i'm not doin that now...:( whatev! my friend invited me to go with him to a James Blunt Concert in Arizona!! ahha woohoo! and we're going to The Fray Concert in Seattle. it's not for sure yet, he has to talk to his family...but he says they should...shoot i hope so!!! my dad actually said yes to! haha wow i think it was cuz i told him i would stop askin for another dog. i really think he wanted me to stop. shoot :P haha i had to tell him that i didn't actually like the person that i'm going with. i like someone else that doesn't even live in Ketchikan! haha he lives in another town in Alaska called Sitka :P hahaha oh well. i hope i get to go! what an awesome thing! anywayz, i really miss you guys! hope all is goin well at home.
Love you!!
10-26-2006 4:38:02 PM
hey you. im missin you tons. halloween ALWAYS makes me think of your house...imagine that?! i remember when me and you dressed up all crazy scary and jumped out at those damn trick or treaters that came to your house...hahaha what a good time. love you much.
peace SB4L
10-26-2006 10:00:43 AM
Hey jos
Sittin in class, listening to a semi boring lecture, blarg. So last night, i painted a pumpkin (it was a contest) and i itotally won!! ha, and they said i couldn't make a pumpkin into a spaceship, ha, i showed them! anywho, its almost halloween, i remember last halloween, lol, actually, you have a pic on this site of last year, greeny n you. good times, miss ya jos
talk to you sooon
MUCH LOVE and mayhem
Aunt Stacey
10-25-2006 9:08:41 AM
Hey Jos - I've missed you the last couple days. Shea has been sick so I haven't been able to come visit, but hopefully I'll make it over today. I want to share with you what's been going on at my office. One of the employees here has a son-in-law who is suffering from a brain injury in Utah. Because she is not there to see what is going on, a lot of what the doctors and other family members are telling her is very confusing. Through our experience and research on brain injuries, I have been able to help her understand some of what is happening and have showed her the links from this website and the scales of neurological function. She tells me it is all very helpful and that it makes her feel so much better about everything. My point is, Jos, that you are helping people you have not even met. The education and strength you have given us from this experience is already helping others who are going through some of the same things. I just thought it would make you feel good to know that. Shelby started basketball on Monday and is very excited. We hope you will get to come watch her play. Believe it or not she is not the tallest girl on her team, so it should be fun. Oh, and I want to let Corgan know that we believe 100% that you know who is there with you. Also, we the family appreciate all the support and the "breaks" for Bob and Deb to get much needed rest. It means more to us than anyone could ever know and we believe it will be a huge part of your recovery. Love ya lots!
10-25-2006 8:39:45 AM
well good morning miss josephine
Its an early wednesday morning, actually, probably about this time last year you and I would have finally rolled through the doors at good ol' GFH, ha, we were such great students! Its alll good, anyways, no too much is new with me, my brother got be Barenaked Ladies concert tickets for my bday, i'm excited for that, but other than that, i got you some rad things, including your ornament, dude, its sweet, lol, kinda silly, but i gotta find a box first so i can mail it, along with you quilt squares i have colored, i like those too!! well, i lovers you very very much, and will talk to you soon
10-24-2006 8:26:37 PM
miss josephine~ i cant wait to see you again, all i hear is good things about your progress. i miss you so much, and i hope that you know that, even though i am not there to tell you. keep getting better and i will see you soon. love you muchos xoxoxox
Marcia and Family
10-24-2006 4:45:34 PM
WOW! It's a;ways so nice to read that you're doing better.. I bet it's great to be back home, it sounds like it's definately a good thing for you. Well, i just wanted to say hi, and that we're all so proud of you. You're still in our thoughts and prayers as we know how important it is, and can't wait to read on here that you're up and walking and playing with those pups.
we love you all, stay strong.
10-24-2006 2:04:40 PM
Something special planned for tommorow after 3:30 I hope you enjoy it. Every girl needs a little special pampering.
10-24-2006 12:01:49 PM
Hey, Ms. Josephine.

Well, the day has come. I've bought my new place and need to get all my crap moved. I'm hoping to get it all moved today, but we both know that the odds of that are slim to none. I think you'll really like the new place; it's bigger and nicer than the old, cramped apartment. We're going to take "Ye Olde Couch of Stains" along with, although I'm guessing (maybe hoping) that it won't be for too long. Anyhoo, just wanted to send you my love real quick, since the rest of my day will be busy with shuttling things from one place to another (It took 3 boxes to fit all my CDs into, do you think that means I should stop buying CDs?). Have a great day, J Dilla.
10-24-2006 1:01:01 AM
Good golly girl you are a sweaty little thing!! Two hours since I was up and turning you and you were soaked to the skin (with only a light blanket!). I am thinking it was because of your rehab Monday, got a lot of neurons firing up and they are just bouncing around like crazy inside. Aw well that is why we have the nice shower, all better now, hopefully sweet dreams punkin pie. forever my heart mom ps. matt is packing like crazy (new house today!) and alfin went to msla. looking for work.
10-23-2006 6:10:27 PM
oh Jos. honey you amaze me! i honestly can not tell you how proud i am of you. it was...uterly amazing to watch you on sunday when you were doing your exercises. then when Grant and Waldo picked you up and made you stand...WOW. i could just see your mind working, and at one point Grant told you to look at me and you rolled your eyes towards the door and we mad eye contact. made me cry! i just want to thank you for always being there for me. whenever i was upset or frustrated or anything you were always there to help me through it, and i miss you so so much. everyone keeps telling me that its so nice of me to come see you all the time, but you are my Josi and I know you would do the same thing for me. it is time for me to pay you back for all the wonderful things you have done for me, and i dont know if i can ever fully pay you back but i will try my best! sometimes it is so hard to know that i can not do anything for you, and not knowing if you know its me when i am there is...shitty. i just keep telling myself that you know. wake up Jos, i miss you so much! i love you girl, see you soon
10-23-2006 5:28:42 PM
"I don't believe that anybody, feels the way i do, about you noww" arlo there miss josaphine jean, just got back from the doc's place, the xrays of my back are gnarly lookin, kinda like a mosaic of bones... very interesting, but they told me surgury might be necessary, and i told them about your miricle, and they just kinda shut up. I was like ya, waaabamm!! CAN'T FIGHT THE JOSI!!!! merp

And afterall, you're my wonderwall
The stranger, Sharon
10-23-2006 4:01:48 PM

Just read the Mama Bear's update. oh, WOW, are you being made to work hard. This is a good thing and you will one day very much appreciate those who loved you enough to make you work and work and stretch yourself almost to the breaking point. You gotta get those limbs working, Josi, so you can give a good ol' knuckle rub to the head of anyone who upsets you and makes you work too hard. And you know what, when you are able to do that, the recepient of said knuckle rub will rejoice with you!

John, chapter 4, verse 10 tells us "Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that HE loved us, and sent his son to be the propitiation (atonment) for our sins.

Jesus says "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you." Jesus is calling your name, Josi. Listen for his voice and invite him into your heart. He loves you more than words can say and wants to bring you out of the darkness.

I pray you have a work-hard, progress quickly, love-filled, laughing often, blessed beyond belief week, Josi.

Peace to you, peace to your caregivers,
Aunt Janice
10-23-2006 1:39:37 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Looking at the post by Santa below...hmmm... he really does have a ho ho ho!! and you will be going
he he he as you watch your mom doing the "Monstermash". (laughing with you too) It should be a crackup and make that smile of yours possibly turn into a noisy one with laughs!!
Love you much honey,
AuntieJ and Uncle Steve
10-23-2006 10:46:29 AM
Hey miss Josi. It sounds like things have been going well since your return home. It also sounds like you have had so much fun with all of the company coming through. It is so nice to hear of the daily progression and that you are really working hard. With the help of such a determined and loving family you are bound for greatness and one hell of a recovery process. Just know that we, the Wilmore clan, are still rooting and thinking about you. Much love and respect
10-22-2006 8:51:29 PM
JoC- Christy came by and called taters fat, i pointed out (as she was doing the lioness of serenghetti in the yard) how the sun was reflecting off her ribs but she said they were fat rolls! We had the doors open and puppies were racing all over (tried to get them to play our favorite, kill the daisy), you were listening to our banter and smiling. GREAT to see!Well since Taters launched herself up on your bed and got in trouble she is a little nervous hanging out in the room (but lays peacefully at night when everyone leaves). Mr. Biz decided to bounce up last night and lucky (would have killed him) Bob caught him in mid-air, I don't know who was more surprised.Strait hates the airbed and I don't think you like him much when he hops up to visit (not that you ever did). You sure like to watch the pups through the windows. Busy weekend, Matt and Alfin up watching tv with you now. Love you, forever my heart - mom
10-22-2006 6:44:27 PM
Ha, still sweatin like a madwoman jos, not entirely suprised... It reminds me of the time we were sittin in english, and you wrote an entire timed write on the rediculous amount of pitting out you do because of the heat in the class, oh my oh my, i sitll crack up when i think about that. i'm glad you're responding well, i figured you would with all the music you get to listen to. I'm sure you enjoy bein around the puppers, always have, lil fatty tater, awwwww. anyways, i love you, and i miss you more than anything
Much LOVE and Mayhem
10-22-2006 12:18:42 PM
Hey there lil josi posi puddin n pie

I'm just chillin, just woke up, worked on my paper till quite late in the evening, it was glorious. its coming along quite nicely, dude, i seriously can't believe how many visitors you've got, its insane, but very understandable, when someone meets you they can't help but fall head over heels in love with you, its like a trap sorta, but a good one!! merp, i think i'm going to adopt a turtle, just like the josi named 'jenna jamison' we had a year ago... RIP jenna jamison, ha, i didn't kill it, i still blame you for that one. just kiddin, sorta, anywho, love ya
talk to ya soon
Uncle Jon
10-22-2006 6:54:58 AM
Hey Josi Jean. Im glad to hear your back at home.Sounds like everybody did an awesome job of hooking your room up for you.I bet its nice to be back home.Your sister Theresa is in Miami this weekend so we drove down to south beach last night and had dinner with her and her friend.It was a nice surprise getting to see her.Keep on keepin on Jos.All our love from florida. Uncle Jon,Dawn and Kailee
10-21-2006 6:10:34 PM
Oh Lordie do I miss you girl! I will be home again in a few weeks to visit you and I can't await the moment to even be able to hold your hand again. Keep truckin Jo-Jo--- I love you!
Uncle Scott
10-21-2006 1:42:22 PM
10,385 hits, wow you are somewhat like the
energizer bunny. People just keep coming and coming to see the progress. Sounds like things are going good in your new (kick ass room). Umm ye, i'd like a table up front for the superbowl please. Weather break today, no rain so we can safely say it is only partly shitty here in Ketchikan, Alaska. No snow on the hills yet but ole jack frost has made a visit or two here. Kalli has a new basketball coach so she is pretty jazzed bout that, the girls team should be kicken some tail and taken names this year. Hopefully she will get to play more or maybe start this year. This new coach is her old coach from junior high and she had plays designed for Kallis three point shooting skills. (18-24 points a game). Cass stepped out of the b-ball arena and took up volleyball, she is really diggin it alot. Umm ye one more thing before i go, the recipe for the fish that i sent in said put foil over the fish then cook it , well scratch the foil just leave it uncovered and then enjoy when done. i forgot, what do you expect i'm not Emeril. well kiddo take care and stay your course into the wind with your head up. We Love You From Alaska. Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy
10-21-2006 11:10:16 AM
hey jos, im in bozeman for the weekend, just came to see my brother and sister. i woke up this morning and...snow! it is so pretty, makes me excited for winter. i have some crazy stories to tell you.....but i dont know when the next time i will make it to great falls. i am excited to see your room, but mostly i am just excited to see you again. i have been thinking about you constantly, know that you are always on my mind. i love and miss you. peace. ~G child
Aunt Val
10-21-2006 8:38:46 AM
Hey Josi Girl!

It's Saturday and it is beautiful here in Whitefish with the trees all turning colors, the evergreens and the snow on the top of the mountain. Mother Earth is going to go into a resting time under a white cozy blanket slowly getting all ready to come out in Spring all fresh and ready to go. Now is your time Josi to be under that cozy blanket made up of the love of your family, friends, therapist, and well-wishers. We are all getting you ready to get the "spring" back into your life.

We are looking forward to coming to visit you at Thanksgiving...we will bring a good movie to watch with you...Uncle Mike may even bring some of those home movie shots for us all to watch...Wahoo!

Your cousin, Dilly, made the "Mights" traveling hockey team. Wow is he hyped! Coach Murray Craven (you remember him..he lived next door to your Dad's cabin at Rest Haven..he is the former professional hockey player)...anyhoo..Dylan was skating on the ice withhis regular team and Murray skated over and told him "it's time for you to go over to the other end of the rink and join the Mights! Well you know the Dill...he was so excited. He plays with so much heart. All his goals are still for you...every single one.

We are going to carve up some pumpkins today...contest between your Uncle Mike on one team and Dilly and I on the other team. I bet if I put one in Zazoo's cage he could beat us...that menacing beak of his can go through anything!

Wish you were here visiting with us. You could laugh at Dylan when he grabs his pop gun and runs out the door to scare the deer off of our shrubs...they love to eat alll of our flowers and keep those shrubs trimmed, and I do mean trimmed!

Keep up the good work Josi. You are strong and courageous. You have a great shield of love surrounding you to carry you through this battle.

God's blessings always and all our love and big hugs!

Love Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the mighty "Mights" Dill Pickle
10-20-2006 8:03:27 PM
Hey Jos! i got to come see you today, which was wonderful as always! your room is kickass! i love the big TV, and as you know Bob really loves it! haha. i got to feed you! and you picked your head up for me, and i SWEAR you mouthed Hey when i walked in. i am coming over tomorrow to watch vanilla sky, we havent watched that in a long time...i might need you to explain it to me again so be prepared! see you tomorrow, love you much!
10-20-2006 7:31:55 PM
Hey josi
Meh, its a friday night, and i'm working on a paper, not because i have to, because i have absolutely nothing else to do. I really miss you right now, its funny how people seem to drop you when you can't go out n party n stuff, meh, wish you were here, at least i knew you were a real friend, and always will be. Schools going alright, i love my classes, but its not easy meeting people, well, fake people are easy to come by, but the real ones seem few and far between, almost non-existant, dunno. I hang out with my brother a lot, i'm really glad to have him close by, he says he's prayin for ya, can't wait till you can give him shit again :) anywho, miss my partner in crime, i'm pretty tamed down nowadays, well, w/the exception of my battle with gravity, damn Newton's laws. Anyways, love you jos, miss ya more than anything, feeling very far far away from everything. Thinkin about ya constantly, love you.
Much LUV n mayhem
JEB - aka Janet Eve Brown
10-20-2006 4:50:40 PM
Well, one week down. A lifetime of living to go. You are awesome. There is so much that life has to offer. Josi, you are so blessed. So, strong. So courageous. WOW. You have the most incredible network. Keep up all the hard work, josi. My prayers and best wishes are with you always.
The stranger Sharon
10-20-2006 12:32:52 PM
P.S. Are you about ready for that Seattle fudge? Be sure to have someone let me know when the time is right to have it sent to you. YUMMMM! Chocolate fudge that taste really, really close to home made.

The stranger, Sharon
10-20-2006 12:29:36 PM
Hey Josi!

I pray this finds you loving being at home in your own room with your family & friends & doggies. I hold you up in prayer, Josi, that being at home will help you heal more thoroughly and more quickly.

Most of all, Josi, I pray Jesus is revealing Himself to you to the place you are in. "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal life: and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." (John 10:28-29) Listen for His voice, Josi. He is calling your name. He loves you more than words can say.

Great Uncle Phil and Great Aunt Lonnie
10-20-2006 10:39:56 AM
God bless you, Josi - and all those who are caring for you! It's so amazing how many friends you have - really good, good friends! And a lot of those good friends are your siblings and your parents and your grandparents and your aunts and uncles and cousins and neices and nephews! And, it even seems like you are making new friends who check this websight and write things for you - people you haven't even met yet! But, someday you will, and won't that be a glorious day? And the best part is that every single one of us are praying all the time for you! Keep working, girl! You can do this. And we're all here cheering you on. Someday I'll get to meet all the people who write here that I don't know yet, either. You must have lots of fun hearing what everyone has to say to you.

Thank you, Matt, for the web sight. Thank you, Deb, for the updates. Thanks to all who write here. I think we're all bonding through it, and I can't wait to meet everyone.
D Michelle
10-19-2006 6:11:07 PM
Sounds like you hae a pretty cool area at the homestead. I dont know if the time is flying for you like it is me but the leaves are almost completly off the trees. We are into a new season and hopefully recovery speeds along with the time. Last year was a good year to graduate as the Bison Football team is really struggling, not sure if you are into football but I thought I would let you know. Not a day goes by where I dont have people asking about you either at work or just people I know, just a reminder you are in everybodys thought and prayers. Take care. D Michelle
Aunt Val
10-19-2006 3:22:38 PM
Hey Josi Girl!

Two goals just for you made by your Dilly Pickle. He is off tonight to make some more for you. He says he is building steps with each goal for you to get better on.

We all know that you will rise to your challenge Josi. This website is filled with positive vibes. P{ositivity is a necessity when it comes to meeting challenges. All of us involved with you and family will continue to be faced with a lot of challenges. With the love of God and prayer we can all meet those challenges. Believe in one's own will to overcome even the most daunting challenges. You have that will Josi and so does everyone that loves you and faithfully writes on this website, or visits you and all those people praying for you. It really is incredible! Strong faith in the human spirit will always overcome adversity. I believe that in my heart and I know you will fight your way through this because you are a true champion.

We love you very much Jos. You are in our hearts all day long.

Love, hugs and kisses! Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and Dilly Pickle (Zazoo too!)
10-19-2006 1:37:01 PM
Dude, over 10,000 visitors, holy cow! thats insane! so many people care about you jos, they love you! you've made such an impact on so many people and now you get to see how much you really do for others. hahahaha, see, i did win that bet, people do like you!! muahahaha, you so owe me a pickle barrle sammich now
Kay (Joe's cousin)
10-19-2006 11:57:18 AM
Hi Josie, So you are home now, with familiar surroundings, family, friends and your beloved pets, as well as your new digs that so many who love you helped to create so unselfishly (never doubt it - you are worth it!) A day does not pass without prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family. keep up the healing, Josie.
10-19-2006 10:10:29 AM
Hey Josi ! After reading your mom's post of yesterday, I wanted to tell you to offer her this reassurance ....As always, your Dad is paying the insurance premiums and paying the medical bill co-payments as they come to us....and when you are ready for the rehab he will certainly be on top of those medical bills, too!!!... May you continue to rest & heal so you are soon ready for rehab, where you will be motivated by others & in turn, inspire them with your beautiful spirit. Rest & heal, Josi, and remember our prayers are with you daily - "Whenever two or more are gathered in My Name ...I am with you"....God is with all of us, as we continue to pray, AND with you .... Here is also a wonderful bible verse for you - Psalms 40:1-3,
"I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord" ....Patience, Josi, and faith, as God is continuing His works within you...May we all be reminded to be patient, even though it is difficult to do when we want so much for you!! All our hugs & kisses - Mel, Dustin, Miramda & Jacques
10-19-2006 9:29:08 AM
Ok, JoC I blew it, THAT WAS TWO DOZEN ROSES YOU LUCKY GIRL! Must have been really busy to mess that up. Nice, kid, nice. love forever my heart mom
Uncle Scott
10-18-2006 5:05:37 PM
Hey Hey Josi Jean, how you doing girl? We are o.k. up here in the big state of Alaska. The temps are dropping and the rain is unforgiving but were hanging in there. The girls are starting to get the school pics back so they will be on the way shortly. Well your mother (biker babe?, josi's mom, and so on and so on) kinda stole my thunder in announcing the fish had made it. Not that it was a gonna be a surprise or anything like that but she just stole my thunder. Well any how it's just my way of saying thanks to every one who has helped out with the remodal of the house aka (josi's new digs). I wish i could've been there to help out but i can't so please enjoy the fish. Being on the receiving end of peoples generosity, i know all to well of your mothers feelings and emotions. It's the biggest piece of humble pie that a person would want to eat. And she is right about the "thanks just doesn't seem like enough" to express your gratitude to such giving people. Again i say THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED AND CONTINUE TO HELP, please enjoy the great ALASKAN treat. I enjoyed the fun i had in catching those critters for you all to have. oh ye, here is my favorite recipe for cooking the salmon. In a rectangle baking dish put the fillets in so they dont touch the sides or each other. apply any seasoning you wish, (my favorite for this dish is lemon pepper) then fill the dish with half/half or cream half way up the fillet. bake at 300 for 45 minutes with foil over the top. take out of oven and remove the foil, then cover the exposed fillet with diced cucumber. put back in oven for 15 minutes uncovered. remove and enjoy. If you dont like fish and you dont like this dish, Face it you dont like fish. However if you didnt like fish and you like this do me a favor and get Josi a massage for me please. I'm pretty confident that Josi will get a massage or two with this recipe. Well Josi take care kiddo and give it all to Jesus as he will turn your sorrow into joy. We Love You up here in Alaska. Love Uncle Scott, Kalli, and Cassidy
10-18-2006 1:28:53 PM
Why hello there miss josi posi
Wonderful news, its absolutely inspiring!! and trust me, i'm not inspired easily ( u used to always make fun of my cynical approach) anywho, i know exactly what kind of conversations your mom is talking about, lol, we've had our fair share of those as well, and this whole situation has really changed my opinion on humanity, i'm sure it will for you too, maybe not, but meh, hope so. Anyways, just about to start writing another paper, HURRAY!! not so much, love you pos, talk to ya soon
Much luv n Mayhem
10-18-2006 12:14:20 PM
Wow, a dozen long-stemmed roses today!! Made the room smell sooo great, thanks secret admirer (ok, I called Kranz, it was Matt)! You were really studying them, and when I stuffed one up next to your nose and whispered who they were from and read you the card, you twitched your nose and the corners of your mouth. Have lots of vistors this weekend, sounds like half of Missoula and Bozeman are coming, guess I better stock up for the college crew. Bet they will be impressed with your new "digs", beats the hospital hands down. Now if you could just get your hands on the could turn it off my dance channel - who says moonwalking is a dead art? or the lawnmower? maybe the alligator (oops that is an Uncle Mike special). Love you forever my heart baby girl
10-18-2006 10:58:54 AM
Short week of school this week. Soooo good. Leslie will be in town this weekend and we want to come pay you a visit, lady. Soo expect us, and be prepared for us (I promise we won't vent too much sisterly love while we are with you)! I am sure you have had a long first week back at home so if you are tired we will understand.
Love you!!
10-18-2006 9:28:34 AM
hey miss josephine, here i am, still missin you. i know what your mom is talking about when she refers to the chats that you and her used to have, about we definitly have had a few of those as well, i miss them so much. i cant wait for you to get better, i have so much to tell you. love you forever
g child
10-17-2006 7:43:32 PM
HEY JOJO!! guess what?! i am coming home this weekend! i am so excited, i cant wait to see you! i miss you so very much! i will see you friday or saturday or probably both! i love you!
10-17-2006 2:10:25 PM
Hi there Josi,
Sounds like your Mom trying to get you up…torturing you with her dancing! I share in the grace and rhythm of your Mom, we learned together(Red Barn memories)you poor girl. You just need to get well and show her how to shake that bootie!
What a wonderful family you have been blessed with. Grant is speaking for everyone when he says how much he admires all that “Mom” has done and is doing. She is such a character and so funny that sometimes that inner strength is hidden except in a crisis when she rises to the occasion…no better person could be your advocate and on your team.
Keep working hard to get well Josi, all our prayers for continued miracles are with you
10-17-2006 1:03:05 PM
Hey jos, so you know what, it took me 30 minutes to walk 4 blocks this morning, and then i just got so sick of walking i just layed in the grass for a good hour. you would laugh at me right now if you saw me, do you remember that hideous brace 'she who must not be named' had to wear?? ya, i've got one similar to it, but trust me, i rock it much better than she ever could!! anywho, just chillin in my philosophy class, the teacher keeps talking, and his words go in one ear n out the other, meh, whateva, anywho, i love ya jos, miss ya, ill take a pic n send it to ya soon so you can make fun of my current state of health
Much luv N MAYHEM
Aunt Val
10-17-2006 12:57:48 PM
I am at work Josi here at the rehab and we want you to come here or any rehab so work hard to get to that goal. I am going home now but just wanted to let you know I love you. I posted an amazing pet story on the "The Hero" section...check it out.

Love to you!
10-17-2006 12:38:57 PM
JOSI! come out come out wherever you are! time to stop hiding! we all miss you very much! give your momma a hug for me, i miss her alot! i will hopefully be home really soon to come watch a movie! love ya
Aunt Val
10-17-2006 12:36:59 PM
I think your Mom should dress as Super Woman for Halloween...she is nothing short of it. You are a pillar of strength, hope and love for all of us and Josi..not to mention Grant who comes every weekend while still trying to stay up with the rigors of his college curriculum..Katie and Theresa too! Bob you are awesome and we are happy that you are there for Deb.

I wish we could be there to help out more. Please know that we are with you 24/7 in thoughts and prayers.

We miss you Josi...all our love, hugs and kisses.

Dilly is playing hockey tonight and with every goal we will consider it a step up to getting better for you Josi girl.

Love to all of you (:

Uncle Mike, Aunt Val and the Pickle
10-17-2006 12:18:12 PM
Now that must have been a sight watchin your mom rock out to eminem. Well I look forward to you going around rockin out with her. It looks like you are going to be busy so I will adjust my visit to Thursday. I will be following the standard SOP call before I come. You take care and we might have to get your mom checked out.
Aunt Stacey
10-17-2006 10:48:35 AM
Just wanted to back up Grant's comment - while most of us would have been overwhelmed trying to rush just to get the house done enough to bring you home, your mom made the time to make sure every detail was perfect. You have such a nice, cozy space and the first time I went in your room you looked very content! She is the queen of multi-tasking. Yesterday when I was there she was brushing her teeth while on the phone ordering stuff! Thanks, Deb, for making everything comfortable, not only for Josi but for those of us who want to spend time with her. You've been a pillar of strength through this whole experience and have helped us to be strong for Jos.
10-17-2006 10:07:58 AM
Hey Jos,
It was nice to spend three nights with you this weekend. We are blessed with quite the amazing Mother. She looks after you like no one else could. She is nothing short of amazing. I had a sore throat on Saturday and was bitching to Mom about it. Of course, she had some medicine downstars before you know it. I thought about how selfish I was to even be complaining when she had been up for God knows how many hours looking out after you, but she did not say anything. Just got me some medicine and told me to get some sleep. We truly are blessed with a very, very special and stubborn mother. I am very proud of her and you. I wish I could do more to help out. Keep fighting so we can get you into rehab somewhere in the near future. Love, Grant
Aunt Val
10-16-2006 9:18:37 PM
Hey Josi girl!

I don't think there is one day that goes by that you aren't in our thoughts all through the day. We miss you so much. We plan to come see you for Thanksgiving...wish we were there right now. I have been up all night reading your website and I am truly awestruck by the prayer, the words of encouragement, the heartfelt feelings, the kind of true friendship that holds strong through even the strongest of winds. I know that all of your friends, your family, Hal (we love you Hal), his dog ( we love you too), your medical team, your truly amazing Mom, your brother, your sisters, Bob, your Dad, Mel and the kids...everyone..and your great courage and strength...and God..and the awesome strength of prayer will get you healthy and strong again.

I am working in the Rehab unit at Kalispell Regional. All my coworkers keep you in their prayers..they ask about you always...and they help me understand what you are going through. I see our Rehab people work as a team to get a person healed. When reading this website, I see that you have a great team helping you to your recovery and I know in my heart that you will be better and you will come to see Uncle Mike, Dylan and me and sit in our living room visiting us, teasing Dylan, putting up with our obnoxious bird and just being you.

You are in our hearts Josi...we love so very much. We pray every day for you.

Your cousin, Dylan, is playing hockey now...every goal he makes will be for you.

Big HUGS, lots of love and prayers.

Love Uncle Mike, Aunt Val & the Pickle!
10-16-2006 7:40:51 PM
Hey girly
well, i definately had an interesting weekend, i'm extremely glad your Fri the 13th went much better than mine... I broke my back, cute, huh? not so much, it hurts quite a bit, and going to class is very hard considering i have to sit in a desk, strait up, its tough, but i'm gunna struggle through it. anyways, i can't believe its already been over two months since i have gotten to tgalk to ya, its wierd, very very bizzare, i dunno, it is quite a long story i'll ahve to tell you in person, anywho, love ya jos, perkasets make me sleepy, so i'm off to bed, but i love ya
talk to ya soon
Much Luv N Mayhem
10-16-2006 4:53:26 PM
Hey Jos! got a hilarious text today from your mom, saying she was dancing around to eminem and you would want different drugs because it was horrible. made me smile. i told her i wish i was there to help her torture you ;). just kidding. i miss you! see you soon!
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
10-16-2006 3:11:03 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Thanks for the text message you send me today, regarding you be trapped in your room with your mom dancing to rock. Too funny and glad you were probably laughing your “bootie” off as mom rocked out. Well, guess mom sent it for you, but know you were having a good time and glad you are home. Nice you have lots of visitors come through those doggie gates to visit and talk with you. The friends that are helping construct your bathroom are doing a great job. Soon your mom will be singing “splish, splash, Josi’s taking a bath” in her new shower!!! Love you much and you have fun too as you get better and better.
AuntieJ & Uncle Steve
10-16-2006 3:04:23 PM
Hi Josi
I just bet being home feels a lot better than that noisy hospital where you are supposed to rest. I am going to try to stop by sometime tommorow. I will definitely call ahead of time. It will probably be in the afternoon sometime. I am sure that you are leaving the outside out today with the intermittent snow and rain.
10-15-2006 1:47:35 PM
We are so happy to read the latest news! I have desperately been wanting to come and see you but we have just had cold after cold in our home and the last thing I want to bring you is some horrendous keep fighting out of the fog, my dear. You have the strength to do it, kiddo! I love you so very much, think of you constantly, and students and teachers are always asking how you are doing...I keep updating them and asking them to keep the prayer can do this...I know it in my heart that you will get back to you...keep being the little engine--I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! All my and my family's love, Rosales
10-15-2006 1:25:00 PM
Hey Jos! i'm happy you are home and that the door works wonderfully for you! i cant wait to get back home, but it might be awhile...maybe not until after halloween, but i am trying i promise. I hope everything continues to go as well as it has been! i know your mom and Senor will take wonderful care of you as always! you are so lucky to have such a great mom and Senor! i will see you soon JoJo! love you
Amy - Seamstress to the Claus
10-14-2006 7:16:06 PM
Hey Jos and Mom,
Home again home again jiggety jig. Bet that feels good!!!!
I'm still busy with the Breakfast with Santa and all. I can't believe how blessed we have been through this! Hope you're getting the same feeling!
Santa has a surprise for you. He found them in my stash of stuff and took them and said you needed them. That meant he took them. Every girl needs them so enjoy!!!
Thinking of you
Great Uncle Phil and Great Aunt Lonnie
10-14-2006 1:56:18 PM
Dear Josi - How's it going for you and all of your family and friends there with you - in your own home? We had your Grandpa and Grandma "Popsy" and your great Uncle Paul and great Aunt Rosie over last night and had such a nice visit with them. They told us all about your move and how you are doing. Everything sounds like it went real well, and that you are going to do fine now. Your grandma even said she sat outside with you for an hour or so and watched the dogs playing in the back yard with you. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and you seemed to really enjoy that. You followed the dogs back and forth around the yard with your eyes and head movements. Grandma and the dogs enjoyed the day, too! She said your room is all finished except for the bathroom, but that should be done soon. You have a nice bright room with sliding doors out to the back yard so you can soak in that sunshine and watch what's going on. Katy and Grant are there, and other friends as well. We wish you many beautiful days ahead full of peace, joy and strength. Enjoy your surroundings and the ones who are showering their love on you. Lean on the mighty arms and strength of the Great Physician - the one who created you - the one who knows every little thing that you need, and will provide it. Rest in His arms! He loves you. God bless you and all those caring for you!
Janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow
10-14-2006 9:22:50 AM
According to Merriam Webster dictionary "CHANG"
Main Entry: change
Pronunciation: chAnj
Function: transitive verb
1 a : to make different in some particular : ALTER b : to make radically different : TRANSFORM c : to give a different position, course, or direction to

Change is never easy, but is so common it is in the dictionary with a definition (13 to be exact). There are classes and numerous books on change.
I am hoping that your change from your hospital room environment to your home environment is a good change. It may be difficult at first, but please let us know if, when, and how, we can ever assist in any way.
Keep up all the hard work - more difficult than any of us can ever imagine.
Uncle Scott
10-14-2006 8:04:23 AM
You aint going to believe this. Went to send the fish out the other day on the plane, BOMB THREAT ye a bomb threat called into the airport in little ole Ketchikan, Alaska.
no planes in or out of Ketchikan for the rest of the day. so i'm thinking the next day, wrong, fog no planes in or out of Ketchikan. Day off tody so we will attempt this on monday and see if we cant get this fish to ur mom to give the contractors a little treat for being so nice to her.
The ole hit meter is slowly appraching 10k, the love and support is still there kiddo, were still pulling for you here in Ketchikan. Rained all night and still dumping, i have a stream out front that can really get roaring when it wants to. Heavy wet snow in the winter then rain, watch out were talkin major tributary to the ocean. No fish in it this year, bummer, could caught some right out my front door. I hope the move went well as i think natural surroundings will put you more at ease. have a good day sweety, we love you, Uncle Scott, Kalli and
10-13-2006 8:00:10 PM
p.s. Have someone read the book of Tobit to you (it's in the Old Testament...). It's a really good story about faith and healing! :)
10-13-2006 7:57:01 PM
Josi- I bet you're out of the hospital by now! Yeah! I talked to my parents, your Great Aunt Rosie and Great Uncle Paul, and they were able to get to see you this week. They said you were looking at them and moving your head toward whomever was talking.
I also heard there is a new Catholic radio station in Great Falls, so tell everyone to check it out!
10-13-2006 2:59:41 PM
Hey, Ms. Josephine.

I decided that I'd write you a little note tonight since I won't be in town to visit you. I'll be sure to stop over tomorrow though and make sure you're digging the new crib (Word?).
Allen and I are going to start cleaning and packing up this weekend. I know that we always say that, but this time it's mandatory. I think you'll like the new place; it has a pool, a lot more space, a pool, a sauna, and did I mention the pool? Probably not. I'll also make sure that my room is well ventilated before you come over, and I'll have a newspaper ready to beat you with (Darn tootin'. I mean, you know it.). Well, chicken pot pie and all such flavors of sayings that you haven't heard from me in a while. Love ya, Jos!
10-13-2006 10:39:48 AM
You go home today, lovely!!!
How exciting that is! Charsss and myself think it is mandatory that we get a plan worked out for movie nights/days whatever.. I will get ahold of your mom soon and see what we can work out .. once all of the comotion of the move is over, of course.
Don't tire yourself out too much lady, even though I am sure you can't wait to go home!
Love you!
The stranger, Sharon
10-13-2006 9:53:54 AM
Psalm 37:3 "Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land; and verily thou shalt be fed."

Trust God, Josi, as you start the next phase of your healing. He will feed you, He will take care of all your needs.

verse 7: "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him."

Don't you worry, Josi, God's got a handle on it!

Peace to you, Josi. Peace to your loved ones.
10-13-2006 9:35:26 AM
Hey Miss Josi. So, today you are homeward bound. That is so great to hear. It sounds like you are still fighting and recovering everyday, which is so great to hear. I check here often and I'm always thinking of you while you continue to recover. Just know that my family is still rooting for you on a moment to moment basis. Cory sounds excited to get out to see you for Thanksgiving. Much love and respect.
Nicole Buckley
10-13-2006 8:06:54 AM
Hey Jos, you are in my thoughts and prayers today. I am so proud of you for going home today. I know that being home will make a difference. Next time I make it home stopping and visiting you is first on my list. Love you!
10-12-2006 11:07:29 PM
Hey jos
well, you are going home today... i hate the fact that fact that i am not there, i should be, but i am not.... but i think about you all the time, i wish you were here w/me, i miss you all the time, i'm not used to being w/o you... college is alright, i like my classes, but its......... i dunno, not the same w/o you, meh, i love u jos, i miss u more than anything, n i love u more than anythijng
much luv n mayhem
Sami Jo and Family
10-12-2006 7:34:02 PM
Hey Josi! I am so glad to hear that you are finally able to go home. It's a little scary I know, but I know you will continue to do well...especially with your wonderful family there to maintain the special cares you need. Their love and support is a continuous reminder of how lucky we all are to have loved ones near by. You will probably be gone by the time I get to work so I would like to wish you all luck and a safe trip home. If you ever need anything at all let me know, I will help in any way possible! Love you Jos, congratulations!

Love Sami Jo
10-12-2006 6:46:33 PM
Hello my darling Jos! just heard from your mom, shes a little frazzled as the house isnt quite ready for you yet. By the way, your mom is a goof ball. lol, i will tell you about it later. I am so excited for you to go home, i will hopefully make it home soon so i can cuddle with you in your bed, lol just like we use to, only this time it wont be against my will! :> but i miss it. i will come stay the night and spoon feed you ben and jerry's phish food and we can watch vanilla sky and talk sex. i miss those times alot Jos...cant wait to have more. I love you and i will see you soon ok? big SMOOCH
Bridget Walsh
10-12-2006 3:31:33 PM
Hey babe! I see you're going home tomorrow. Funny coincidence though because so am I! I will be home in the early afternoon and I will come see you tomorrow evening hoping that you are awake. I miss you Jo-Jo and I think about you often... keep kickin ass!
Chris Skovron
10-12-2006 3:26:52 PM
Travel safely tomorrow to your home and pups, if I can help in any way please let me know. My thoughts are with you. Love ya!
10-12-2006 3:23:13 PM
Hey Josi!! Your Dad came home this weekend for Miranda's soccer game & Jacques' football game & was able to stay for a few extra days, as he has a client up here now. We enjoyed having the time with him, although he really missed his prayer time with you. We are all excited for you to be heading home, & a little anxious for your Mom & Bob, (without a nurse down the hall to call for emergencies!) It's one more step on the path of healing - to be in your own home, with all your pets & old familiars...Enjoy every exciting day & may each sensation of sight, sound, touch & taste spark new growth in you - physically, mentally & spiritually...Even though it seems slow at times, your continued progress is both amazing & truly a miracle!! We just have to remind ourselves to be patient as NOT ONLY are we on Josi's time, but we are on GOD"S TIME ...and He has His own schedule, in all that He does ....... "Pray without ceasing" (I Thessalonians 5:17) - You are in our daily prayers, along with the prayers from countless other friends here in the Flathead Valley (& through-out Montana & other parts of the country!). May God continue to watch over you & to work within you, every step of your journey. We love you Josi!!! Hugs & kisses from Mel, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
Great Uncle Phil and Great Aunt Lonnie
10-12-2006 10:13:29 AM
Your last day there - and then it's home to a beautiful, new room built and decorated and furnished especially for you. You will be HOME! And your family will be going with you - and so will many, many others - all of us who are praying for you and communicating our love for you and keeping up with your progress through this web sight! We'll be there in spirit and we'll be there in our prayers and thoughts. Jesus is right there, holding you in His gentle, healing, loving arms. And then there's all those angels and saints in the heavenlies who will be there with you ministering to your every need, guarding you from harm! What a crowd - and every single one of them loves you, and will be expecting to hear of your progress as you do your thing and get well! God Bless you, Josi.

Deb - we were wondering if maybe when you post your next update, if you could tell us how we can keep in touch and how we can go about visiting her.
10-12-2006 7:04:08 AM
Hey sweet pea, you were sleeping soundly when Tom Wilson and I left this a.m. He just stopped up to check on us (amazed at how much better you looked) and to see what they could do to help with your"coming home" room remodel project. So many people we have to thank (we will, fo'sure.), everyone lightening the load in their own way. Waiting to see if the botox kicks in and releases those muscles so we can go back to "thumbchatting". About 36 hours to liftoff, Grant and Kati will be home about the same time! Can't wait! love you lots, forever my heart mom
10-11-2006 9:53:30 PM
hey josi!
well, i got a phone call from your mom last night. actually she was calling my dad but he wasn't home. anyways, yesterday really sucked for me, we had to put our dog Leroy to sleep. we had him for like 10 years so it's makin me really sad. i told him i wanted another dog but he says no. the names i've picked for my future dog are nike or asic which are boy names. my girl name is etnie! haha so cute i know :P it seems kinda dumb to be so upset bout a dog, but you jus like think bout all the good times and then realize you can't have them anymore. but it's cool, he's in a better place. school's goin good, preseason for basketball started on monday. they are like so hardcore! today they measured my Body Mass Index. i think they did mine wrong :P anyways, it was nice talkin to auntie Deb. i think the last time i talked to her was on my birthday so it was nice to hear from her even tho she was callin my dad! haha but ya i'd better go. i'm really drained for some reason.
Love you all!
10-11-2006 4:49:24 PM
Hey there Mamma J
Welll, i just missed a call from ur ma, i was in class at the time (snoringly boring). Anywho, i heard you were awake! woo hoo for being awake, you know, i'm really not too suprised you sleep so much, you've always slept more than anyone i know. I have my first big exam tomorrow, its an essay exam... a lil nervous for it but i think i'm prepared for it pretty well. Other than that not too much is new here, just kinda chillin, i lost my keys last weekend... its not good, i still can't find em... woops, anywho, love you josi, miss you like crazy potatos.. or something
The stranger, Sharon
10-11-2006 4:27:24 PM
Josi! You will be in your own home with familiar sights and scents and sounds and warm feelings and, joy of joys, your dogs in just a couple of days!

I am praying for a safe and uneventful trip home for you, and that you will heal more quickly being in familiar surroundings with your beloved dogs. I am praying that you still get lots of rest and that Mama Bear will remember to get lots of rest I am praying that every day sees you growing stronger and more aware of all that goes on and closer to that Seattle fudge!

Jesus loves you, Josi, as do a throng of friends and family and strangers.

Amy - Seamstress to the Claus
10-11-2006 6:42:23 AM
Been sooo busy. Yet I feel I'm getting nothing done.
The Breakfast with Santa tickets and coloring contest posters are done!!! Step one. Now I need to get the tickets out to the wonderful people that said they'd sell them.
I also took the time to make Santa a new shirt. When you see it you'll know how hard it was to decide if that was Christmas fabric or not!!!
Glad you will be home soon. That is a big step. The first of many more steps.
I think of you dailly and my mother who lives in Indiana checks on you twice a day. Lots of people think of you and keep you in their prayers.
Once again I'll tell you I'd love to be seamstress to the Jos, I can always work you in!!!

janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow
10-10-2006 7:06:15 PM
p.s.......the post from Lonnie - who is my mom - her adventure at the hospital sounds just like her. I like to call them adventures - as that is what makes life the most interesting!
Janet Eve Brown aka Eyebrow
10-10-2006 7:05:11 PM
Wow, going home - like a homecoming. How special. Do you get to be the homecoming queen? Keep up the hard work no matter where you are Josi, cuz inside yourself is all that matters.
Deb - please remember that no matter where you are, we will all be. It is probably scarey to go home and think you are alone. The walls and surroundings may be different, but I'm sure we will all be there with you. I wish I could visit, and learn how to do the things that each person gets to learn. Please remember me. I know there is so much support there in Gt. Falls, MT, and the NW America. But don't forget about lil' ol' me out here in the Central America. I'll do anything I can from here - I feel so far away.
Great Aunt Lonnie
10-10-2006 5:53:04 PM
Hey - I wrote a nice thing on here today, and it didn't post! Oh well, I'll try again. That was probably my masterpiece! and this can't be as good?

I came to visit you and your Grandma Eve yesterday. The three of us - you, your grandma and me - had a very nice visit. After I could find you. I hadn't been to your room yet since they moved you out of ICU, so Uncle Phil told me how to find you - that you were in room 436, and turn here and turn there and go past this and go past that and I'd be right there! Well, that was not how it worked for me! I got off the elevator on the 4th floor and walked all over those halls and couldn't find room 436 at all! I was totally lost and about to go back down on the elevator, when down the hall comes this little angel of mercy - Cindy Eve! She was a sight for sore eyes, and she led me to your room. It wasn't room 436! It was room 463! But, I'm sure that even if I did have the right room number, I'd still have been lost and might even still be wandering around the halls of Benefis hospital if it hadn't been for Cindy! I know I got my excercise for the day while looking for your room!
You sure did look great! So much better than when I saw you in ICU. You had those big, beautiful brown eyes open wide and you looked like you could focus on me. You turned your head to see where the voices were coming from, and the lights. You even smiled at me, I thought! You were so peaceful and even slept part of the time. Your Grandma sure does know what to do for you to make you comfortable and happy. She loves you so much. As do lots and lots of other people around you. You have so many friends and family members. How blessed you are! Your room is decorated so nice. I love that pumpkin. And the ornaments. And all the stuffed animals. And the pictures. And the art work. You're going to be moving all of it and you home to your own home soon. So, take care, and know that we are continueing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers, and if there is anything else we can do please call us. big hugs and kisses. Sleep good. God bless you now and always.
10-10-2006 10:54:50 AM
Welll lady. Now that it is certain that you will be headed home this week we can make sure and hang out more once you are all settled in.
I'm thinking something along the lines of designated movie night.
I will get ahold of your mamma and see what we can plan out.
10-10-2006 10:47:14 AM
YOU'RE GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh josi, i'm so proud of you, you are absolutely the most amazing girl i know, without a doubt my best friend till the end girly!! oh i'm so excited about this, i've been bouncing off the walls all morning since i read the news!! honestly, i think my roomie may be a bit annoyed bc now, i've developed the girly squeel of excitement! hahahaha, josi, I'm so incredibly happy for you, your progress, everything, WAY TO GO BIKER BABE N BOB N EVERYONE!! oh yes yes! i'm so excited, oh wow, lol, may hyper ventilate.... actually a bad idea, gotta go to class, but i love you jos!!! oh, so happy!! love you more than you could ever know
Much luv n Mayhem
10-09-2006 9:33:11 PM
Hey Jos. Charles Matty and I had a good time coming to see you today! I was really disapointed to miss your mom.. but your grampa was there and he was very sweet. Matt talked to him quite a bit but thats matt for you. You have improved so much since the last time I saw you (I will admit it was much too long of a wait) but school and work have been crazy.. and that doesnt make it okay that I have been a bad friend. You will be home on time for halloween though! That is so exciting! Your mamma will have something great set up for you I am sure so I know you are looking forward to it.
Well.. I need to go to bed now, so I will talk to you later.
Love you much , lady!
10-09-2006 7:30:04 PM
hey Jos. talked to your mom today, she said you will be out friday at the latest...damn insurance companies. i asked your mom if i could give you my insurance...too bad it doesnt work like that. i wish i could do something for you! i miss you already. i wish i could come back and help your mom and bob :<. i will see you ASAP ok? love you
Britney B
10-09-2006 6:33:15 PM
Hey josi im real glad i got to come see you on sunday... you are looking so good and im glad you were awake (well actually me and your grandparents woke you up) but im glad we got to talk... i am glad to hear that you will be going home soon and i will definitely come visit you there whenever i get the chance to leave this crazy town!! i hope you like your ornament and i will see you real soon!!
10-09-2006 6:29:14 PM
Hey pos
just finished up with laundry.... ya, that was interesting. i've got a lil more homework to do tonite and then i'm going to sleep. when i was writing my paper last night, it distinctly reminded me of the night before our senior year... remember when we wrote our papers in one night, while, well, you know what i'm talking about, ha! good times, wow we were slackers. anyways, missin you a lot, blarg, i'm so far out here, but i like it for the most part. anyways, love you josi, miss you more than anything
Much luv N MAYHEM!
10-09-2006 12:41:23 PM
Hey Jos,
Well girl, i heard that you are going home soon. That is awesome. I talked to Sam the other weekend and she said her and lori halped you out with your physical therapy. Sam said you are getting so much better. Your such a strong girl and I can't tell you enough how much I admire you for that. I'm going to be coming home this weekend or next and I'll be sure to come visit; hopefully I'll get to visit you at home. Hang in there and keep being josi :)
luv Kass
Christy McKay
10-09-2006 11:25:19 AM
It's so good to hear that Josie will be going home soon. I have to say that a year and a half ago I had gone through major trauma after a vehicle accident. Some of the same things as Josie but certainly not all. It was so good to be home with familiar scents, sounds, and surroundings. I'm certain that Josie will be responding to all of these things and it will deeply aid in her healing process. Home has a definite electrical atmosphere and this will be such a wonderful boost to her spirit and body. I wish you all the very best. What a wonderful diverse family/friend support group. Josie is so very fortunate and I know that she's aware of it. And her animals will be a tremendous balm. The presense of my horses and cats filtered into my soul in a way that even the marvelous humans around me could't. So much goes on between us that we aren't totally conscious of. My deepest wishes for health and happiness to Josie and all of you.
Sharon, the stranger
10-09-2006 10:23:33 AM
Hi Josi,

AAAHH, the sun is shining and I absolutely LOVE the way it brings out the many shades of green out in the courtyard! I pray you are having a day filled with great appreciation for the simple things in life.

I had to drop in this morning just to comment that the message your Momma posted last evening is FILLED with much wisdom......sound advice.....little tidbits for you to tuck away into your mind and pull out and examine closely when you think life stinks. They've been tucked away into the recesses of my mind and already have been utilized in helping me appreciate the simple things in life. Thanks Momma Bear. Read that posting to Josi AT LEAST once every day. OOOOPS I'm getting bossy, time fo me to go.

God bless your day, Josi. God bless your life. Peace
10-09-2006 9:04:57 AM
miss josephine~
i cant imagine how nice it will be to go home finally. im sure it will speed up the healing process, yet even more. i've been thinking about you a lot, homecoming is this weekend, i still have to go get tickets, although im not to worried about it. i'll have fun even if i dont go to the game. heres a little something to make you smile; i ran my half marathon on saturday, did ok, finished and did run the whole 13 miles, but well now i am limping on both legs, as i have never been this sore in my life. and stairs....i avoid them. maybe i get hop on that wheel chair..? no? love you much
~g child
10-09-2006 7:55:05 AM
I have never met you Josi ,heard about you from a mutual friend and been following your progress since. I just wanted to say I am rooting for you and your family....
10-08-2006 10:51:40 PM
Jos- Its ur boy! No not "Voy My Boy" but Mr. Wilmore. I dont have much to say but I did want to post somethin. Im glad ur getting to go back home soon. Nothing is goin' on in Pullman. I hope 2 get back to g falls soon so I can see u and ur fam.
One Love and Prayers,
Cory aka da one aka flipper aka da snowman
(U know I made dem nicknames up)
10-08-2006 6:58:43 PM
Hey pos
i'm taking a break from writing my paper, getting alil bored. thats awesome that you'll be goin home soon, i wish i was there to greet you. schools going alright, really miss you though, it would be easier if you were here, or if i was closer so i could see you, i love you posi, prayin for ya, missing you TONS!!! i saw your mom got myspace! that is hardcore! love ya jos
Much Lun n Mayhem
Mom to Curious & all
10-08-2006 6:36:29 PM
As long as Matt and Alfin keep up the website, I will continue posting (about every 3-4 days unless something significant occurs and I can't shut up)Josi's journey, from home,to rehab until we have a grand get together this summer with everyone to thank everyone and celebrate life. I think we ought to take Aunt Stacey's and Kris Homlund's (back about a month ago) to heart. Life is precious, don't take anything for granted, take the time to be with someone, do something meaningful for someone (for absolutely no reason), keep your promises, hug your children and your friends, tears are ok among friends never stop believing in the magic of christmas and always have faith in your family and friends (they never will let you down when it counts), stay on the path (help others when they slip, enjoy the moment and forget about the shoulda woulda and couldas,just make it right this time . I am always glad that evening before the accident, I gotta hug, gave a hug, a kiss and a love you and a smile.
Aunt Stacey
10-08-2006 4:37:56 PM
Sitting here watching you sleep and counting down the weekend. You look so peaceful. Uncle Tim finished his part of your room today. I'm sure it will feel wonderful for you to get home. I'm a little leery of your dobermans, but we'll be really brave and visit a lot. We're going to have to hire a moving truck to get all your room decor home! You have a lot of great friends, Jos. Thanks to Corrigan, who took the midnight to 3:00 a.m. shift last night, your Mom and Bob were able to get a little extra sleep. We've been so impressed by the love and support from your friends that have been up to visit you as well as from those who can only post comments to let you know they're thinking about you. It's all very appreciated and we know they will continue to be invaluable in your recovery process. My hope is that everyone will take something away from this experience that will make them aware of how precious and fragile life is. I know I have. God has given you a special gift- the ability to touch people's hearts. He has a plan for you that has been in the works for a very long time. We look forward to watching you carry it out.

Love ya, Jos. I won't brush your teeth tonight!
10-08-2006 4:12:55 PM
Hey Josi's Mom! When you take Josi home, will we still be able to check in on her and keep in touch with her via this website? Hope so.
10-08-2006 12:57:50 PM
Hey jos
putting off rightinng my paper.... meh, just chillin, had a pretty uneventful weekend, wish you were here w/me, i 100% positive we would have made it fun, anways, i lov eyou josi, miss you more than anything, hope to be there soon, this a lonely place, lov eyou
much luv n mayhem
10-07-2006 10:45:04 PM
Hey Jos, just sitting next to you in your room. you are sitting peacefully beside me, in and out of sleep, eager to watch the nurses run by the door. it was great pushin you around yesterday, but dont get use to me waiting on you. ;) just kidding, you know i would do anything for you. i think your room has more stuffed animals in it then i have had in my entire life. wow do people love you. your mom is in-love with that pumpkin i brought, although i did feel pretty special when i was gettin all those compliments about it. was just rubbing your head, you seem to really like that, and when i rub your arm. i will try to get back really soon to spend another night with you! i love you JoJo!
The stranger, Sharon
10-07-2006 4:24:32 PM
This is such a wonderful time of year, Josi, it is good you are able to get outside and enjoy the countdown days to winter.

Happy to hear you have the coolest room in the hospital! I do believe it is safe to state that you have the coolest friends and the coolest family. So much love keeps showing up to visit you (in person and through this website) it surely must overflow into the halls of the hospital and find its way into other rooms.
My prayer for you this day is that God bless you in a powerful way, Josi. I pray you feel His presence in your room and in your life. I pray that when you feel a breeze on your face, you recognize it as a kiss from the One who created you. I pray that Momma Bear can her her baby girl say "I love you." I pray you sleep peacefully in the arms of God tonight and awake in the morning a whole lot closer to HEALED. I thank God for all the love that surrounds you. And I pray that you will very soon be well enough to eat some Seattle fudge! I pray in Jesus name.

Peace to you and your loved ones, Josi.
10-07-2006 1:04:18 AM
According to Dr. E and the nursing staff, you have the "coolest" room in the hospital. Corgs sent it over the top with a two foot fiber optic pumpkin which illuminates the window from the street (better than the Hi Ho Palm Trees) and your room!!It was a good day, up for the first time in your demo-wheelchair, Corgs pushed you all around outside. Santa cruised by and dropped off an original "Santa Bear" made by his friend in Texas for you, Allyson a hot pad and money for massages, Aunt Cindy brought up a wild cat pillow from ? (sorry she told me, memory from hades) lots of love, lots of love. Sleeping peacefully, raining outside, love ya so much, forever my heart mom
Debbie Vassar
10-06-2006 1:31:11 PM
Josi - You don't know me, but I work with your mom on the insurance policy for the college. You are one very lucky girl. It is so cool to be able to keep up with your progress through this website. You have an awesome circle of family and friends. I am constantly amazed at the love and dedication they show for you. I pray for you daily and check the site often for updates. I hope you just keep getting better and better every day!
Janet Eve Brown - aka EyeBrow
10-06-2006 7:31:15 AM
Hey, Josi! The number is close to 8000 today. How cool is that. According to Aunt Stacey, now the hunt is on for a stamp of a pinky finger in the air. I was able to do the thumb's up stamp - but a pinky is a challenge. You can probably relate, huh? Can't wait to be on the hunt for a stamp of the next milestone!!!! You keep up the hard work.

Tell your mom a secret for me, would you? Tell her is awesome!!!!!! Tell her to snuggle up with you one day and nap with you and take a quick rest.
10-05-2006 6:38:46 PM
dude, ok, so just went through the first day of 'rush' aka, sorority recruitment, dude, its not going to happen, i am embarressed to claim them as part of the female race, holy hell, seriously dude, i'm so angry, blah, it was horrible, there is no way in hell i oculd join one of those things, dude, for real, blah, so angry, so blahed out w/being a girl
much luv n mayhem
Theresa Hartman
10-05-2006 5:45:10 PM
I remember you from when you were on Nicole's basketball team when you both were young girls. Our hearts are very touched by the "journey" you are on. I know that God is with you on this journey. I pray that gives you comfort and strength.

I found out about your web site from a parent that brings her child the Child Development Center where I work. The journal that your mother is sharing is very informative and touching. It is obvious that she loves you very much.

I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

God Bless,
Nicole Hartman
10-05-2006 2:16:30 PM
Hey Josi:)

Man it seems like just yesterday we were playin ball and kickin some bootay! How time flies huh. I just wanted to post a comment and send some love your way. I am praying for you and your family and for your complete recovery. Get better soon girl cuz the world could use more smiling faces like yours!

Love, Nicole

Love, Nicole
greta lynn
10-05-2006 1:11:42 PM
hey miss josephine, so my plan for the stones concert fell through, how lame. yeah so i sat in my dorm and worked on a english paper (see your not missing out on anything as far as this college crap goes) i dont know when im going to GF again, probably not for a few weeks, anyway, from now till then, keep gettin better. love you muchos!! peace
SB4L ~g
10-05-2006 12:49:10 PM
Hey jos
I just bought tickets for the Kings of Leon concert!! I'm going to bring in a camera and get lots of pics for ya, other than that, not too much is new, i love hearing all of this news! a blow up air matress thingy, and i totally know what commercial your ma is talking about, they make me drool!!! gortex especially, very nice dude. well, once again, late for class, but time is reletive, i blame my mountain time instincts, but then again, that would make me even later! love ya, talk to ya soon
Much Luv n Mayhem,
10-05-2006 9:44:15 AM
Hey Jos! I cant wait to see you tomorrow! yesterday Em and I went shopping and i bought something for you and one for your mom too! I am very excited to give you the stuff i bought you! i keep telling people i wont have a whole lot of time to see them this weekend because i dont plan on leaving your side too often. I will see you really soon! love ya JoJo
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
10-04-2006 7:07:44 PM
Hi Josi Jean,
Was reading about how wonderful Stacy said those massages your mom’s been getting for you must make you feel. Thought that was great… so we are sending some money so you can get six more of them from us. Nothing could feel much better at this time then relaxing massages, so good for muscle tone and keep the blood flowing , getting out of that room with a ride around the hospital or better yet outside; and tons of lotion to keep that pretty skin shiny and soft. We are so glad that you have such wonderful friends and family that are giving so much to you. All this helps keep you on the fast track to recovery. Stacy also mentioned she thought you were trying to smile, and hope that when you do a camera is nearby to snap a photo for all of us that aren’t nearby to see that happy smile of yours back again. Love you much and if you need something else honey besides tons of prayers, we will help out too as so many others are doing.
Hugs and kisses,
AuntieJ & Uncle Steve
10-04-2006 7:07:25 PM
hey josi!
well, i haven't posted on here in a while. i really have no excuse except i can never thing of the right thing to say. haha cuz it has to be really good so ya. well today in school we got to meet an autistic child, he's nine years old and with autism you can't really speak. you have to use other ways to communicate like he yells (not bein a bad kid, it's jus the only way he knows how to get someones attention) and he likes to give high fives and also clap. and when he first came in, he walked around the room then the first person he comes up to is me! he like grabbed my hands and he started clappin them together so then i figured he wanted me to clap with him and it was jus so much fun. i think i want to work with disabled children when i get older. or be a child psychologist or physical therapist, but pretty much somewhere in the medical field that doesn't deal with seeing someone else's blood. oh, then i had a softball meeting and we might go to arizona in the spring! then for my junior year, FLORIDA! then senior year, HAWAII!! woohooo! i'm excited fo sho! :P haha well i think i've written enough bout me. i check online everyday and read the posts and everyone's comments to see how ur doin. you've progressed a lot and i'm so happy for that! cass and i will come down, but i don't really know when yet. i'm going to discuss it with my dad, cuz we have like two school days off next month for conferences and that would be a good time for me cuz then after that basketball season gets underway and hopefully i'll make varsity again this year! well ok i've written enough as of now...haha
I love you all very much!
10-04-2006 5:24:22 PM
Ok, so officially, my online french class trips me out. The vast majority of the homework is online, and the computer speaks to you, and you have to speak back (in a mic of course) ya... really freaks me out, kinda gives me the whole 'big brother' vibe. Anywho, i keep missin ur ma, i'll call, then i'll fall asleep and as usual not wake up for my phone, but i'm hoping to get the timing right here within the next few days. other than that, not too much is new, i continually see this random racoon on campus, and i named him banana... ya, productive days of a college student, but i miss ya jos, talk to ya soon
Much luv n Mayhem
Gayle Carlson
10-04-2006 3:19:39 PM
Josi ~ If ever we need an example of the power of prayer and love, you would be it! I've read the news from your family for weeks and you are making wonderful progress. My prayers continue to go out to you and your family. Keep have a lot of people on your side!
Aunt Stacey
10-04-2006 9:48:40 AM
Hey Jos - We had a fun night last night! You were getting a massage when we showed up and seemed to be fast asleep, then you opened your eyes and were wide awake. The nurse told us your new bed was ready to be brought in to the room, so we put you in your chair and went for a spin. Uncle Tim reminded me of the first time we put Shea in a stroller and wheeled her around the mall - he was so proud. He took you all around the floor and into pediatrics so you could look out the window. Shea followed along and clowned around, which you seemed to enjoy watching. You looked like you were trying to smile when she was threatening to poke me with a thumb tack. We asked you to put your thumb up if you wanted to go one more lap and the next thing we know your pinky finger was sticking up like you were drinking tea! Figured that was close enough so we went for another spin. I wasn't sure -thought maybe thumb was "yes", pinky was "no" but you seemed to be okay with it. By the time we were done you were having a hard time keeping your eyes open. It was a nice visit for us - much better than the catheder incident the night before. :(
Anyway, love ya Jos. See ya tonight!
Arlene Gardipee
10-04-2006 6:49:52 AM
Hey Josie just checking on you and glad to hear the positives things that have been happening with you. I don't know if you remember me or not but Im Taylor's mom. My prayers are with you and I continue to pray for you everyday. You have a wonderful strong mother who loves you very much. My prayers are with you and your family.
10-03-2006 10:18:42 PM
Ridin durrrrty!
( Josi used to say that a lot when we went on bike rides )

For shizzle

10-03-2006 7:27:10 PM
umm... J dog is like the coolest kid ever? like that is even a question...
10-03-2006 7:12:50 PM
hey you. so youll never guess what im doing this weekend, ughh running a half marathon. i know its crazy. whats even crazier is the lack of training ive put into it. oh well, i will make it fun, i know it. ill be thinking of you, i miss running with you, ha wether it be in the rain or the heat. we have good times let me tell you. well i miss you, i hope you are still healing well. my hopes are to find myself some stones tickets tomorrow at the "pre-party" from a scalper. i think they will be fairly easy to get a hold of. and dont worry sweet josephine, i will most definitly buy you something from the concert, without a doubt, maybe something for your mommy too. i love you and miss you. peace, ~G
10-02-2006 11:57:21 PM
hey pos
can't sleep, typical, dorms are constantly noisy, at least mine is. merp, just checkin the site to see if there is any new info, i'm happy to here/read that you are doing better, regardless of the ying n yang, thats always present in life apparently. so i have decided that my french teacher is the cutest guy in the entire world, tall, dark, handsome, yup, that would be him, i'll snag a picture before i return to great falls. u know what, i think i'm actually home sick now.. never thought i would be, i miss you so very very very much, and more and more every second of every minute of every day, i also miss my lil pupper, u sitll gotta meet her, shes absolutely adorable. anyways, just thinkin about ya, typical, usual, blah, just miss ya tons. love ya jos, wish i was there, miss you, LOVE YOU!!!
much luv n mayhem
Marcia and Family
10-02-2006 7:54:10 PM
Just checking out the site again. It's good to hear that you're doing so well. The setbacks suck, but are to be expected, and you seem to fly right through them. I come on here alot, but don't always know what to say. I'm just glad you're doing so well and I know you're blessed, you've got to be with a family like yours! We love you all.
10-02-2006 7:07:31 PM
Just thinking of you. My SO has gone hunting for the month. Which means I have time for me!!!!
I try to keep busy. It seems I am so busy I neglected to stop by the office today. OOOPs I hate when that happens. Good thing I work hard when I work and my bosses forgive my absenses!
I wish I could say my sewing machines have been buzzing but I have been doing some hand work.
Your concert sounds like it was GREAT. You have such good friends and such a wonderful family!
Keep going girl!!!
Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers,
10-02-2006 5:59:28 PM
Hey pos
thinkin about ya, as usual, i miss you tons, really wish i was closer so i could see you n talk to you in person. you would love this town, i really wish you were here, and my roomie, our dorm would kick major ass. dunno, just missin ya a lot, wish i had u by my side right now, getting kinda sick of being rejected... am i really that wierd?? apparently, miss ya jos, love you more than anything, talk to ya soon
Much Luv n Mayhem
Charlie Murphy
10-02-2006 4:28:01 PM
Hey Josi-
I check this web site every single day and think about you constantly! Let me tell you... you have wonderful family that never leaves your side!!! My momma came up last week to see you, I wish i could have gone..but im still in bozeman!!! Well lots of love from me to you!!! STAY STRONG!!!xoxo Charlie
JEB - aka Janet Eve Brown
10-02-2006 4:07:28 PM
Good Heavens Ta Billy Bob, girl. Look how much you have accomplished in such a SHORT time!!! Holy smoke-a-roos. You are awesome and an inspiratin to us all!!! KEEP ON TRUCKIN'.
10-02-2006 1:43:05 PM
Oh i cant wait to see you this weekend! gives me something to look forward to! i cant believe you got a private concert, you are so lucky! I got a text from your mom about 2 this morning and when i responded she told me to go to bed, Mama Deb is making sure everyone rests but herself. no worries tho, when i am home this weekend i will make mama deb sleep even if i have to wrestle her into it (maybe you should wake up for that). i am bringing you another present so be very very excited! I love you Josi Jean, see you soon!
Sami Jo and Family
10-02-2006 1:03:43 PM
Hi Josi!
I actually got to come in about three weeks ago and see look beautiful. I couldnt stay long since I was at work but did get to speak with your mom for a couple I know where the strength and beauty comes from, she is a wonderful person. I have been pretty sick for the last couple of weeks and have been worried to come back by. I dont want to chance passing it to you or your family. Once I am better you can bet that I will visit again. I am glad to get the updates and thank your mother for that, she is a blessing. We are all still praying for you and keep you in our hearts and thoughts constantly. We Love you Jos!!!

Love Sami
D Michelle
10-02-2006 11:49:15 AM
Josi all sounds good, you are waking up and so much stimulation is good for the mind. Nothing like a band to get you going. I was going to make a visit this weekend but dont want to bring cold germs to the hospital. Dont ever forget how wonderful youre family and friends are, they all miss and love you so much. D Michelle
The stranger, Sharon
10-02-2006 11:49:09 AM
A private concert! It doesn't get much better than that. Because of you, Josi, the staff at the hospital got a break from their routine, as did those family members and friends who care for you. I read the comments people write and I am encouraged and blessed, as are a few THOUSAND other people. You are reaching out to people just because you are you, and you reach out over thousands of miles. And it doesn't get much better than THAT, either!

I leave you with this scripture, because it seems to fit you, Josi: "Therefore I will look unto the Lord: I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy, when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord SHALL BE a light unto me." Micah 7:7 & 8.

Rest peacefully, Josi. Heal - heal - heal.

10-02-2006 10:49:00 AM
Heeey Josi.
Good to hear it was all taken care of.
I'm sure there will be less and less scares like that as time goes on. For now it is good to know that you are in great hands up at the hospital and that you have a family member to look over you at all times.
The amount of love surrounding you is incredible, and I am sure you radiate quite a bit of luck as well; look at how far you have come!
Charles Tyson and I plan to visit sometime this week. I will get ahold of your mom somehow or hav les for me and see what the best time to do so would be.
Love you!!
10-02-2006 9:50:22 AM
Hey Miss Josi, just thinking about you today and wishing you a day of healing and rest. It sounds like you have been busy.. and you even got your own personal concert...damn. I must say that, that is impressive. I hope you are enjoying all of the family time. Keep up the good fight and know that you have so many people rooting and praying every second of everyday for your recovery. You are strong and beautiful!!! Much love and respect.
10-02-2006 9:13:29 AM
Hi Josi
I hope the fluids are helping, snoring again I think that is really cool. I do that a lot usually when I am really tired. Then I almost rattle the windows out of the house. You have such a neat family and there friends. The private concert you got from Grants friends must have been a lot of fun, even though it wasn't the Stones. That is ok though because most of those guys are drawing Social Security.

It looks like we may get to sample some salmon from Alaska together. I would enjoy that, of course I like anything that says food. I do have to maintain my figure.

Take care I should be up Wednesday.
Dixie Brockie
10-02-2006 7:36:06 AM
Just checking to see how you were doing. I am friends with your mother and I am keeping you in my prayers.
10-02-2006 12:10:50 AM
Hey Josi, snoring again (great sound actually). Guess "all" that trouble was result of dehydration, so they are pumping you full of fluids again. Glad it was something simple!! Your Alfin is going on a job interview, lots of luck; you like the Nemo fish ornament he brought you (stare at it alot). Sleep well little one, love forever my heart mom
10-01-2006 10:53:16 PM
Hey jos
chllin in my room, missin you a lot.. dunno, wish you were here to put another smile on my face, you were always good at that. merp, i love you pos, n miss you more than anything
much luv n mayhem
Uncle Scott
10-01-2006 9:35:53 PM
Hey kiddo, You seen the latest tally? 7141, thats phenominal. Maybe Google would want to get a hold of your web site and buy the rights to it. Wouldnt that be sweet. well gotta go for now as it is late. i hopefully will be sending the fish down this week. take care and love uncle scott
Uncle Scott
10-01-2006 9:28:51 PM
hey hey Josi Jean. Girl i must apoligize for not visiting more, but i had a busy week. i been out trying to catch some salmon to send down to the peole who have been working on the pad for you and your mom (aka biker babe,josi's mom, some other things i cant call her). It's the end of the run so they are few and far betwwen but i do have some to send down. My brother Gary and I dedicated our last trip to the cause but i just wanted to get a few more. I hear there has been some exceptional people doing a bang up job so i thought a treat from Alaska would be good enough as a thank you from me. I'd like to be there to help but just can't doit. It was great being out in my boat today as this was the first day of real sunshine we have had in weeks. Any how i have seven fish to send but trying to get 3 more to send to the folks that have been by the ole bedside for the last 8 weeks. maybe even Santa will get a taste. Anyhow sweety you keep moving forward even if its a slow pace but just keep moving. Take care LOVE Uncle Scott, Kalli and Cassidy
Great Aunt Lonnie
10-01-2006 8:40:18 PM
Sounds like Kati's party was so much fun! We sure would have liked to have been there with everyone! That was so nice of Grant's friends to come and be there to do some music for everyone. It sounds like you had a good time, too! Kati had a great birthday party! But, I am also sorry to hear you are having some troubles. We will be anxiously awaiting your mom's update so we can know what is causing your problems! In the meantime, we are praying for you and cheering you on! Come on, Josi, keep fighting! We love you, Great Uncle Phil and Aunt Lonnie
10-01-2006 2:01:39 PM
hey you. i did a crazy thing today. i was checking through my email and i stumbled across some saved folders i had. randomly i started reading the emails, most of them were from right after my move to anchorage. I had the most from you, some were angry rants about things that had been happening in your life, but some were just to tell me how much you missed me. when i read them i almost wanted to respond and thank you, because reading them made me realize what an amazing friend you have always been to me. You always told me that i was so strong and so brave and that i was going to be fine no matter where i went or who i met. Now i am writing to you, to tell you that you are so much stonger than i could ever be, and to thank you, becuase sometimes i forget all that you have done for me. you have truly helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. and now here you are, at the hardest time of yours, and i feel so helpless. I miss you so much, and for some reason today is harder on me than most. so this is me, responding to old e-mails from you, to let you know how much you mean to me.
love you forever, ~G
10-01-2006 2:22:08 AM
Josi, when I read the paper, guess who won prom king? Char-Char!! I cut out the picture and showed you, knew you would be delighted. You really were happy to see Grant and Kati this weekend, turned your head to your "bad side" when Grant was talking to you and watched almost a whole movie with Senor. This morning you are hanging with your brother, he is keeping the room quiet and everyone out so you can sleep. He has no problem "regulating" for you. I am supposed to be sleeping, staring at this mess in the basement that I need to organize so I can work someday... love ya, forever my heart mom
10-01-2006 1:00:36 AM
hey jos
i miss you
i really do. i still have te last messages you left on my phone, and myspace... doot doot, i love you, i miss youi more than anything
talk to you soon
much luv n mayhem
sarah k.
09-30-2006 8:21:02 PM
happy saturday!
Great Aunt Lonnie
09-30-2006 6:32:57 PM
Hi there, dear Josi - I knew you would have some good progress for us to see and hear about when we got back from our trip this week! It sounds like you sat on the bed, got a ride outside, had some food, breathing on your own, lifting your head, talking some, following lights, and other things, I can't think of right now. Way to go! You make us very proud. Keep going and keep up the good work!

We had a great trip. We went to Billings, Red Lodge, and Lovell. The weather was perfect! It was so beautiful out there. Everthing was bright colors of reds, yellows and oranges - even the sky! Beautiful! I just had a feeling God was speaking through it all telling us that HE IS OUR CREATOR, and the Lord of all! And he showed me all that beauty so I could encourage you to know He is all around a He is creating you anew and healing you! Isn't that good news?

We praying and pulling for you.
fiona duffy
09-30-2006 11:49:44 AM
hi josi,..i think about you everyday so thought it was time to say,"hi" sounds like you & your mom had a good shower. we should buy her some water wings!..i sure enjoyed the party at the hospital. did your mom tell you what we did?.we[her&i] put horse radish on our potato.from what i was told,we were not the only ones that did.santa really had a chuckle over this..i still would like to meet ajax.i did meet are in my prayers....fiona
09-30-2006 10:16:55 AM
Hey jos
i finally cracked open the box of crayons you bought me!! i was so excited, a new box w/completely sharpened crayon (and a built in sharpener!!) anywho, tom is here, he says hello to you n of course deb too! love ya girly, you're so lucky that you had a massage, i'm envious!!! anywho, love ya jos, talk to ya soon!
much luv n mayhem
09-30-2006 9:58:28 AM
When I stopped up to see you yesterday you were sleeping like a baby. So Grandma and I hung the ornament that Brian gave me to take to you. Then I slipped out it really looked like you were resting well. If Momma Bear says it was the best sleep she has seen you get in awhile that is super good. Now if she could get a little that would be even better, I know she is keeping a real close eye on you.

I guess if Grant insist on being Santa this year that is o.k. just get him to put on a little more weight, So people won't be expecting me to show up all skinny.

Take care and I will stop in next week to see you.
09-30-2006 5:28:44 AM
When I stopped up to see you yesterday you were sleeping like a baby. So Grandma and I hung the ornament that Brian gave me to take to you. Then I slipped out it really looked like you were resting well. If Momma Bear says it was the best sleep she has seen you get in awhile that is super good. Now if she could get a little that would be even better, I know she is keeping a real close eye on you.

I guess if Grant insist on being Santa this year that is o.k. just get him to put on a little more weight, So people won't be expecting me to show up all skinny.

Take care and I will stop in next week to see you.
09-30-2006 2:20:28 AM
Most peaceful, restful night for you since I can't remember when. Maybe that massage did the trick? Sleep, heal, heal, heal, forever my heart mom
Erin (Melanie's cousin)
09-29-2006 4:20:48 PM
Hey Josi!

Your party sounds great. With two little boys running around, I could certainly use some princess time. I am sure that Miranda, Laci, and your cousins and other friends and family loved it! It must have felt nice to go outside and feel the sun and breeze on your face again. I am so proud of you, but then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from the spunky little gal I met so many years ago. Keep working hard! I pray for you daily.

09-29-2006 12:14:07 PM
Hey jos,
well, i'm supposed to be in math class... yup, pretty sure i'm not there. oh well, i'm going downtown today to find an ornament for you. Tom is coming to town tonite actually, so we'll have to call n ntalk to ya. Other than that, me and a few friends were downtown last night, and one of them had never shotgunned a beer, soooo, we go into the store's bathroom, and i stab it w/my keys... yup, it exploded all over me, it was no good... and then we had to ride bikes back to campus, but ended up walking them bc there were 3 people and only two bikes, and its a bit difficult to ride two to a bike, so we just walked. anywho, i love you posi, and thats awesome that you can shower now to scrub a dub dub! oh ya, deb, supplies, you need a rubber turtle... or duck... yup, ok, love you guys.
much luv n mayhem
Melanie for the Bohunk
09-29-2006 12:07:49 PM
Hi Josi, almost forgot to mention - Michael & Dottie Butorovich send their hugs & love from Idaho...Michael called last night to check on how you were doing. He said he was looking down the mountainside from his deck, watching the construction crews working on building several new homes below his ...Once a foreman, always a foreman - I wouldn't be surprised if he started shouting directions to those men !! Anyway, he sends his best to you!
09-29-2006 12:06:11 PM
Hey Jos! good to hear you got to have some applesauce, i'm assuming you were holding it in your mouth so long because it probably tasted and felt good! but if you start swallowing things faster you will get the good stuff, chocolate milk! maybe by the time i get there next weekend you will be able to have some chocolate milk with me. i cant wait! and its good to hear you took a shower, i bet that felt like heaven! i love you JoJo and i will see you soon!
09-29-2006 11:13:57 AM
Hey Josi!!! It was so good to see how alert you were last weekend... time & prayer are great healers & you are proof of that. Miranda & Jacques send their love - they miss you so much after we come home from being with you. I have to develop the pictures from Kati's party of all the kids with Santa & Mrs Claus - Miranda's friends don't believe the REAL Santa would be in Great Falls, Montana in September!! We'll show 'em how YOU rate on Santa's list... Sounds like you have been busy this week - cruises outside in this wonderful warm fall weather, swallow test (I bet that applesauce tasted wonderful, even with the barium in it!) and probably best of all - your shower! It is the little things in life that mean so much - and we take pleasure in everything that is wonderous for YOU ... We pray that God continues to have the Holy Spirit heal you from within - mind, body & soul.
...We love you Josi!! Always in our thoughts - Love Mel, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
The stranger, Sharon
09-29-2006 10:38:28 AM

Sitting on the bed! Taking a shower! Swallowing! YOU GO GIRL! You are closer to the medicinal use of chocolate milk.

Tell you what, you have someone let me know via a posting when you can swallow semi-solid food and I will send you some Seattle Fudge - something that I am sure is not on the healthy diet your doctors would hope you to follow, but oh so good! (And medicinal, to be sure!)

Jesus tells us in John 14:13-14 "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. IF YE SHALL ASK ANYTHING IN MY NAME, I WILL DO IT." WOW! What a promise.God doesn't break His promises.

Ask Him, Josi. Ask Him.

I am asking in Jesus' name that Momma Bear will hear you say "I love you" before the week is out.


09-29-2006 12:24:56 AM
I know that you wont let Santa ( So-called) take my postion, Hes not that big, ha ha, see ya tomorrow,
More love
D Michelle
09-28-2006 6:48:57 PM
Josi, please dont make me call you a PussycatDoll you know loosen up your button babe. How is the palm tree view? Keep reaching for the stars. I will be making a visit soon. Have a great weekend. D MIchelle
JEB - aka Janet Eve Brown
09-28-2006 5:00:31 PM
OMG!!!!!! Along the lines of stories and thongs (from the post from Aunt Cindy and the jeanie outfit---------------)
You'll have to have Kay and/or Debbie tell the story of the thong - aka pirate patch. That story will get you to laughing, that is for sure. They were going to try to get that story in the Reader's Digest.

Sounds like giant steps for mankind are happening in your neck of the woods, Josi. You are a real trooper - maybe another reason why you get the name of GI Josi!!! You go GIRL.
09-28-2006 2:10:37 PM
Sawing logs, hmmm that sounds like you are doing alright with the tube out. It was funny meeting your friend Al yesterday and I mentioned how I liked his buckle, then he said he would trade me for my red pants. He would just go swimming in them.

You looked like you had a good workout yesterday and seemed tired when I showed up. When you lift your head up off that bed though it's almost like you are ready to sit up and walk out of that place. Take care , our prayers are with you and your family.
09-28-2006 12:09:13 PM
Hey jos
Thats awesome that they are just gunna let it heal, i mean seriously, who likes buttons anyways? i sure don't, they always seem to rip off. anywho, i'm done with all my classes for the day, thank god! and am gunna take a bike ride into downtown i think, see what kinda trouble i can get myself into this time (just kiddin) but i love hearing all of this news, it really has motivated me to do well and believe that i can have half the strength of you, well, maybe not half, but to some amount. I love you josi, Love ya deb (AKA Biker Babe), and will talk to you all soon. Keep pushin the tush josi! you can do it WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!
Much Luv n Mayhem
09-28-2006 11:00:57 AM
Hey Jos, miss you lady. Homecoming assembly was today at school. Couldnt help but get kind of reminiscent of last years .. (for one, our class is retarded so the assembly sucked) Charles is royalty so I am sure you would be proud of him.
I know you are probably getting antsy to talk down in there, being quiet for so long just isnt very fitting of you, I dont think.
Anyways, sooner or later (sooner than later, hopefully) you will get started and I am sure that the first words will be funny, because like I said before, you're likely to notice the no-hair situation and put 'em up right away.
Aunt Stacey
09-28-2006 10:38:07 AM
Hey Jos - You're probably thinking you had really bad dream last night, but yes, I was really singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to you. You were somewhat awake and it was just the two of us and the one-sided conversation got pretty boring. It was all I could think of! Anyway, SORRY! You were doing a great job breathing on your own when the respiratory guy came in. He was so nice about answering all my stupid questions and I got to tell him about you talking to me last weekend. I was trying to keep the oxygen tubes hooked up but somehow I got them turned upside down and had to call the nurse to come fix them. I'm really an idiot when it comes to all this medical stuff, but I'm trying. By the way, Austin is not allowed to come visit on our shift anymore! Love ya, Jos.
Auntie Cindy
09-28-2006 10:08:54 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
I left you as you were on your way to x-ray this morning. I am hoping that by the time I get to see you tonight that they will have given you the green light to start eating soft foods and drinking. We need to show the medical community the healing properties of chocolate milk!
I am awed by the love surrounding you, Jos. So many people are sending love your way. I can feel it as soon as I walk in the door of your room. It seems to radiate from you as well. Mr. Grout said it best "Undulating waves of love rolling through you" (sorry if I didn't get that exactly right Mr. G.)
It was a year ago that I was busy working on your genie costume for home coming. What fun it was working on that with you. I still smile when I think of you up on that stage doing your genie dance. Your poor Popsy couldn't hardly take seeing you up there dancing away. Not that it helped when your Momma told him that it would be okay because you had a thong on in case you lost your costume.
Keep dancing Josi. Keep healing. All my love is with you and I feel your love radiating my way.
I love you always.
09-27-2006 6:52:16 PM
Wow Josi, you were snoring!! Now we will wait to see what your "first words" are. I know what Aunt Stacey will be trying to make sure they are. Competition never hurt anyone (gotta have fun, you should see what I do with the hospital bed controls), but can't forget we have Sneaky Senor and Aunt Cindy and all the rest of the family in the running; and who knows who will irritate you enough for you to finally decide enough is enough and tell them off? Will that be the "josi time trigger"? We will be waiting, have lots to talk about. Wonder child of mine, love you so much, forever my heart mom
09-27-2006 5:39:19 PM
Hey jos, well, third day of classes and they actually went alright w/the exception that i was over a half hour late for my eight a.m. this morning... yup... once again. meh, i'm workin on it tho, my brother says hello, he came n visited my dorm room today n was appalled that i stole two of his posters!! muahaha, well oh ya! forgot to tell you this, Kings of Leon are going to Portland on Oct 14, and so am I!!!!!! i'm going to get you some rad posters duder! heck ya!
love you posi, miss you more than anything
09-27-2006 2:24:53 PM
Hi Josi, It was sure good to finally meet you as Santa has been keeping me informed. I hope to see you again soon. You looked pretty worn out the day of Katie's party. I was glad that I got invited to the party and was able to meet all of the family that was there. My prayers are with you and the family. Keep that chin up and I will see you soon. Love Mrs. Claus
Deanna (From Boomer Consulting, Inc.)
09-27-2006 12:45:55 PM
I am so glad to hear that she is responding and getting better a step at a time. I just wanted you all to know that everyone here in the office is really thinking of and praying for the whole family. You are defininatly in my thoughts and prayers!
09-27-2006 12:15:53 PM
Hey Jos, Kurt said he brought your present to the hospital this morning, i hope you got it! i am still working on getting home next weekend...i have threatened quite a few people trying to get them to come with me. so far nothing. i'm working on it tho, i promise. i cant wait to see you! i miss you, i had a dream about you the other night that your hair had grown completely back and you were up walking around! wont be long....see you soon! miss you JoJo
Amy, Seamstress to the Claus
09-27-2006 10:30:01 AM
Hey Jos and Mom,
This has been a busy week. After Santa was at the party he came for dinner and more pictures. We had a lot of fun!!!!
I had decorated my house and even put up my stocking for the pictures!! It got filled up with good wishes for you!!!
I had to do a redo on Santa's bell pocket. Check it out, I'm pleased with the results are you???
I'm also doing some repairs on "THE SUIT" matching velvet is such a pain, but I will do it. Only a few weeks before Santa will need his business suit!
We hear you are making great progress. Remember that you have lots of people thinking of you and wanting the best for you. Far more than you will ever know!!!!
Now remember if you need anything from a humble seamstress you tell Santa and I'll burn the midnight oil to get it to you!!!
I think of you often and keep you in my prayers,
Brandy Frates
09-27-2006 10:22:08 AM
Hey Josi I am so glad to hear that you are responding! Brit Birkenbuel and i have been keeping in touch and talking about your progress and she just now gave me this website cause living in Minnesota for college you don't hear much of what is up in GF. When i heard about your accident I got depressed but theni thought about your attitude and your spunk and just simply how funny you are when we chat and I knew that you are a strong girl and i knew you would fight back at your condition! Thanks for giving everybody hope that bad things may come but there is always a fighting chance to get through it. Well I will get back to you later hope all is well! I love yas!!!
09-26-2006 11:06:52 PM
Just to make Ceeds feel better yet its the truth, your Mexican friend Voytoski and I used to go into classes and make jack asses of ourselves on purpose (actually i would prety much watch him and make a comment here and there). When we went to Moorpark College and visited a friend in summer school we walked in to class and Voy got kicked out when we were not even enrolled and I did thru association (haha), thought you would get a kick out of it, long story. Ill see ya soon, love you
09-26-2006 10:30:04 PM
Hey there J Dillio

I see we have some stories about you and the “eyebrow” so I thought I'd add one that came to me when I checked the mail today. ( Long story keep reading )

OK so I went out to check my mail today like I always do every other once in a while, and under all those damn bills and b-day cards for Matt was my next issue of RideBMX!!!! WOO HOO PICTURES N-STUFF!!!! Well after skipping all the articles and soaking in all the picture goodness I threw it on my pile of old mags and went back to pretending to give a damn about those bills. Well as I got to looking around for some stamps I stopped and looked at the pile of old magazines.

They reminded me of that time we went camping and I brought them all along. Goes something like this .....

( cue flashback sound effects, fog machine, wavy lines, etc.)

We had all our crap packed in the Bug and were ready to go when I plopped down my old magazines on the dash. You asked me “Are those are really necessary” to which I replied “Well duh I need something to keep me company on this boring ass trip”

Before I realized what I just said out came that world famous brow lift and a few colorful words that never seem to get old coming from your lips.

Good times, good times.

Anyway, I came up to see you today and drop of some things, and like always you were out cold. I used my skills of knowing everything obscure to make you a charger for the iPod. I sacrificed my phone charger and a old USB cable, some green tape, solder, and heat shrink and VOLIA! It's awesome, very hardcore. Screw Apple and their $1,000,000 chargers I made one for $FREE 99! And the best part, I took the old phone end and wired it into my computer so I still have a charger. Yeah I know huge dork, but at least I'm good for something, and nothing caught on fire.... Yet ... ( Shut up Matt )

That's about it for new stuff on my end, you keep on resting I'll be up again very soon!

Love Alvs

P.S. I'm still waiting for that [ahem] middle finger to pop up :)

09-26-2006 8:29:14 PM
Ok jos, i have a rather amusing story for you, well actually two, my first one was yesterday, i was looking for my french class, so i walk into this lecture class & was listening to my ipod, so i take a seat towards the front of the class, so i'm just chillin, not listening to the introduction of course, just doodling in my notebook. so about ten minutes into class, i glance up at the board and realize there are a bunch of elements on the board and a few equations... so i turn to the kid next to me, and was like 'dude, what class is this' and he's like, 'chemestry' soooo.... i have to get up in the middle of the lecture, everyone staring at me, explain to the professor that i was in the wrong class, and walk out... yup, definate moron move. ok, and story number two ceder making a jackass of herself, tonite was my first class of salsa dancing, so i walk into the studio and am a few minutes late, i pic up a sheet and just chill listening to the teacher for a few minutes, then she says to the class 'everyone here has obviously done salsa before so lets warm up with a few excersizes... i should have realized then that i was in an advanced class but didn't really think much of it. so the class moves onto the floor and starts doing all of this technical dancing, they all know exactly what their doing... i had absolutely no idea... then the teacher asked for two people to come to the front of the room... she chose me and this other guy... asked us to demonstrate this move... yup, tried it... and stumbled... then i explained my situation w/everyone laughing at me, and she was like, ya this is the advanced class.... woops... so there we go, i sure am starting off on the right foot... not, oh well, miss ya girly, you'll get a kick outa these stories, love you very very very much, talk to you soon
much luv n mayhem
The stranger, Sharon
09-26-2006 7:40:26 PM
Hello Josi.

I truly was delighted to read that you were able to go outside and soak up some sun. How wonderful that must have felt for you! Keep on Keepin' on and you will arrive at your destination. You are propelled by your determination (aka: stubborness)and a multitude of prayers and I have no doubt that sometimes you and your family can feel the prayers.

Keep the faith! "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1) I pray God touch you with love and strength and peace, Josi. Keep the faith.

Give those you love a big, fat kiss today.

JEB - aka Janet Eve Brown - Joe's cousin
09-26-2006 4:47:33 PM
Ok, So here is story time - It is time for story time.

When I got married I wanted to keep the "EVE" name. It is an earned totem, not just something you "get". My husband's last name is Brown. He did not like hyphenated names so I took the hyphen out - So I am Janet Eve Brown, where Eve Brown is my last name. There just wasn't an option of dropping the "EVE" out of my name - out of who I was.

After I had been married for 11 years I had gone to the gas station. When the cashier checked the name on the back of my credit card and compared it to my signature on the receipt she giggled and said "Oh, I thought your last name was 'EYEBROW". Then when I went to work and giggled about this story, it turned out that my displayed name on the caller ID was truncated to "EVE BROW". So, for 3 1/2 years I have been known as "EYEBROW". Again, an earned totem.

I think of you, Josi, when your mom talks about your "eyebrow' characteristic.
Cool Beans.

Then, there is the story of about 3 1/2 years ago, when I was at work and thinking about how the native americans came up with a special name when they came of age. I decided at the ripe ol' age of 45 it was time I consider my Native Name. I decided that I am one of a kind in these parts - a unique individual - a "Uni-Cue" is what my friends call me. My adopted Native American name is "One Cow South of the Herd" aka OCSOTH.

I read about all of your names and nicknames, Josi. You know you are loved and special when you get extra names.. You must be very extra, extra special, cuz you have a lot of special names to everyone.

You keep up the hard, admirable work, Josi. You are an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact. That is pretty much the whole entire world!!!!!!!
JEB - aka JEBOCSOTH - aka EYEBROW - aka Janeet Eve Brown - aka Joe's cousin
09-26-2006 4:31:33 PM
Ok - it is really, really nice outside. Indain summer is what I think they call it around these parts - probably your parts too.

I am so glad and proud to be an EVE! (I would say to be a Debbie too, but I really don't know your maiden name - what's up with that?!??!!??!). Anyway, I'm just proud to be part of this absolutely fabulous family!!!

Josi, you seem to have so many well-wishers. They talk about school a lot. I see where "Ceeds" is in Eugene, Oregon. I'm guessing Kati is in Bozeman, and Theresa is in New York? And Grant is no longer in Las Vega? I'm curiious where the others are geographically. Emotionally, I know they are right next to you each and every day.
09-26-2006 2:22:11 PM
Oh yeah Josi! I am so glad to read that you got to go outside yesterday...that is exciting and I hope that you enjoyed it! I have been wanting to come up and see you sooooo badly, however we have been having the latest cold run through our household and the LAST thing I want to do is introduce an new bug for you to fight, so we have been ever vigilant checking the website and praying for you. Each kid has been working on an ornament for you...hopefully they will be done soon! I love you kiddo...keep up all the great work Amazing Family!

All our love and prayers,
Rosales Family
09-26-2006 9:42:14 AM
Hey GUYS!!! I am at school right now ( i am an aide).. Sorry i missed all the birthday week.. But i love you guys and I check in everyday and see how all is going.. Good luck with the button JOSI and congratulations on going outside.. that probably felt good... well i am gonna go back to work.. HAVE A WONDERFUL day you guys!!
Auntie Ronnie
09-25-2006 9:58:20 PM
Happy Birthday Matt! Thank you for all your hard work. It helps all those far and near, who care and love Josi keep updated on her condition. The world is a far better place knowing Josi, her family and friends have such wonderful people like you in it. Have a Happy and Safe Birthday. Auntie Ronnie
09-25-2006 5:56:20 PM
hi sweet Jos! i miss you, ofcourse that goes without saying. i wish i would have known that austin and gret came last weekend, i would have tagged along! i'm so happy you got to go outside! its been so pretty lately (even if a little cold). i will see you soon, i am planning on coming home oct. 6, and your mom said i could take a shift so she can sleep. Jos, you need to tell your momma to get some sleep! i can wait to see you!! i love you Jos!
09-25-2006 5:35:09 PM
Hey jos, and MATT!! HAPPPPYYYY BIIIIRRRRTHHHDAYY!!!!! u old kid you! well, today was my first day of classes... definately a bit boring, but jos, you would be proud, i went to all of theM!!! the philosophy is huge, its in a giant lecture hall and there are over 300 kids.., its nuts, crazy crazy crazy. anywho, i've got a bit of homework to attend to, but ill prolly give ur mum a call tonite, or bob, so i can talk to ya. miss u!! love you very very very very very verey much!! talk to you soon
much luv n mayhem
09-25-2006 4:41:01 PM
We are so glad about Josi saying her first words in six weeks.We hope she will say more words really soon!Well we will keep checking the website every day!We love you Jos!
Grant Eve
09-25-2006 4:35:59 PM
Happy Birthday, You are doing a hell of a job on the site
09-25-2006 11:06:32 AM
Hey Miss Josi. I have been thinking about you and your family a ton. It sounds like you had a very active and exciting weekend. It is so amazing to hear the updates of your recovery process you are one beautiful and inspiring person. I'm so glad that you have such a fighting spirit. I spoke with Cedar this weekend and it sounds like Eugene is a good fit for her. You both so lucky that you have each other. I hope that your day is filled with love and prayers. Much love and respect.
09-25-2006 2:07:41 AM
09-25-2006 2:03:23 AM
Ok,JoC, little correction to Sam, not meaner, just tougher sounding like when you guys played ball and wanted something done. (and you did!). Watching you sleep, playing a little classical baroque (not elevator) music, figured you might as well listen to a wide variety of music. Would sound alot better on something more than computer speakers but it is ok. Kind of restless tonight, keep watching your feet move under the covers. Big day today, Doctors are going to try to get rid of the trachea tube thru the throat, closing it with a button allowing you to breathe normally. Had a hard time sleeping thinking about it but know you will do fine. That much closer to chocolate milk and cookies again!! forever my heart sweetie pie, mom
09-24-2006 9:34:01 PM
hey girl! well it was so good to see you today! I have missed you so and I was very pleased I got to drill seargent you through your PT....I would make a good army woman..NOT...your mom kept having to tell me to be meaner..hahah..never have been the one to yell..especially at you ..yikes :) well get better and continue to work hard ..we all know you have it in you and always thinking about you ....XOXOX
Dani Hamilton
09-24-2006 9:05:13 PM
Hey miss Josi Jean! I am writing from washington at school, and i miss you so much and im constantly thinking about you. i will not be home until turkey day but i will visit you for sure! i hope you are doing well, im always on this site reading the updates. i cant wait to see you, get well.
god bless
Kisses and Hugs!
09-24-2006 9:01:59 PM
hey there my beautiful josi
i love you, just checkin the site again, it happens, i now actually have so many stories for you, well, you just need to hear them. i love you pos, i miss you so much, i wish i didn't have to take on eugene by myself, but i will, i'll make you proud!!! you betcha, well, just got off the phone w/my bro... he thinks you're very cute... eh eh?? i could see it!! hell yes, i love ya posi, miss you tons, see ya soon
much luv n mayhem
09-24-2006 8:22:38 PM
hey sleepy. i came to see you today, a very last-minute-spur-of-the-moment type trip. you were definitly tired, did NOT want to open yours eyes. its alright i know you need your rest, even though i wanted to see your pretty eyes. your room looks really nice, i never pictured you as a stuffed animal type person, but you definitly have a lot them, they brighten the room. your hair is growing really fast too. im still working on finding some kick ass bandanas for you. no worries, there has to be some in missoula, somewhere. hope you continue doing wonderful, i miss you, and maybe will come down again next weekend with corgan, but im not sure yet. love you muchos. SB4L ~G
Bob & Jeanie
09-24-2006 6:11:28 PM
Sounding better every day.Good work kid-Lots of very loving helpers.Keep hanging in there.
09-24-2006 4:23:51 PM
Hey Jos,

I'm in Missoula this weekend hanging with my family. It's been pretty fun. My sister and I were going to see Tony Hawk (he's here for the opening of the skate park), but they took way too long to start, so we left. I'm glad you're doing well; it kind of sucks not being in town for ya, but at least some really awesome, incredibly sexy person made this web site so I can get updates (hehe). I'll be back in town tomorrow -- my birthday -- to see you, so you best be gettin' ready. Love ya, Jos!
Aunt StaI cey
09-24-2006 3:25:44 PM
Hey Jos - Had a great weekend. I took Friday off to spend some time with you and your mom really made me work! I helped with your bath, but didn't know what I was doing, so it's a good thing you get one everyday. We hung out for a while, just the two of us, and had a great talk. Yes, I was the only one talking, but you put your thumb up for me a couple times. Saturday after Kati's party I came up to say goodnight and Uncle Tim, Senor and I heard your voice. After I told you goodnight and I love you, it really sounded like you were trying to so I love you back. Senor rushed to put the air thing on your trachea, but by that time you were done talking. Didn't matter - I floated out of here. We met your mom at the elevator and I told her what had happened and she was pretty jacked too. She really wouldn't care if you say "Aunt Stacey" first! Anyway, looks like you're waking up, so I'm gonna sign off and come talk to you in person. Love ya!
09-24-2006 1:01:35 PM
hey jos, just checkin in to see the newest updates n stuff. i'm chillin in my dorm, you would have been so proud of me this morning, there were these dumb girls who tried to give me shit.. didn't happen, i gave them much more shit back, it was fun!! i love you, i'll have to tell you all about this place, definately interesting. anywho, i'm going to ride my bike to someplace new and random, its fun, i wish you were here tho by my side, we had so many amazing bike rides, remember that time we were on the railroad tracks and had to pull our bikes up through a giant bush.... ya, it was fun, and i still laugh when i think about you rolling down that hill... muahahahaha, love you, miss you more than anything
Much luv n Mayhem
Aunt Janice & Uncle Steve
09-24-2006 9:28:30 AM
Hi Josi Jean,
How was Kati’s birthday party? Dad, Kati, Grant, or Mom or someone please tell us about it as we are all waiting to here? We know Dad had prime rib served, but tell us more about the details. Did you get to watch Kati open presents or did any of the doggies come? Did you lick any of the chocolate from the cake, or take a bite, Josi? We read your mom’s update and love hearing you do the eyebrow and lip expressions. When checking over the Rancho scale, I can see you are getting there and could be a four soon, which means heading to more snow country. Well, our prayers are there and we are sending our love to you hourly and daily. Good job Josi, you are “movin on” & doing great on your recovery. Stay strong, know some of it hurts.
Tons of Love,
AuntieJ & Uncle Steve ;D
09-24-2006 2:59:35 AM
hey there my beautiful girl, i love you
well.. just got back to the dorms, it was an interesting night, to say the least, i'll have to tell you all about it. i was just checkin the site about the millionth time today, i love you josi, i miss you so much. college is cool, at least so far, but i wish you were here w/me. love yougirly, i know you're going to keep on pushing! thats my girl, love you
Evan and Jocelyn
09-23-2006 11:56:42 AM
Hey jos
keep working hard baby girl!!we're so glad to hear that you are doing better! miss you tons

hope you're still able to fart like you used to, ill fart extra loud for you :)

Hugs and Kisses
Evan and Jo <3
09-23-2006 5:38:38 AM
Josi! Today is the big party day! Dont tell Kati but I keep forgetting that its for her birthday celebration & not yours! You are going to steal the show this year...That's ok, Kati has been celebrating for her entire "birthmonth!" I am just about to head to work for the day (yuck I know) but I want you to know that I am thinking about you as always & hope that everyone has a great time together. I really wish that I could be there to see you but its going to be a little while longer before I can come home. I love you & am waiting for you.
Marilyn Before
09-23-2006 2:27:25 AM
As you get ready for Josi's birthday, I can't help but think what a cohesive extended family you all are. There's Joe and Melanie, Deb and Bob, lots of kids, every kind of relative you can think of - even angels, heroes, story tellers and a santa! I think God will be watching this party, and smiling the whole time.
09-22-2006 10:16:02 PM
hey josi!
how's it goin?? yes well jus finished my third week of school. it wasn't so bad but shoot i'm glad it's the weekend! oh my gosh guess what! i got my hair permed! not like a super curly thing but more like a wavy curl. i'll get pics eventually. school pics are this monday so i'll have my daddy get a pic package so i can send everyone a wonderful pic of ME! :P i still haven't gotten a date to my sadie hawkins dance, but oh well. sometimes i feel that i'd rather jus hang with friends, watch movies, and then jump on the their trampoline...dances are cool but dang they get boring. haha anywayz! i miss and love you tons!!!
09-22-2006 7:16:39 PM
i got to talk to your mom yesterday which pretty much made my day, she said the demo is goin really good at your house, so that makes me happy. i miss you like crazy, i want to come home so bad but i dont know when that will be. your mom said you might be able to go to denver sooner than we had thought, thats both exciting and heartbreaking since i wont be able to see you in denver. but if it will get you better than everthing is worth it right? i heard you gave your momma a kiss, made my eyes fill up with tears. everyday it seems you do something wonderful, even the small things are progress JoJo, keep that in mind. I love you and i cant wait to see you!
09-22-2006 4:32:21 PM
You had a busy day, kids from whitefish, story hour with Santa and Brian Morger (what a wonderful surprise, story was great, ending was better and narrators were the best, can't wait to see the book and illustrations, reserved you a copy). You must have enjoyed it as you stayed awake for the whole story except the end (guess you figured it out before they got there). With two rounds of therapy a day (occupational, physical, and speech), plus what we all do ( I do like Aunt Cindy dancing with the skelton lights on, and if you say Aunt Stacey before Mom, well that would be just fine but she would get a big head and that would not be nice to Uncle Tim), you are one worn out little girl. Did take care of all the problems from the other day and we are on a new page. Waiting for Grant and Kati, raining outside, had a lot of people at the house trying to get it ready for you. Puppies sat in the truck so they would not get in the way. So good, stayed there from 9-2:30 with one short break. Just like you sleepy, sleepy. Love you little one - forever my heart baby girl, mom
09-22-2006 4:25:44 PM
Hey jos
well its my second day of college... interesting, i think the girls across the hall have lowered my IQ a full 10 points due to their constant chatter about Laguna Beach (barph) other than that, my roomate and i get along well, making things easier. I wish i was there to talk to you in person, but this is the best i can do. I miss you tons and hope you keep on pushin, i'm sure you'll have no problem. You have made leaps and bounds during all of this, its extremely amazing and inspiring. I'm trying to mingle as much as i can... but some people... blarg. anywho, love you josi, talk to ya soon
Chris Skovron
09-22-2006 12:58:07 PM
Hi Josi-

It was sure good to see you yesterday! I hope you like the balloons, I thought they would be nice for Kati's birthday party! Happy Birthday Kati!! I was pretty excited when you gave me a "thumbs up", it made my day. Rest well and heal, you are in our prayers.
Dan & Ang from Nashville TN
09-22-2006 11:25:40 AM
It's really amazing that while you're lying there, healing and being quiet, you're encouraging and inspiring so many people! Your story is traveling around the world and even people who have never prayed before are praying for you now.

We're praying for you daily, too, Josi. And we're sending prayers of encouragement and strength to your wonderful Mama Bear and all your friends and family who are there with you every day.

Thank you, dear, for being such a heroic blessing to all who know you (and know OF you!).

Never ceasing!!

Dan and Ang from Nashville, TN.
09-22-2006 9:50:01 AM
Taylor is making Josi a full-size quilt, so if you want to write on a square please stop by the hospital and pick one up!!! She is dropping off the squares for you to write on at the hospital tonight! She will be there around 4:30 this afternoon to leave them in Josi's room and will also leave these fabric paint pen things to write with. Please don't take your square home, she is taking about two thirds of the squares up to the hostpital and saving the rest for people who won't make it to the hospital to write on one. If you need her to send or save you one, let her know ASAP at See you tonite Josi! Love you!
the underclassman
09-22-2006 9:40:49 AM
hey josi and family i just wanted to let you know that i have been keeping you all in my thoughts, and i read the updates regularly. may God bless and keep you
The stranger, Sharon
09-22-2006 8:35:06 AM
Good Morning Josi.

Just checking in on you this foggy morning,along with over 5700 other folks. WOW! If ever you doubt that you have love and support, just think of that number.

I was so saddened when I read your Momma's comment this morning, Josi. It is so unnecessary for you to not be as comfortable as possible. However, I have the feeling that your Momma Bear is going to assure that such a thing NEVER happens again. That's what your Momma Bear promised, and I bet it is already done! YOU ROCK MOMMA BEAR!

My prayer for you this morning comes from Psalm 34 (KJ), especially v. 6 through 10. Basically, King David is telling those who love the Lord not to worry, God's got a handle on it.Love Him, TRUST Him. Tell Him how you feel, and you don't have to candy-coat it! Our God has some mighty big shoulders. You know how your Momma Bear is, Josi? Well, that's how our God is. He WILL move mountains for you, but YOU need to ask Him.

Give that Momma Bear of yours a big hug and kiss today. Know that you are loved and that you are being held up in prayer by a throng of people.

09-22-2006 7:44:52 AM
Hey Josi and Josi's Mom,
I guess I better introduce myself, I am Amy seamstress to the Claus!!! I am the lady that sews for the Santa and Mrs. C.
Last night Santa and Brian were here working on the book. As they left they told me they were coming to do a reading for you today. I said tell Josi I said HI and Santa said I had to do it myself on line. I hope you don't mind that I just popped in to say HI and that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
I can't wait to find out how you liked your "story time" today!!!
And Jos, I think you know,that you have the best Mom in the whole world who has one of the best kids!
If you either need anything at all tell Santa to let me know and its yours!
I'll check in with you again soon,
Nicole Buckley
09-22-2006 7:25:59 AM
Well hello Josi. It's been awhile since I left you a message and I do believe that it is about time. You're going to have such a great weekend celebrating Kati's birthday. I'm so proud of you- you have made so much progress and have been so strong through it all. I definitely have a lot to learn from you. Anyway, I love you and again I'm very proud of you.
09-22-2006 4:11:04 AM
I did forget to say, when going thru the good things, is that we received 3 baskets/vases of flowers, a great big bunch of balloons that you really watch and the biggest pink pig ever (not sure how you will feel about that when you see it but he sure looks cute sitting on the edge of the bed watching you. Just left you, you have been up for quite a while. xxxxxxxxx000000000 mom
09-22-2006 12:50:21 AM
Yesterday (thursday) was a good day and bad. The good part (and it was very good!) was when I was giving you a bath ( I like to do that, make sure you have lotion and check your skin close, make sure you smell pretty), I had you rolled over and I leaned down and asked for a kiss and you pursed your lips. You were so tuned in that morning, eyes following my voice and watching what was going on around you. Totally made my day.

The bad stuff made me feel really bad. When I got there and started checking you over I found your food valve tucked under your back. When they rotated you no one checked to make sure all your tubes were clear. You had been laying on it for 2 plus hours and left a big dent (4 x2) in your back. Didn't break the skin but sure left a mark and I bet it hurt like hell. Then this afternoon, the leg workout was too much, you were in such distress when I came back, arms curled tight, saliva just flowing,soaking wet from sweat head to toe and your eyes just screamed HELP ME MOM I HURT. We stripped you down, sponged you off, changed the linen and had the nurse give you some pain killer. Left a cool cloth on head for awhile and you drifted to sleep. Looked much better for a long time. Waiting for the doctor to have a "discussion", realize pain goes with turf but this seems ridiculous and must stop. anyway I guess we take the good with the bad. I hope today will all be good. Looking forward to seeing Grant and Kati. I know Theresa is here in her heart (I know u are reading this Red - just keep on working, we got it handled). I will write a post tomorrow after Santa's visit. Love forever my heart Pooh - mom
09-21-2006 11:33:58 PM
Hi JoC
Hey that is something new that I learned yesterday during my brief visit with you. I have once again put your site out to more of my friends. I have had some ask how you are doing. I tell everyone what a trooper you are. and that they should check out your site. Then leave some comments of their own. I know that you have been in the prayers of many of my friends. It is on my planning list to bring up a special friend with me later today, We should be showing up about !:00 p.m. so rest well in the morning.
09-21-2006 9:46:51 PM
Hey there jos
well,i'm all moved into my dorm, i like it a lot so far anyways. i mean, it was a total hassle movin in, i had a lot of shit to bring up, and i'm on the fourth floor, so my huge suitcase and my fridge... a lot of weight, anywho, just checkin in on ya, seeing how you're doing. I love you, i miss you soooooooooo much, eugene is pretty rad. but anywho, i love ya, and will see you as soon as i can
much luv n mayhem
Great Uncle Phil and Great Aunt Lonnie
09-21-2006 8:44:15 PM
Hello, Josi - Just checking on you. Hope all's going well for you. Your Grandpa Eve told us that you were doing physical therapy today! Twice, even! Good for you. I am going to Physical Therapy, too. But it isn't much fun sometimes. Sometimes he makes me do things I just know I can't do - it hurts so much, then I stop myself and say "Hey, if Josi can do this, then so can I, by golly" and I do! You are giving this old lady some encouragement to keep trying! Thanks. I am giving you the same encouragement - ok? Keep trying, Josi. We need you!

Uncle Phil and I will not be here for Katie's birthday. We get to go to Red Lodge for a couple of nights on a gift coupon that our son-in-law, Rick, gave us for our 50th wedding aniversary. He even gave Phil a golf pass for their beautiful golf course there, and he gave me a $50 bill to shop with! Our reservations have been made for a month or longer. We are also going to spend some time with Karen and with Joan and Leo Kimmet, and going to Lovell to spend a day or two with my sister. So, we'll be gone for about a week and won't be able to check this web sight or write you probably. But when we get home, we will. And we'll see all the progress you are making! Take good care of you - and that goes for everyone there! Take good care of you! God bless all of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!! We love you. And we're sorry to miss this fun party! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.
09-21-2006 5:04:03 PM
On one of my posts I wrote it would the suprise.I meant to say it would ruin the suprise.OOPS!Lov you!
09-21-2006 4:57:08 PM
Hi Jos!I love the hat your going to wear to Katie's party!Our shift is from 6:00-7:00P.M.I counted and you have about 25 stuffed animals!But I'm sure there's more coming!I made you a carm braclet!I wish I could tell you what I got Katie but if she read this it would the suprise.I guess you'll just have to wait.We just hung up some posters on the ceiling so you can see them.I'm still thinking about what ornament I'm going to give you.You're doing good!I love you!
Charlie Murphy
09-21-2006 12:38:16 PM
Hey josi!!
My momma came up to see you today, I wish i could have come! Well i hope you liked that pig i gave you, its a special pig to me and i thought you should have it to keep you company! Stay strong!!! Much love, Charlie
09-21-2006 11:26:05 AM
hey babe! just sitting here waiting for class and thought i would drop by and say hello. i miss you! i wish i could come home, but my dad wont let me drive home by it may be awhile! but i promise i am trying! i am soo proud of you! i know i say that everytime, but i really really am! you are the only person who could pull this off, and ofcourse you are milkin it, keepin us all on Josi time...;) lol but thats ok, we will all wait for as long as you want us to! love ya JoJo!
Debbie Wilmore
09-20-2006 8:01:58 PM
Hey Josi, I got to see you last night and brought an angel ornament for your room. (hopefully another symbol of a guardian angel watching over you as you recover) I hadn't seen you in person since the 1st couple of days after your accident in ICU. Angela and I had been up but hadn't gone back to your room. You look so good. You really got your mom worked up yesterday. She was so concerned about you. You are communicating without words. I watched you tell your mom that something in your throat was bothering you by the noises you made and the attempts you made to keep swallowing. Your mom went and got someone to get it out. It was amazing to see you get your message across so effectively. You go girl! Always thinking of you and praying for a full recovery. Deb W
09-20-2006 7:07:12 PM
hey Jos....
you probably don't remember me much from last time we hung out but I'm really glad that you are getting better. I check this thing almost everyday and I'm so happy that you are getting better. I hope all goes well.
09-20-2006 5:20:13 PM
Hey Josi! I'm sitting here at our 6:oo shift.You were just listening to your ipod and that seemed to keep you awake!I can't wait untell katie's B-day party on Saturday!Your doing good!They just came in and fed you.Write to you later!Lov ya!
09-20-2006 4:21:55 PM
Hey there jos
well, i made it to Eugene in one piece, the drive was certainly very long and a bit boring, but we finally arrived. I'm sitting in a cool cafe right now, right off campus, listening to some chick band, its really not too bad. I check on you whenever i get a chance, but i haven't moved into the dorms yet (thats tomorrow morning) and then i'll have my computer constantly on so i'll check more frequently. I love hearing/reading about all of your immence progress, you are doing absolutely amazing. I love you very much and miss you tons jos, but i'll be back kinda soon i think. Love you, oh ya, and by the way, Alvin is in no way the Go Fish Master!! before i left i kicked his butt big time... just so ya know, you're gunna have some competition:) love ya, see ya soon
much luv n mayhem
09-20-2006 3:41:05 PM
Ooh Josi you are looking so good today, did so well on everything and are working so hard. All the massages must be working a bit, not nearly so tense today. Picked out a shirt for the party, goes well with Dawn Michelle's do-rag she brought up for you and was approved by Aunt Cindy. (It's not PINK so we won't ask Aunt Stacey, Shea or Kati's opinion). I was shopping for Kati but of course found you something, an LED IPOD docking station. Figured we could both listen and you could enjoy the light show. Think I am finally over the events of Monday and have a new focus... Oh my punkin pie, I love you so much, forever my heart mom p.s we sang kati happy birthday and I asked you to blow her a kiss and you tried real hard to do it!! Aunt S is right, you are giving kisses
09-20-2006 12:23:16 PM
Hey Miss Josi!!! You are constantly and consitantly improving and healing. You are one hell of a survivor. Keep up the progress. Happy Birthday to Kati. I bet you will enjoy the company and the party on Saturday. You are always in my thoughts and prays. Much love and respect.
09-20-2006 12:15:36 PM
Hi Josi! Today is Kati's birthday - this morning Miranda sang a sweet, beautiful "Happy Birthday" to her voice mail; Jacques sang a goofy, off-key song of some sort; Dustin opted to wait until he sees her in person this weekend, when we come over to see you & celebrate her special day!! This past Saturday we were at the soccer fields - Jacques played his first game of the season & had fun; Miranda missed hers... remember that rhyme 'NO more monkeys jumping on the bed?'...well, last Thursday night, Miranda & Jacques were goofing off on MY bed & she fell off onto the endtable & bruised her ribcage. Needless to say, she is off from soccer for at least a week (and hopefully BOTH monkeys will stay off your Dad's & my bed)!! We all miss you & can't wait to see you, we are excited about all this progress you are making! Your Dad is there nearly every morning to pray over you, & to give you our love. Know that you are in our thoughts & prayers everyday, Much Love, Mel, Dustin, Miranda & Jacques
09-20-2006 10:42:06 AM
Hey there stinker dinker!

Just sitting here being bored, home for lunch doing the usual. Its been a while since I left you a message on here so I figured I better get to it. So I was poking around the Internet researching things for my Halloween costume and you'll never guess what I found. SANTA CLAUSE HAS A BLOG! And wouldn't you know it, he mentions you and how awesome you are. Now you know you're special when you're on Santa's VIP list. I didn't want to spoil the surprise but I'm going to anyway. I got you a stuffed fish to hang in your room. Why a stuffed fish you ask? To remind you of all those hardcore games of Go Fish we used to play, and will play again. Yeah it rules.

Well I have to get back to work now. You get lots of rest and keep taken er' easy. BIG HUG!


The 2006 World Champion of Go Fish :)

Your Alfin
Terry Driscoll
09-20-2006 10:27:09 AM
Hi Josi,
just wanted to wish you well. Brianna and I follow your Mom's comments on a daily basis and enjoy reading about your progress. Best of luck to you and your family. You are in our prayers.
Lori S
09-20-2006 7:40:41 AM
Hey kid, I was thinking about you this morning, as every morning. Thought I'd say hi. Kinda weird I see you were on Samm's mind as well. I guess she is coming home this weekend, we'll be up to see you. Keep up the progress, remember the body is an amazing thing it takes time to heal. You are young & a fighter. Your mom is doing a wonderful job at trying to get everything in order for you. Your parents, family & friends are praying for you each & evey day. Small steps BIG STRIDES !!!!!!!!!!
09-20-2006 6:02:26 AM
josi, we are praying for you more now than ever. You are making progress but it seems awful slow unless you step back and look at a few days at a time. We are here for you as long as this takes and the mama bear is more tenacious then ever watching over you. We are praying and believing that we will see significant progress in the next 10 days so you can proceed to acute rehab. Love Dad
09-19-2006 10:50:22 PM
JOS...well I am coming into Great Falls this weekend after I get done with pracice...conditioning actually(not looking forward to it)....but I am looking forward to visiting you! I hear for the most part you are doing well...hang in there. Your in my prayers, and I am so glad this website was made...I love checking in on you..must say it makes me a little nervous though. Well keep up the great you and your in my prayers always!...can't wait to see you and your family this weekend..miss you tons!!
Auntie Cindy
09-19-2006 8:47:19 PM
Hi my beautiful Josi-
Today is the first day that I haven't been able to come see you. Darn work took my whole day. I was going to try to sneak up to see you but I couldn't manage to get out the door of the studio. Sorry Posi...but know I think of you constantly when I am not there. Sleep well. I will see you in the morning. I love you always.
09-19-2006 7:44:44 PM
Jos it was good to see you today. I enjoy being able to hold your hand and try to help you relax those tense muscles. I have shared your web site with many people, and have asked for their prayers. I am sure they are just checking this site to see how you are doing. I hope you don't get bored with my comments or coming up to see you. The progress you are making just seems absolutely amazing to me. You have a wonderful family looking out for you, I especially like your mamma bear. Looking out for her cubs is what they do. She is doing some amazing things with the way she makes sure your needs are met.
Get plenty of rest and relazation, I know you are keeping track of the nureses and doctors so that you can help me with the naughty and nice list.
See you Friday around 12:30
Charlie Murphy
09-19-2006 7:02:41 PM
Hey Josi! Well i have been keeping an eye on you through this website daily, and your constantly in my prayers! I am in Bozeman and i like it so far, I went to lunch today with Connor and he said he talked to Grant this weekend. He is always asking me about you, and he plans to come visit you with me! We gotta get back to great falls so i can come see you! Well i want you to know that i am here for you, as well as everyone else! Your loved by so many...stay strong!!! xoxo charlie
D Michelle
09-19-2006 6:51:52 PM
Jos I think it is important to have someone with you at all times, as things do happen. My mother was an RN for 32 years and could never stress that enough for someone to always be with you when you cannot do your own communicating. Sounds like things are busy for you guys . Think of you guys often. Take care D Michelle
Great Uncle Phil and Great Aunt Lonnie
09-19-2006 6:43:07 PM
Hi Jos - You sure have a great Mom! I know the "Mamma Bear" instincts. She is such a good Mamma! We thank God for her being there with you! And your Senor, too! You are in good hands and we know nothing can happen to you with all the capable and loving people you have there with you 'round the clock. This is also true of your Dad and your sisters and your brother and your grandparents. And your Aunt Cindy. And your Uncle Tim and Aunt Stacey. They are there, and you are working hard, and we know our God and all his angels and the saints that have gone on before us in this family, are keeping vigil, too! And then there's all of us out here who are constantly praying for you and checking this web sight to find out specifically what we need to pray for. Wow, that's a crowd pulling for you, watching over you, and caring for you. Keep up the good fight, Josi. Rest when you need to. You're doin' great! And to all of you there caring for her and keeping watch - just know we love you, too, and are praying for you and will do anything you ask of us!
09-19-2006 5:19:01 PM
Oh Jos, just read the latest update from your mom, makes me nervous to hear there were some problems but i know with your mom and Bob around nothing bad will happen! i cant wait to get home to see you! i am going crazy over here, i need to come home and see you! and i want to give your mom a hug, even though she has been so busy she still takes time to call and let me know whats up! i love you and i will be home soon!
Jo Salina
09-19-2006 2:08:52 PM
Hi Josi,
Just know that Bill and I have you in our thoughts and send our very best wishes for you in your recovery. We check with Tom regularly about your progress. Kevin Greenwood told me about the website.'s some more positive vibes heading your way. Jo
Jeannine Kurtela
09-19-2006 11:06:36 AM
Hi, I am Diane O'Connell's sister and my heart goes
out to you and what you have all been through.. This is a beautiful site to keep things so up to date and special.. I send hope and lots of prayers.
Jeannine and family
Uncle Scott
09-19-2006 10:37:50 AM
Hey Hey Josi Jean, how's the new digs? Just chillen on my day off up here in Alaska. Weather is the usual grey skies and potential rain. Our screen saver has shots of Grant and his friend down in California at Auntie J's and Uncle Steves. they were clowning around at the pool. I think Cassidy put some new pics on the gallery from when they painted your face while you were strapped down by Grant. I can tell i haven't visit for awhile, 5248 hits on the site , pretty impressive kiddo. Word is still going out and people are still supporting you 110%. Might finally get to go fishing this weekend, my brother Gary is coming into town hopefully. I got my boat running and fixen to load it up with the gear to head out. Hopefully there will still be some fish out there. well kiddo i'll write some more later so take care and stay with your into the wind and keep your course. we all are holding you in our thoughts and prayers. LOVE UNCLE SCOTT, KALLI AND CASSIDY
Aunt Stace, Uncle Tim, Shea & Shelby
09-19-2006 6:44:33 AM
Gave you kisses last night and you were moving your lips - either kissing back or telling me to leave you alone. I think you were kissing back! Just more proof that you're feeling the love!!! There's sure a lot of it with you at all times. We are so inspired by you, Jos, and you have given us a new perspective on life and what is important. Like your mom said, you're making us better people. Love ya lots and keeping you in our prayers and hearts.
09-19-2006 1:29:06 AM
hey jos
its ceeds, i'm chillin in salem... got lost tryin to find my way back to the motel, but finally found it... just saw tom, that was wierd, meh, i'll tell ya more about it later. Anywho, i miss you so much, i wish i was in great falls so i could be w/you, but i'm now in oregon, heading to Eugene tomorrow. i'm starting to get even more nervous about school... but i figure it'll be ok, dunno, wish you were with me tho, i miss ya girly, i'll be back as soon as i can, miss you, love you!
09-18-2006 2:45:14 PM
Hi Josi, after being gone for a day and a half it was nice to see how much you have improved, your eyes are tracking much better and you are moving your arms and legs much better. You are an inspiration to all of us! You are such a hard worker. A friend of mine from Lakeside, Bill Fischer came over with me and prayed for you last night and this morning. We certainly appreciate and feel all the prayers and they are working a miracle. Keep it up Josi! Love Dad,
P.S. Mel and the kids said to give you lots of hugs and kisses!!!
Scott Mathson
09-18-2006 2:16:48 PM
Hey Josi-
Glad to hear that everything is going good and that things are coming along real good. I am pretty sure you all remeber me...mark mathson's lil bro. I am praying for you always and hop the best for you all.
09-18-2006 2:03:16 PM
Glad to hear your making process. I'll have to come up and visit sometime. Come on and get better.
Brianna Driscoll
09-18-2006 12:23:46 PM
Hey there Josi!! Wow, it sounds like you are getting better every day, which is nice to hear! You are such a trooper and keep going, there are lots of people rooting for you!! I am coming home soon, we have fall break, and maybe I can come and see you if you are still at the hospital! I am so glad to hear of your progress, I think about you, and pray every day! You are an amazing person Josi and things will only get better from here!!
09-18-2006 11:46:51 AM
Good to hear that you could finally get a hug from your mama. I think you both needed it more than anyone could imagine.
Me and charles will come to visit you sometime this week dear.
Love you!
Debbie (Pete)
09-18-2006 8:59:45 AM
Once again Josi your Mom tells the amazing story of your continued improvement. Your room sounds like it is getting the halloween treatment. From pictures your Mom has sent me that should give you lots of stimulation! Keep fighting and keep giving your Mom and family those tears of joy...Love and prayers...Pete
Antoine Howard
09-18-2006 12:11:19 AM
You're strong, Kid. I believe in you.
09-17-2006 8:50:18 PM
JOJO! your eyes are opening more and more i see! i talked to your mom last night and i wish i could do something to relieve some of the stress she is under. She was telling me all the plans for the house and how you moved and everything. she said there are certain colors you dont like so she has been taking care of that. Jos, you have the best mama in the world! she is willing to do anything to make your recovery comfortable, you are going to have a kickass room when she is done with it! love you Josi baby!
09-17-2006 7:17:33 PM
Oh Potsy, an eyebrow arch, a sarcastic Josi thumb, a curl of your lip, a hug, my heart is so full, you are so beautiful and so determined, you make me want to be a better person. Everyday I try, for you, for us. Love forever my heart mom
Melanie Robinson
09-17-2006 7:15:35 PM
Hi Josi, we have never met but I am Emilee Robinson's mom. From the moment we heard about your accident, you have been in our thoughts and prayers. Then through the grape vine I heard about your web site. I have poured over it and the love and caring that is surrounding you, well girl, you are going to overcome this. Its just a bad bump. You are doing so well.

You will have to make this all into a book, it would help so many people. Your mom is such an incredible writer... she loves you so much. So many people do, you must be an amazing girl.

My love to you dear Josi

09-17-2006 12:42:01 PM
Hey jo-jo... I came to see ya this weekend and you looked great. I got the chance to see those beautiful brown eyes that have been hidden for so long! Anyway, I just want to say that you're kickin ass just like you always do and I have no doubt that you will pull out of this with more fire than ever. I will come visit again in a few weeks but until then, MUCH LOVE!
Ken Thacker, Bonnie and Kohl
09-16-2006 9:12:17 PM
Hey Jos,

I'm in town to take Ceder off to Eugene to begin classes. I know she is torn between staying with you and going to school, and that she would abandon school in a heart-beat if you were to let her know that you wanted her around. So, whenever you decide just let us know and we will make it happen.

Hang in there kid. It looks like you've got a lot of energy on your side through all the comments here and I wish to add whatever I can from my side of the family. We are pulling for you in Idaho, and now Oregon as well.

Our love to you all.
The stranger, Sharon
09-16-2006 8:44:34 PM
Hi Josi! I pray all is going well for you in your new diggins. (OOOPS is that a genertion gap thing? Diggins means your new residence - your new room)

I wanted to let you know that there are some good folks out here in Tacoma, Washington praying for you, Josi. You've got people from all over the country speaking to God on your behalf. As I prayed for you this morning, God put Psalm 121 (King James Version) on my heart. I am hoping someone there with you will read it to you. Last verse:


Wow! What a promise. As someone said to you in an eralier comment " rest. rest. heal. heal. heal." God IS watching over you, Josi. Rest peacefully in knowing that.

Now then, if I would just hush up, you COULD rest. Peace.
09-16-2006 1:41:33 PM
hello my darling JoJo!! i am going crazy, i want to get home to see you, and now the weather is turning to shit so it could be awhile! but i swear i will get home soon. my dad said he ordered you a door for your room upstairs, so i am really excited! i am so happy that you are doin so good, but come on Jos, time to WAKE UP! i miss you! i will see you as soon as possible. love ya baby!
09-16-2006 12:50:49 PM
Hey there pos
well... its my last day in town... i'm scared, not of college, but of not having you by my side as i enter this phase of my life. I know eventually you will be, and then i can help you. I'll be brave tho, even if my courage isn't even close to that you have shown in the past month and 3 days, and every single day beforehand. i'm sure i'll be checking the site at least a dozen times a day, keeping you updated on everything going on in my life over there. Be brave josi, i know you are every moment of every day, and for that, you're honestly my hero. I love you so much josi, and i can't wait to see you again, well, i'll definately come and see you tonite and probably tmrw morning before i take off, but after that, its going to be extremely difficult. Keep on pushin jos, there is not a doubt in my mind that you'll recover much faster than predicted, you're a fighter till the end. Take care of ur mamma, she rocks! Love you, see ya soon baby girl
much luv n mayhem
Uncle Mike, Val & Dylan
09-16-2006 8:32:01 AM
We are thinking about you and praying for you everyday. You are making progress every week over the previous and for that we are very thankful. We will see you soon. We love you tons!
09-15-2006 11:02:55 PM
hey girl!
looks like the move went down today! that's pretty cool!! well jus finished my second week of school and i'm jus really happy that it's over haha we have a dance tomorrow night! it'll be fun. then we have a sadie hawkins dance <---probly spelled wrong...but ya i dunno who to ask:S i'm kinda nervous i don't feel like gettin rejected! haha anyways, jus wanted to drop by and say hi! i love you all very very much!!
Joan Kessler
09-15-2006 9:16:04 PM
About time I send a line or two your way. The progress you have made is remarkable! It's pretty cool that you're now on PCU. Amazing progress in such a short time my dear. We all continue to pray for your speedy recovery.(Your even on a prayer chain in Stevenspoint Wisconsin!)(Hopefully they remember to pray for the Packers as well.) God bless you Josi, get rest while you can, as those therapists will ALL be knocking at your door real soon.
God bless you sweety,
Great Aunt Lonnie
09-15-2006 8:33:51 PM
Hi Josi - How do you like your new room? It is good news that you are out of the ICU. You have moved closer to your healed body! Your great uncle Phil and I are checking this web sight every day. We really enjoy reading what everyone writes to you. Knowing you are getting better is such a blessing to everyone and brings such joy to our hearts! Sounds like you are tired after all the work you've been doing for the past few days. Well - you rest. Sweet dreams, dear one. Rest in the arms of our almighty God. For He says "Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest".

Uncle Scott
09-15-2006 6:05:48 PM
Hello there Josi Jean, how was the move? Sounds like you went from the lower south side to the upper east side. were just hangin out here in Alaska, my co-worker let me set up this site on his computer today so i dont have to wait to get home to see what is going on. Almost 4700 hundred hits to the site, thats prayer, love and caring kiddo. People are keeping the faith on this little venture and it still showing. You are doing pretty good and we are very happy for you. Haven't got the chocolate headed that way yet but soon.I'm trying to get something else together for you and senor might know what it is being this time of year. but anyhow sweets i gotta go pick up Kalli from a football game and then get her and Cass to some volleyball games. oh yeah good news, Cass made the Schoenbar v-ball team and is totally excited.she's diggin it man. gotta go just got a text from the bossy one.WE LOVE YOU KIDDO, UNCLE SCOTT, KALLI AND CASSIDY
09-15-2006 5:04:28 PM
Well I thought we were going to have you up and go cruzin today. But you just wanted to sleep. I tried to help get some of your stuff moved down to your new room. Two carts full and there was still more to move. I did inspect it for ducks, just to make sure. I assure you it is duck free and no one will be able to step on any in there. I did enjoy the exercise program though you Mom on one side and the Jolly Ol' Elf on the other doing the range of motion thing with you. We got a little work out as well, but it was worth it to me.
Heather Vance
09-15-2006 4:30:24 PM
Josi ~

WOW! You are doing wonderful! Every day I ask Kati how you're doing and every day it's better and better! You are an amazing person with millions of people behind you supporting you! You are a miracle and I love you Josi girl!

09-15-2006 3:38:28 PM
Hey Cuz!!
Josi your doing awesome!! wow we were soo happy after we read the email from Aunt Debbie. I can't say i am surprised, because your a really good fighter.. lol i should know.. you used to tackle me and fart in my face.. lol those were the days.. Hopefully i am taller then you now!! I miss you and the family very much and think about you daily. Send my love to everyone.
Love ya!!
09-15-2006 12:21:14 PM
Hey jos, just missin ya, thought i'd check in. your mom told me you're being moved today outa the ICU, you betcha, that is a huge step for you, i'm very proud. your progress is awesome and will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. see ya soon pos, rest well. love you tons and tons.
much luv n mayhem
Aunt Steph & Uncle Brent
09-15-2006 11:19:46 AM
Our prayers are with you, Josi and have been with you daily. We appreciate the updates from Mel and the website. You are such an awesome person! You are doing so well! Of course you know Jesus is with you every step of the way! A few Bible verses that come to mind when I hear about your recovery are the following: Ephesians 2 : 4 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us...

Romans 8 : 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Deuteronomy 7 : 9 Know therefore that the LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments...

We love you, Josi! You are doing FANTASTIC!!
Joe Stallworth
09-15-2006 10:38:22 AM
hi,Josie,all the progress sounds great keep up the good got a good face wash from Tater and Biz will be in great falls next week will stop by,you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers,my best to all joe
09-15-2006 10:18:20 AM
Waiting to post an update until we move and after santa visits today; hoping for some north pole magic, day seems appropriate, as you can feel the snow time coming. Finally moving out today, down the hall, gave Paul (one of your nurses) a "finch present", made by your cousin Shea, had lots of fun with that. Sorry sweetie, looks like Uncle Tim's (and from the previous generation that would be Great Uncle Paul and Aunt Donna's) wicked/sic sense of humor has made it to the next generation, as I believe I see my sense(?) of humor in you. (Can hardly wait until Shea gets a little older and you two get together). Love ya lots, forever in my heart - mom
09-15-2006 9:52:57 AM
You have been sleeping a lot the last couple of days. These are what we call plateau days as you appear to be about the same. These are the days that we dig deep and realy test our faith. We know that you are resting up for your next big step forward. They told me this morning that you will be moved out of ICU for sure today. Your stitches also come out today. Lacey and I are going home later this afternoon for soccer games tomorrow. We will be praying for you all weekend and be back Sunday. Your Popsi grandpa will be in praying for and with you on the early morning and mid mornining shifts this weekend. Mel, Dustin, Miranda and Jacques are praying for you along with the rest of the family. Your great uncle Rob said that he is having mass said for you every Sunday in Missoula and is praying for you along with the Jane and the rest of their family. Keep up your healing!!! Love Dad
Sami Jo and Family
09-15-2006 9:50:45 AM
Hey Josi!
just checking in on the updates. Lori and Lacey met me at work last night and told me how wonderful you were doing. They were both so excited that they got to look into your beautiful eyes. I cant wait to see you, it's been too long.Overnights are pretty long and pretty busy also, but I plan to come up on my break if possible. I am so excited for you and your family. You are all so lucky to have one another. I once was in a situation like yours in certain ways, and I know that the love and prayers from my family and friends was what pulled me through...that and a new baby girl waiting for her momma. I am proud of you Josi, and so happy for you. stay strong.
Love Sami Jo
09-14-2006 11:00:21 PM
Cant sleep, thought I would check the site as I do a dozen times a day. Night Jos, Love you
Bob and missoula ppl
09-14-2006 10:00:37 PM
so we check up on you once in a while, and today hearing that you got up and saw the world made us happy to know jos is back. Way to keep it going jos, we are thinking of you, and we will see you soon, take care josi.
09-14-2006 9:40:26 PM
Hey there jos
just checkin in to see whats going on up in the mirical bubble. we're (ur ma n me) are cleanin up ur room tomorrow... that bad thing is... you hide things in craaaazy places... but we'll see. i found a portable chocolate milk machine on the net today, thought of you :) well i've got more packin to do, not to mention cleaning, my room has stuff everywhere, its extremely chaotic. well i love ya jos, see ya soon.
Jesse from Belt
09-14-2006 8:50:42 PM
For Josi's Mom
My wife was in a car accident 2 years ago with spinal injuries. I have coped by watching every little achievement marking recovery. We were blessed going to Craig Hospital in Denver. The staff is A#1 the Hope is outstanding.
A book that helped me and I read it to my wife as she laid in ICU was additude 101 by John Maxwell.
I have found that constant praise and lots of hugs help keep up her spirits and the will to keep going.

Then she slipped into guilt for putting her family through this. It is natural but we were able to work through this also with Love and Faith.

Keeo up your Health, energy and Faith, may God hold your hand in the coming days.
09-14-2006 5:45:22 PM
Praying for you Night and Day,
Rooting for you all the way,
A big thumbs up from all your fans,
getting you well is in the plans.
Forgive me, for I'm not a poet,
Just love ya and want you to know it.
09-14-2006 2:45:19 PM
Deb, Alan, Matt, I have received an unbelievable number of compli