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This site is dedicated to Josi Jean Eve, a brave and caring soul off on a new adventure. She left sooner than we expected, but then again, her clock never seemed to keep the same time as that of anyone else. We are thankful for the time she was kind enough to share with us, and for her beaming smiles, which could easily light the darkest of rooms. We are forever blessed for knowing you, Jos.

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Final Post August 29, 2010

Josi Jean Eve

Josi Jean Eve, 22, of Great Falls, died at her home Saturday of natural causes as a result of a severe traumatic brain injury from a car accident on August 13, 2006.

Josi Jean Eve, passed away Aug. 27, 2010, at home surrounded by her family, friends and her beloved pets. We are grateful for her spirit and tenacity and the care of all those who loved her that kept her with us for four years following until her body could not fight off another onslaught of infection.

Josi was born on Dec. 23, 1987, in Great Falls, Mont. She was the youngest daughter of Joseph Eve of Lakeside and Debra Eve of Great Falls and graduated from Great Falls High School in 2006.

She was vibrant, tenacious, funny, mischievous, stubborn, generous, caring and compassionate. She lived a life of abundance – full of intensity and passion. And, she lived a life of love – surrounded by family and friends with whom she shared her zest for life and her vivacious spirit. Josi was a fighter - never willing to back down or accept less than everything, always ready to take her hits and keep moving forward. Her tenacity, strength and courage have been an inspiration to all of us. In her illness, she was a healer – bringing out the best in all those who have been fortunate enough to be around her. Josi loved animals of all kinds but especially loved cuddling with her Doberman, Daydo (aka Tater).

Josi lived her live with gusto and passion. She was a fierce competitor. Whether it was Powder Puff Football or video games, she always wanted to win. But, she never let herself be held back by a fear of failure. Josi was willing to give anything a try and was forever pushing limits. Sometimes that daredevil spirit got her into some tight spots, but more often than not, she accomplished what she set out to do. She was a compassionate and generous soul, always doing things to help other people. It was Josi who would stand up for the kid that was being bullied or go out of her way to include the kid whom everyone else left out.

Josi lived her life surrounded by loving friends and family. Brother, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends – she loved them all with a fierce and lasting love. Her grandparents – Poppa, Poppa Grandma, Popsy and Popsy Grandma - held an extra special place in her heart. Josi was a “hug mug,” always seeking – and sharing - hugs with those she loved. She touched so many lives, before and after her accident. Every morning she greeted us with a smile, and as we leaned down to give that morning hug, we would put her arm around our neck and feel her squeeze us back. She loved to see her family and would beam when they were all home to see her.

It would be impossible to thank all those who made it possible for us to feel her hugs again, see her smile, watch her laugh, or scowl at those who blocked her TV, but we would like to acknowledge all those in the health field who gave a little bit more for Josi. When she was at the hospital, Josi met a young lady (Brandi Szydlowski) who worked there, and soon after, Brandi left the hospital to help us take care of Josi at home. Words cannot express what it meant to us to have Brandi in Josi’s life. Brandi helped to care for her, read to her, and made sure she not only had a suntan but her nails were painted, too! With the help of her care team, Josi made it to her brother Grant’s wedding in Whitefish and sister Theresa’s wedding in Bozeman last year. The smile on her face made all that effort worth it. The semi-weekly trips to the Peak Warm Pool with Senor (Bob) were the highlight of her week, and everyone who saw her there knew she enjoyed the freedom of floating in that pool. Visits by Corgan Bosley and son Koley made Josi laugh, deep bed-shaking belly laughs. Friends Matt Washington and Allen Johnson made sure she was never without music and company for a movie. Her beloved Senor Bob made sure all her daily needs were attended to, including the right TV channel. Love for Josi was deep.

During her all-too-short life, Josi touched so many people in so many different ways. We will always remember the beauty of her spirit and her unquenchable passion for life, even as we mourn her passing. Her life has been a gift shared with all of us. We are sad she is gone, but that light of Josi’s will never dim; we carry it with us in our hearts and see it in each new star in the sky. Josi had the spirit of the buffalo. She didn’t turn away from the storm; she turned and walked through it, with all of us by her side.

For all of those who kept the faith, love and hope throughout this journey, we thank you. Our girl is now an angel and will be watching and waiting for us to join her. Always and forever, Josi's mom